Funny Bucket List: 45 Hilarious Ideas and Things to Do

Even if we don’t actively think about it every day, even if we don’t have one written down anywhere, we’ve all got bucket lists. We’ve got one for life, for couples and best friends, and for travel. Many of us may have compiled all of those things into one big bucket list. But how many times do we come up with funny bucket list ideas? You know, the kind that aren’t significant with reaching a specific life goal, but that are hilarious and will make us laugh until we cry as we’re doing it. 

So here’s some quite nutty but totally funny ideas to add to your bucket list to do in the moments when you want to quickly spice up your life. 

Funny Bucket List: Hilarious Ideas and Things to Do

1. “Meow” Every Time You Receive an Email at the Office

Spice up your office life and especially the moment you receive those dull work emails, and audibly meow at each incoming one! Yeah, you’ll likely get some weird stares, but trust me, it’ll make office life a tiny bit more fun.

If you like to be a jokester at work, then see these  21 fun office pranks in 2022 that won’t get you fired

A man in front of his laptop

2. Accuse Someone of Farting In An Elevator

Even better if you farted yourself first! This may feel like a little bit mean to do, so choose your target carefully, or stay general with your accusations á la “did someone just fart?!” – but do then exclaim it loudly.

Someone farted on the elevator

3. Ask Someone “Do You See That Cow Barking or is it Just me?”

And you definitely ought to do this one of the funny bucket list ideas when there are no cows in sight to truly amp up the madness of the question. Bonus points if you poise the question to a total stranger.

4. Block a Store’s Door At and Ask For the Secret Entry Password

Dress up fancy, choose your target store, and then proceed not to let anyone in unless their choice of a password feels creative enough for you. This will probably not be a long lasting fun before you get kicked out for doing it, but enjoy it while it lasts!

5. Bring a Fishing Pole to an Aquarium

No need to use it, but just bringing it along will have people confused out of their minds! If the funny looks you’re getting aren’t confused looking enough, make sure to suspiciously stomp around your chosen fish tank.

6. Buy A Poop Shaped Birthday Cake For Your Best Friend

It may not look like the most beautiful thing in the world, but it’s probably made of chocolate and therefore not only delicious, but totally worth it. Your best friend will get laughs out of your creativity, and the cake is still totally Instagram worthy.

Here’s a cute recipe: Super Easy Poop Emoji Cupcakes

Poop shaped cupcake

7. Call Someone To Tell Them You Can’t Talk Right Now

This funny bucket list idea will leave them confused for a good while. Even better if you call someone you’re actually feeling like talking to – you never know if they’ll get confused enough to call you back.

8. Convince Someone You Are From The Future

Watch a couple of movies for inspiration, and then plan your speech for how you are from the future and then explain why you’ve arrived in the current year. Take with you as many props as it needs to convince someone. 

9. Crash A Wedding And Give A Toast

OK, depending on at what point you crash the wedding, this requires a different amount of luck to manage. But if planned well, not only will you succeed at giving a toast, but you might make the funniest one all night. 

Need some advice? Read: How to crash a wedding, according to the world’s greatest party crasher

Crash A Wedding And Give A Toast

10. Create A Random Piece Of Art And Put It for Sale for $1,000,000

Anything that you are capable of creating into a piece is art in some form, so it’s the perfect time to let out your inner artist. Mostly for the fun of it, but, hey, you never know if it just may turn out to be the next big thing!

Create A Random Piece Of Art And Put It for Sale

11. Dress Mismatched

I’m not talking about mismatched socks here, but pulling out one of the many fashion guides on the Internet telling you which items and colors not to mix together, and then dressing up exactly opposite of the warnings! 

12. Drive Around In A Clown Costume

You’ll be noticed plenty just by wearing the costume, but if you really want to draw attention to yourself then drive a convertible or honk when passing groups of people. Just remember not to traumatize any children in the process!

Don’t have a clown costumer? Amazon has some great ones!

Drive Around In A Clown Costume

13. Eat Vanilla Pudding Out Of A Mayo Jar

It’s really too bad they don’t readily sell vanilla pudding in mayo jars – a business idea here? I’d highly recommend using an empty mayo jar, unless you like to mix your pudding with mayonnaise. 

14. Follow A Friend Around For The Entire Day

You’ve got two options for this one. You can either come up with the most ridiculous reason why you plan to shadow your friend for the entire day. Or you can pretend to be a private investigator and follow them around without them noticing you.

15. Glue Coins To A Street In The Crosswalk

The purpose here is to prank people into thinking they’ve gotten lucky and found coins on the ground, so don’t make it too obvious by putting them out in a fine line or anything of the sort. Unless you want to be on the nose about it, of course.

Glue Coins To A Street In The Crosswalk

16. Go In An Elevator And Then Make Peek-A-Boo Sounds When The Doors Open

You may not get an audience for each time, but you’ll be properly warmed up and prepped up for when you do. Do this for as long as you can sustain.

17. Go Streaking

Choose carefully where you plan to execute your streaking plan, because in an unlucky case you might get fined for this one. But when done right, it’s fun and empowering – and, yeah, totally racy. 

18. Go Up To Strangers And Act Like Lifelong Friends

Maybe they’ll think you’ve completely lost it, but in a rare and beautiful scenario you just may make some new friends. In either case you’ll have a lot of fun confusing people. 

19. Have an Argument With a Mannequin at a Store

Don’t forget to dress up for the part. And if you’re worried about how it’ll look, bring with you an empty flask or a wine bottle for some additional flare.

Have an Argument With a Mannequin at a Store

20. Hire Two Private Investigators To Investigate Each Other

Come up with bogus reasons that has nothing to do with them being private investigators, and then send them after each other. This one will rob your wallet of its contents, though, so only do it if you’ve got some extra lying around.

21. Jump Into A Taxi, Then Shout “Follow That Car!”

This one is best played if you have not determined in advance which car you’re talking about. Just point in a random direction, and if the taxi driver asks which car, on the spot choose one.

Jump Into A Taxi

22. Laugh Randomly For 5 Minutes On A Public Place

Of course you need to make your laugh as convincing as possible, so try to come up with actual things that make you laugh. Can be thoughts, can be videos. Either way, the louder and more manic the laugh, the better!

23. Let The Kids Draw On Dad While He Is Sleeping

This is for all of you who’ve got kids! I’m not sure the dads will be as appreciative of this one, but the kids will have such a fun time. Don’t forget to take photos—I’m sure he’ll forgive you all.

Let The Kids Draw On Dad While He Is Sleeping

24. Make a Hilarious Photo Calendar

Choose all the funniest photos you’ve taken – including ones of you – and make a hilarious photo calendar. Then give them out as presents to all your loved ones! Bonus points if you’ve got enough photos of each of them to make hilarious calendars for each one with just their photos.

PS: once you’ve compiled your photos, you can easily create your calendar on Shutterfly.

25. Make A Prank Call

We all used to make these types of calls as a kid, right? The trick is to choose the right recipient. You won’t want to call someone who’ll immediately recognize your voice, but you also won’t want to make the mistake of calling a stranger who’ll get you in trouble. These 20 Prank Call Ideas will help to make sure your call is truly hilarious.

26. Only Speak In Song Lyrics For A Day

Mind you, you won’t actually have to sing the lyrics, although you’re of course free to do that, too. It may take some time to memorize a diverse range of song lyrics, but the execution of the day will be such a blast you’ll want to keep speaking this way. 

27. Play Hide-And-Seek In Ikea

This may be your toughest game of hide-and-seek yet! May not be suitable for kids, but rope in some of your adult friends, and spend a day committing to some hardcore hide-and-seek gaming in Ikea.

28. Poke Someone In A Crowded Place And Point It Towards Another Person And Leave

This one is really as simple as it sounds! Just make sure you are being discreet enough while doing this that you cannot get caught doing it. 

29. Pretend to Have a Very Personal Phone Conservation in a Public Place

You can get as detailed, as racy, and as loud with this as you want to let yourself be. None of this very personal phone conversation’s topics actually have to be real, you just need to draw the attention of the folks around you by whatever words necessary.

30. Propose To A Stranger When They are With Family

Find someone hanging out with family and get on one knee to propose. Make sure to pick one who looks like they might take it with some humor.

Propose To A Stranger When They are With Family

31. Put Blue Gatorade On A Windex Bottle And Drink It

You’ll definitely want to make sure you’ve cleaned up the Windex bottle properly first, so no not-so-funny business ends up going down. Just like with the mayo jar deal, do this in public for bonus points!

32. Put Invisible Ink On Someone’s White Shirt

Either have it be a well thought out text, or a gorgeous pattern. With this one, you might want to ensure the person has a good sense of humor and that it’s not in fact their best white shirt. 

Get your jars of invisible ink here.

33. Put Vaseline On Your Hand And Give People a Handshake

At the end of the day, Vaseline makes for a great moisturizer, so absolutely no harm is being done here, quite on the contrary. But it may throw people off, ensuing some fun out of it for you.

34. Randomly Place Gnomes in Your Neighbors Yard

Your neighbors will be so confused over this funny thing to do, but hopefully they’ll appreciate the gesture anyway. Gnomes are super cute, after all! Just make sure with this funny bucket list item that you choose a neighbor who doesn’t have cameras all around their yard!

There’s so many cute and funny ones, and you can find them here. My favorite is the sitting toilet gnome!

Randomly Place Gnomes in Your Neighbors Yard

35. Refer To A Stranger as “Mom!”

You ought to do this item however many times it takes before the stranger of your choosing actually realizes it’s them you’re referring to. 

36. Say “Yes” To Everything For One Day

You’ve already seen movies on this topic, and now it’s time to check this item off your own funny bucket list. Even if it’s just for one day, so many incredible positive changes can be made into your life!

37. Speak in a Made Up Language

It’s up to you whether you just want to wing this one, or if you want to be as thorough as to actually make up words and grammar for your self-made language prior to speaking it.

38. Speak In Third Person All Day

Not once say “I”, “me”, or even “us”. Of all the funny things bucket list ideas, this is probably the least weird one, but it can be surprisingly challenging. 

39. Start A Food Fight At A Family/Friend Get Together

Once you’ve made sure nobody has spent a fortune on the food, it’s go time for a food fight! 

Start A Food Fight

40. Switch Your Friends Phone To A Foreign Language

If you don’t want to be mean, choose a language they know how to speak. But if you do want to be really mean, go with something like Chinese or Russian. Be prepared for your friend’s wrath, though!

41. Take A Stuffed Animal To The Vet

Don’t forget to act all freaked out, too, and have a name and a background story ready to go as well! Also, do dip out before they call for any help for your mental health’s sake.

42. Text Some Random Number Saying “I Killed Him And Hid The Body In Your Backyard”

I highly recommend that you have all your ducks in order prior to sending said text, in case the recipient does happen to freak out big time. You never know what might be buried in their backyard!

43. Vacuum Your Lawn

I’m not exactly sure what it will help with, but you’ll have fun. Especially so if you’re bored that day or happen to hate lawn mowing. Best results come when you do it while your neighbors are outside and can become your audience. 

44. Wear a Funny Couples Halloween Costume

For this one you need a friend or a partner, but it’s one of the most fun ones of these funny bucket list ideas! Here are some ideas to get you started on this one.

45. Wear a Funny Temporary Tattoo

If you want to catch attention with it, then the bigger and more outrageous it is, the better. But you may want to wear a funny temporary tattoo for your own amusement as well, in which case feel free to choose the kind that best suits your aesthetic tastes. 

Check out some of these temporary tattoos.

46. Wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater in the Summer

Although do try to choose a chillier day so you won’t sweat your bum off too much in it. People will look at you weird, but who cares. If you want to celebrate Christmas in the middle of June, by all means do!

Now that you’ve added the house with the white picket fence, and the plane ride around the world, and the third tattoo onto your bucket list, perhaps you’d have the time and space to also add some of these funny bucket list ideas onto that same list? Not every single one of our goals and bucket list items in life have to be grandiose and achievable in the long term, some can be simple, hilarious and ridiculous to be enjoyed in the moment, right here right now!

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