Make a Handmade Greeting CardMake a Handmade Greeting CardThis year, I bought my twin nieces gift cards for their birthdays even though I had previously vowed to never give such a thing as a present. To my defense, it was a gift card to Michaels Craft store so they could buy themselves a fun project to do when the Arizona heat prevents them from going outdoors. I thought the least I could do was to make a handmade greeting card to show that I could be creative too!

I started my handmade greeting card with blank cards and an assorted scrapbook paper pad that I purchased from a craft store.

They were both pretty cheap, the cards being about 5 bucks for 25 and the paper cost $12. Together they should be enough to create 25 greeting cards. Cut your chosen squares to fit the front of the card and adhere with rubber cement or a glue stick.

Next, I used some ribbon that was left over from Christmas, cut to size and used a glue stick to paste. The red flowers were pressed and dried in a phone book, whereas the pink flower was a leftover from what I had bought at a craft store for an earlier project.

Lastly, to make the large letter K, I printed it to size on my computer and cut it out. I then laid it on top of the paper I wanted to use and cut around. You could probably trace it on the paper too and then cut.

That’s it! I felt so proud that I was able to send my nieces something created by me and I still have enough stuff to make many more cards!!

– Save old cards, Christmas tags, magazines and papers that can be cut and used as decorative papers for your greeting cards.
– Use scrapbook tweezers to apply delicate flowers.
– Save old ribbon, tissue and decorations to be used for your creative projects.
– Store your scrapbook stuff in an organization caddy or special place for easy access.

Have you ever made a Handmade Greeting Card?

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