Do you see yourself as a hardcore traveler at heart? Or do you just have a massive soft-spot for globetrotting? Do you sometimes get home from a particularly memorable trip and feel as though you just need to commemorate it somehow? Some way other than just sticking some photos in an album or tweeting about how awesome your trip was?

Either way – have you ever considered getting a travel-inspired tattoo?

This would of course be the ultimate mark of eternity used to show off your love for traveling to the rest of the world. Alternatively, you might not want to show anybody at all – and nor should you have to.

That’s the beauty of tattoos.

You can either have them printed in highly visible places for people to see and ask questions about, or you can get inked on an obscure and intimate part of your body so you and only you can look – and reflect back to the amazing times you had traveling around some of your favorite places when you’re old and grey.

And no – tattoos don’t look as awful when you’re older as everybody says they do. Tattooing inks have vastly evolved and improved. As long as you take care of your new tattoo as best as possible when your artist has finished, it will grow and shrink with your body, and shouldn’t vastly change over your lifetime.

When it comes to travel tattoo designs, the possibilities really are endless. You can make your ink as generic or as individual and creative as your mind allows – and when it comes to trying to think of a good idea for your travel tattoo, try to think outside the box.

What’s generally always the favorite part of your trips? Is it the food? Is it the transport? Is it the architecture? All of these favorite things of yours can be used as the building blocks towards designing a completely unique tattoo that tells your own personal story and nobody else’s.

And no, your tattoo doesn’t have to be a huge bold, bright and colorful design for it to look really good.

Sometimes, some of the very best and most effective-looking tattoos are small and simple – the choice is completely yours.

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Take a look at some of the best and most creative, thoughtful, beautiful and downright awesome travel tattoos that I’ve come across – and hopefully they might inspire you to get one of your own some day.

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So there they are! My pick of the best travel tattoos proudly inked on likewise adventurers. As you can see, whilst many of the tattoos follow similar themes by garnering inspiration from common traveling trends, there are also plenty of pieces of ink that are highly imaginative and likely to be very personal to the people that got them.

Black or colored, big or small, round or square, visible or hidden – these are all variables that can be chopped and changed to ensure that your potential travel tattoo is completely unique and perfect for you.

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