I have always preached that you should not wait for that “someday” to begin living your bucket list, you need to start today. The longer you put off your goals, the further in the distance they become and that “someday” can easily turn into months or years. Or even forever.

Turn your someday into today.

Sometimes taking the first step towards your goals is the hardest, so to get you motivated here are 15 bucket list ideas that you can check off your list today.

15 Things You Can Check Off Your Bucket List TODAY | Motivation to Accomplish Your Goals

1. Create Your Own Cocktail

Many foodies are also experimentalists, and becoming your own mixologist will test your skills. The best part about this bucket list goal is that you will have to do a lot of sampling before coming up with your own perfect harmony of flavors. Practice makes perfect!

In the heat of the Arizona Summer, I decided it was the perfect time to create my own refreshing cocktail. The funnest part? Testing all the different concoctions. In the end, my signature drink was a Lemon-Basil Fizz made with prosecco, coconut rum, raspberries, basil and lemon sorbet. What will yours be?

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The Bob Marley cocktail at Sandals Ochi resort in Jamaica

2. Hike a New Trail

There’s something very therapeutic about being outdoors and getting some exercise at the same time. Search for a local park and pick a trail that you have never hiked before, then pack a nice picnic and put on your hiking shoes.

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Annette White hiking the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton Highlands national Park

Annette White spotting a moose while hiking the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton Highlands national Park

3. Write a Haiku

A Haiku is a traditional form of Japanese poetry that consists of only three lines and a total of 17 syllables. The first and third line has 5 syllables and the second has seven. The lines do not need to rhyme, actually most of the time they don’t.

On my birthday last year, I wrote this one:

A plane flies over,
you dream of being on it.
Ideas flourish.

Want to write your own haiku? The how to write a haiku article will help, and it includes 15 examples!

Airplane Window Photo

4. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town

We are all a little guilty in taking for granted what is in my own backyard. I still have never done a popular port tasting in my hometown of Petaluma, even though I have lived there for dozens of years!

Do some research, create a fun 8-hour itinerary and explore your hometown as if you were a tourist visiting. Four one of my “tourist” outings, my husband and I went to the Keller Estate wine cave…

Annette White in the cellar at Keller Estate Vineyards in Petaluma

5. Try a New Food

Have you ever tried rabbit, tripe or sashimi? Find a local restaurant who serves a type of meat or vegetable that you have never eaten before and order it. Or head over to the Asian section at the supermarket and purchase some unique product. They almost always will sell a strange beverage, snack or candy. Try some Matcha tea or Mochi Rice Cakes!

Here’s me trying chicken feet for the first time in Hong Kong!

Annette White Eating Chicken Feet in Hong Kong

6. Explore a New Nearby City

What nearby city can you day-trip to that you have never visited before? Check Google Maps online to determine all the destinations in your area that you can travel to within 3 hours (6-hour roundtrip).

Pick a city that you have never been to, pack your day bag and hit the road.

Hong Kong's The Peak View

7. Change Your Hair

Go as extreme or tame as you want, but do something very different from what you are used to — push your comfort zone. It can be as harmless as trying a different part (if you’ve worn the same one for years) or trying a different updo. It can also be as drastic as a full head of fluorescent pink hair or an artistically shaved side. Just make sure that you keep the style for at least full 24-hours and make an appearance out in public!

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Perfect braided hair

8. Go to Dinner and/or the Movies Alone

Dining and seeing a movie solo is a big fear amongst many. Conquer this fear today by planning a date with yourself. It’d make for a perfect solo evening if you find a delicious new restaurant, where you try a new food (see #5) and then head over to the theater for an evening seeing the hottest release.

Don’t worry too much about being alone, because when it comes down to it most people really aren’t paying as much attention to you as you think. They are wrapped up in their own lives!

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 Bucket List Goal: Eat Alone at a Restaurant

9. Volunteer

Like the old adage says, it’s better to give than to receive. Walking dogs at the shelter, reading to children at the library or spending an afternoon feeding families at the soup kitchen? Determine what’s close to your heart and then make a decision to make a difference today.

Don’t know where to start? Visit VolunteerMatch who has opportunities in many major cities or check the United Way website.

Mexico City Cancer Children
10. Watch the Sunrise & Sunset

There’s something peaceful about being up at the crack of dawn when light first appears in the sky. On the same day, pick the perfect spot to watch as the sun disappears below the horizon.

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The sunset in Raja Ampat
11. Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Writing a letter to your future self can help to lead your life in the right direction. Share your current thoughts on love, family, career, finances, aging, etc. and also your hopes for each of these things in the future. Tuck your letter away and do not open for at least five years!

On my 40th birthday I wrote a letter to my future self. It is a beautiful piece about exactly how I felt at that point in my life. After not reading it for five years, I have now vowed to visit it on every birthday.

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Make your letter even more special by picking some pretty handmade paper and handwriting it. This would also be a two for one by checking off “Handwrite a Letter to Someone Special” from your bucket list (see #15).

Annette White signing the Book Contract

12. Do One Thing You are Afraid Of

Many psychologists have claimed that in order to conquer a fear you must be exposed to that fear — and probably more than once. Start facing your fear today by doing one thing that you are afraid of. Try holding a spider, jumping out of an airplane, climbing to the top of a mountain or even going to the dentist. Do whatever it takes for you to get out of your comfort zone.

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Kill two birds with one stone if a fear of yours is going to the movies or dinner alone (see #8)!

Annette White indoor skydiving in California

13. Make an Origami Crane

Origami is a big part of the Japanese culture and it truly is fascinating how little tiny pieces of paper can be crafted into beautiful pieces of artwork. The crane is one of the most popular shapes and you can fairly easily learn how to make one. There are countless videos and instructions online and below are two that worked for me.

It’s perfectly okay to use a simple piece of white paper, but you can also buy traditional Colorful Japanese Origami Washi Paper online.

Annette White learning to make an origami crane in Tokyo, Japan
14. Get Ordained

Have you ever wanted to officiate a wedding ceremony? Then think about becoming an ordained minister — it’s easier than you think. Just Google “get ordained” and a slew of websites will come up that offer free ordination. On my last birthday I got ordained with the American Marriage Ministries and it was super simple, it took mere minutes.

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Be aware that each state has different laws on who can marry someone, check with Marriage Laws to find the rules in your state.

Annette White's Ordination Certificate

15. Handwrite a Letter to Someone Special

With the modern days of texting, emails, DMs and PMs, we hardly have the need or desire to take a pen to paper anymore! Change that by bringing it back old-school style. Pull out a sheet of paper, sit down in a quiet location and write a letter to someone very special. That special person can even be yourself (See #11).

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