Cocktail Bucket List: 100 Classics & Other Great Ones to Try

I think we can all agree that drinking great cocktails is a very popular activity all over the world. And people have been doing if for far longer than you probably can even imagine—the oldest cocktail on this list dates back to 16th century! Over the years, decades and centuries, many classic cocktails have emerged to existence, some more known than others. But funnily enough, many of us probably have a select few best ones that we always go for, although we may consistently eye the drink menu lists in hopes of being intrigued to try out something new.

This Cocktail Bucket List is not only a collection of the best classic cocktails (and some modern ones too!), but it will motivate you to step out of your adult beverage comfort zone 

The Best Cocktail List with Popular Classics & Other Great Ones that you Must Try

The Best Cocktail List with Popular Classics & Other Great Ones that you Must Try

1. After Five

After Five is a shooter cocktail composed of coffee liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, and Peppermint Schnapps. It’s a warm and smooth shot to start letting loose in.

2. Alabama Slammer

Also called Southern Slammer, this is a refreshing and smooth cocktail using Amaretto, Southern Comfort liqueur, sloe gin, and orange juice as its main ingredients, before being served in a Collins glass. It’s said that the famous football quarterback Brett Favre made this particular cocktail famous. {Get Recipe}

3. Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz is a super popular cocktail originating from Northern Italy, made with Aperol liquer and prosecco, and perfect to be enjoyed in the summertime. It’s definitely among Italians’ favorite cocktails and most visitors to Italy fall in love with the delicious fizzy cocktail, not dubbed one of the great cocktails of the world for nothing! {Get Recipe}

A glass of Aperol Spritz on a bar

4. B-52

An intriguing layered cocktail, in B-52 the typical ingredients used are Kahlua, Baileys Irish Cream, and triple sec or Cointreau. Because each alcohol has a different density, when you carefully pour each ingredient into the cocktail, and without mixing, you should be able to create visible layers. {Get Recipe}

5. ✧ Bahama Mama

As the name suggests, Bahama Mama was invented in the Bahamas, by a Bahamian bartender who then named it after a local Calypso singer. There are a lot of ingredients in this fruity and tropical cocktail, including both dark rum and coconut rum, banana liqueur, grenadine, pineapple juice, orange juice, and lemon-lime soda, with garnish to give it a beautiful look.

6. ✧ Banshee

The origins of this cocktail remain unclear, including how it got named after an Irish folklore of a woman who wailed whenever someone was about to die. It’s a sweet and delicious cocktail to treat yourself with, mixing together banana liqueur, crème de cacao, and milk. {Get Recipe}

7. ✧ Bay Breeze

Composed of vodka and cranberry juice, along with pineapple juice, this yummy drink originated from Hawaii. This tropical cocktail is best at home on a hot summer day. {Get Recipe}

8. ✦ Bellini

Another one of the great cocktails that have originated from Italy, Bellini was invented by a bartender and founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice. It uses prosecco as its base, mixing the fizzy wine with peach puree, as well as peach juice (although sometimes skipping the juice). It’s a must try! it for yourself. {Get Recipe}

Two Bellini Cocktails

9. ✧ Between the Sheets

Quirkily named, this must try cocktail was supposedly invented in the 1930s by one Harry MacElhone in his bar in Paris. It’s very similar to The Sidecar cocktail, mixing cognac, triple sec, and lemon juice, but while also adding white rum into the mix. {Get Recipe}

10. ✧ Black & Tan

This cocktail is unique in the sense that it mixes together two types of beer to create a layered drink. Typically it mixes pale ale as the lower layer, with Guinness stout as the higher layer. Keep in mind that this is mostly an American drink and you may not actually want to order it when in Ireland. {Get Recipe}

11. ✦ Black Russian

The name of the drink comes from the ingredients used in it: the Russian comes from using vodka, which Russia is a large supplier and consumer of, as the base, while the word Black comes from the black coffee liqueur topping the vodka. It’s one of the best cocktails for those who aren’t interested in how sweet many cocktails can taste. {Get Recipe}

12. ✧ Black Velvet

Created in London in 1861, this cocktail was invented specifically for mourners when Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert, passed away. It’s another one utilizing beer, with a dark stout used as a base, combined with champagne to make the drink. It’s a delicious cocktail that’s dark enough to serve excellently in somber situations. {Get Recipe}

13. ✦ Bloody Mary

Perhaps one of the most famous cocktails in the world, Bloody Mary is an interesting cocktail that mixes vodka with tomato juice, mixed with spices and condiments like black pepper, Worchester sauce and tabasco—plus of course celery! Sadly, the origins of the Bloody Mary cocktail are far less clear than the legend it’s named after, but oftentimes a bartender named Fernand Petiot – or Pete amongst friends – is credited as the creator. {Get Recipe}

A glass of Bloody Mary Cocktail on a bar table

14. ✦ Blow Job

The name of this shooter drink is such simply because it happened to be created in an era where bartenders were into provocatively named drinks—Sex on the Beach, anyone? Using amaretto, Irish cream, and whipped cream on top as the ingredients, the traditional and popular way to drink up a Blow Job is by putting your hands behind your back and picking up the glass with just your mouth, then downing it all in one go. Yep, it can get messy but it’s oh so fun. {Get Recipe}

15. ✧ Blue Hawaiian

Another drink originating from Hawaii, Blue Hawaiian is one of those great cocktails that are blue and delicious! It’s extremely similar to Piña Colada, except it adds blue curacao into the mix, both to create the blue color and to add in an orange flavor. {Get Recipe}

16. ✧ Bocce Ball

At its core, Bocce Ball is a mix of orange juice and amaretto, finishing off with club soda. Sometimes vodka may be included, but it’s not mandatory if you like the drink fine as it is. {Get Recipe}

17. ✧ Boilermaker

Originally running under the name “Sean O’Farrell”, Boilermaker was invented in Montana in the 1890s, made mostly for the blue collar workers in the area. For this drink, beer and whiskey are used as ingredients, in a more fun way than by simply mixing them together. {Get Recipe}

18. ✧ Boulevardier

Mixing together whiskey, vermouth, and Campari, Boulevardier was the signature drink of Erskine Gwynne, an American-born writer living in Paris. It’s a cocktail that, like Between the Sheets, also likely originated in Harry’s Bar in Paris. {Get Recipe}

19. ✧ Buttery Nipple

Another shooter drink invented during the era of shocking names, Buttery Nipple may not be as famous as many of the others, but it’s certainly every bit as tasty. For this one, you’ll need nothing else but butterscotch schnapps and Irish cream. {Get Recipe}

20. ✧ Cable Car

Created in 1996, Cable Car is a variation of the Sidecar. In it, you’ll find Captain Morgan Spice Rum, orange curacao, and lemon sour. You can make this fancy looking drink yourself! {Get Recipe}

21. ✧ Caipirinha

If historians are to be believed, this drink was created by landowning farmers in a region of São Paulo in the 19th century, to serve as a high class drink for their local parties and events. This cocktail, that’s since become Brazil’s national cocktail, is made with local alcohol cachaça (which is sugarcane hard liqueur), sugar, and lime. {Get Recipe}

22. ✧ Campari Soda

This is an extremely simple cocktail, mixing Campari with soda water. It’s a great aperitif to serve at a dinner party, plus perfect for those who enjoy Campari but do not want to drink it straight up. {Get Recipe}

23. ✧ Cement Mixer

The Cement Mixer gained its name from the fact that drinking it can be likened to drinking cement. Not in taste, as flavor wise the Irish cream mixes nice with the lime juice, but because of how the texture of Irish cream becomes when mixed with the juice. {Get Recipe}

24. ✦ Cosmopolitan

One of the most recognizable great cocktails out there, a fair bit of debate surrounds its origins. Consisting of a mix of vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and lime, this is a fancy looking and delicious classic drink. You must make your own for a night of marathoning Sex and the City! {Get Recipe}

A Cosmopolitan Cocktail on a Dark background

25. ✧ Creamsicle

Working perfectly as a summertime treat (one for your Sumer Bucket List!), a Creamsicle contains vodka (flavors such as vanilla or whipped cream), triple sec, half-and-half, and orange juice. Treat yourself to a serving or two! {Get Recipe}

26. ✧ Cuba Libre

Fancy name attached to a simple cocktail of rum and coke, Cuba Libre emerged in Cuba more than a century ago. It’s an easy cocktail to have on a chill night. {Get Recipe}

27. ✦ Daiquiri

Daiquiri has also been said to have originated from Cuba, although by an engineer from America. Originally daiquiri includes rum, lime juice, and sugar syrup, although these days many variations exist, including the highly popular frozen strawberry daiquiri. {Get Recipe}

Two Daiquiri Cocktails on a table

28. ✧ Dark & Stormy

Invented in Bermuda, this drink was originally specifically a mix of Gosling Black Seal rum and Barritt’s Ginger Beer. Today, it seems to be okay to use different brands of rum and ginger beer to make the drink, and with instructions you can do this cocktail in your own kitchen. {Get Recipe}

29. ✦ Dirty Martini

A martini becomes dirty martini with the addition of olive juice, which is something a New York bartender John O’Connor is said to have become inspired to do in 1901. It wasn’t an instant hit, but you can consider it one of the great cocktails today. {Get Recipe}

30. ✧ Dubonnet

Mixing gin with Dubonnet Rouge (a fortified wine with quinine) creates the Dubonnet cocktail, a fancy drink that’s supposedly the favorite drink of England’s Queen Elizabeth II. So, on a day when you want to feel like royalty, perhaps you ought to make some Dubonnet at home? {Get Recipe}

31. ✧ Flaming Dr. Pepper

Despite the name, there actually isn’t any Dr. Pepper in this shot. Instead it’s a mix of rum, amaretto, and beer, served by setting the drink into flames. Think about how you can impress your friends at your next house party! {Get Recipe}

32. ✦ French 75

Possibly named after the 75mm Howitzer field gun used in World War 1, this drink’s creation dates back to the year 1915. It mixes together gin, champagne, lemon juice, and sugar, and it’s said to have quite a kick, though simultaneously refreshing. {Get Recipe}

33. ✦ Fuzzy Navel

Combining peach schnapps and orange juice, the drink is a tasty alternative to those looking for a sweeter alternative to Screwdriver. {Get Recipe}

34. ✧ Garibaldi

Another Italian creation, Garibaldi is a simple cocktail consisting of Campari and orange juice. It’s a drink that’s meant to be served before enjoying dinner. {Get Recipe}

35. ✦ Gimlet

Gimlet is a 50-50 mix of lime and cordial and gin or vodka. Traditionally it was made with gin, but because of vodka’s rise in popularity, some bartenders will make it with vodka instead. Why not try both to see which one you like better. {Get Recipe}

36. ✦ Gin and Tonic

One of the simplest and most known cocktails, gin & tonic has a long history, albeit one that lacks a specific origin story. It’s extremely simple to make as it only involves gin and tonic water, like the name suggests. {Get Recipe}

37. ✦ Gin Fizz

Gin Fizz is one of the great cocktails to have come from New Orleans, having been invented by Henry C. Ramos in 1888. Mixing together gin, lemon juice, syrup, egg white, and club soda, it’s one of the most famous cocktails in New Orleans even today. {Get Recipe}

38. ✧ Godfather

Named after the famous movie, Godfather mixes together amaretto and whiskey for a delicious drink that is said to have been Marlon Brando’s choice of drink. So definitely the cocktail to opt for when you want to feel a little badass. {Get Recipe}

39. ✧ Godmother

A lesser known cocktail, Godmother is a softened version of Godfather. Instead of whiskey, you’ll mix amaretto with vodka to create this delicious drink. {Get Recipe}

40. ✧ Grasshopper

Also supposedly a creation from New Orleans, Grasshopper is a cocktail consisting of green crème de menthe, white crème de cacao, and cream, shaken with ice. It was an especially popular drink in the 1950s and 1960s. {Get Recipe}

41. ✧ Greyhound

You can make the Greyhound drink with either vodka or gin, as long as it’s mixed with grapefruit juice. It’s said to have gained its name from the fact it was especially popular to drink at Greyhound Bus Terminals. {Get Recipe}

42. ✧ Harvey Wallbanger

Carrying one of the most interesting names on this list of best cocktails, Harvey Wallbanger is a variation of Screwdriver, including a float of Galliano liqueur. It was a massively trendy drink to have in the 1970s. {Get Recipe}

43. ✧ Hot Buttered Rum

Mixing together honey, unsalted butter, rum, and nutmeg, with cinnamon sticks as garnish, Hot Buttered Rum is a great cocktail to add a little bit of spice during the holiday season. {Get Recipe}

44. ✦ Hot Toddy

Another cocktail that works especially great when mixed into the holiday season and your Christmas Bucket List is Hot Toddy, which is thought to have its history dating all the way back to 18th Century Scotland. It’s a drink consisting of whiskey, honey, cinnamon stick, lemon, and cloves. {Get Recipe}

45. ✧ Hurricane

Created at Pat O’Brien’s bar in New Orleans during the times of World War II when whiskey was in low supply, a hurricane is a cocktail consisting of both light rum and dark rum, passion fruit juice, orange juice, syrup, and grenadine. {Get Recipe}

46. ✧ Irish Car Bomb

In this drink, a shot glass, which is 50-50 Jameson Whiskey and Baileys Irish Cream, is dropped into half a pint of Guinness Stout. Though it’s actually not an Irish drink nor is really even served in Ireland, it’s a popular cocktail to order during the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. {Get Recipe}

47. ✦ Irish Coffee

To make this classic cocktail you’ll need to mix together Irish whiskey, hot coffee, and syrup, and then top your creation with whipped cream. Here is a recipe with which you can master one of the world’s most popular cocktails. {Get Recipe}

48. ✧ Jack Rose

Interestingly enough, although Jack and Rose are the lead characters of the world famous movie Titanic, this cocktail has little to do with them! Instead, records of the drink existing go all the way back to 1899, and was especially popular in the 20s and 30s, after which it’s yet to make a proper comeback. This cocktail consists of Avallen Calvados, lemon juice, lime juice, three kinds of syrup, and egg white. {Get Recipe}

49. ✦ Jello Shots

A popular party drink, jello shots are a mix of gelatin and vodka (or other hard liqueur). A version of these shots have existed since 1862, with the modern drink, one that is still widely popular to drink at parties today, was invented in the 50s. You must try to make them for your next bash—they’ll surely make you a popular party host. {Get Recipe}

50. ✧ John Collins

The discovery of the John Collins dates back to at the very least 1869, though it may even be a fair bit older than that. Either way, this is the drink that also brought the Collins type of cocktail glasses into being. The drink mixes together sugar, lemon, gin, and plain soda. {Get Recipe}

51. ✦ Kamikaze

Born after World War II on an American naval base, this was an especially popular drink during the 1970s when vodka-based drinks were at the height of their popularity. It mixes together vodka, triple sec, and lime, and is known to have quite a kick to it. {Get Recipe}

52. ✦ Lemon Drop

Invented in San Francisco in the 1970s, Lemon Drop consists of vodka, Cointreau, and lemon juice. It’s popular especially among social drinkers and occasional drinkers due to its sweet, alcohol-disguising, taste. {Get Recipe}

53. ✦ Long Island Iced Tea

Among the most famous great cocktails is long island iced tea, a sturdy cocktail mixing together vodka, white rum, silver tequila, gin, and triple sec, plus cola to top. It was created as an entry to a mixology contest in the early 1970s and is one of the most popular cocktails to order today, at least in part thanks to its high alcohol content versus its smooth taste. {Get Recipe}

A glass of Long Island Iced Tea

54. ✧ Lynchburg Lemonade

Named after the town where Jack Daniel’s whiskey is made, the Lynchburg Lemonade consists of Jack Daniel’s, triple sec, sour mix, and lemon-lime soda. It’s a refreshing classic drink that’s among the most popular whiskey cocktails on offer. {Get Recipe}

55. ✦ Mai Tai

When Mai Tai was first invented, it grew so popular it depleted rum supplies all around the world. And although many liken the drink as a cocktail from Thailand, it’s actually a quintessential Tiki cocktail. The cocktail mixes together rum, curacao liqueur, and lime juice. {Get Recipe}

56. ✧ Manhattan

It is said that the Manhattan cocktail – consisting of bourbon or rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and Angostura bitters – was created specifically for a party hosted by Lady Rudolph Churchill, Winston Churchill’s mother, in the earlier part of the 1880s. Back then it was the most popular cocktail in the world. {Get Recipe}

57. ✦ Margarita

Many stories of how margarita came to be exist, but there is no one clear origin story; however, the most popular theory seems to be that it was created in 1938 by the Mexican restaurant owner Carlos Herrera to impress the showgirl Marjorie King who was allergic to many alcohols, tequila being an exception. A classic margarita contains tequila, triple sec, lime, and salt, though dozens upon dozens of variations of this popular drink exists today. {Get Recipe}

58. ✧ Martinez

Mixing together gin, sweet vermouth, and Luxardo maraschino or orange curacao liqueur, Martinez is a dark and smooth cocktail to drink. It’s thought that the martini evolved from this cocktail. {Get Recipe}

59. ✦ Melon Ball

Melon Ball is a delicious fruity cocktail mixing together vodka, green melon liqueur, and orange juice. {Get Recipe}

60. ✦ Midori Sour

A classic from the 1980s, Midori sour consists of the Japanese liqueur midori—which debuted in the US in the infamous Studio 54—and vodka, lemon and lime juice. It’s a tasty, sweet and fun cocktail to enjoy. {Get Recipe}

61. ✦ Mimosa

The extremely popular Sunday brunch cocktail, mimosa consists of champagne and orange juice. It is believed to have originated at Paris’ Ritz Hotel in 1925, created by one Frank Meier. {Get Recipe}

Three glasses of Mimosa

62. ✧ Mind Eraser

You get a Mind Eraser by putting together vodka, coffee liqueur and sparkling water—so basically by making yourself a tad more fun version of a Black Russian! It was created in 1980s, which was the time for creating fun and outrageous cocktails, in both in composition and name. {Get Recipe}

63. ✧ Mint Julep

Mint Julep is a classic Kentucky Derby cocktail, consisting of bourbon, fresh mint, and sugar syrup. You can feel like you’re a part of the derby crowd, even without leaving the house, by making the drink at home. {Get Recipe}

64. ✦ Mojito

According to most sources, mojito originated in Cuba in the 16th century, having remained one of the world’s most popular cocktails all the way to today. Interestingly enough, its base wasn’t rum until the 19th century, and its name has changed throughout the centuries as well! {Get Recipe}

65. ✧ Moscow Mule

Called Moscow Mule because it’s essentially vodka with some extra kick, Moscow Mule is well loved among the crowd of vodka lovers who enjoy their cocktails relatively simple. Along with vodka, lime juice, sugar syrup, and ginger beer go into this cocktail. {Get Recipe}

66. ✦ Mudslide

Legend goes that Mudslide was born when a guest walked into a bar in the Grand Cayman islands and asked for a White Russian, but the bar did not have any milk or cream, having to make do with Irish cream. Today some recipes even add vanilla ice cream to the mix! {Get Recipe}

67. ✦ Negroni

Want to feel like James Bond but not in the mood for a Martini? Drink some Negroni, like the agent himself would! The must try Italian drink, consists of gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth. {Get Recipe}

Two Negroni Cocktails

68. ✧ Old Fashioned

Created in the early 1800s, An Old Fashioned is a must try classic cocktail that has remained popular among whiskey lovers to present day. It consists of bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, sugar syrup, and some bitters. {Get Recipe}

69. ✧ Orgasm

Coming from the same era as the Blow Job and other similarly named cocktails, this drink consists of Baileys, Kahlua, vodka, amaretto, and cream, all put together into a neat shooter drink. {Get Recipe}

70. ✧ Paloma

Basically a fruitier version of the margarita, the origins of Paloma are unknown. It’s made of tequila, pink grapefruit juice, lime juice, agave syrup, and pink grapefruit soda, making a sweet and fun cocktail. {Get Recipe}

71. ✧ Pearl Harbor

This is a popular fruity cocktail mixing together vodka, melon liqueur, and pineapple juice. It’s the perfect summer drink! {Get Recipe}

72. ✧ Peppermint Patty

One of the most perfect holiday season drinks, Peppermint Patty is made of hot chocolate, crème de cacao, peppermint schnapps, and cognac. It’s the perfect ending, as an after dinner dessert. {Get Recipe}

73. ✧ Pickleback

Pickleback is one of the newest cocktails on this bucket list, having only been created in 2006. It’s also one of the simplest ones, needing only Irish whiskey and pickled cucumbers. {Get Recipe}

74. ✧ Pimm’s Cup

Pimm’s Cup is another one of those refreshings drinks that’ll go perfect with the heat of the summer. It’s made with Pimm’s No. 1 Cup, lemon juice, ginger ale, and a whole lot of garnish. {Get Recipe}

75. ✦ Pina Colada

Piña Colada originated from Puerto Rico, although a Cuban version exists as well. Its sweet and easily digestible flavor, combined with the summertime feel the drink gives, explain away why it’s one of the best cocktails in the world. It contains light rum, pineapple juice, cream of coconut, and lime juice. {Get Recipe}

A Pina Colada Cocktail with Pineapples and Coconuts on the side

76. ✦ Pink Lemonade

One of the most picturesque cocktails out there, a Pink Lemonade contains vodka, lime juice, cranberry juice, Malibu, and lemonade or sprite or soda. {Get Recipe}

77. ✦ Pisco Sour

This is the national drink of both Chile and Peru, with the earliest known recipe being of Peruvian descent. We drank quite a few before and after hiking Peru’s classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu! The drink is so popular that the first Saturday of February is recognized as the International Pisco Sour Day. You can make a Pisco Sour with lime juice, powdered sugar, Italia Pisco, and egg white. {Get Recipe}

78. ✧ Planters Punch

A simple rum-based cocktail, the origins of the drink are unclear, but have been somewhat traced back to Jamaica. It consists of rum, lime juice, and sugar syrup, the combination of ingredients giving rum a lovely and distinguished flavor. {Get Recipe}

79. ✧ Red Headed Slut

Especially popular among young adults due to its outrageous name, Read Headed Slut consists of Jägermeister, peach schnapps, and cranberry juice. {Get Recipe}

80. ✧ Rob Roy

Named after the Broadway show that was on at the time of creation, in 1894, Rob Roy is a mix of whiskey and sweet vermouth. It’s rather similar to Manhattan, though its base alcohol is of different variety. {Get Recipe}

81. ✧ Rum Runner

This signature cocktail from Key West contains spiced rum, white rum, Crème de Banana liqueur, Blackberry Liqueur, orange juice, pineapple juice, lime juice, and grenadine. It’s a fun and fruity summertime cocktail that you can easily make at home when you can’t get to an island for a relaxing vacation. {Get Recipe}

82. ✧ Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail was originally created in Hawaii, but it wasn’t until the 1950s and its arrival to New York City’s nightlife that it became popular. It’s an incredibly simple drink, consisting only of whiskey and Drambuie liqueur (which is an herbal whiskey-based liqueur originating from Scotland). {Get Recipe}

83. ✧ Salty Dog

A modified version of the Greyhound, Salty Dog also consists of vodka and grapefruit juice, but with the addition of a salt rim. {Get Recipe}

84. ✧ Sazerac

Originally made with cognac, the Sazerac has undergone a couple of changes, going from cognac to rye whiskey to bourbon as its base. In addition the cocktail calls for sugar syrup and bitters. {Get Recipe}

85. ✦ Screaming Orgasm

The addition of vodka into the cocktail elevates it from the regular Orgasm cocktail into this one. You can easily make one of the most famous cocktails of the 1980s right at home. {Get Recipe}

86. ✦ Screwdriver

It is possible this simple classic cocktail originated among the American oil engineers when on a desert in Iran, where they’d add orange juice into their vodka, mixing them up with a screwdriver, which just so happened to be the first thing in sight to mix with. {Get Recipe}

87. ✦ Sea Breeze

A variation of the Bay Breeze, Sea Breeze replaces the pineapple juice with grapefruit juice. It was especially popular in the 1990s, thanks to marketing by Absolut Vodka. {Get Recipe}

88. ✧ Seven & Seven

Until the vodka craze of the 1990s, this simple drink consisting of whiskey and sprite or 7up was all the rage, right from its creation date in the late 1940s. {Get Recipe}

89. ✦ Sex on the Beach

One of the most famous cocktails in the world was created in a competition to get as much attention to a local Floridian company’s peach schnapps product. It’s popular because it’s fruity, easy to drink, and has a name that’ll make you giggle upon ordering (or thing about ways to add it to your sex bucket list). {Get Recipe}

90. ✧ Sidecar

A classic cocktail with unclear origins, this drink is made with cognac, triple sec, and lemon juice. {Get Recipe}

91. ✦ Singapore Sling

Named after its place of creation, this one of those great cocktails that are an intriguing mix of ingredients: gin, cherry brandy liqueur, triple sec, pineapple juice, lime juice, grenadine, and bitters. A couple of “original” recipes seem to exist, so you can easily make this one at home. {Get Recipe}

A glass of Singapore Sling Cocktail on a bar

92. ✧ Sloe Gin

Sloe Gin is a liqueur made of gin and sloes, working as the base for this cocktail. In addition, the drink consists of vermouth and bitters. {Get Recipe}

93. ✧ Snake Bite

Originating from the United Kingdom, a traditional Snake Bite comprises of 50-50 lager and cider. It’s a popular drink among university students not only due to how cheap it is to make, but also because of its ability to intoxicate the drinker quick. It’s hard to find served at pubs these days, therefore your best bet may be to make it at home. {Get Recipe}

94. ✦ Tequila Sunrise

Tequila Sunrise came to be when Bobby Lozoff was still a rookie bartender at the Trident in California, and quite possibly popularized by the Rolling Stones in early 1970s. It consists of tequila, blackcurrant liqueur, orange curacao liqueur, lime juice, orange juice, and grenadine. {Get Recipe}

95. ✧ Tom Collins

A Tom Collins is essentially the same drink as John Collins, except it came later and uses a different type of gin, or it can alternatively be made with bourbon as well. {Get Recipe}

96. ✧ Vodka Tonic

An old, simple and highly popular cocktail, a Vodka Tonic is comprised simply of vodka and tonic water. Unlike Gin & Tonic, you can taste the flavor of tonic more clearly in this one. {Get Recipe}

97. ✧ Ward Eight

Named after an infamously corrupted voting district in Boston, and created in the honor of a café owner running in the district, Ward Eight is a mixture of sweet and sour. It includes rye whiskey, lemon juice, orange juice, sugar syrup, and grenadine. {Get Recipe}

98. ✧ Washington Apple

This is one of the many cocktails created by Wayne Collins, developed from Sour Apple Martini, which is a massively popular drink. It’s made with vodka, sour apple liqueur, apple juice, lime juice, and grenadine. {Get Recipe}

99. ✧ Whiskey Sour

Of the sour cocktails, whiskey sour was the most popular during the Prohibition era, to the point of a national day being created in its honor. It consists of bourbon, lemon juice, sugar syrup, bitters, and egg white. {Get Recipe}

100. ✧ White Lady

Another variant of the Sidecar, this is one more popular cocktail created by Harry MacElhone at his bar in Paris. It’s made with dry gin, triple sec, lemon juice, sugar syrup, and egg white. {Get Recipe}

101. ✦ White Russian

Essentially, the drink Black Russian becomes a White Russian when some cream is added to it. This is one of the most known and best cocktails of the modern times. {Get Recipe}

102. ✧ Woo Woo

Woo Woo is a variation of Fuzzy Navel, using cranberry juice as opposed to orange juice. It’s fruity but not heavy. {Get Recipe}

103. ✧ Zombie

Lastly, the Zombie is a classic Tiki cocktail that has been popular to drink since 1933. It consists of three kinds of rum, lime juice, absinthe, falernum, Donn’s Mix, grenadine, bitters, and Pernod. {Get Recipe}

So, how many of these great cocktails on the bucket list have you already tried out? Which ones are still left or ones that you have never even heard of before? Whether it’s a must try classic or a popular modern libation, try to sample each and every one to see which are the best. Who knows you might just find your new favorite.

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2 thoughts on “Cocktail Bucket List: 100 Classics & Other Great Ones to Try”

  1. There is much to explore in the world of cocktails. People know selected ones and they rarely get out of their comfort zone and try something new. This article is will provide information about some amazing cocktails and people will love to try out these.

    I appreciate your efforts in collecting and presenting this information. Snake Bite and Washington Apple cocktail must be tried. Thank you very much.


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