Hmmm…what could I possibly not know about someone I have been with for over 15 years? Turns out…a lot! That’s why I created the Bucket List of 20 Questions to Ask Your Spouse.

After completing this list, I decided to continue the questioning at a rate of 1 question, 1 time per week. I don’t want to overwhelm my poor husband, you know how men love to communicate.
Pete & Annette White Couple

Bucket List of 20 Questions to Ask Your Spouse

1. What was your funnest subject in high school & which one did you dread? “The easiest was Math and I dreaded English.”

2. What is one attribute of your mother that you see in yourself? “She is great at wanting to build and create things and I think I have a lot of that. She is always envisioning what she could do with her house and I’m the same way.”

3. How did your mother and father meet? “I think at a bar in Sausalito.”

4. Who would you like to have a closer relationship with? “My mom, but it is difficult to have a close relationship with her because of her hearing impairment and if you spend  a lot of time with her she’ll put you to work!”

5. What do you think happens to you when you die? “I don’t think anything happens but it would be nice to believe that your soul lives on.”

6. Would you rather be on the cover of Time, People or Food & Wine magazine? “Food & Wine Magazine with the title Best New Restaurateur.”

7. What would you do with one week to do anything, all expenses paid? “Go to Italy, rent a Ferrari & Ducati and tour the countryside.”

8. Would you rather be a painter, writer or musician? “Feasibly I would want to be a painter, but being a Musician would be great (guitarist or pianist).”

9. Do you think you are hard on yourself? “For the most part I am, but the older I get the less I am. I think I challenge myself more than most people, but being afraid of failing stops me from trying some things.Though, I do think I try more than most people.”

10. Do you have any phobias? “No, not really. I just don’t like people standing too close right behind me or crowded areas.”

11. When home alone, do you shut the door when you use the bathroom? “No.”

12.  If you could afford it at this moment, what would you buy? “A cool, badass restaurant.”

13. What is the greatest goal you want to achieve in the next five years? “To have good recognition for our restaurant and us as restaurateurs and chefs. So, people around the wine country would know who we are.”

14. What are five things you are grateful for? “I’m very healthy, better than average physically, I’ve been very successful in many things I have done, little to no baggage, great marriage (he said that all on his own…I swear), great career, comfortable home.”

15. If you could own the world’s largest collection of anything, what would it be? “Cars & cookbooks.”

16. What is the most boring thing you can think of doing? “Being a security guard at an open air mall.”

17. What one month on the calendar would you like to eliminate? “January, it’s too cold. I just like warmer days with less rain.”

18. What age would you like to be for the rest of your life? “27 to 30, old enough to be considered an adult and young enough for people to not have the expectation of you having to be too responsible.”

19. What would you like to build if you knew how? “The accomplishment of building anything to me is exciting. Starting something from concept to a finished product would be rewarding.”

20. What signs of aging are you starting to see in yourself? “Dementia! My vision and hearing is not as well as it was.”

Which of these “20 Questions to Ask Your Spouse” would you ask?

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Make sure you actually want to know the answers! This is not suppose to be an interrogation, but an exercise in getting to know him/her better.
2. Come up with questions from a variety of different categories; childhood, family & friends, leisure time, habits, love, politics, spirituality, work.
3. Ask open ended questions. Select questions that require more than a one word answer.
4. Choose the appropriate time to ask these questions. You don’t have to finish all in one sitting, take your time so the answers will be thoughtful.
5. Listen actively and focus. Listening without disagreement will encourage your spouse to express themselves.
6. Contribute to the conversation by answering the questions yourself after he/she has finished.
7. Continue getting to know your spouse by asking one question a week.

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