Bra FittingEver since Oprah did a show on how important getting fitted for a bra was, it’s been all the rage, so I added getting a bra fitting to my bucket list. It is estimated that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size and I didn’t want to be one of them!

Getting a bra fitting was a super simple goal to achieve:

I walked into Victoria’s Secret and targeted the first sales representative, which was pretty easy since they are stationed at the front door to greet the incoming shoppers. I asked her if I could get a bra fitting and she immediately got on her walkie talkie to beckon a “boobologist” to the dressing room. There was no wait! Surprising, there was no need to remove any clothing, because my shirt was thin. This was great, because some random woman seeing my naked breasts sort of freaked me out. 2 minutes later (seriously), I had the magic number…a colossal 32B….Ta Da. I was pretty close, wearing a 34B because they are easier to find. She then asked if there was any style of bra that I was currently looking for (I had been searching for a racerback) and proceeded to bring me things to try on.

I typically just buy my bras off the rack at a local discount store for about 6 bucks, but that has all changed now that I have my first VS T-Shirt demi-bra. It is the most comfortable one I have put against my body. I tried on the 32B, just like she suggested in the bra fitting, but was busting out of it. Imagine that…a B-Cup sized girl busting out of a bra, I never thought it could happen. I had to size up to a 32C, which made me feel frigen great for a second, but then I realized that this will probably be the only C-Cup bra that will ever fit me! I’m okay with that. B is above average in the grading system.

Have you ever had a bra fitting?


The Bra Book, the fashion formula to finding the right bra

Gel Breast Enhancers, set of 2 cutlets that add a full cup size

Silicone Nipple Covers, for when you don’t want to wear a bra, but going bare shows alittle too much!