Fashion Bucket List: 36 Must-Do Goals for Every Lover of Style

As a fashion lover, one of my favorite things about visiting a new destination is the various styles I am immersed in all around the world. Fashion trends and culture bring life to each destination, and with style constantly evolving, it never gets boring! However, there are some trends and events which have rooted themselves into our fashion culture as timeless.

Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” I couldn’t agree more!

Every stylish girl (or boy) loves to express themselves in a unique outfit of their choosing, but some fashion goals are staples. Amp up your journey with adventure and history as you travel around the globe and check off these Fashion Bucket List must-dos.

Goals that Every Fashion Lover Must-Do at Least Once in the Live

1. ✦ Buy an Italian Leather Bag (Bonus, if it’s in Italy!)

Italian leather is world-famous, and not in vain: the quality of the leather made in Italy is often seen as superb in comparison to most other leather made in the world. And seeing as Milan is often considered the fashion capital of the world, why wouldn’t you want to shop yourself something leathery while in town? When you add to the mix the nearly ethereal design and style of Italian leather bags, you’ll see just why you owning one becomes fashion goals to every stylish chick out there – including to you!

If you can’t make it to Italy, bring Italian leather to you. The popular brands with US websites are Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta and Gucci. But, if you are looking for something more economical, Leatherguns is a winner (I own their Marco S Leather Convertible Backpack and love it!). If none of these options fit your style, then check out the top 10 Italian handbag brands.

2. ✧ Own a Vintage Designer Piece

There are so many reasons to own a piece or a few of vintage clothing. Vintage pieces are often far more unique than anything you can find in a clothing store–especially so if they’re by a famous fashion designer! Not only will they have been made with durable and exquisite materials, but they’re highly stylish to wear.

3. ✧ Feel Sexy in French Lingerie

The word lingerie is of French origin, meaning undergarments. Thankfully, we’ve universally adopted the word into use because just the sound of lingerie is far sexier than, well, undergarments and the equivalent are. Besides the name, the perceived superiority of French lingerie doesn’t end there! French lingerie designers are amazing and meticulous at considering all the possible beautiful options, how they look (both with and without clothes on), how they fit, which cuts and fabrics to use, and so on. Once you’ve put on French lingerie, you might not be able to accept any other kind…and it may inspire you to complete this sexy bucket list.

Don’t know which French lingerie to choose? Check out these luxury brands: Aubade, Maison Close and Simone Perele

4. ✧ Own a Hermes Scarf

Hermes scarves are seen as luxurious and elegant, often spotted on celebrities and even royals, and therefore a must have for every fashion lover! Considering the amount of effort and time that goes into designing and producing each of these scarves, it’s not far off to consider them a true piece of art. Their silk texture is fine to touch and lasts long as a staple piece of your wardrobe. It excellently spices up even a casual jeans plus white t-shirt combo, and in general the options for how to wear the scarf seem nearly limitless: whether it’s tied around your neck, bag strap or hips.

5. ✧ Have a Personal Stylist Dress You

Let’s face it, being dressed by a personal stylist at least once is a part of every girl’s fashion goals! It sure is high on my own fashion bucket list! A personal stylist can give you great tips on upcoming fashion trends, how to style yourself, and even offer some make-up tips. Nordstrom, for example, has a decent variety of personal stylists you can commission, either to rework your entire wardrobe or just to dress you for one particular event. Macy’s also offers personal styling services. Beyond these two, with a quick Google search you can find many more websites offering personal stylist services!

6. ✧ Purchase a Limited Edition Piece by your Favorite Designer

What is that one designer that seems to be making a few appearances in your wardrobe? Maybe a favorite artist featured on a designer’s handbag? A great bucket-list fashion goal would to be to purchase an item from a designer that is limited edition! Not only will it add a fun flair to your outfit but also stand out as a special experience, memory and timeframe.

7. ✧ Wear a Power Suit

Power Suit refers simply to a pantsuit, only it’s the cooler and more empowering way to speak of a pantsuit. For men, Power Suits tend to mean a very specific kind of a suit, but thank goodness for us women there’s more versatility! A gray checkered suit is something you every fashion lover should probably add into their wardrobe stables by now – it’s wonderfully neutral, but can be used in so many incredible ways, from an office-setting to even a funky night out. You can also combine your suit with casual items like tops, tees and sneakers. And whether your power suit of choice is fitted or oversized is totally up to you. You can even go for bold colors if you dare!

8. ✧ Get a Badass Leather Motorcycle Jacket

A leather motorcycle jacket is a timeless piece of clothing that you can style perfectly into pretty much any type of an outfit. And a good quality leather jacket can easily last you for years and years, so no need to shop for a new one each passing year–unless you want to, of course. Its material is designed specifically to offer protection against road abrasion for motorcyclists, but its style will make you feel like one badass chick!

9. ✧ Touch the Fabric at Mood Fabric Shop

Are you interested in possibly creating your next look with your own hands? Then Mood Fabrics is where you’ll want to shop! They’re often considered the leading fashion fabric shopping destination in the whole world, so clearly they don’t mess with the material in use. They are even more notorious for being especially featured on Bravo’s Project Runway. Even if you’re not quite there yet with making your own clothes, if you happen to be in LA or NYC, you got to visit their shop and let yourself experience the amazing quality of their fabrics.

10. ✧ Wear a Cartier Love Bracelet

OK, wearing anything by Cartier is a dream. But many of us go for the love bracelets because not only are they distinguishably Cartier, there’s many different elegant styles to choose yours from. You can get it in a rigid metallic style or a lighter flexible one, and you can get it in gold, silvery white or rose gold. You’ve truly made it as a fashion icon in your own life once you’ve been able to score yourself something by Cartier!

11. ✧ Adorn Your Wrist With a Rolex

Rolex is the top watch brand on the market and having one on your wrist will have others swooning! They’re absolutely the most luxurious watch brand out there, but not just in brand recognition and style of the watch; their watches are of excellent quality in their functioning abilities as well! Rolex is truly a fashion item where beautiful style meets top notch quality.

12. ✧ Walk the Red Carpet Looking Stunning

Unless you’re not in the slightest bit interested in movies and celebrities, we’ve all probably dreamed of walking the red carpet one day! Well, walking the red carpet to a big time Hollywood event might continue to be a pipe dream for most of us, but who said you can’t find another event, meant for the regular folk, where it’s possible to walk a red carpet of their own? Find your hottest dress to wear (or buy a new one!) and get ready to wow everyone! It’s a bonus that many events like these do have their own photographers you can pose in front of.

13. ✦ Find the Perfect White Tee

Who knew that not just any white tee will do! Well, I for sure didn’t until I bought a couple of different ones and realized how some of them just don’t have the IT factor of the perfect white tee. We all have our own unique styles, meaning that what might be my choice for perfect may not be yours. Vogue has recently published a great article with some options for what could become YOUR perfect white tee!

14. ✧ Own a Signature Chanel 2.55 Bag

This iconic bag was named after the month and year it was created on, and although it’s already more than 60 years old, it has continued to stay hugely popular. There are several colors to choose yours from – such as mint, pink, red and black – as well as different material options as well, like velvet, tweed and calfskin. More so than just for its name, you’ll want to get a Chanel 2.55 bag because they’re super pretty! These bags perfectly accompany both casual and formal outfits, as well.

15. ✧ Have the Ultimate Walk-in Closet

Having a walk-in closet in the first place is probably a huge goal for many of us (it’s definitely on my bucket list!). And then to create the ultimate version of it tops many of our fashion goals – and with good reason! A walk-in closet brings organization, comfort and luxury to your home, but it’s also a place where a girl (or guy) gets to showcase all of their prettiest items.

Need some closet inspiration? Elle Decor has listed some of the most gorgeous walk-in closets in the world.

16. ✦ Watch the Devil Wears Prada

Can you name a more iconic movie about the fashion world than the Devil Wears Prada? Thought so. It’s legendary, and not just because it stars Meryl Streep, it’s honestly incredibly entertaining as well. If you haven’t seen it yet then you need to go watch it right after you’ve finished reading this article! And if you’ve already seen it, watch it again!

17. ✧ Try a New Trend

Trends change all the time and not every single one of them is going to be our personal cup of tea. But sometimes it does you good to move out of your comfort zone and try out something new, and choosing one or two current trends in the fashion world is an excellent place to start. Let these lists by Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar inspire you.

18. ✧ Find a Comfy Pair of Levi’s

Do you wear jeans? Then a pair of Levi’s, the original jeans brand, needs to find its way to your wardrobe! The quality of jeans from Levi’s is outstanding and no matter what style you go for, they’re guaranteed to look stylish. Levi’s seems to be also consistently adding into its efforts towards creating more sustainable clothing for people to wear. If you’re into vintage, getting a pair of second hand Levi’s will absolutely be an additional goal you’ll want to reach!

19. ✧ Get a Pair of Rockstud Valentino Shoes

Valentino makes such beautiful shoes, and owning a pair from their Rockstud collection is pure fashion goals. Besides the stylistic choice of studs on each pair, there’s a diverse selection to choose from, from sandals to heels and beige to pink.

20. ✧ Attend New York Fashion Week

What could be more exciting for a stylish chick than fashion week in New York City? The vibrance of this magical city brings these shows to life as it sets the standard for the season, internationally. There are several parties, events and shows you can attend…some even for free! Spending time during fashion week will not only inspire you for next season’s purchases, but also give you a chance to strut your best looks on the streets.

21. ✦ Get Fitted for the Right Bra Size

You might be surprised to hear that more often than not women are wearing an incorrect bra size. Often times women cling to the misconception that their cup size is equivalent to the size of their breast while in fact, the cup refers to the difference in size between breast and rib cage. A professional bra fitting could dramatically affect your comfort throughout the day. Get fitted and you will find your confidence and support increase while achieving your fashion goals!

 Read The Perfect Bra Fitting: How & Where to Get Fitted so you can find a comfy bra asap!

22. ✦ Buy a Piece of Tiffany and Co. Jewelry

A timeless, classic fashion goal is owning piece of Tiffany jewelry. The unmistakable blue packaging and elegant design makes each purchase a special experience. An American house of design opening in 1839, these pieces provide outstanding craftsmanship.

23. ✧ Wear a Pair of Statement Sunglasses

Statement sunglasses are a great way to spice up an outfit, especially if you’re otherwise going for a casual, effortless style. You can stick to just one type of statement sunglasses, or you can get a pair for each occasion! Some of the most popular type of statement sunglasses are funky cat-eye, transparent frames, as well as aviator glasses. What kind of a statement will you want to make with your new sunnies? You can get some cool ideas from Persol, Celine or Le Specs.

24. ✧ Own a pair of Red Bottomed Christian Louboutin’s

By court order, designer Christian Louboutin retains the exclusive right to use the color red on the bottom of its shoes whenever the outer portion of the shoe is any color beside red. Talk about signature style! It will feel pretty damn good, when your seated at at table and everyone can see that your are wearing this iconic shoe.

25. ✧ Visit Prada Marfa

The city of Valentine, Texas, which has a total population just under 200 residents, is the halfway marker between Los Angeles and New Orleans. Just on its outskirts lies Prada Marfa, a pop culture landmark that is actually an art installation that looks like a storefront but has no access inside. It is a fashion goal held by a number of celebrities, and for good reason!

26. ✧ Shop Tokyo’s Ginza District

Ginza is Japan’s biggest luxury shopping and entertainment district located in central Tokyo. When a designer opens a location in Ginza, that is considered the ultimate status. While shopping in Ginza you will be able to enjoy the incredible architecture, dining, and tea rooms as they beam with life. Here you will find the flagship store of Hermes and famous department stores with the absolute latest trends!

When you head to Japan, don’t forget to read my top things to do in Tokyo first!

27. ✧ Go to the Prada Flagship Store

For one of the most exciting shopping adventures, head to the Prada flagship store in Italy. Milan is recognized internationally as a fashion capital. Opening in 1913, this flagship store remains to be one of the most astonishing stores in the heart of Italian design. Here you will be able to see beautiful bags and invest in some of the most coveted accessories on display.

28. ✧ Tour the Costume Institute

Looking for education on some of the greatest visionaries in fashion? The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is home to over 35,000 costumes and accessories represented over the course of seven centuries! It showcases the most compelling designs of the industry’s innovators, past and present.

29. ✦ Shop at Harrods in London

Harrods opened its doors 182 years ago, and is now one of the most recognized luxury departments stores in the world. Home to the iconic green bag, Harrods is not your ordinary shopping center, it is filled from head to toe with extravagance. From delectable food halls to designer wear, you will be impressed at every turn.

30. ✧ Buy a Signature Burberry Trench

This fashion goal will be a staple for your closet. The Burberry Trench is quintessential British coat that offers sophistication and practicality to your wardrobe—it will never go out of style!

31. ✧ Find the Perfect Little Black Dress

What is a go to dress that works with any shoe? The little black dress. And it is so cherished it has its own initials, the LBD. The fashionistas swear by it, the LBD should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Finding the perfect one will match any occasion and make you feel as chic as Chanel! The little black dress can be dressed up, dressed down and accessorized in several different ways.

32. ✧ Visit Coco Chanel’s First Store

Coco Chanel is an icon for style, so naturally a visit to the first Chanel store on Paris’s Rue Cambon is a great goal for any fashion lover. She left behind timeless silhouettes and materials that have lasted over decades. See Chanel’s magical beginnings where started her brand as a hat maker, selling straw boater hats to the ladies walking the Paris streets. Walking through the doors will make you feel as if you are there right in her inspiring beginnings.

33. ✧ Visit Carrie Bradshaw’s Door in New York

While in New York fulfilling all of your fashion goals, be sure to hit the Upper East Side and see where Carrie Bradshaw lived. The lead on the romantic comedy series Sex and the City, Carrie had a taste for fashion, especially expensive footwear. You won’t be able to peek inside that prized closet filled with Manolo Blahnik high heels, but you can see the front door.

34. ✧ Get a Birkin

Hermes, anyone? The Birkin is widely recognized as the most sought after handbag in the world. Having this piece in your wardrobe would be not only be iconic, but offer exquisite craftsmanship and sophistication. Organizing all your essentials, this bag will help you live out your everyday chic!

35. ✧ Visit the Bata Shoe Museum

Every stylish girl should embark on this one of a kind experience! Located in Toronto, Canada, the Bata Shoe Museum is home to the world’s most diverse footwear consisting of over 13,000 artifacts and world history. You will be able to see the journey of Mrs. Bata come to life as she turned the ordinary into extraordinary.

36. ✦ Kick it in a Pair of Chucks

Often simply referred to as Converse, the Chucks are a specific type of a casual shoe made by the Converse brand. Known in full as the Chuck Taylor All Stars, these shoes were modeled after old school basketball shoes, using cotton canvas as its primary material and having remained same in its style than it was at the moment of inception. The shoes come in a range of colors, and you can custom make your own on the Converse website, ensuring there’s the perfect fitting pair of Chucks for everyone.

Which of these iconic trends can already be found in your closet? And which ones will you be on the hunt for next? Some of these fashion goals may be easier to achieve than others, but to truly become your own life’s fashion icon, remember that it’s alright to use creativity and your own flare of style to check each item off your bucket list!

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