50 Easy Things You Can Check Off Your Bucket List Today

Have you been waiting for the perfect moment to start checking off those bucket list dreams and goals? The truth is, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion or some far-off date to start living your life to the fullest. Don’t wait for someday, start today. There are plenty of simple and achievable items that you can add to and check off your bucket list right now.

The bonus is that sometimes you can lose motivation as you are working towards a big goal, and these easier ones that you can complete in a day will help you get stronger in order to tick off the more challenging things!

Which of these bucket list ideas will you check off your list today?

What Should You Do Today? You Can Make a Check Off Your Bucket List Today with Easy Ideas

What Should You Do Today? You Can Make a Check Off Your Bucket List Today with Easy Ideas

1. Get Ordained

Have you ever wanted to officiate a wedding ceremony? Then think about becoming an ordained minister — it’s easier than you think. Just Google “get ordained” and a slew of websites will come up that offer free ordination. On my last birthday I got ordained with the American Marriage Ministries and it was super simple, it took mere minutes.

Be aware that each state has different laws on who can marry someone, check with Marriage Laws to find the rules in your state.

If you need more help, read How to Get Ordained Online: 5 Easy Steps to Ordination.

Annette White's Ordination Certificate

2. Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Writing a letter to your future self can help to lead your life in the right direction. Share your current thoughts on love, family, career, finances, aging, etc. and also your hopes for each of these things in the future. Tuck your letter away and do not open for at least five years!

Make your letter even more special by picking some pretty handmade paper and handwriting it!

Write Letters to Future Selves

3. Make an Origami Crane

Origami is a big part of the Japanese culture and it truly is fascinating how little tiny pieces of paper can be crafted into beautiful pieces of artwork. The crane is one of the most popular shapes and you can fairly easily learn how to make one. There are countless videos and instructions online and here are the instructions I created: How to Make an Origami Paper Crane: Instructions for the Beginner.

It’s perfectly okay to use a simple piece of white paper, but you can also buy traditional Colorful Japanese Origami Washi Paper online.

Annette showing a crane origami she created

4. Bake a Cake for Someone Special

Baking a cake for someone special is probably one of the sweetest things you can do for them, especially if it’s not for any occasion at all. Even if you’re not doing it for the brownie points, nothing beats the feeling of making something from scratch and seeing the smile on their face as you make their day a whole lot sweeter.

Need a yummy recipe? Try my Best-Ever Homemade Beef & Mushroom Chili Recipe or my Italian Sausage & Oven Roasted Eggplant Farro Risotto.

Bake a Cake

5. Make a Loaf of Bread

Slicing into a warm, freshly baked loaf of bread you made from scratch is truly satisfying. While it can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never baked before, baking bread can become a rewarding experience with practice and patience.

Many beginner-friendly bread recipes and tutorials (like RecipeTin Eats World’s Easiest Yeast Bread Recipe) are available online to guide you through the steps and achieve a delicious result.

Bake a Loaf of Bread: Winter Bucket List Ideas: Fun Activities & Things to Do

6. Go to Dinner Alone

Dining solo is a big fear amongst many. Conquer this fear today by planning a date with yourself. It’d make for a perfect solo evening if you find a delicious new restaurant (maybe where you try a new food?) and then head over to the theater for an evening seeing the hottest release.

Don’t worry too much about being alone, because when it comes down to it most people really aren’t paying as much attention to you as you think. If you need help, read our article: Eating Out Alone: Tips for Dining Solo at a Restaurant.

7. Buy a Cute Outfit at a Secondhand Store

Being fashionable doesn’t have to break the bank, which is why buying outfits at a second-hand store can be a smart and sustainable way to refresh your wardrobe.

These stores often have unique, one-of-a-kind items that you won’t find in traditional retail shops. You’ll never know what treasures you might discover! Make it a challenge to buy a cute outfit from head to toe!

8. Do a “Paint by Numbers” piece of art

If you’re looking to dip your toes into painting, then you should definitely give Paint by Numbers art a shot. These kits provide you with a pre-printed canvas divided into numbered sections. You will then fill each section with the corresponding color accordingly. It’s a fun bucket list check and helps you unleash your creativity without the pressure of starting from scratch.

Most craft stores will have plenty of options for say, but you can also check out our 25 Best Paint by Number Kits for Adults.

9. Complete a 1000-Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Completing a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle is one of the more challenging ideas that you can tick off from our list because it will require your whole focus, patience, and time. However, it sure is something that is both rewarding and relaxing, especially once the pieces start to fall into place.

You can pick up a puzzle at a local toy or big box store, or check out our 25 Best 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults (+ Tips to Complete One!) article.

Annette enjoying a peaceful day with jigsaw puzzles

10. Contact Someone with Your Own Name

Whether it be by sheer chance or a deliberate one, getting in touch with someone who shares the same name as you can be an interesting and potentially awkward experience. However, it can also be an opportunity to make a unique connection and find common ground between you two.

To find someone with your own name, you can simply do a search on Google or social media. After you find the person send them a message to see if you can start a friendly correspondence.

11. Cook a New Dish

Add variety to your meals and express your unique personality in the kitchen by learning to cook a new dish. Not only will it expand your culinary horizons and introduce you to new flavors and ingredients, but it also offers a creative and enjoyable opportunity to show your culinary creativity in the kitchen.

Annette cooking

12. Cover the Bed in Rose Petals

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or simply looking to surprise your partner, nothing helps set that romantic mood than covering your bed in beautiful rose petals. It’s a classic and timeless symbol of love and passion that can be traced back as far back as ancient Rome.

You can get creative with how you set up the rose petals: heart-shaped, put them into words, anything! You can even add in things like chocolates for extra points.

Cover the Bed in Rose Petals

13. Create a Budget

Are you ready to take charge of your finances and achieve your long-term goals? Then it’s time to start budgeting! Budgeting is a powerful tool that can help you make intentional decisions about how you spend your money, giving you the freedom to pursue your dreams without worrying about your finances.

By tracking your income and expenses, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of where your money is going and identify areas where you might be overspending. From there, you can make adjustments to your habits and priorities, allowing you to save money, pay off debts, and build up your savings over time.

Create A Budget

14. Create a Family Logo

Looking for a way to showcase your family’s personality and history in a fun and creative way? Try designing a family logo. Whether you opt for a classic crest, a sleek monogram, or a quirky emblem, a family logo is a great way to visually capture your family’s shared identity and values.

Once you’ve designed your logo, you can use it on all sorts of items like having it embroidered on clothing or stamped on stationary (Shutterfly is a great place to have your stationary printed).

15. Create a Flower Arrangement

Whether you choose fresh or artificial, creating floral arrangements can be a creative and calming experience. It’s also an excellent opportunity to make a pretty table centerpiece or gift for a friend.

Annette White of Bucket List Journey sends Flowers to Herself for Her Birthday

16. Create a Video & Upload it to the Internet

Whether you’re making a vlog, a how-to video, a short film, or a music video, creating a video can be a powerful tool for self-expression, creativity, and communication. By uploading your video to a platform like YouTube, Vimeo, or TikTok, you can reach millions of people and potentially gain a following. You can also use video to showcase your skills, promote a cause or product, or simply entertain and inspire others.

17. Create your own Personal Stationery

You can let your creativity soar by designing your own letterhead, envelopes, or note cards with an array of colors, textures, and styles. You can simply design the artwork in Canva or even Microsoft Word and print it on some pretty paper.

It is cost-effective way to express yourself and add a touch of elegance to your letters.

18. Eat Breakfast in Bed

Picture this: enjoying a delicious breakfast in the comfort of your own bed. There’s something special about the cozy atmosphere and lack of distractions that can put you in a relaxed and content state of mind, helping to start your day on a positive note.

Eat Breakfast in Bed

19. Forgive Someone

Forgiveness is a complex and often challenging process. It’s never easy, but it’s a powerful way to move forward with a more positive outlook on life. By extending grace to those who have hurt us (and even ourselves), we open up to a sense of peace and closure, and we may find healing in our relationships and emotional wounds.

20. Get a Blowout

When was the last time you treated your hair like royalty? Give your locks the pampering they deserve with a gorgeous blowout from a professional hair styling service. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try your hand at a DIY blowout at home?

Not only will you achieve a chic and voluminous look, but a blowout can also work wonders in taming unruly frizz and flyaways. And the best part? The instant confidence boost that comes with having a great hair day.

21. Give Someone a Hug

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that the best things in life don’t come with a price tag. From expressing your love to providing comfort and support during tough times, nothing beats a warm and heartfelt hug.

22. Have a Meaningful Conversation With a Stranger

Engaging in a truly meaningful conversation with a complete stranger is like embarking on a thrilling adventure into uncharted territory, where the rewards are priceless and the memories last a lifetime. It’s a chance to break out of your comfort zone and explore the world through someone else’s eyes, to gain a deeper understanding of their unique experiences, beliefs, and perspectives.

Whether you find yourself in a bustling cafe or strolling through a serene park, there are countless opportunities to engage and ask thought-provoking questions.

23. Have a Picnic

Pack your basket, grab your blanket, and get ready for a delightful trip in the great outdoors! From snacking on scrumptious sandwiches to indulging in a delectable cheese platter or sipping on a chilled glass of wine, picnics allow us to enjoy a meal in a relaxed and laid-back setting. As we unplug from technology and tune into the natural world around us, we can create meaningful connections with our loved ones and make new memories that will last a lifetime.

Have a Beach Picnic

24. Learn to Use Chopsticks

Mastering the art of chopsticks is like unlocking the key to a whole new world of culinary delights and cultural experiences. Whether you’re indulging in a steaming bowl of ramen or savoring a succulent piece of dumplings, chopsticks are an integral part of many East and Southeast Asian cuisines. And let’s not forget the sheer fun and excitement of challenging yourself to master a new skill while exploring new flavors and dishes.

If you need an easy lesson For Us Foodies shows you how to use chopsticks in about a minute.

Annette eating at an Izakaya Sendai Japan

25. Listen to a New Genre of Music

Listening to a new genre of music is like stepping into a whole new world of sound, where you can immerse yourself in fresh rhythms, unique melodies, and unexpected beats. Whether it be pop, metal, country, and more, you’ll never run short of new music to enjoy.

And as you delve deeper into different genres, you’ll also discover new emotions, themes, and perspectives that will resonate with you on a personal level and inspire personal growth and self-discovery.

26. Make a Handmade Greeting Card

Why settle for a generic store bought card when you can make a handmade one that’s thoughtful and personal? Get creative and customize the card to fit the recipient’s personality and preferences. Unlike store-bought cards, handmade cards are one-of-a-kind, conveying a personal touch that can’t be replicated.

27. Make a Tie Dye Shirt

Tie-dyeing is not only a fun and creative activity but also a colorful way to express your personality and style. It’s a perfect way to recycle old clothing and give it a new lease of life with a burst of vibrant colors. Tie dye kits, make it easy to create a colorful shirt.

28. Plant a Tree

Trees are the unsung heroes of the environment, cleaning our air and water, providing shade on hot summer days, and offering a home to a myriad of creatures. By planting a tree, you’re not only making a tangible contribution to the health of the planet, but also taking a step towards personal growth and renewal.

And the best part? Planting a tree can be a fun and rewarding experience, allowing you to connect with nature and gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty and complexity of the natural world. So, roll up your sleeves, grab a shovel, and get ready to make a positive impact on the world, one tree at a time!

29. Reconnect with an Old Friend

Reconnecting with an old friend can feel like stepping back in time and rediscovering a part of yourself that may have been forgotten. It’s a chance to reminisce about old memories and make new ones, as you catch up on everything that has happened in each other’s lives.

Annette at Old Town Zurich

30. See a Foreign Film

Experience the world from a different perspective by watching a foreign film! These films offer an exceptional and intricate portrayal of cultural practices, social issues, and historical events. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a different language, music, and visual artistry that can widen your understanding of the world.

If you are unsure of which one to watch, see TimeOuts list of the 50 Best Foreign Films.

31. Spend the Entire Day By Yourself

Indulging in a solitary day can be an enriching and invigorating adventure. It allows you to delve into introspection, unwind, and reinvigorate your spirits, far away from the constant hustle and bustle of daily life.

What will you do with your day alone?

32. Spend Time with a Person From Another Generation

Spending time with a person from another generation can be a valuable and enriching experience. It provides an opportunity to gain a new perspective on life and to learn from the wisdom and experiences of someone who has lived through different times and circumstances.

The older generation can give you a chance to learn new skills and knowledge handed down by generations, not to mention their wealth of experience.

33. Start a Blog

If you’re seeking a thrilling and fulfilling way to unlock your creativity, connect with others, and possibly earn some money, then starting a blog might be for you. A blog offers a platform to write about topics that ignite your passion, share your knowledge and experiences, and even chronicle your personal story.

Both Blogger.com and WordPress.com offer free blogs with easy setup, all you have to do is come up with something creative to talk about. Some of the most popular blog topics are Money, Travel, Food, Mommyhood, Technology and Celebrity Gossip. Put a new spin on any of these things and start writing—these article can help:

Annette writing a blog while on a vacation

34. Start a Gratitude Journal

Begin your journey towards a happier and healthier life by starting a gratitude journal. There are many things to be grateful for, and this simple yet powerful tool can help you shift your focus from the negative aspects of life to the positive.

Starting a gratitude journal is incredibly easy and can be done in just a few minutes each day. You can start by simply writing down three to ten things that you are grateful for and watch as this simple habit transforms your life for the better.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

35. Surprise Someone

What if I told you that you have the power to brighten someone’s day with a simple surprise? It doesn’t have to be anything grand, like a surprise party or a trip to the Bahamas (although those would be pretty amazing!). It could be as small as bringing them their favorite snack or sending them a sweet message out of the blue.

The impact of a surprise can be huge, creating feelings of joy, excitement, and connection between you and the person you are surprising. It’s like saying, “Hey, I see you and I’m thinking about you!”

36. Try a New Form of Exercise

When it comes to exercise, sometimes it’s easy to fall into a routine that becomes stale and boring. But did you know that trying a new form of exercise can actually help you break through that plateau and take your fitness to the next level? It’s true! By stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying something new, you can challenge yourself physically and mentally in ways you never thought possible.

37. Watch a Documentary

Are you tired of mindlessly scrolling through your TV options? Why not switch it up and try watching a documentary instead? These non-fiction films are like a window into different worlds, offering a wealth of knowledge and insights into topics you may have never considered before.

38. Wear a Wig for the Day

Ready to switch up your look and unleash your inner fashionista? Look no further than a wig! Whether you’re looking to channel your inner diva or just try out a new hairstyle for the day, wigs offer a wide range of possibilities to help you express your unique style.

I wore HAIRCUBE’s blonde layered wig on my birthday and it was a reasonably priced way to switch up my look!

Annette White of Bucket List Journey Blonde for a Day

39. Write a Love Note with Lipstick on the Bathroom Mirror

Writing a love note is a classic way to show affection, but have you ever thought about taking it up a notch by leaving it in lipstick on the bathroom mirror? The anticipation of discovering a message written in the unmistakable hue of your favorite lipstick adds a thrill to the romantic surprise. And best of all, it’s a bold and exciting gesture that is sure to make your significant other’s heart flutter.

40. Write a Thank you Letter to a Company

Too many times we are quick to let a company know what they have done wrong, how about taking the time to let them know what they have done right? Writing them a letter (or email) is an opportunity to express your genuine gratitude and appreciation for a job well done.

41. Create Your Own Cocktail

Many foodies are also experimentalists, and becoming your own mixologist will test your skills. The best part about this bucket list goal is that you will have to do a lot of sampling before coming up with your own perfect harmony of flavors. Practice makes perfect!

When I checked off this goal, my signature drink ended up being a Lemon-Basil Fizz made with prosecco, coconut rum, raspberries, basil and lemon sorbet. What will yours be?

Annette mixing a cocktail on a cocktail class

42. Hike a New Trail

There’s something very therapeutic about being outdoors and getting some exercise at the same time. Search for a local park and pick a trail that you have never hiked before, then pack a nice picnic and put on your hiking shoes. You can find a park on the National Park Service Website (or check out our Hiking Bucket List for the future).

Annette Hiking

43. Write a Haiku

A Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry that consists of only three lines and a total of 17 syllables. The first and third line has 5 syllables and the second has seven. The lines do not need to rhyme, actually most of the time they don’t.

I wrote this one:

A plane flies over,
you dream of being on it.
Ideas flourish.

Want to write your own haiku? The how to write a haiku article will help, and it includes 15 examples!

44. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

We are all a little guilty in taking for granted what is in my own backyard. I still have never done a popular port tasting in my hometown of Petaluma, even though I have lived there for dozens of years!

Do some research, create a fun itinerary and explore your hometown as if you were a tourist visiting.

45. Try a New Food

Have you ever tried rabbit, tripe or sashimi? Find a local restaurant who serves a type of meat or vegetable that you have never eaten before and order it. Or head over to an ethnic section at the supermarket and purchase some unique product.

For some unique ideas see our Weird Food Bucket List!

Annette eating a poke bowl

46. Explore a New Nearby City

What nearby city can you take a day-trip to that you have never visited before? Check Google Maps online to determine all the destinations in your area that you can travel to within 2 hours. Pick a city that you have never been to, pack your day bag and hit the road.

Annette outside the California State Capitol and Museum

47. Change Your Hair

Go as extreme or tame as you want, but do something very different from what you are used to — push your comfort zone. It can be as harmless as trying an easy updo or a different part (if you’ve worn the same one for years) or trying a different updo. It can also be as drastic as making you hair a rainbow of colors with temporary hair color chalk or an artistically shaved side. If you choose the latter, check out StayGlam’s 23 Most Badass Shaved Hairstyles for Women.

Just make sure that you keep the style for at least full 24-hours and make an appearance out in public!

48. Boil a Lobster

Are you a seafood lover looking to elevate your culinary skills? Then mastering the art of boiling a lobster is a must. Not only is lobster a delectable and nutritious delicacy you can in various dishes, but boiling it to perfection requires skill.

If you need help, The Spruce Eats has a great guide how to cook a lobster.

Annette holding two lobsters

49. Volunteer

Like the old adage says, it’s better to give than to receive. Walking dogs at the shelter, reading to children at the library or spending an afternoon feeding families at the soup kitchen? Determine what’s close to your heart and then make a decision to make a difference today.

Don’t know where to start your volunteer journey? Visit VolunteerMatch who has opportunities in many major cities or check the United Way website.

50. Watch the Sunrise & Sunset

There’s something peaceful about being up at the crack of dawn when light first appears in the sky. On the same day, pick the perfect spot to watch as the sun disappears below the horizon.

Watch the Sunset or Sunrise

51. Do One Thing You are Afraid Of

Many psychologists have claimed that in order to conquer a fear you must be exposed to that fear—and probably more than once. Start facing your fear today by doing one thing that you are afraid of. Try holding a spider, jumping out of an airplane, climbing to the top of a mountain or even going to the dentist. Do whatever it takes for you to get out of your comfort zone.

Kill two birds with one stone if a fear of yours is going to dinner alone.

Try an Extreme Sport

52. Handwrite a Letter to Someone Special

With the modern days of texting, emails, DMs and PMs, we hardly have the need or desire to take a pen to paper anymore! Change that by bringing it back old-school style. Pull out a sheet of paper, sit down in a quiet location and write a letter to someone very special. That special person can even be yourself.

Annette White writing a love letter

As you can see, you don’t need to wait for the perfect time to start living your life to the fullest. With so many easy and doable things you can add to and check off your bucket list today, you can start making progress towards your dreams and goals right away. Remember, it’s the small steps that lead to big accomplishments, and every little thing you do can make a difference.

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through my links, I earn a commission that helps to keep this blog running—at no extra cost to you. For more information read my full disclosure.

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13 thoughts on “50 Easy Things You Can Check Off Your Bucket List Today”

  1. I will definitely try a new meal and tour my town this weekend. It’s true, we ignore our own towns without a clue how much we are missing out. Thanks for this list. I will also do volunteering before this month ends.

  2. Completely agree on Be a Tourist In Your Own Town. I moved to Vienna, Austria nine months ago and I don’t go to tourist spots anywhere near as much as I should.

    I have friends from the U.S. in town last week and did actually go to a few spots. Made me determined to get out by myself and see a lot more, so now I have it on my To Do List for at least once a week :)

  3. Thanks for sharing about this!!….really enjoyed your blog, and will definitely try new food.

  4. I love this list! It’s fun. I find life gets too serious when you’re busy – these are great things to do to keep things light! I especially love handwriting letters (I do it all the time). I frequently try to challenge myself by doing something I’m afraid of – next on the list: wrap a snake around me. I have actually mastered origami – it’s a lesson in patience for sure!

    • Even though I have checked “make an origami crane” off my bucket list, I definitely haven’t mastered it by any means! So kudos to you! Make sure you find a friendly snake :)


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