Tokyo Bucket List: 44 Top Things To Do in Japan’s Coolest City

Tokyo can not ever get boring—it has a plethora of bucket list worthy things to do and attractions to visit. While I was in Japan’s top city, I ate beef that was creatively shaped like a brain, served to me inside of my private jail cell by women dressed in pink nurses’ outfits. I drank my coffee next to a dozen felines at a quirky cat café, confirming my preference for dogs.

And I found out exactly what all the buttons on the Japanese toilet do (enjoying some outcomes much more than others).

Tokyo Things to Do: Eat at a yakitori restaurant in Tokyo's Piss Alley

There are not many places that would provide such peculiar and cool forms of entertainment, but Tokyo is a city of many colorful facets; a mix of avant-garde and traditional. It is a town where the illuminated skyscrapers cohabitate with historic temples, unusual anime shops and cherry blossom lined streets.

It is a cool destination where your itinerary can include attending a lively tuna auction hours before daybreak, nightlife that can include eating skewers of yakitori in the seedy Piss Alley or scrambling across one of the biggest intersections in the world with hundreds of others.

In other words Tokyo, Japan is freaking fabulous and here are the best things to do there.

Best Tokyo Bucket List: 44 Top Things To Do, Places to Visit and Attractions in Japan’s Coolest City


1. ✧ Buy a Record at HMV Records

2. ✦ Watch Wrestling Practice at a Sumo Stable

You can’t fully understand the intensity of this sport unless you are up close and personal at a sumo wrestling practice to witness the panting, grunting and dripping sweat. The practices are not attractions created for tourists, they are serious and you need to show respect while you are there. Though there are several other stables to visit, at Hakkaku Sumo Stable you can spend the morning watching an intense Sumo wrestlers practice. Seeing this Japanese tradition was definitely one of the Top 10 things I did in Tokyo.

Hakkaku | 1-16-1 Kamezawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan 130-0014

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Tokyo Things to Do: See a Wrestling Practice at a Sumo Stable

3. ✧ See a Professional Sumo Match

4. ✦ Make a Stop at Meiji Shrine

5. ✦ Attend a Baseball Game

The game of baseball isn’t just one of America’s favorite pastime, the Japanese are passionate about it too. They just do things a bit differently at the games, like waving umbrellas for home runs, snacking on edamame and having cheerleaders.

Though the Yomiuri Giants at the Tokyo Dome draw larger crowds, you can also see the Tokyo Swallows play at the outdoor Jingu Stadium.

Jingu Stadium | 3-1 Kasumigaokamachi, Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture | MAP
Tokyo Dome | Koraku 1-3-61, Bunkyo 112-0004, Tokyo Prefecture | MAP

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Tokyo Things to Do: Watch a Baseball Game in Tokyo, Japan

6. ✧ Play an Arcade Game at Anata No Warehouse

7. ✧ Go to the Intermediatheque Museum

8. ✦ Play a Game of Pachinko

Pachinko is a Japanese arcade game where the object is to fire balls that will then fall through a maze of metal pins. Try to capture as many balls as possible into the center hole. You won’t be able to miss Espace Pachinko Parlor, one of the most popular, with it’s flashing neon and clinking of the balls. It can be an addictive, yet fun thing to do in Tokyo!

Espace Pachinko Parlor | 1-23-3 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku; 03-3208-1115

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Tokyo Things to Do: Pachinko Parlor in Tokyo, Japan

9. ✧ Meet Hello Kitty at Sanrio Puroland

10. ✧ Try Batto, the ‘Art of Swordsmanship’

11. ✦ Walk Across Shibuya Crossing

This iconic Shibuya Crossing is on most visitors “things to do in Tokyo” itinerary because it is one of the busiest intersections in the world. It is a fun place to visit to watch and participate in the organized chaos that ensues when hundreds of people walk across the intersections at once. For a different perspective, watch the crossing from the 2nd-story window of the Starbucks on the North side. For an even more unique bucket list experience, walk Shibuya crossing in a kimono.

Shibuya Crossing | 21-6 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo 

Book a Tour > Tokyo: Shibuya Walking Food Tour

Tokyo Things to Do: Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Japan

12. ✧ Explore the World of Peanuts at the Snoopy Museum

13. ✧ Stroll Through Yoyogi Park

14. ✦ Attend a Kabuki Theater Show

Kabuki is a unique form of Japanese theater where they combine song, mime, dance, costume design and elaborate makeup that is typically performed solely by men. At Kabuki-za you can buy Single Act tickets just to get an introduction to the style of theater.

Kabuki-za | 4-12-15 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo | MAP

Get Tickets > Kabuki Theater in Tokyo

Bucket List: Go to Kabuki Theater in Tokyo, Japanlensonjapan

15. ✧ Get a Photo of the Giant Godzilla Head

16. ✦ Learn About the History at Edo-Tokyo Museum

17. ✧ Sing Karaoke

What to do in Tokyo for nightlife? Karaoke, of course. It is a big part of their culture and a huge attraction. Tokyo has plenty of fun (& sometimes weird) Karaoke bars where you can belt out a few tunes. One of the more well-known is Karaoke Kan, which was the location for Bill Murray’s singing session in the movie Lost in Translation.

Karaoke Kan | 25-6 Udagawa-chō, Shibuya-ku

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Fun Tokyo Things to Do: Sing Karaokephoto by Leon Brocard

18. ✧ Get an Umbrella at SHU’s Umbrella Shop

19. ✧ See the Tokyo Tower at Night

20. ✦ Use all the Buttons on a Japanese Toilet

Can a toilet really be that cool and worthy of a spot on your Tokyo things to do bucket list? In this case it can. A Japanese commode isn’t any ordinary potty, it’s like a spa for your private parts. Not only will your butt be warm with their seated heats, but they can also clean your derrière with a hot stream of water. Luckily, you can experience these toilets at many restaurants, hotels and public attractions. {photo credit: rob lee}

Tokyo Things to Do: Use a Japanese Toilet

21. ✧ Visit the Red & White Cats at Gotokuji Temple

22. ✦ Do a Kimono Fitting

Wearing a kimono is a large part of the Japanese culture. A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment that is typically worn by women on special occasions. There are few places to be fitted for a Kimono while traveling to Tokyo, but you can find a couple. My personal tour guide, Tomomi, offers private fittings in her home, whereas with Voyagin you will tour the streets of Asakusa wearing your kimono.

Book Tour > Walk the Streets of Asakusa in a Kimono
Book Tour > Wear a Kimono at a traditional house in the Bonsai Museum
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Things to Do in Tokyo: Do a Kimono Fitting

23. ✦ Visit the Imperial Palace

24. ✦ Buy a Japanese Knife

Japanese knives are known to be some of the best in the world due to there keen edges, quality of steel and made-by-hand techniques. Of course, being a chef myself, I could not leave Tokyo without purchasing one! Though I bought mine at Masahisa, there are plenty of other reputable knife shops around town. You can try walking down Kappabashi Street, the kitchen district. Not only will you find plenty of knife shops, but you will also find every kitchen product imaginable, including plastic food samples used as window displays by many restaurants.

Masahisa | 4-13-7 Tsukiji Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0045 Japan | MAP

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Bucket List: Buy a Japanese Knife in Tokyo

25. ✧ Walk Across the Rainbow Bridge

26. ✧ Relax at an Onsen

Ooedo Onsen Monogatari is an onsen (hot springs) theme park where you can soak in one of their relaxing baths, get your fortune told or have a foot massage. There’s plenty of entertainment on the premises to keep you occupied for at least an afternoon. {photo credit: tuija aalto}

Ooedo Onsen Monogatari | 2-57 Aomi, Koto, Tokyo | MAP

Things to Do in Tokyo: Visit ooedo onsen monogatari hot springs in Tokyo


27. ✧ Go to a Maid Cafe

28. ✦ Go to a Cat Cafe

Tokyo is filled with weird things to do and going to a cat cafe ranks really high on that list. Calico Cat Cafe in Shinjuku is an attraction that gives you the opportunity to play with unique feline breeds while drinking a cup of coffee. So odd that it’s definitely worth a spot on your things to do in Tokyo bucket list itinerary. If you prefer, you can also play with cute hedgehogs in Roppongi!

1-16-2 Kabukicho | 6F (entrance), Shinjuku, Tokyo | MAP

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Things to Do in Tokyo: Visit a Cat Cafe

29. ✦ Dine in a Jail Cell

Most people would avoid (at all costs) dining in a jail cell, but Alcatraz ER will give you an offbeat dining experience of a lifetime. This restaurant is designed as a jail and each cell or prison represents a dining area for a group. Staff that are well dressed in nurse uniforms tend to the call of the bang of a metal rod against the cells bars.

Brave diners (like myself!) will nosh on things like blue curry served in a urine tin or drink cocktails out of dummy’s head. Can you ever imagine eating sausage in the shape of bowel movement; well this place has more quirkiness to offer than you can imagine. A must have nightlife experience for your Tokyo itinerary even you prefer not to visit again.

Alcatraz ER | 2-13-5 Dogenzaka | Harvest Bldg 2F, Shibuya, Tokyo | MAP

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Things to Do in Tokyo: Drink a Brain Shock at Alcatraz ER Themed Restaurant

30. ✦ Eat Dinner with Robots

From the moment you enter The Robot Restaurant lounge to the time you depart, you will feel like you are diving into the colors of neon that bounce off the mirrors.  There are dramatic fights between bikini clad girls riding atop robots, the sound of the cast playing the charismatic drums and visitors are given a glow-stick to cheer during all the action.

This place is more dedicated to a flashy show than on food, but you can order a sushi bento box or caramel popcorn to dine on while you are entertained. Plus, flowing beer and a few drinks are available, but the core attraction is the captivating chaos of the show. Robot Restaurant | 1-7-1 Kabukicho | B2F, Shinjuku, Tokyo | MAP | Book on Voyagin

Buy Tickets > Voyagin – Get a 15% discount by booking through Voyagin.

31. ✦ Indulge in a Massive Matcha Dessert

Offbeat food in Tokyo is not limited to main meals, but extends to sweet desserts too, and some of the most popular is made from matcha, a green tea.

Desserts like ice-cream, mousse, cream, jelly and many more variations are available. But, I say if you are going to do it go big! I ordered this this quadruple layered matcha gateaux chocolate parfait that was topped with an entire piece of cake!

Yes, I ate the whole thing! #noshame

The most popular hot spots serving these delectable and divine tasting desserts are Kinozen, Marunouchi Café, Nana’s Green Tea (that’s where I ate) and many more.

Annette White eating Matcha Dessert in Tokyo Japan

32. ✧ Attend a Tuna Auction

You will need to wake up really early for a chance to go to the famous tuna auction at Tsukiji Fish Market (folks start lining up before 4am). But, it will be worth getting an insiders view of the buyers checking the fish quality and bidding for their prize one. After, explore Tsukiji’s inner and outer market where you can watch them expertly cut the large tunas they just purchased.
{photo credit: randomwire}

Tsukiji Fish Market | 5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo, Tokyo | MAP

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Things to Do in Tokyo: Go to the Tuna Auction at Tsukiji Fish Market

33. ✦ Participate in a Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Happo-en Japanese Garden sits in Shirokanedai district of Tokyo and is an exquisite example of natural beauty with its ancient bonsai, koi pond and blanket of cherry blossoms in the Springtime. Not only is it a beautiful representation of a Japanese garden, but you can schedule to participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony where you will be drinking Matcha in their wooden Muan tea house.

Happo-en | 1-1-1 Shirokanedai, Minato, Tokyo | MAP

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Things to Do in Tokyo: Participate at the Japanese Tea Ceremony at Happo-en

34. ✦ Bar Hop in Golden Gai

What’s a trip to Tokyo without a little nightlife? Golden Gai is a neighborhood in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo that squeezes in over 200 miniature bars into a network of six narrow alleys, made only for pedestrians. Enjoy the unique Japanese nightlife by bar hopping in the section of town where most of the drinking holes only seat 8-12 people total.

Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo | MAP

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Drink at a bar in Shinjuku Golden Gai in Tokyo

35. ✧ Learn to Make Classic Japanese Ramen at Chagohan 

36. ✦ Eat at the Kill Bill Inspiration Restaurant

Gonpachi restaurant, in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, is known as being the inspiration for the fight scene from the Kill Bill movie and it’s easy to spot the similarities. Not only can you enjoy the interior design, but you can also indulge in a bowl of Soba.

1-13-11 Nishi-Azabu, Minato, Tokyo | MAP

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Eat at the Kill Bill Gonpachi Restaurant in Tokyo

37. ✧ Make Your Own Matcha at the Urasando Garden Mini-Mall

38. ✦ Eat Chankonabe (Sumo Wrestlers Stew)

Chankonabe is the nutritious stew that sumo wrestlers eat daily as part of their bulking up diet. It is a hearty dish that is relatively healthy, low in fat, high in protein and filled with tons of veggies. There are many Chankonabe restaurants in Tokyo, conveniently located close to the sumo stables where the wrestlers practice and live. But, Yoshiba is the most unique because it is located in an old sumo stable with a sumo dohyo (ring) right in the center of the dining room.

Yoshiba | 2-14-5 Yokoami, Sumida-ku, Tokyo | MAP

Book Tour > Chanko-nabe with Robot Restaurant
Book Tour > Duel with Sumo Wrestlers and Eat Chankonabe in Asakusa
Read More > Eat Chankonabe in Tokyo. Sumo Wrestler’s Stew.

Bucket List:: Eat Chankonabe in Tokyo

39. ✧ Drink a Cat Coffee at Oshiage Nyanko

40. ✦ Take a Sushi Making Class

If you are a sushi lover, what better thing to do in Tokyo than learn how to make it?  I got a personal sushi lesson with Tokyo Tours with Tomomi, where we first paid a visit to Tsukiji Fish Market to pick up some fresh tuna for our meal and went to her private home to assemble. Viator also offers a fabulous Sushi Making and Tsukiji Fish Market tour. The best part is when you are rewarded by getting to eat your efforts. Afterwards you can wash it all down with sake by booking a sake tasting.

Learn to make sushi in Tokyo

41. ✧ Eat at the Ramen Museum

Travel a little under an hour out of town to enjoy the flavors of traditional ramen in this re-creation of Tokyo in the 60s. The fun Ramen Museum features narrow alleyways with a selection of ramen restaurants. Not only will you get a ramen education, but your belly will be full too.

Ramen Museum | 2-14-21 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa | MAP

Tokyo Things to Do: Ramen Museum

42. ✦ Eat at a Yakiniku Restaurant

This bucket list attraction is for all the carnivores out there. At a Yakiniku (grilled meat) restaurant in Tokyo you will be barbecuing your choice of raw grub on your own table top grill. If you choose to have your dining experience at the highly rated Yakiniku Jumbo Shirogane, you will be indulging in A5 Kuroge Wagyu, the highest rank of Japanese beef.

Yakiniku Jumbo Shirogane | 3-1-1 Shirogane, Minato 108-0072, Tokyo | MAP

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Yakiniku in Tokyo, Japan

43. ✦ Eat Grilled Salamander in Piss Alley

Piss Alley, also known as Omoide Yokocho (or Memory Lane), is best described as the restaurant version of Golden Gai, a section that squeezes in over 200 miniature bars into a network of six narrow alleys. Piss Alley is a small area filled with quaint yakitori restaurants, and a few drinking holes, most with just a handful of seats.

If you are an adventurous eater head over to Asadachi, a name that translates to Morning Wood, where you will get the privilege of tasting Grilled Salamander.

Yes! Salamander!

Maybe not the best food in the world, but visitors who love to challenge their eating habits visit this restaurant for the most bizarre meal. Here you can also try pig testicles, frog shasimi, raw pig testicles and snake liquor. Yum!

Piss Alley | Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo Prefecture | MAP

Annette White walking through Tokyo's Piss Alley

Things to do in Tokyo: Eat in Piss Alley

44. ✦ Get Your Meal From a Vending Machine

You heard right — eat a meal from a vending machine!  You can barely walk a block in Tokyo without passing by a half dozen vending machines

Though most are filled with an array of beverages, many will have food products that can easily make a meal. The list includes special items like flying fish soup, eggs, hot dogs, hamburgers, sushi, ramen and so on. My afternoon lunch of warm corn soup was surprisingly tasty!

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Annette White eating from a vending machine in Japan

Vending Machine Tokyo, Japan


45. ✧ Stay in a Capsule Hotel

These pint-sized pods have become popular for those that want something trendy, easy and economical. There are several all around Tokyo, but one of the top ones is Capsule Net Omotenashi.

46. ✧ Sleep in a Ryokan

For a unique cultural experience stay at a ryokan, an old-school Japanese inn typically with tatami-matted rooms, low tables, and communal baths. Ryokan Sawanoya will give you this traditional feeling or opt for the updated Andon Ryokan.

Annette White in a Kimono having tea in a traditional ryokan

47. ✧ Spend the Night in the Hello Kitty Room

Go to Kitty Town and spend the night in the fun Hello Kitty Room at Keio Plaza Hotel. The room is decked out in the cats signature decor and you can even get yourself breakfast kitty shaped/stamped food.

More Hotel Options:

With so many wards in Tokyo, choosing a hotel location can be mind-boggling. But, if you want to be where the action is, Shinjuku or Shibuya may be the best district to stay for your first visit; both are conveniently located with easy access to shop-ping, restaurants, nightlife, and public transport. Plus, they look like the Tokyo you typically see on television with bustling streets, towering skyscrapers, and flashy neon lights. In Shinjuku the JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom is just a three-minute walk from the south exit of Shinjuku station. For a more budget-friendly gem try Tokyu Stay that has locations throughout the city including Shinjuku and Shibuya.

If you want to venture to other wards, the Tokyo Station Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of the city and right above the Tokyo JR station.If you want to avoid the bustle of the city, head off the beaten path to the original boutique hotel, Claska.
Tokyo Bucket List: Things to do, see & eat | restaurants, activities and attractions


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    Honestly, the Japanese toilets were very unique to me. Piss Alley wasn’t so appealing. Relaxing at an Onsen was something that I would have liked to do too!

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      It is near Ryogoku Kokugikan at 1-16-1 Kamezawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan 130-0014. This map may help: MAP

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      You’ll be able to do and see A LOT in two weeks. Have a great time!

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    Hi! Anything special you recommend to do / see with kids? Boys age 1.5 and 3.5. Tia!

    • Annette White February 27, 2016 at 4:20 pm - Reply

      There are so many fun kids things to do too (besides of course legoland and disneyland). There are a number of kids museums, playgrounds, zoos and aquariums. The huge Shinagawa Aquarium has an underwater tunnel, sharks, and kids activities.Ueno Zoo is famous for Giant Pandas and inside the Monkey Park the monkeys roam free.
      Here’s a pretty good list:

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    Thankyou for the awesome ideas. My wife and I are currently in Japan visiting her family. I am looking forward to trying as much as possible from your list.
    Also do you know of any shops that sell Higonokami folding knife in Tokyo?

    • Annette White April 1, 2016 at 1:16 pm - Reply

      I’m not exactly sure which shops will sell one, but there are several knife shops around the Tsukiji fish market and on Kappabashi street. I’d check these two places first!

  16. LaToya Hall April 12, 2016 at 11:26 am - Reply

    Thank you for all the great ideas…I will be visiting my sister in August she lives in Sendai but we are planning on visiting Tokyo one weekend and I hope I get to experience some of your places of interest. This will be my first time in Japan so I want to make all my experiences/excursions count!

    • Annette White April 13, 2016 at 7:02 am - Reply

      How exciting that it will be your first time in Japan! Tokyo is incredible, even if you can only have time for a couple of the experiences listed. There is just a cool and quirky vibe wherever you go in the city, so just aimlessly walking will be entertaining!

  17. Stu April 14, 2016 at 7:35 pm - Reply

    It looks like the Tuna auction is closed to outsiders, Tourists are not allowed in until 9:00 AM.

    • Annette White April 15, 2016 at 4:44 pm - Reply

      That is a bummer for those visitors who could have woken up early enough to catch the auction!

      • Cheryl May 12, 2016 at 5:23 am - Reply

        Tsukiji is open for the tuna auction, but the 120 tickets are sold on a first come first served basis and the first group are admitted between 5:25-5:50 and the second group from 5:50-6:15am.
        The rest of the fish market though is only open from 9am. Still worth visiting.

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      It is an incredible city and the food is enhanced by the vibrant ambiance!

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    I love Japan only some places dont speck english but most do. These people are very kind and very nice. If anyone would want to go on a trip i recimend them to vist the flower park in Japan. Its so pretty and so worth going.

    • Annette White September 23, 2016 at 11:48 am - Reply

      I definitely agree that there can be a bit of a language barrier in Japan, but the people are so kind. I’ve never been to the flower park, but it sounds like a place I need to go!

  26. Libby Shubert September 23, 2016 at 11:18 am - Reply

    but dont disrespect them they get really upset i have seen it go down. They all are very nice but dont like when other people talk bad about Japan or the people there abd tbh i dont blame them because i would be the same way. I go to Japan every year and not once have they disrespeded my Countery or my people and the deffently deserve the same respect.

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  28. Faruk October 4, 2016 at 9:50 am - Reply

    I will be in Tokyo at 18 October for ten days. Glad to hear your advices.

    • Annette White October 5, 2016 at 5:40 am - Reply

      Have a great time! There is so much to see and do that you will go home with many interesting stories to tell!

  29. Tori October 5, 2016 at 9:02 pm - Reply

    I am going to Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto) for the first time for a week on October 12.
    Do they accept credit cards everywhere?
    Is public transportation available to get to the hotel from NRT airport?
    What do you recommend to bring as gifts for a baby? Adults?
    Thank you

    • Annette White October 6, 2016 at 5:51 am - Reply

      Credit cards are not accepted everywhere, so make sure to bring some cash with you. From NRT you can take the JR Narita Express (N’EX; into the city center, which takes about an hour and costs roughly $27 USD. Depending on where your hotel is, you may need to take the subway or a taxi from the drop off location. From what I understand, good gifts are high-end foods that they can’t get in their area. Most Japanese homes are small, so it’ll be more difficult to store a trinket. Useable or edible gifts are best (chocolate, candies, socks, etc.)

  30. Patrick January 5, 2017 at 7:49 am - Reply

    Great post, I agree on almost everything. I would just add that even better than sumo practice is the sumo tournament which really is a fun experience!
    As for the tuna auction… it’s becoming crazy lately. It has to do with the increasing number of tourists and the planned moving of Tsukiji at Toyosu: at the moment people start lining before 2 am! I am not sure it’s worth more than 3 hours of wait in an empty room

    • Annette White January 5, 2017 at 4:27 pm - Reply

      I agree with you about the sumo tournament, I bet that is a cool experience! As far as the auction goes, I’m sure people will have to determine how much they like their sleep 🙂

  31. Laila March 17, 2017 at 12:41 am - Reply

    Wonderful list, for budget traveler like me you might want to check list of free things to do in Tokyo here

  32. Katharina Parsons March 31, 2017 at 12:04 am - Reply

    Thank you for sharing these awesome bucketlist items for Tokyo. We went two years ago and only did a fraction of these. Our favourite being the sumo match. But we definitely want to go to a Kabuki Theatre this time around

    • Annette White March 31, 2017 at 8:34 am - Reply

      The Sumo Stable was one of my favorites too!! I hope you get to go back and experience the rest of Tokyo.

  33. Shota May 17, 2017 at 4:39 pm - Reply

    Such awesome ideas for my next trip into Tokyo! Thank you so much for sharing! If anyone wants to learn some Japanese before their trip to Japan, please get in touch with me and I will be more than happy to help you! Shota

  34. soli September 17, 2017 at 10:00 am - Reply

    Thank you for the post, we are going with our children to spend christmas and new years, any ideas?

  35. Never Stop Travelling October 18, 2017 at 6:26 pm - Reply

    I still have a couple of things pending, I will addthem to my ‘to do’ list. Thanks!

  36. Majed December 22, 2017 at 12:59 am - Reply

    I wish I have seen this Bucket list before my trip to Japan 5 years ago. there is so many interesting things to do in this list.

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    Thank you to tell us so much useful information. I’m glad to read it.

  38. Jessica December 23, 2017 at 4:52 pm - Reply

    Of course I would love to do all of these things, but the big thing I’ve always wanted to do was check out the arcades in Tokyo. I know that Japan has some of the best in the world (whereas arcades in the US are going extinct), and finally being able to see one myself would be a dream come true.

  39. Buy Business Class December 24, 2017 at 9:32 pm - Reply

    Japan is just the right blend of culture and leisure. If you are looking for some good travel possibility then do consider to visit Japan.

  40. @Pamela December 27, 2017 at 5:31 am - Reply

    Wow! It’s absolutely a special world! Very exciting. It seems that consuming is essential and collective movements are remarkable scenes there.

  41. Linda February 27, 2018 at 4:19 pm - Reply

    Going to Japan for the first time next month. Will travel from Tokyo to Hiroshima in 7 days.
    Would it be worth while to get a JR Pass for the week we’re there?
    Any reccomendations on family (with toddler) accommodations that is reasonably priced?

    • Annette White March 3, 2018 at 12:13 pm - Reply

      I definitely think it’s worth it if you plan on making many stops along the way!

  42. Lila Harvey April 6, 2018 at 3:05 am - Reply

    Hi Annette – only reading this now – we are planning about 10 days in Japan in early June. Can you recommend a good tour guide that’s not too expensive to help us get around Tokyo so we can get to most of your ideas! Please reply via email if you can. Thanks, Lila

    • Annette White April 7, 2018 at 12:32 pm - Reply

      How fun! I’m a little jealous! During my visits I either navigated on my own, booked day tours through Viator or used Totomi who was a fantastic guide. I remember her prices being reasonable but was a few years ago. Have a great time!!

  43. Kelley April 19, 2018 at 5:17 pm - Reply

    I’m leaving for Japan on Thursday, April 26! I’m super excited. My son is stationed at Camp Zama. He and his wife had their first baby (a boy) 3 months ago. We will definitely be spending some time in Tokyo.

    • Annette White April 20, 2018 at 7:57 am - Reply

      I bet you are excited! You get to spend time with a new grandson and see Tokyo. Have a wonderful trip.

  44. Alessia June 30, 2018 at 12:31 am - Reply

    Hi Annette,

    You have some cool pictures of yourself here – did you travel by yourself? If yes, how did you take them? I will be going to Japan in September on my own, and at the moment I am bumped about the idea of only taking selfies or “unnatural” tourist poses

  45. Nigel Silvester July 21, 2018 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    A really well written and presented guide. Good work. I am going to try some of these ideas!

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