280 Best Travel Trivia Questions and Answers

Think you’re a travel buff? How well do you know the world beyond your backyard? I’ve compiled the best list of travel-related trivia questions and answers to liven up your trivia nights with friends or make those long road trips more enjoyable.

These questions will take you on a global journey, quizzing your knowledge across the United States, Europe and beyond. Ready to test your travel IQ? Let’s dive in.

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280 Fun-filled Travel Trivia Questions and Answers

Fun Travel Trivia Questions for Road Trips or Quiz Nights (Answers Included!)

  • About what percentage of flights are delayed per day?
    Answer: 20%

  • According to the legend, what did St Patrick’s drive out of Ireland?
    Answer: Snakes

  • Antarctica is a Desert, true or false?
    Answer: TRUE

  • Approximately how many airplane flights depart and land every day?
    Answer: 100,000

  • Approximately, how much money is thrown into Rome’s Trevi Fountain each day?
    Answer: approx. 3,000 euros

  • Are There Native Snakes In New Zealand?
    Answer: No

  • Big Ben is located in what European city?
    Answer: London

  • Bodeguita del Medio in Havana, Cuba claims to be the birthplace of what cocktail?
    Answer: A mojito

  • Easter Island is known for having 1000 of these?
    Answer: Statues

  • Encanto is based in which South American country?
    Answer: Colombia

  • Haggis is the national dish of which country?
    Answer: Scotland

  • How big is Monaco?
    Answer: 2 km²

  • How long is the Great Wall of China?
    Answer: 21,196 km

  • How many capital cities does South Africa have?
    Answer: 3

  • How many countries still have a royal family?
    Answer: 43

  • How many Emirates does the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have?
    Answer: 7

  • How many floors are in the Empire State Building?
    Answer: 102

  • How many hours is the longest commercial flight?
    Answer: 18

  • How many islands does Australia have? – 53, 8,222 or 15,644?
    Answer: 8,222

  • How many islands does Spain have?
    Answer: 60 islands

  • How many stars does the United States of America flag have?
    Answer: 50

  • How many states start with the word, “new”?
    Answer: 4 (New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York)

  • How many Wonders of the World are there?
    Answer: 7

  • How tall is the Eiffel Tower (to tip)?
    Answer: 324 m

  • In the movie King Kong, Kong climbs what US building?
    Answer: Empires State Building

  • In what country would you find tapas?
    Answer: Spain

  • In what US city can you find the Golden Gate bridge?
    Answer: San Francisco
Golden Gate San Francisco

  • In which capital city can you find the Parthenon?
    Answer: Athens

  • In which city would you find Heathrow and Gatwick airports?
    Answer: London

  • In which Country are Cows seen as sacred?
    Answer: India

  • In which country did cheesecake originate?
    Answer: Ancient Greece

  • In Which Country Do We Say Jultomten Which Means “The Christmas Gnome”?
    Answer: Sweden

  • In which country is Angkor Wat temple?
    Answer: Cambodia

  • In which country is Christmas island?
    Answer: Australia

  • In which country is pig beach?
    Answer: The Bahamas

  • In Which Country is the ‘Thumbs Up’ Gesture considered an insult?
    Answer: Iran

  • In which country is the Great Sphinx?
    Answer: Egypt

  • In which country is the Loch Ness?
    Answer: Scotland

  • In Which Country Is The Plain Of Jars?
    Answer: Laos

  • In which country is the world’s highest waterfall?
    Answer: Venezuela

  • In which country is Zanzibar located?
    Answer: Tanzania

  • In which country was the airline Ryanair founded?
    Answer: Ireland

  • In Which Country Will You Find Sigiriya, The Lion Rock Fortress?
    Answer: Sri Lanka

  • In which country would you find the currency ‘baht’?
    Answer: Thailand

  • In which country would you find the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park?
    Answer: China

  • In which famous natural landmark is Nemo born?
    Answer: The Great Barrier Reef

  • In which Italian city was the pizza invented?
    Answer: Naples

  • In which museum can you find the Rosetta Stone?
    Answer: The British museum

  • In which Spanish city is the Sagrada Familia?
    Answer: Barcelona

  • In which state is the Grand Canyon?
    Answer: Arizona

  • In which state would you find Mount Rushmore?
    Answer: South Dakota

  • India trains transport how many passengers per day?
    Answer: 23,000,000

  • It’s The Great Wall of _____
    Answer: China

  • London’s Winter Wonderland happens in which park?
    Answer: Hyde Park

  • Machu Picchu is located in which country?
    Answer: Peru

  • Maté is the National Drink of which South American Country?
    Answer: Argentina

  • Mount Kilimanjaro is located in which country?
    Answer: Tanzania

  • Mulan is from what country?
    Answer: China

  • Name Italy’s Most Popular Frozen Dessert?
    Answer: Gelato

  • Name the first state to enter the union.
    Answer: Delaware

  • Name The Four President’s Heads Who Are Carved Into Mount Rushmore.
    Answer: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln

  • Name The Largest Art Museum In The World?
    Answer: The Louvre, Paris

  • Name the largest city in the world:
    Answer: Tokyo

  • Name the last state to enter the union
    Answer: Hawaii

  • Name the smallest country in the world:
    Answer: The Vatican City

  • On what Caribbean Island can you swim with pigs?
    Answer: Bahamas

  • Pizza originates from which European country?
    Answer: Italy

  • Princess and the Frog is set in what US city?
    Answer: New Orleans

  • Puerto Rico is a territory of what country?
    Answer: United States

  • RAK is the code of which airport?
    Answer: Marrakech Airport

  • Rome–Fiumicino International Airport is named after a famous artist. Which one?
    Answer: Leonardo Da Vinci

  • Russia has how many time zones?
    Answer: 11

  • Saigon in Vietnam changed its name to what in 1976?
    Answer: Ho Chi Minh City

  • Saltfish and ackee is the national dish of which country?
    Answer: Jamaica

  • Since 1971 the ‘Door to Hell’ has been burning in which country?
    Answer: Turkmenistan

  • Spain has the world’s largest food fight, what food is thrown?
    Answer: Tomatoes

  • Spain is the largest producer of this pitted fruit:
    Answer: Olives

  • Stinky Tofu is the National Dish of which Country?
    Answer: Taiwan

  • Sydney Opera House is a famous landmark of this country:
    Answer: Australia

  • The ancient Colosseum amphitheater is located in which European city:
    Answer: Rome

  • The Appalachian National Scenic Trail goes through how many states?
    Answer: 14

  • The archaeological site of Petra is found in what country?
    Answer: Jordan

  • The Aurora Borealis is also known as?
    Answer: The Northern Lights

  • The Big Banana is a landmark in which country?
    Answer: Australia

  • The Blue Lagoon is located in which country?
    Answer: Iceland

  • The breakfast dish, Huevos rancheros is from which country?
    Answer: Mexico

  • The Canadian Flag has which icon it on?
    Answer: Maple Leaf

  • The Dish Poutine belongs to which Country?
    Answer: Canada

  • The famous “Panama hat” actually comes from this country
    Answer: Ecuador

  • The kebab is from which country?
    Answer: Turkey

  • The longest boardwalk in the world exists in this city and state.
    Answer: Atlantic City, New Jersey

  • The Rome Colosseum is one of the Wonders of the World? True or False?
    Answer: TRUE

  • The rotten meat of this animal is the national dish of Iceland:
    Answer: Shark

  • The second oldest tree is 4,000 years old. Where does it live?
    Answer: Iran

  • There’s a bench at the Taj Mahal named after someone, who is it?
    Answer: Princess Diana

  • Travelling in what direction makes jet lag worse?
    Answer: West to East

  • True or False – There is a town named Condom in France.
    Answer: TRUE

  • True Or False, The North Pole Has No Land?
    Answer: TRUE

  • What American city is known as “The Big Easy”?
    Answer: New Orleans

  • What animal only resides in Borneo or Sumatra?
    Answer: Orangutans

  • What are the names of the 7 continents?
    Answer: Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Europa, North America, South America, Oceania/Australia

  • What Australian city do Marlin and Dory swim to in the movie Finding Nemo?
    Answer: Sydney

  • What city has the most bridges in the world?
    Answer: Hamburg

  • What city in India has the largest population?
    Answer: Mumbai

  • What city is the Liberty Bell located in?
    Answer: Philadelphia

  • What continent is home to the newest country in the world?
    Answer: Africa

  • What countries national airline is named “Aer Lingus”
    Answer: Ireland

  • What countries share the world’s longest international border?
    Answer: Canada and USA

  • What country consumes the most cheese per person?
    Answer: France

  • What country does not to have a rectangle or square flag?
    Answer: Nepal

  • What country has the largest pyramid (by volume) in the world?
    Answer: Mexico

  • What country has the most neighbors?
    Answer: China and Russia

  • What country has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites?
    Answer: Italy

  • What country has the Phi Phi islands?
    Answer: Thailand

  • What country has the tallest people in the world?
    Answer: The Netherlands

  • What country is completely land-locked in South America?
    Answer: Bolivia or Paraguay

  • What Country Is Obsessed With Eating KFC On Christmas Day?
    Answer: Japan

  • What country is the island of Mykonos is part of?
    Answer: Greece

  • What country would you find the archaeological site of Troy?
    Answer: Turkey

  • What currency did Italy use before the Euro?
    Answer: Lira

  • What does DC, in Washington DC, stand for?
    Answer: District of Columbia

  • What does ESTA stand for?
    Answer: Electronic System for Travel Authorization

  • What does UNESCO stand for?
    Answer: United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • What European city is known as “The City of Lights”?
    Answer: Paris

  • What famous sea touches Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania?
    Answer: The Black Sea

  • What fast food chain has the most locations in the world?
    Answer: McDonald’s

  • What grain was used in the construction of the Great Wall of China?
    Answer: Rice

  • What is a TGV in France?
    Answer: High-Speed Train

  • What is Canada’s national animal?
    Answer: Beaver

  • What is escargot?
    Answer: Snails

  • What is Europe’s most mountainous country?
    Answer: Switzerland

  • What is Italy’s national dish?
    Answer: Ragu alla Bolognese

  • What Is Located North Of Arctic Circle Considered As Christmas HQ?
    Answer: Rovaniemi, Lapland

  • What is Scotland’s national dish?
    Answer: Haggis

  • What is Scotlands National Animal?
    Answer: A Unicorn

  • What is the biggest city in China?
    Answer: Shanghai

  • What is the busiest airport in the USA?
    Answer: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

  • What is the busiest airport in the world?
    Answer: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

  • What is the capital city of Afghanistan?
    Answer: Kabul

  • What is the capital city of Switzerland?
    Answer: Bern

  • What is the Capital City of Turkey?
    Answer: Ankara

  • What is the capital of Australia?
    Answer: Canberra

  • What is the capital of Brazil?
    Answer: Brasilia

  • What is the capital of Ukraine?
    Answer: Kyiv

  • What is the currency of South Korea?
    Answer: South Korean Won

  • What is the deepest lake in the world?
    Answer: Lake Baikal

  • What is the Dragon Khan?
    Answer: A roller coaster in PortAventura Park (Spain)

  • What is the driest continent?
    Answer: Antarctica

  • What is the highest mountain in Africa?
    Answer: Mount Kilimanjaro

  • What is the highest point in the world?
    Answer: Mount Everest, Nepal/Tibet

  • What is the largest Australian airline?
    Answer: Qantas

  • What is the largest city in the world by population?
    Answer: Tokyo

  • What is the largest country by size?
    Answer: Russia

  • What is the largest country in Africa?
    Answer: Algeria

  • What is the largest hot desert in the world?
    Answer: Sahara Desert

  • What is the largest island in the world?
    Answer: Greenland

  • What is the largest sized airport in the world?
    Answer: King Fahd International Airport in Dammam, Saudi Arabia

  • What is the least visited country in the world?
    Answer: Tuvalu

  • What is the longest highway in the United States?
    Answer: Route 20 (Massachusetts to Oregon)

  • What is the most Northern Capital City?
    Answer: Reykjavik

  • What Is The Most Photographed Landmark In Australia?
    Answer: Sydney Opera House

  • What is the most popular tourist city in the United States?
    Answer: New York City

  • What is the most southerly capital city in the world?
    Answer: Wellington

  • What is the most spoken language in the world?
    Answer: Mandarin Chinese

  • What is the most visited country in the world?
    Answer: France

  • What Is The Most Visited Tourist Attraction In The World?
    Answer: Times Square

  • What is the most widely eaten food in the world?
    Answer: Rice

  • What is the national animal of Canada?
    Answer: The Beaver

  • What Is The National Dish Of Hungary?
    Answer: Gulyás (Goulash)

  • What is the National Dish of Spain?
    Answer: Paella

  • What Is The Nickname For The Clock At The End Of The Palace Of Westminster?
    Answer: Big Ben

  • What is the nickname of New York City?
    Answer: The Big Apple

  • What is the only living structure visible from space?
    Answer: The Great Barrier Reef

  • What is the population density for England?
    Answer: 434 per km2

  • What is the southernmost capital city in the world?
    Answer: Wellington (New Zealand)

  • What is the tallest building in the world?
    Answer: Burj Khalifa

  • What is the White House’s address?
    Answer: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington DC

  • What is the world’s busiest international airport?
    Answer: Dubai International Airport

  • What is the world’s largest island?
    Answer: Greenland

  • What is the world’s largest salt desert?
    Answer: Gran Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

  • What is the world’s longest designated hiking trail?
    Answer: Pacific Crest Trail

  • What island famous island prison is located in California?
    Answer: Alcatraz

  • What museum has The Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh?
    Answer: Museum of Modern Art in New York City

  • What percentage of the earth is water?
    Answer: 71%

  • What river runs through London?
    Answer: River Thames

  • What river runs through the Grand Canyon?
    Answer: Colorado River

  • What Scandinavian country is the safest country in the world?
    Answer: Iceland

  • What Sea is to the North of Turkey?
    Answer: The Black Sea

  • What shape is a samosa?
    Answer: Triangle

  • What Texas city is home to The Alamo?
    Answer: San Antonio

  • What three colors make up Germany’s flag?
    Answer: Black, red and yellow

  • What type of flowers is Holland known for?
    Answer: Tulips

  • What type of geographical feature is the Stromboli?
    Answer: A volcano

  • What US city has the busiest cruise port in the world?
    Answer: Miami

  • What US city is the Space Needle located in?
    Answer: Seattle

  • What US state is the film Lilo & Stitch set in?
    Answer: Hawaii

  • What Was Ho Chi Minh City Previously Called?
    Answer: Saigon

  • What’s the capital of Australia?
    Answer: Canberra

  • What’s The Name Of The Famous Mosque In Abu Dhabi?
    Answer: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

  • Where are the Spanish Steps located?
    Answer: Rome, Italy

  • Where Can You Find The Seven Coloured Earths?
    Answer: Mauritus

  • Where did the bungee jump originate?
    Answer: Auckland, New Zealand

  • Where is the best-preserved meteor crater located?
    Answer: Winslow, Arizona

  • Where is the Great Pyramid in Egypt?
    Answer: Cairo, Giza

  • Where Is The World’s Largest Nativity Scene Located?
    Answer: Einsiedeln, Switzerland

  • Where was the capital of Spain before Madrid?
    Answer: Toledo

  • Where would you find the Callanish?
    Answer: The Isle of Harris in Scotland

  • Which 4 US presidents are in Mount Rushmore?
    Answer: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln

  • Which actress portrayed Cheryl Strayed in Wild?
    Answer: Reese Witherspoon

  • Which airline’s logo has a red maple leaf?
    Answer: Air Canada

  • Which Asian country has more than 17,000 islands?
    Answer: Indonesia

  • Which author wrote the book Eat, Pray, Love?
    Answer: Eat, Pray, Love

  • Which capital city has a name that means “good airs” in English?
    Answer: Buenos Aires in Argentina

  • Which capital city has the most Michelin stars in the world – London, Paris or Toyko?
    Answer: Tokyo

  • Which Central South American Country Is Home To The Largest Salt Flats In The World?
    Answer: Bolivia

  • Which city (not in Poland) has the highest Polish population in the world?
    Answer: Chicago

  • Which city do croissants originate from?
    Answer: Vienna

  • Which city has more cars than people?
    Answer: San Marino, Italy

  • Which city is known as the “City of Seven Hills”?
    Answer: Lisbon, Portugal

  • Which City Is Referred To As ‘The Windy City’?
    Answer: Chicago

  • Which city is situated on two continents?
    Answer: Istanbul

  • Which Cocktail Originated In The Raffles Hotel, Singapore?
    Answer: Singapore Sling

  • Which colour is the Easyjet logo?
    Answer: Orange

  • Which Continent Doesn’t Have Ants?
    Answer: Antarctica

  • Which Continent is Mexico in?
    Answer: North America

  • Which Countries flag has an AK47 on it?
    Answer: Mozambique

  • Which country celebrated the millennium in 2007?
    Answer: Ethiopia

  • Which country does NOT have a rectangular flag?
    Answer: Switzerland

  • Which country gifted the statue of Liberty to the United States?
    Answer: France

  • Which country has the longest coastline?
    Answer: Canada

  • Which country has the most lakes?
    Answer: Canada

  • Which Country has the most Muslims in the world?
    Answer: Indonesia

  • Which country has the most pyramids?
    Answer: Sudan

  • Which country has the most time zones?
    Answer: France

  • Which country has the world’s highest waterfall?
    Answer: Venezuela

  • Which country is bigger than Pluto?
    Answer: Russia

  • Which country is called “The Emerald Isle”?
    Answer: Ireland

  • Which country is called the “Land of Fire and Ice”?
    Answer: Iceland

  • Which country is called the Land of the Rising Sun?
    Answer: Japan

  • Which country is Caracas the capital of?
    Answer: Venezuela

  • Which country is considered “happiest” in the world?
    Answer: Finland

  • Which country is home to the most volcanoes?
    Answer: Indonesia

  • Which country is made up of 180,000 islands?
    Answer: Finland

  • Which Country is the World’s Tallest Living Man from?
    Answer: Turkey

  • Which country is Timbuktu located in?
    Answer: Mali

  • Which country makes the most money on tourism?
    Answer: The United States

  • Which country was the movie ‘The Beach’ filmed in?
    Answer: Thailand

  • Which country’s Olympic blobsled team is featured in Cool Runnings?
    Answer: Jamaica

  • Which currency is in used in Bali?
    Answer: Indonesian rupiah

  • Which European capital was built on 14 islands?
    Answer: Stockholm

  • Which European city is the Acropolis located in?
    Answer: Athens (Greece)

  • Which fabric device opens up during a skydive?
    Answer: Parachute

  • Which famous museum has a glass pyramid at the front?
    Answer: Le Louvre
Le Louvre

  • Which is the friendliest city in the world?
    Answer: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  • Which is the most bicycle-friendly city in the world?
    Answer: Copenhagen

  • Which island country is known as the ‘Island of Spice’?
    Answer: Grenada

  • Which island group includes Ibiza, Menorca, and Majorca?
    Answer: Balearics

  • Which Italian Landmark Dates Back To 70AD?
    Answer: The Colosseum in Rome

  • Which lake is called the ‘jewel of the Italian lakes’?
    Answer: Lake Como

  • Which London bridge is nicknamed “wobbly bridge”?
    Answer: Millennium Bridge

  • Which New York airport has the same name as a US President?
    Answer: JFK airport

  • Which North American country’s name means “Rich Coast”?
    Answer: Costa Rica

  • Which river flows through Paris?
    Answer: River Seine

  • Which river formed the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA?
    Answer: Colorado

  • Which sport is also referred to as sailboarding?
    Answer: Windsurfing

  • Which sport is Kelly Slater known for?
    Answer: Surfing

  • Which state is known as the “Sunshine State”?
    Answer: Florida

  • Which two cities did the original Orient Express travel between?
    Answer: Paris and Istanbul

  • Which two countries are the Iguazu Falls part of?
    Answer: Argentina and Brazil

  • Which two countries officially begin with “The”?
    Answer: The Gambia and The Bahamas

  • Which two South American countries share Lake Titicaca?
    Answer: Bolivia & Peru

  • Which US state does key lime pie come from?
    Answer: Florida

  • Which US State has a one syllable name?
    Answer: Maine

  • Which US state makes the most money on tourism?
    Answer: California

  • Which US university was the sports drink Gatorade named after?
    Answer: The University of Florida—the Florida Gators

  • Which USA state has the biggest land area?
    Answer: Alaska

  • Which volcano is located near Tokyo and considered a sacred mountain?
    Answer: Mount Fuji

  • Who has more Pyramids, Egypt or Sudan?
    Answer: Sudan

  • With a population of 37 million, which is the largest city in the world?
    Answer: Tokyo

  • Zanzibar is an island off which African Country?
    Answer: Tanzania

And that about wraps up our list of the best travel trivia questions and answers. With a mix of global and local inquiries, they bridge cultures and spark curiosity. So, as you delve into the world of travel, remember that knowledge, laughter, and shared experiences are the true souvenirs of any journey. Happy quizzing on trivia night with friends or on a road trip!!

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