Adventure Bucket List: 50 Crazy Ideas & Things to Do

No bucket list, whether for travel or for life, is complete without some items that seem a little crazy; dangerous, even. Perhaps you find yourself in need of even making an entire adventure bucket list, solely dedicated to the craziest and most adrenaline junkie type of activities you could possibly come up with?

To get you started on planning your next adventure, I’ve compiled a list of some crazy and adventurous things to do that can give you great ideas. Some of these may seem easy, while others just might get you nervous just thinking about them.

PS: I must preface this list by saying participating in these adventures is at your own risk!

Adventure Bucket List: 50 Crazy Ideas & Things to Do

Adventure Bucket List: Crazy Ideas & Things to Do

1. Air Boat Across an Alligator Swamp

Because if something goes wrong with this activity, it can go really wrong, this has deservedly earned its spot on an adventure bucket list for anyone. You can trust, though, that rather than being dangerous, it’s likely going to be a lot of thrilling fun, possibly with some gator sightings to be made. Just do your due research to find the tour that best soothes your nerves ahead of time.

Airboat Across An Alligator Swamp

2. Arrive By Seaplane

Some places in the world, such as the private islands on Maldives, can only be reached by a seaplane that will take-off and land on the water. Make a plan to visit an island or a similar sight with this in mind and you’ll find yourself adding a bit of additional thrill to your journey.

3. Base Jump With a Wingsuit

This one is definitely for those looking for the most crazy bucket list ideas! You’ll don on a wingsuit, get on the edge of a high point – such as somewhere on the Alps where this is a particularly popular sport – and then you leap off it. The purpose is to glide back onto the ground with the help of the webbing-sleeved jumpsuit, but this is understandably an incredibly dangerous sport to try and tackle.

Base Jump With a Wingsuit

4. Bungee Jump

Bungee jumping is a classic bucket list item for any daredevil out there. It’s possible to try out almost anywhere in the world, and if you happen to be particularly adventurous, you might want to choose to do it precisely based on where the nature around you is the most spectacular to look at as you are falling off that ledge attached to a large elastic cord.

Bungee Jump

5. Cage Dive with Sharks

Also featured in some thrilling movies, cage diving into waters with sharks is not for the fainthearted. Thankfully, it is also a lot more fun and a lot less dangerous than what the films make it seem like, as long as you join a reputable tour for it. A truly unforgettable adventure, especially when you do it in one of the World’s best places to shark cage dive!

Cage Dive with Sharks

6. Catch a Wave Surfing

While this may not be the craziest item on this bucket list, it does take a fair bit of practice to learn how to surf. And especially when you’re just getting started, it’s particularly thrilling to see whether the approaching wave is one you’ll catch successfully – or whether the wave’s going to catch you instead! The feeling that comes from catching those waves once you’ve finally got the handle on surfing is such a great and exhilarating feeling.

Catch a Wave Surfing

7. Cliff Jump

Another great item to get added and then checked off your adventure bucket list is cliff jumping. You’ll want to do your due research ahead of time for approved spots, and maybe go with people who know what they’re doing, but finding gorgeous spots for cliff jumping is the easy part of this. If you love water and aren’t scared of heights, maybe this one’s for you to try out?

Cliff Jump

8. Dive to a Shipwreck

The sea is vast and filled with treasures like shipwrecks to be explored. Not only is this one adventurous and memorable activity, but it requires a lot of practice and skills with diving before it should even be considered. But once you’ve got all that down, diving down to explore a shipwreck is a lot of people’s dream come true!

Dive to a Shipwreck

9. Dog Sled

While cold weather may not be many of our things, it’s undeniable that wintery scenes and landscapes aren’t absolutely beautiful, not to mention filled with totally awesome winter bucket list activities. Dog sledding is perhaps from the most family-friendly end of them, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a thrilling activity in its own right, even for us adults.

10. Eat Fire

You’ve probably seen a performer or two eat fire before, and already got curious back then over how easy they make it seem. It’s a really cool act to master, especially with all the possible tricks you can do while eating fire, but this one’s crazy enough you definitely don’t want to start learning without a supervision from someone who’s mastered it. You can start by read this article: How do fire eaters eat fire?

Eat Fire

11. Eskimo Roll in a Kayak

“Do what now?” may be the first thought that crossed your mind upon reading this one, but knowing how to Eskimo roll in a kayak is actually a useful skill to know! Of course nobody wishes for their kayak to roll over in the first place, but you never know what could happen, so perhaps it’s a good time to learn this before you hop into your kayak again. 

Eskimo Roll in a Kayak

12. Explore a Cave

Could this adventure bucket list item be your next on your hobby list? As with many other hobbies, to get into exploring caves, you’ll also want to start off easy and gradually move towards more challenging ones. Best way to go about this is to find a caving club near to where you’re living and join them for one of their easiest caving trips. Even if you want to progress to exploring caves independently, a great rule of thumb is to never do so alone.

13. Flip on a Trampoline

We’ve all jumped on trampolines here and there when we were kids, and these days it’s easier than ever to get one added onto your backyard or to go hang out at a trampoline park. But flipping on a trampoline isn’t something all of us can do, so why not make it a fun challenge for yourself to learn how to flip on a trampoline, and then do it?!

14. Fly on a Trapeze

Trapeze acts are performing acts we’ve all seen and admired from afar before, but it’s totally possible to get your own turn to shine as you fly on a trapeze! Especially for those of us who are afraid of heights, this can come across as quite a crazy bucket list item idea, but it’s thankfully possible to try out in a safe supervised environment. In fact, the Internet is full of websites offering just that and you can read about my experience here: A day at trapeze school: a circus-style aerial class.

Fly on a Trapeze

15. Flyboard

In the last couple of years, flyboarding has really become a hit among water sports lovers. It is a water sport where propulsion drives you up in the air. Seems like it’s possible to do in so many spots these days, especially around Southern Europe and Dubai (I went flyboarding in Cancun, Mexico!). It’s not quite like riding a banana boat, though; you’ll have to spend a little bit of time learning the basics and even then it can be a challenge to successfully do it. However, it’s a fun and adventurous, but relatively safe way to challenge your mind and body once you get properly started with it. 


16. Free Dive for Abalone

You’re not allowed to scuba dive in order to catch abalone, which certainly makes this a unique adventure to try. This extreme sport is especially popular around Northern California, though it may be possible to do elsewhere too—and also illegal in some other places. Find a good spot for abalone, don on your swimwear, and get diving! 

17. Get a Tattoo

Although getting a tattoo isn’t among the craziest of ideas on this list at first glance, putting permanent ink on your body – and being in pain throughout the experience – is quite crazy after all, if you ask me. Many do it on a whim, but I do recommend you at least give it enough thought to come up with a tattoo you won’t regret five minutes later, let alone the next fifty years. Maybe check out on of these 27 Beautiful Tattoos That Tell Their Own Travel Stories for inspiration.

18. Go Bamboo Rafting

While opting for a bamboo raft may not make for an adventure as exhilarating as jumping on a whitewater raft would, it’s still a great and memorable, unique adventure in its own right. Not to mention it’s environmentally friendly! You can go bamboo rafting in Jamaica and Thailand’s Chiang Mai, but China’s Yangshuo is perhaps best known for it. 

Go Bamboo Rafting

19. Go Bobsledding

If you’re looking for a thrilling winter sport to try out with a friend or a loved one, bobsledding is a great one to give a go with. You’re going down narrow and icy tracks in high-speed with a sleigh that’s powered simply by gravity – what isn’t adventurous and exhilarating in that?!

Go Bobsledding

20. Go Fat Biking

Fat bikes have such brilliantly thick tires they allow for biking in environments that’d be difficult on a regular bike, such as a thick forest or snowy grounds. That means that with your fat bike, you can take it off-road and go explore areas you otherwise might’ve only walked through or choose not to visit at all. 

21. Go Heliboarding

Are you a lover of snowboarding and downhill skiing, and now looking to kick it up a notch with it? Then you’ve got to hop on board a helicopter to reach a more remote slope, and then jump off it to ski or board all the way down. Talk about crazy bucket list ideas, this one is certainly not for the faint of heart! 

22. Go on a Police Ride Along

While this will likely not turn out to be as crazy of an experience as portrayed in some movies, it’s still a thrill to hop into a police car and spend a day shadowing officers on the job. It will definitely give you a more authentic image of what their job’s like than any TV show or movie could! 

23. Go on a Survival Weekend

This can be a hardcore challenge especially those of us entirely accustomed to the city life. It’s not dangerous by any means, but you have to camp outdoors, and essentially will have to also pick and hunt your food. It’s a great experience to make you in general more resilient and resourceful in life. 

24. Go Paragliding

Paragliding is an awesome and adrenaline pumping way to see your surroundings from the air! You’ll usually fly with an instructor attached to you and the paraglide, so whilst an extreme sport of sorts, it’s by no means one that’s particularly dangerous. Of course, if you’re experienced in this, you may fly on your own, too.

Go Paragliding

25. Go Whitewater Rafting

Now, this is the more adventurous way to go rafting. Although moving through a stream, sometimes at high speed, may seem like a dangerous activity, if you choose your course right and go with the right crew, you should lose nothing, and only be gaining spectacular memories! This cool activity can be done all around the world, from the US to Turkey to South Korea. 

For an even more adrenaline rush, try Tidal Bore Rafting Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy Tides!

Go Whitewater Rafting

26. Go Windsurfing

To get the best of both surfing and sailing in one fell swoop, why not add windsurfing to your adventure bucket list? It’s fun and thrilling, but also easy and safe enough for even a beginner to try out. Since even kids can start learning windsurfing, this can be a fun activity for the whole family to do together! 

Go Windsurfing

27. Go Zorbing

Although many of us have probably yet to try this one, I’m sure you’ve all heard of zorbing, where you place yourself into a big, transparent orb, then roll down a hill in it. I’d say if you’re looking for crazy bucket list ideas, this is a good one to add to it!

Go Zorbing

28. Hang Glide

If paragliding isn’t enough for you, time to amp up your time in the air and go hand gliding! A hand glider is non-motorized, so it is simply you and your body controlling the movement of the glider. This can definitely feel like a crazy and scary activity, but you’ll at least be attached to your glider by a harness, so suddenly losing your grip and falling off the glider shouldn’t be an issue of concern.

29. Join the Mile High Club

Yup, you all know what this one’s about, right? Being intimate while flying in a plane is certainly on a lot of people’s sex bucket list. It may be a little bit dangerous, because it just may get you in trouble with the airline you choose to score the achievement on. So, better make it worth the while and bring on your best moves and spirit!

30. Kite Surf

Here’s another surfing-like water sport to get your adrenaline pumping with! You may not need just as badass skills to stay standing on your board as you would with surfing, but controlling that kite while flying through water and air is a game of its own to master. It’s possible to kite surf through snow and ground, too. 

For the ultimate experience, complete this on at one of the 10 Best Places in The World to Kite Surf!

Kite Surf

31. Parasail

An alternative to paragliding, especially if you happen to be scared of heights, is to go parasailing instead. You’ll still be gliding in the air with a parachute attached to you, but instead of controlling your own movement, you’re attached to a boat driving you all around a water-area, like a lake or sea. 


32. Play a Game of Paintball

Looking for an activity to do with your friends that’s fun, but also challenging? Then paintball may be an amazing choice! The object is to shoot guns with paint-filled capsules at your opponents before they tag you! It can get a little painful, so dress up in many layers! 

33. Rappel Down a Mountain

Climbing up a mountain is one thing, and rappelling down a mountain is another. Both are a challenge, and especially for those of us scared of heights coming down a mountain may prove to be much scarier than getting high up in the first place. Tackling a mountain, especially heading down one, just may be the next adventure you go on. 

34. Rappel Down a Waterfall

Even more exhilarating than rappelling down a mountain is to rappel down a waterfall. This is an extreme sport that has been gaining a lot of popularity over the last decade, and numerous tours are being arranged these days to conquer waterfalls like this. It’s by no means an easy feat to complete and therefore another great and adventurous way to challenge yourself. 

Rappel Down a Waterfall

35. Rappel into a Cave

You can also go exploring those caves we talked about above by rappelling into one! This is the way to go if it’s a cave with an opening only at its top. It’s a tad bit scarier than just walking into a cave, but can honestly be a lot of fun, not to mention picturesque.

36. Ride a Bull

Yes, to some extent it may still be possible to ride a bull in the way you’ve seen cowboys do in rodeo. But do note that this one does have potential to go awry. If you’re up for the challenge, find a way to do it; if you’re OK with a less thrilling experience, then find a bar with a mechanical bull.

Bull Riding

37. Ride ATVs

Riding an ATV, whether it’s near your home or whilst somewhere on a trip, is another fun and easily accessible adventure to add to your list. If you’re completely new to it, I do encourage trying it with hired professionals for the first time, but if you end up getting your own ATV to ride down the line, many driving adventures can be had with this. 

Annette and Peter riding an ATV

38. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Riding high in the sky in a hot air balloon will give you a birds-eye view of the landscapes below. 

A view of hot air balloons on air

39. Ride in a Luge

Now here’s an experience you don’t hear everyone talk about, or might even know what it is yet! A luge is a self-driving car system, kind of like a go kart, except it relies on gravity and a downhill path to move. The only ride in the US is available in Michigan and it’s rather different from a traditional luge ride; to get the real thing, your best bets are Queenstown in Australia and Sentosa in Singapore.

40. Ride on a Scary Roller Coaster

Every big amusement park in the world seems to be equipped with at least one roller coaster these days that’s absolutely wild in how steep it can get or how fast it can go. Oftentimes it’s a combination of both! If you’re a thrill seeker, try to find the scariest roller coaster possible to tackle next. And if you’re one of those who’s been too fearful to get on that one particular scary roller coaster, now’s your chance to right that wrong!

Ride on a Scary Roller Coaster

41. Sail a Boat

Despite it seeming like a rather peaceful activity, sailing a boat can be surprisingly strenuous, and is most certainly always its own little challenge. If you’re looking for items for your adventure bucket list, but aren’t too much of a thrill seeker, this is a great one to add to your list.

42. Scuba Dive

Even if your scuba diving adventure doesn’t take you to exploring a shipwreck, at least not immediately, it’s always a fun adventure to embark on once you’ve learned its basics. There’s a lot of beauty to be discovered undersea, and while you can explore some of it by snorkeling, diving gets you properly close and intimate with life under the surface. 

Scuba Dive

43. Skydive

We’ve already covered paragliding and its equivalent forms, but skydiving is really where it’s at if you want to get as high in the air as possible. This is a truly gutsy hobby to embark on, but it can be incredibly rewarding if you just have the patience and courage for it. If this is just too scary for you, then how about having an indoor skydiving cxperience?


44. Snowboard

Alternatively, you can go with skis as well. Either way, as long as you are going down a snowy hill, you’ll be doing a tremendous job checking this one off your bucket list. The world is full of amazing resorts with incredible slopes available, so you’ll likely end up going through a few of them once you get properly addicted to snowboarding or downhill skiing. 


45. Swim with Stingrays

While you’re advised to stay away from stingrays you come across in the wild, this is a fun and memorable activity you can do on a tour specializing in swimming with them. It’s possible elsewhere as well, but the most famous, and therefore most reputable, for swimming with Stingrays is Stingray City in the Cayman Islands.

Swim with Stingrays

46. Swim with Whale Sharks

Unlike the sharks you meet while cave diving, with whale sharks you don’t have to worry about them suddenly gaining interest in your flesh. Yes, they’ve got big mouths, and with everything we know of sharks you’ll probably be really nervous to get into waters with them. However, these gentle creatures are on a plankton diet, so you should be able to get in and out of the water with all of your limbs attached. 

Swim with Whale Sharks

47. Take a Geocaching Adventure

All you need to embark on a geocaching adventure is a GPS, which most of today’s phones come ready with, and perhaps some clothing and shoes appropriate for the weather. While the main purpose of geocaching is to find geocaches in your area, it can easily take you to places you’ve yet to discover, leading you to catch two birds with one stone. 

48. Try Skijoring

In this wintertime sport, you’ll be on skis, but instead of moving using ski poles to help you move, you’ll be attached to a dog, or a horse, or possibly a vehicle that’ll be pulling you forward. This originated in Norway, and is today mostly conducted as a competitive sport. 


49. Walk a Suspension Bridge

Suspension bridges are bridges where the deck of the bridge hangs on vertical suspenders attached to suspension cables above the deck. Even Brooklyn Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge are considered to fall under this category, so just by walking through those you can tick this item off your list. However, I encourage you to challenge your adrenaline levels and instead go for a bridge like Sidu River Bridge, for example. 

I walked this cool one while in Guyana:

50. Walk on Hot Coals

Also known as firewalking, walking on hot coals isn’t just a popular catchphrase, it’s an actual performance-type activity some skilled folks can do. But it’s possible for you to also learn firewalking, or at least try once! Though perhaps do so with a trained professional, so you don’t actually end up burning yourself.

Walking on Hot Coals

51. Walk on the Wings of an Airplane

And yes, I’m talking about doing this while the plane is in the air! Just the thought of it may get goosebumps popping up all over your body, am I right? It’s actually considered relatively safe, though, as you will receive training for it and will also be attached to a harness all the way through.

Walk on the Wings of an Airplane

52. Wrap a Snake Around Your Neck

Perhaps not the first thing you ever thought you’d do in your life, but turns out that sometimes the opportunity simply presents itself. Maybe don’t try to do this with any random snake you find in the wilderness, for both your and the snake’s safety, but it’s quite likely you’ll get lucky and find a moment where it’s possible to find yourself with a snake wrapped around your neck.

Annette Bucket List Journey with a Snake

53. Zip Line

Finally, no adventure bucket list is complete without zip lining included in it. This is an extreme sport where you are attached to cords that “zip” you from one tree to the next. It has grown so popular over the years it seems to be possible to do just about anywhere – so easy to check off your bucket list! And while it can get your nerves on overdrive before setting off, it’s usually totally safe to do. 

Annette trying Zip Line

How many of these adventure bucket list ideas have you already managed to complete? How many were you already planning on doing, and how many more dreams did just get added to your crazy bucket list?

While compiling bucket lists may seem like a corny idea, they can give an amazingly clear picture of all the things you want to complete in life, besides just getting that dream job and dream apartment. Going on adventures should be a big part of all of our lives, too! 

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through my links, I earn a commission that helps to keep this blog running—at no extra cost to you. For more information read my full disclosure.

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