200 Bucket List Examples: 10,000 Things To Do Before You Die

Are you looking for Bucket List ideas? Sometimes it’s best to look at examples from others and this page is filled with bucket lists for you to peruse, ponder and get inspired by. There are over 200 lists and 10,000 ideas of things to do before you die.

Don’t know what a bucket list is or how to create one? Check out these posts for help:

200 Bucket List Examples: 10,000 Things To Do Before You Die

Adventure Bucket Lists

If swimming in a jellyfish lake, flying in a wing suit, going volcano boarding or hiking the Inca trail sounds like the perfect afternoon, then these lists are for you. Even if you are not an adrenaline junkie it’s fun to look through and see what seriously adventurous people will do.

Food & Drink Bucket Lists

Being a restaurant owner and foodie, I am obsessed with foodie bucket lists—the more bizarre or unique the better. Things like eating bone marrow, dining at Napa’s French Laundry, or hunting for truffles would all be great additions to the food section of your bucket list.

Random Bucket Lists

This section is dedicated to lists that include everything under the sun. They are not specifically geared towards travel, adventure or food, but instead are a hodgepodge of all the rest!

Relationship, Family & Friends Bucket Lists

Whether you want to get a couples massage with your partner, take surfing lessons with your mom or plan the ultimate fishing trip for you and your son, you can find an extensive collection of similar ideas in this section.

Seasonal Bucket Lists

Summer is the perfect time to make a sand castle at the beach, while Fall is great for finally perfecting that pumpkin pie. In this section you can find a bucket list goal for every season!





Sports & Fitness Bucket Lists

With ideas like doing the polar bear plunge to attending game seven of the Stanley Cup to playing a wicked game of frisbee golf, these lists will fill the sports and fitness fanatic hunger in you.

Travel Bucket Lists – General

So many places to see, so little time! Have fun searching through the thousands of travel ideas including castle hopping in Ireland, hiking Cinque Terre in Italy, ice climbing in Iceland and going on an African safari in Tanzania.

Travel Bucket Lists — International

From Tokyo to Ibiza, these International travel bucket lists focus on an individual fabulous city or country. How about adding ‘see the White Temple of Chiang Rai’ or ‘visit Dracula’s castle in Transylvania‘ to your Things to do Before You Die list?

Travel Bucket Lists — United States

You don’t have to leave the United States to find some of the best bucket list destinations. From Vegas to NYC, these buckets are all about the best city or state in the good ole’ USA.

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36 thoughts on “200 Bucket List Examples: 10,000 Things To Do Before You Die”

  1. Hi Annette,

    What a list of lists!

    1: African Safari.

    2: Bora Bora.

    3: Antarctica.

    3 places I need to see on my journey around the world. We’re going from Fiji to Bali, then back home, but this would’ve been a nice jump off spot for Bora Bora. Just saw a Survivor show from an old season where contenders were in Bora Bora doing Survivor type stuff. Amazing place, with such stunning water colors.

    A safari is a safari, one of the neatest things you could do. The idea is so exciting, seeing wildlife in nature, not on TV, not in a zoo. Factor in the whole “in your face/outside of your tent” nature of some safaris and I find the idea beyond thrilling. Always a dream of mine.

    As for the great ice mass it simply fascinates me like few places. I love hot weather and don’t care for the cold but I’d make an exception for Antarctica.

    I’d add Patagonia to my list as a runner up, and could visit before or after Antarctica.

    Awesome list! Thanks Annette.

    Tweeting soon, and signing off from Savusavu, Fiji.


    • Of your top three, I have only checked off an African Safari. It ranks as one of my favorite trips of all times because it was completely surreal being amongst all these animals in their natural habitat. I was on safari for four days and it never got old seeing hyenas cross your path, zebras protecting each other or lions hunting. Incredible!

      Antartica is also on my list and I’m not one for cold weather either. But, I’d make this one exception :)

  2. Huge collection of lists. So many things to do and just one life to do them all. I think I need one extra life.

  3. That is some list. Well done on compiling it all. I have some amount of reading to do now. I love looking at amazing things to plan around

  4. Wow! These are a handful of a bucket list. I never thought of making a list for myself and after seeing this, I am thinking of making one for myself.

  5. Great list! I’m also thinking of doing a similar list. I think this is very useful and it’s interesting to follow this list :)

  6. Awesome Ideas! I had just graduated from University and I have decided to have a lot of adventures in my life. My dad had always taught me to make memories while I’m still young so I would have a lot of memories stored to reminisce when I get old, sad, and a bit lonely.

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  10. Annette I carefully read your post and loved it. In the beginning i did not know what this Bucket List is so i went through the meaning of it. Nice to place a link on top!
    So i believe almost everybody has it’s own bucket list and it will be grate full for everybody to accomplish things. Just to leave my opinion. Only with strategy and programming you will accomplish something, otherwise it will be just a thought!


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