Hey! I’m Annette, the author of the book Bucket List Adventures, the co-owner of Sugo Trattoria, a serial adventurer and creator of the award-winning travel blog, Bucket List Journey. Phew! That’s a mouthful. As an obsessed new experience collector, my passion is for checking the world off my bucket list one adventure at a time.

I like puppies, fuzzy socks and jammy red wine too.

Annette White at Prambanan Temple in Indonesia

Annette White at Essa School in Tanzania Africa

Several years ago, after getting a handle on a case of severe anxiety, I made myself a promise. That promise was to not let fear make my decisions for me. When an opportunity presents itself and I initially want to say no, I always ask myself if that negative is the voice of fear.

90% of the time it is fear speaking.

In that case, I vowed to turn that no into a yes. That promise, along with the dedication to living my bucket list, has led me to making travel a second career and to having some amazing experiences all over the world: I have eaten insects in Thailand, swam with thousands of jellyfish in Palau, went on safari in Africa, rappelled down a hundred foot waterfall, fed a stingray, zip-lined through the Costa Rican rain forest, kayaked with beluga whales in Manitoba and even fed some swimming pigs in the Bahamas. Yes, I said swimming!

Annette White swimming with pigs in Exuma Bahamas
Annette White sailing a lobster boat in Point Reyes

I have also hiked an active volcano in Guatemala, bathed elephants at a rescue in Chiang Rai and flew through the sky on a trapeze…unfortunately, without the greatest of ease. You can also see the top of my head in a Bollywood movie (don’t be jealous) and I once put on my big girl panties to give blood.

Wherever there is a new adventure, I am surely not too far behind.


Annette White Bathing Elephants in Thailand

This is my husband Peter (AKA: Petey Chops):

Annette & Pete

Peter and Annette White at Gaviota State Park in Goleta, California

He thinks he is just another character in my story. Admittedly, he is the main extra in many articles on this blog and especially in my life. Plus, I find it really amusing to make him do weird things that he absolutely does not want to do, like eating bugs in Thailand, drinking out of a baby bottle at a themed restaurant in Tokyo and zorbing in Spain.

It must not be all that bad, he has stayed married to me for over 19 whopping years.

We have no kids and no pets, but we do own a restaurant and have lots of employees.

They are like having kids sometimes.

Peter & Annette White at their restaurant Sugo Trattoria in Petaluma, California

Pete & Annette Sugo

When I am not traveling the world and making checks off my bucket list (or finding new items for yours), you can find me creating delicious food at our Italian restaurant, Sugo Trattoria that we have owned for over 9 years. There, I wear many hats: I am a chef, prep cook, part-time psychologist, accountant and sometimes even the dishwasher (not my happy day).

. . .

It is not only important to me to live my very best life, but it’s also important to be able to share what I have learned so others can possibly live theirs. I hope in some way you will be inspired to create you dream life, by picturing your ideal future and then taking the steps necessary to go out there and get it.

Dream it. Do it.

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