125+ Would You Rather Questions for Couples (including dirty ones!)

Are you looking for some new adult date night ideas or just a good addition to your couple’s bucket list? Then these would you rather questions for couples are the answer. The best part is that these questions are not too hard (some are just a matter of choosing this or that), and there really is no right or wrong answers. Whether you’re doing this list with your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or spouse, this is a sure-fire way to get deep and become closer.

When you’re tired of binge watching a television series, spend an evening answering every one. See which ones you have the same answers for and which ones you don’t—who knows, you might even learn something new about each other!

FYI: If you’re just looking for the DIRTY would you rather questions (you little devil) skip the first half.

Best Would You Rather Questions for Couples (Includes Adult Dirty Ones!)

1. Would you rather have your partner tell you what they want as a gift or surprise them?

2. Would you rather be the couple that everyone is jealous of or the couple everyone wants to be friends with?

A couple walking walking on a path

3. Would you rather your partner always be late or always be early?

4. Would you rather argue all night to resolve a conflict or end the argument unresolved before bed?

5. Would you rather ask your partner for help or figure it out yourself?

6. Would you rather attend a car race or a baseball game together?

7. Would you rather go zip lining or bungee jumping together?

A couple having a zip line adventure

8. Would you rather attend a dog show or horse race together?

9. Would you rather go to the theater or the movies as a couple?

10. Would you rather swim with dolphins or go whale watching together?

11. Would you rather cook for your significant other or cook as a couple?

Either way you answered, you could try these great recipes for couples from Rachel Ray.

12. Would you rather be 25 or 45 for the rest of your life?

13. Would you rather have children or a dog?

14. Would you rather have the life of a cat or a beaver?

15. Would you rather your partner be rich and cocky or broke and a sweetheart?

16. Would you rather know all the people your partner has been with or know known of them?

17. Would you rather be a power business couple or a famous movie star couple?

A famous couple on a red and black attire

18. Would you rather have a picnic with your partner or go to a fancy dinner?

If you chose have a picnic, break out that dusty old picnic basket, then pack it with your favorite bottle of wine, pick a secluded outdoor getaway and create a memory. Need a basket? Check out this cute wicker picnic basket or get a modern 2-person picnic backpack. For some of the best picnic ideas check out these 37 ways to have the most delightful picnic ever.

19. Would you rather be in lust forever or be in love forever?

20. Would you rather be invisible or be able to read you lovers mind?

21. Would you rather have/have had a big wedding or elope?

22. Would you rather learn a sexy couples tango dance or go to a hip hop club together?

23. Would you rather your partner be very active on social media or not have any social media accounts?

24. Would you rather be caught cheating or catch you spouse cheating?

A cheating guy

25. Would you rather be dumped or do the dumping?

26. Would you rather be an attractive adult or intelligent?

27. Would you rather your partner be besties with your boss or your best friend?

28. Would you rather be embarrassed in front of your in-laws or your partner’s boss?

29. Would you rather be failures together or become successful apart?

30. Would you rather be with someone famous or rich?

A couple holding a lot of money

31. Would you rather be in a bad relationship or alone for the rest of your life?

32. Would you rather be in a relationship with someone who never says “I Love You” or who never hugs you?

33. Would you rather go out on a double date or have a romantic dinner for two at home?

34. Would you rather be proposed to on the jumbotron at a baseball game or in a parking lot?

35. Would you rather have your forever home in a tiny town or a big city?

36. Would you rather live with your partner’s parents or siblings?

37. Would you rather be trapped together in the jungle or in a haunted house?

A couple standing on the entrance of a dark hallway

38. Would you rather have a trusting significant other or a jealous one?

39. Would you rather be with someone who eats with their hands or constantly burps and farts at the table?

40. Would you rather be with a chef or a doctor?

41. Would you rather be with a sweet computer geek or a sexy sports star?

42. Would you rather be with an ex-convict or a recovering drug addict?

43. Would you rather be with someone who’s always on their phone or someone who’s always going through your phone?

44. Would you rather be with someone who is the life of the party or who is shy?

45. Would you rather live together in the penthouse suite or beachfront?

A couple sitting on a beach

46. Would you rather have your browsing history checked or your text messages?

47. Would you rather clean up your partner’s vomit or blood?

48. Would you rather come home to a homemade dinner on the table or restaurant plans with another couple?

49. Would you rather commit a crime with your partner or turn them in for a crime they committed?

50. Would you rather your significant other be a zombie or an alien?

A zombie cosplaying couple

51. Would you rather be with someone who likes to go out every night or someone who likes to stay home every night?

52. Would you rather have date night be dinner and the movies or bowling?

53. Would you rather earn more money than your partner or have them earn more than you?

54. Would you rather euthanize your spouse yourself or have them live longer but die in pain?

55. Would you rather get a professional couple’s massage or a massage by your partner?

For help on giving the best massage check out this article on how to give a romantic massage, or this one: how to give him a massage he wont forget. Don’t forget the Kama Sutra Massage Oils!

56. Would you rather get a terrible gift on your anniversary or no gift at all?

57. Would you rather get matching tattoos or piercings?

Need couple tattoo ideas? Cosmopolitan has 74 great tattoo ideas! If your not committed to a forever tattoo, then check out Etsy’s temporary tattoos (I personally LOVE this simple one.

A couple having a matching tattoo

58. Would you rather get an expensive gift from your lover or a thoughtful one?

59. Would you rather get the silence treatment or be yelled at when you are angry with each other?

60. Would you rather give up the internet for three months or not see each other for three months?

61. Would you rather go on a date with your ex or go on a blind date?

62. Would you rather go on a couples vacation to Africa for safari or to a fancy resort in Paris?

63. Would you rather go to your high school reunion alone or together?

64. Would you rather have a baby at 16 or 60?

65. Would you rather have a happy marriage for 10 years and then die or have a miserable marriage for 30?

66. Would you rather be kissed or hugged every day?

67. Would you rather have a partner who wants to stay up all night or sleep all day?

A couple laying on bed

68. Would you rather have a partner who never has time to spend with you or a partner who’s clingy and never leaves you alone?

69. Would you rather have a partner who hates their job but makes a lot of money or one who loves their job but earns very little?

70. Would you rather have a partner who can’t dance or can’t cook?

71. Would you rather have a significant other whose teeth are yellow or who is missing 2 visible teeth?

72. Would you rather have an emergency fund or have a travel fund?

73. Would you rather have date night every week or every month?

74. Would you rather take long walks together or take long drives together?

75. Would you rather know how you are going to die or how your partner is going to die?

76. Would you rather let your spouse date your best friend or your biggest enemy?

77. Would you rather live together on a houseboat or in a cabin?

A couple walking to the cabin

78. Would you rather have your partner be best friends with his ex or your ex?

79. Would you rather love your spouse or be loved by your spouse?

80. Would you rather only have 1 child or have 6?

81. Would you rather pass away before your partner or after your partner?

82. Would you rather receive a love note or a sexy text?

83. Would your rather your partner had been married before or had 2 children?

84. Would you rather the exes your significant other hate them or are friends with them?

85. Would you rather your partner have bad breath or body odor?

86. Would you rather have date night at your favorite restaurant every time or try a new restaurant every time?

87. Would you rather clean the toilet or wash dishes by hand?

88. Would you rather travel with other couples or travel with just the two of you?

A couple having great day travelling together

Would You Rather Questions DIRTY

Here’s a collection of adult-only dirty would you rather questions to spice up your love life. Some will enlighten you about your partner, and some you may even want to perform after finding out each others answers—wink, wink.

PS: Whether you’re a saint or super freaky, we also have a sex bucket list is for you—from fun things to try in bed to creative sexual ideas for outside of the bedroom: Sexy Bucket List: 25 Fun Things to Try in the Bedroom

89. Would you rather have your significant other only have one partner before you or 100?

90. Would you rather be kissed on the lips or the neck?

91. Would you rather be on top or bottom?

A couple's feet under a blanket

92. Would you rather be dirty in the bedroom or super romantic?

93. Would you rather be teased with ice cubes or hot wax?

94. Would you rather play the dirty doctor or sexy maid?

FYI: here’s a cute maid costume and dirty doctor costume to test out.

95. Would you rather take a body shot or have one taken off you?

96. Would you rather make love outside in the rain or in the shower?

A couple taking a bath outside

97. Would you rather be intimate five times a week or once a week?

98. Would you rather have sex in a pool or in the ocean?

99. Would you rather be licked or sucked?

100. Would you rather be intimate with a total stranger or your ex?

101. Would you rather be tied up to the bed or have your partner tied up?

102. Would you rather be slathered in chocolate or oil?

103. Would you rather watch someone be intimate or be watched?

104. Would you rather watch your partner be intimate with a stranger or your best friend?

105. Would you rather swap partners for the night or attend a group orgy?

106. Would you rather have sex in a high rise window or on an elevator?

107. Would you rather your partner brag about you being an animal in bed or being super romantic?

A couple having a sexy night

108. Would you rather bring a third person into the bedroom or have your partner cheat on you?

109. Would you rather come home to your partner naked or dressed to the nines?

110. Would you rather make love for 5 minutes or 5 hours?

111. Would you rather have your partner do something unexpectedly kinky to you or unexpectedly romantic?

112. Would you rather never have sex again or never kiss again?

113. Would you rather get intimate from the back or from the front?

114. Would you rather your lover have pierced nipples or a piercing on their privates?

115. Would you rather give oral or receive oral?

116. Would your rather have sex in a hot tub or on top of a washing machine?

117. Would you rather have a great relationship that is almost sexless, or a bad relationship where the sex is great?

118. Would you rather have a quickie or have it last for an hour and a half?

119. Would you rather have sex in the morning or at night?

120. Would you rather have someone hear you making love or see you making love?

121. Would you rather have your belly kissed or have your thighs kissed?

122. Would you rather have your parents walk in on you or your children walk in on you?

123. Would you rather be bit on your butt or slapped on your butt?

A sexy couple

124. Would you rather make love 3 times a day or once a month?

125. Would you rather your partner pay for sex or get paid for it?

126. Would you rather make love in a dumpster or on the floor of a gas station bathroom?

127. Would you rather be blindfolded or handcuffed?

If you chose blindfolded it’s not hard to use a soft scarf from your wife’s closet or a tie from you boyfriends, or get a sexy silk blindfold. Or check out this kinky set that includes a blindfold, handcuffs and some other freaky accessories.

128. Would you rather use body paint naked or play naked Twister?

Ready to get started with a hot game of Twister? Get it here!

129. Would you rather give a lap dance or have phone sex?

130. Would rather use a toy on your partner or have them use one on you?

So, did you learn anything new about your boyfriend, girlfriend or partner from these would you rather questions for couples? Did the dirty would you rather questions inspire some new activities for your sex bucket list? If nothing else, I hope you at least had some fun answering them.

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