Who dreams up things like ziplining? Seriously? Is there some crazy adventurer who sits around and says,”I’ll tie cords to these here trees, attach a person to a pulley and they can wear a leather glove to avoid the potential of third degree burns. Doesn’t that sound like fun?”

When I think about it, I wonder to myself…Why? But now I am here and there’s no turning back, I’m no quiter. We are at the Arenal Canopy Tour in Costa Rica for their ziplining adventure. Not the exact location where I would like to plummet to my death. How long would it take for my parents to arrive to collect my remains? That is, if they could find them.

At least there was some research involved and this ziplining company appeared to be reputable, no mention of anyone plummeting on the internet. But, we are in a different country, it is quite possible that they could have no problems covering these sorts of tragedies up.

Annette White Ziplining in Costa Rica

This ziplining tour had 11 lines on it, which meant we were able to fly down 11 different cords all with varying lengths & heights. 11 opportunities for the cords to break. 11 chances for the harness to unclip. 11 possibilities for my left hand to be burned off by touching the cord. 11 is not my favorite number.

Annette White Ziplining in Costa Rica
We started with an instructional chat; leather glove in place…check, harness secure in uncomfortable location…check, clips in working order…check, scared crapless…check, check, check!
My only thoughts now were, “don’t touch your left hand to the cord, please don’t touch your left hand to the cord.” It did not have a glove and I was left handed. Should I have mentioned that? Here we go, eyes closed…please don’t fall..please don’t touch your left hand…please don’t pee. Go! Did I make it? Am I alive? I was awakened by the fact that the harness had just settled in a  more uncomfortable local. Right now I am grateful to still be alive and that I am not a man.Annette White doing Superman Ziplining in Costa Rica

Is ziplining on your travel bucket list?


— Do your research to make sure you are using a reputable zip line company. This is definitely something you don’t want to take any chances on. Using one that the hotel recommends is a wise idea.
Suspend yourself over the platform first, this way you will know that the cord will support your weight before you are mid-air.
–Wear comfortable clothing. What you would wear to a yoga class would be perfect.
–Two words…bug spray! I was on the 5’x5′ platform when a wasp chased me around until it finally caught its’ prey, my elbow.

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