77 Ways to Reward Yourself for Ticking Bucket List Goals

Confetti cannons may not fire off every time you tick an item off your bucket list—at least they don’t for me, but that doesn’t mean achieving your goals shouldn’t come with some sort of reward. Because let’s face it, turning dreams into reality takes hustle, grit, and a lot of determination.

So, when you climb that mountain, slay that fitness challenge, or finally finish that novel you’ve been talking about for years, it’s time to know how to reward yourself like the rockstar you are. And I am here to help you do it.

From savoring a small piece of chocolate to taking yourself on a solo spa date, I have a ton of great reward ideas for you.

77 Self-Rewards for Achieving Your Goals

1. Don’t set the Alarm and Sleep in

I think we can all agree that nothing beats the feeling of earning a good night’s rest after a day of goal crushing. Turn off that alarm and get some extra guilt-free Zs!

2. Attend a Sporting Event

I am not a lover of sports, but if you are, reward yourself with the adrenaline rush of a close match or cheering for your favorite team alongside fellow fans.

3. Book a Table at Your Favorite Restaurant

One of my favorite ways to indulge in a self-reward is by reserving a table at my go-to restaurant and eating my favorite dish. Treat yourself to that meal you always drool over and let someone else handle the dishes for a change.

4. Read a Book for Leisure

No client emails, no spreadsheets, just you cracking open a juicy romance, a nail-biting thriller, or classic novel.

5.  Buy a New Board Game to Play

Gather your favorite squad and battle it out over Scattegories, get swept away in my old-school favorite, Scrabble or have fun choosing any other one from my Board Game bucket list.

6. Take a Candlelit Bath

A candlelit bath, complete with bubble and soothing salts, is the perfect way to unwind and pamper yourself.

7. Go to the Movies

Treat yourself to the latest flick in the theater, and don’t forget the tub of buttery popcorn!

8. Eat a Piece of Decadent Chocolate

A square of dark chocolate—the darker the better—is one of my all-time favorite rewards. Forget the guilt and indulge a little.

9. Buy Some Flowers for Yourself

Hit up your local florist or order a beautiful bouquet online (I have had good luck ordering from ProFlowers). They will not only brighten your space, but your mood too.

10. Make Plans With a Friend

Celebrate your win with the people who love you most! Grab lunch with your favorite coworker, have a game night with your crew or call up your BFF and check something off my best friend bucket list.

11. Buy Yourself New Soft Bed Sheets

Upgrade your comfort zone with the luxury of soft bed sheets. Can you imagine cocooning yourself in the soft embrace of quality linens? PS: my favorite is the Luxe Sateen by brooklinen.

12. Take a Spontaneous Drive to Explore a New Town

Take your celebration to the road, explore uncharted territories, and discover the charm of a new town.

13. Cash in on Your Frequent Flyer Miles

Whether it’s a beachside paradise or a bustling metropolis, dust off your frequent flyer miles and jet set to a dream destination.

14. Binge Watch a TV Series

How about making some popcorn, putting on some comfy jammies and spending some chill time binge watching a fun TV series? Just put on Netflix or Amazon Prime and stream one of their favorites.

The Office, Friends and Grey’s Anatomy are pretty popular series, but if you are struggling to find a show, then my 100 best TV shows to binge-watch list will help you out.

Binge Watch a TV Series

15. Challenge Yourself to an Escape Room

Ever wondered what it feels like to be Sherlock Holmes for an hour?  In an escape room, you (and your team) navigate a themed room with hidden clues and puzzles. Your mission: escape within the time limit. Let me tell you, it’s super challenging, but nothing quite compares to the rush of cracking codes and making that grand getaway.

16. Crank Up Your Favorite Song and Dance

There’s nothing quite like letting loose and shaking your tail feather to your favorite tunes. Blast your speaker, clear the floor, and let your inner rockstar come out. Bonus points for incorporating air guitar and impromptu choreography.

17. Go to the Spa

Pamper yourself from head to toe with a luxurious spa day. Sit in a steam room, get a massage or just sit in a heated tub.

Go to the Spa

18. Spend a Period of Time with NO responsibility

Ditch the to-do list, silence your phone, and simply be. Enjoy the freedom of unplanned hours, whether you curl up with a good book, take a nap, or just soak up the peace and quiet.

19. Buy Something Off Your Amazon Wish List

Remember that thing you’ve been eyeing for months? Look through your Amazon wish list and buy yourself something nice to be delivered to your doorstep. 

20. Delegate a Task

Offload a dreaded chore to someone else (partner, friend, friendly neighborhood gnome – whoever’s willing!) Freeing yourself from a tedious task is a reward in itself, and it gives you more time to focus on the things you truly enjoy.

21. Get a Massage

A good massage is pure magic, working wonders on your muscles and mood. Whether you prefer a deep tissue workover or a gentle Swedish rubdown, there’s a massage style out there to leave you feeling super relaxed.

Get a Massage

22. Pour Yourself a Glass of Wine

Unwind after a long day and reward yourself with a well-deserved glass of your favorite vino—cabernet for me!

23. Designate a Lazy Day

Designate an entire day devoted entirely to being lazy. Enjoy taking it easy, kick back, and let the day unfold at its own pace — this is your chance to rest, take care of yourself, and enjoy doing nothing.

24. Do a Crossword Puzzle

Sharpening your mind and testing your vocabulary with a challenging crossword puzzle is a fun and rewarding way to exercise your brain. Plus, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as cracking each clue and finally filling in that last elusive word!

25. Go For a Mani/Pedi

Treat your hardworking hands and feet to a little TLC with a mani/pedi combo. Remember to choose a color for your nails that screams, “I achieved something amazing!”. 

Go For a Mani/Pedi

26. Take a Walk in Nature

Enjoy getting out of the house by doing a fun outdoor activity. Take a quiet walk in a park, hike along a pretty path, or explore your neighborhood with a new perspective. 

Take a Walk in Nature

27. Test Drive Your Dream Car

Ever dream of cruising in your dream car down the highway? Many dealerships offer test drives, so why not take one for a spin? Feel the power of the engine, cruise in style, and daydream about making it your own one day.

28. Find a Fun DIY Craft

Reward yourself by diving into a fun DIY craft project, whether it’s painting a masterpiece, knitting a cozy scarf, or building a miniature birdhouse. Not only will you end up with a unique masterpiece, but the process itself is therapeutic. 

29. Go to a Live Theater Performance

Sure, lounging in pajamas and watching Netflix is nice, but seeing a story unfold live on stage is something special that can’t be beat by TV or phone screens.

For an extra special reward see one of the most famous onstage shows: A Broadway Musical.

30. Get a Facial

Getting a facial isn’t just about pampering your skin (although, there’s plenty of that!), it’s a luxurious self-care ritual that celebrates your inner glow and leaves you feeling like a radiant version of yourself.

31. Take the Night Off From Cooking

Put down the spatula, and step away from the stove – tonight, you’re off-duty! Order takeout from your favorite restaurant, or try that new restaurant in town. Enjoy  the deliciousness without the hassle, and give yourself a well-deserved break from meal prep and cleanup.

32. Go Screenless for a Few Hours

Disconnect to reconnect — Put down your phone, turn off the TV, and give yourself a digital detox. Spend a few hours reading a book, playing a board game, or simply enjoying the company of friends and family.  

33. Spend the Morning in a Coffee Shop with Your Favorite Drink

Start your day with a coffee or tea from your favorite spot, where you can enjoy the aroma, a sweet pastry, and some relaxation. Settle in with a good book, your laptop, or simply your own thoughts and let the world go by at its own pace.

34. Go to a Concert

Grab your friends and head to a concert of your favorite band or artist. Sing along, dance your heart out, and soak up the electrifying energy.  

Go to a Concert

35. Have a Child-free Day

Hand over the parental reins – leave the little ones in the capable hands of grandparents or a trusted sitter and give yourself a blissful hiatus from parental duties with a child-free day.  

36. Have a Pajama Day

Ditch the stuffy work clothes and rock your favorite PJs all day long. Bonus points for fuzzy socks, fluffy blankets, and zero responsibilities.  

37. Go on a Picnic

Find a picturesque spot (even if it’s in your own backyard!), lay down a blanket and snack on your favorite foods. Don’t forget to bring a book too!

38. Go to Bed Early

Remember those nights you sacrificed sleep for deadlines? Catch up on your lost slumber and treat yourself to an early bedtime, complete with fluffy blankets and zero phone notifications. Curl up with a good book, drift off to dreamland, and wake up feeling like a million bucks (minus the actual million, but hey, sleep is priceless, right?).

39. Indulge in a Self-Care Day

Make your celebration even better by giving yourself a special day all about self-care. Pamper yourself with relaxing things like spa treatments to ease stress, meditation to feel refreshed, and healthy meals to keep you strong.

40. Take a Long Nap

Remember that time you dreamt you could sleep for a week straight? Well, guess what? You totally can (or at least, for a gloriously long afternoon). Hit the snooze button, embrace the oblivion, and wake up feeling like a brand new human (minus the drool, hopefully).

41. Light a Nice Candle

Whether it’s the calming aroma of lavender or the refreshing notes of citrus, nothing says peacefulness quite like a delicious smelling candle.  

Light a Nice Candle

42. Listen to Your Favorite Podcast

Knowledge is power, and entertainment is…well, entertaining! Put on your favorite podcast and let the experts, comedians, or storytellers whisk you away. If you don’t have any favs, here are a few always on my playlist: Ten Percent Happier, The Genius Life, The Mel Robbins Podcast and The Doctor’s Farmacy.

43. Make a Cocktail

Don’t let fancy shakers and obscure ingredients intimidate you. Start with a simple recipe from my Cocktail Bucket List (like a classic mojito or a refreshing margarita), gather your ingredients and let your inner mixologist shine.  

44. Do Whatever Your Want for an Hour

Give yourself an hour of total freedom, where you can do anything you want (within reason of course). Learn how to juggle, build a cardboard spaceship, write a haiku about the weather — you can do whatever you like! 

45. Try a Paint-by-Number

Forget messy mixing and intimidating instructions. Paint-by-numbers kits come with everything you need: numbered sections, vibrant paints, brushes, and sometimes even an easel! Simply grab a brush, match the color to the number, and fill in the sections like a mini-Michelangelo.

Annette making a paint by number

46. Pick Up Your Favorite Dessert

Sweet victories deserve even sweeter rewards—like indulging in your favorite dessert. Whether it’s a decadent slice of chocolate fudge cake, a scoop of creamy gelato, or the homemade goodness of your grandma’s legendary cookies, enjoy with no regrets!  

47. Splurge on a Babysitter

Give yourself (and your spouse) that precious “me-time” to breathe and refuel with the help of a good babysitter. Investing in a babysitter is not just about an evening out; it’s about investing in your well-being, your relationship, and your family’s overall happiness.  

48. Rewatch Your Favorite Movie

Hit rewind and watch your favorite movie again. Enjoy the funny parts, the exciting action scenes, or the heartwarming moments that always make you happy. It’s like a little time machine of happiness, bringing back those feel-good memories.  

49. Buy a New Outfit that Makes You Feel GREAT

There’s nothing quite like the power of a new outfit that makes you feel like you can walk into any room and totally own it.  

50. Replace Your Old Water Bottle

Hydration is important, but let’s face it, a chipped, leaky water bottle doesn’t exactly inspire excitement. Treat yourself to a new one that is functional as it is stylish – a sleek stainless steel design, a colorful glass bottle with a straw, or even a sleek, eco-friendly option. One of my favorites is the wide-mouthed 24 oz Hydroflask!

51. Sit on a Porch Swing

There’s a simple magic in the gentle sway of a porch swing. It’s a self-reward that costs nothing but a few minutes of your time, yet offers a surprising dose of peace and serenity.

52. Get a Makeup Lesson

Treat yourself to a professional makeup lesson and learn some new techniques, discover flattering colors, and give your confidence a little boost. Whether you’re a makeup newbie or a seasoned pro, there’s always something to learn, and the satisfaction of mastering a new winged liner or smoky eye is a reward in itself.

53. Take Yourself on a Solo Date

Forget waiting for someone else to sweep you off your feet (at least for now.) Treat yourself to a date with the most important person in your life – you! Go to your favorite restaurant, catch a movie you’ve been dying to see, or explore a museum you’ve always wanted to visit. If you need more ideas, check out my Solo Bucket List.

54. Hang Out in the Bookstore

Get lost in the maze of shelves, breathe in the scent of old paper and ink, and run your fingers along the spines of books full of untold stories. Discover your next great adventure within the pages of a classic novel, cozy up in a quiet corner, and enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee. 

55. Start a New Hobby

Always wanted to learn pottery, play pickleball, or speak Spanish? Now’s your chance! Reward yourself by diving into a brand new hobby.  

56. Sign Up for a Fun Class

Whether it’s mastering the art of sushi-making, shaking your tail feathers in a Zumba class, or strumming out your favorite tune on a ukulele, there’s a class out there waiting for you.

57. Take the Day Off Work

Probably one of the best reward ideas for adults is simply hitting the pause button at work. Unplug from the email grind, sleep in, and savor the freedom of an unscheduled day. Do absolutely nothing, or tackle that personal project you’ve been putting off – it’s your day to do whatever you want!

58. Throw a Party

Let’s celebrate! Whether it’s a small get-together, a big party, or just a barbecue in the backyard, throwing a party is a great way to share happiness, make memories, and celebrate all the things you’ve accomplished together.

59. Take a Long Lunch

Take a break from work and enjoy your success a little longer – treat yourself to a leisurely, extended lunch. Have relaxed conversations and savor your food as you relish in your success.

60. Try a Meal Planning Service

Take the stress out of mealtimes and reward your taste buds with a curated meal planning services like Hello Fresh or Purple Carrot. They deliver fresh, pre-portioned ingredients and delicious recipes right to your door – no more grocery store battles, just healthy (and oh-so-convenient) home-cooked meals.

61. Turn Off All Notifications on Your Smartphone

In a busy world full of notifications, pause to turn off the noise. Enjoy the quiet without any beeps or alerts from your phone. It’s a chance to appreciate the peace and focus on your achievements without any digital distractions.

62. Take an Extra-Long Hot Shower

After a tiring day, there’s nothing better than a warm shower. Stay under the water a bit longer than usual, enjoying the peaceful sound and feeling of the steam. It’s a moment to relax and feel completely spoiled.

63. Watch Cute Animal Videos for an Hour

Spend an hour watching adorable creatures online, from playful kittens to heart-melting puppies to fuzzy red pandas. Warning: Side effects may include feeling happier, reduced stress, and an urge to adopt a furry friend.

64. Try a New Food

When you taste victory, why not make the celebration even better with a foodie adventure? You can enjoy the rich flavors of a new Thai food dish or even check something that you’ve never tried off your American food bucket list.

65. Work on a Puzzle

Picture the triumphant click of solving a Rubik’s cube, the satisfying sigh as the final piece fits into a 1000-piece jigsaw, or the moment of pure “aha!” when the crossword clue unlocks its secret.

66. Book a Wellness Getaway

Sometimes, the ultimate reward isn’t a trophy or a pat on the back, but a complete escape. Whether it’s a secluded mountain retreat with guided meditation sessions, a coastal haven with sunrise beach walks, or a luxurious spa offering Ayurvedic treatments, book a wellness getaway and treat your body and soul to a spa-tacular escape.

67. Learn a New Skill

Learning a new skill isn’t just about adding another bullet point to your resume; it’s about expanding your horizons, challenging yourself, and discovering the hidden depths of your own potential. 

68. Listen to Motivational Music

Motivation can be tricky, coming and going like a fleeting breeze, leaving us feeling deflated at times. Bring it back by creating a playlist of inspirational and motivational music  that reflects resilience, determination, and the pure happiness of achieving your goals.

69. Go to Happy Hour

As the sun sets, enjoy happy hour at your favorite spot. Enjoy a discounted well-made margarita, the bold flavor of a local IPA, or some small bites..

70. Have Breakfast for Dinner

Who says pancakes are only for mornings? Flip the script and indulge in a dinnertime meal of fluffy stack of flapjacks, crispy bacon, and maple syrup. 

71. Start Your Gratitude Journal

Celebrate your journey, not just the finish line. Grab a beautiful notebook (or download a copy of my printable Gratitude Journal worksheet) and start penning down everything you’re grateful for – big wins, small victories, and everything in between. 

72. Get a New Hairstyle

Your journey of success deserves a final touch to match, so head to the salon to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new—a hairstyle that shows off the bold spirit of your accomplishments. 

73. Buy a Bottle of Your Favorite Perfume

Perfume is like a secret boost of confidence, a mood-lifter in a bottle, and a personal touch that sticks in people’s minds. Treating yourself to a bottle of your favorite fragrance is more than just a shopping spree; it’s a reminder that success is worn with every scent-sational step. 

74. Buy a Lottery Ticket

Grab a lottery ticket and let the daydreams of tropical islands and fancy cars fuel your inner winner. Who knows, maybe your goal-crushing momentum will rub off on Lady Luck!

75. Go Bowling with Friends

Nothing shouts celebratory quite like the satisfying smack of a bowling ball hitting pins. Bowling with friends is more than just a game; it’s a hilarious cocktail of friendly competition, playful trash talk, and epic high fives (or perhaps commiserating groans, depending on your skills).

76. Visit a Museum

Whether you love Van Gogh’s paintings, the detailed history of Egyptian mummies, or the beauty of ancient creatures, there’s a museum exhibit waiting for you to explore and feel changed by.

77. Borrow a Free Audio Book

Dive into a new world – all for the price of zero bucks with a library-borrowed audiobook. Most libraries offer fantastic apps like Libby and Hoopla, where you can browse their audio and ebook collections, borrow free titles for a set period of, and download them straight to your phone or tablet.

Forget stale cake and a pat on the back, your success calls for something as special and sparkly as you are. That’s why I hope these ideas will help you choose the perfect fit for you. Remember, rewarding yourself  isn’t one-size-fits-all, it is different for everyone.

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