Hobbies Bucket List: The 100+ Most Popular Types to Try

Are you looking for a fun new hobby to try? Look no further, because I am sharing my hobbies bucket list so you have plenty to try.

Baking, running, paper crafts or collecting stamps? Although as adults we may be consumed with the busyness of work and our social life, hobbies remain an important part of life. Not only do they provide us with entertainment, but also with relaxation that helps with de-stressing, feeling happy and keeping fit. Win, win, win!

My huge hobbies list has ideas for just about every one out there, from easy to adventurous to ones you can do without leaving home (perfect to add to your At Home Bucket List).

The Ultimate Hobbies List Filled With Fun Examples and Different Types of Ideas

1. Antiquing

If you love interior design and décor, and especially if you fancy earlier time periods, antiquing may be the best hobby for you. It might not be the cheapest if you want to go well past the window shopping aspect of it, but by acquiring antiques you can create yourself a beautiful home filled with old handmade furniture and handicrafts which that have years of stories to tell.

2. Aquarium Keeping

Aquarium keeping, also referred to as fish keeping, can be creative and challenging at the same time. You not only have to decide which system you want to start—freshwater, brackish or saltwater—but, you have to pick the perfect fish and accessories to fill your tank. Though once the main setup is done, maintenance is easier and you can entertain yourself for hours just watching activity inside your creation. 

To get started you can follow a beginner’s guide and aquarium checklist, but if you want something super easy then just buy a simple aquarium kit.

3. Archery

Beyond being an Olympic sport, archery can be a fun for any regular person too! It may take a moment to get adjusted to the bow and how to aim, but once you start to getting your arrows this hit their mark, you’ll be feeling so good and so excited to keep up improving your archery skills. With a little practice, maybe you’ll even get to check “hit the bulls-eye” off your bucket list. I recently did!

A girl doing Archery on a Field

4. Astrology

Taking up astrology will give you a whole new meaning. to the question ‘what’s your sign?”. Even though this might be the most scientific pastime, studying stars and their positions, horoscopes and times of births, and everything else that is a part of astrology, to come up with personality charts and personal future predictions is sure to be interesting!

An easy way to get started is by reading The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need and using this cheat sheet.

5. Astronomy

Are you interested in the sun, moon, planets, and stars? In astronomy, you study the whole universe outside of planet Earth. It is one of the oldest natural sciences out there and as a whole can be incredibly awesome, interesting and educational.

6. Baking

Of all the hobbies on the list, baking is undoubtedly the most delicious one as you’ll get to eat your yummy creations after each time. These days the Internet seems to have limitless amounts of recipes, so you’d probably never run out of things to bake, not to mention that you’re always welcome to create your own recipes!

7. Beekeeping

While beekeeping is one of those types of hobbies that unfortunately takes up quite a substantial financial and space investment to get going, it can also prove be very rewarding. Bees are also crucial for our ecosystem, so by beekeeping you’re actually doing a rather important job on top of having something really different to consume yourself with.

PS: the Little Giant Beekeeping Beginners Kit will have everything you need to get started.

Annette enjoying a hobby day of beekeeping

8. Biking

Not only can the bike actually take you to the same places you might otherwise go by public transportation or a car, but it’ll keep you fit as you do so. On top of which you might also get some great scenery to enjoy during your bike ride!

9. Billiards

Billiards includes a variety of games that are similar to each other, but are played on different kinds of billiard tables (including ones without pockets!) and with different sets of rules. You can play billiards, or at least pool, at your leisure in many bars around the world, but you may also want to try out variations of the game at billiard halls.

10. Birding

More commonly known as birdwatching, birding is all about observing birds in their natural habitats, often from afar with binoculars and equivalent equipment. However, birdwatching is also not exactly the same as birding, as birding specifically means observing birds to identify species and otherwise committing to some activities revolving around birds.

Amazon Jungle Travel: What Clothing to Wear & 45 Things to Pack for the Rainforest

11. Blogging

Whether you host your own site or use a blogging platform like Blogger to post your own writing, photos or other media, you’re blogging. For creative people, especially ones with adoration towards writing about travel, fashion and so on, it can be a great way to be productive, let your creativity flow and even make some money. And who knows, maybe you can even turn blogging into a career like me! 

If you’re interested in starting a blog, I wrote this article to help you our: Become a Blogger: How to Start a Successful Blog in 6 Easy Steps

Annette White Working in India

12. Board Gaming

Although the limitation to board gaming is that it’s a social hobby for the most part, it otherwise offers a whole lot of variation to what type of games you can play. For example, knowledge-based games like Trivial Pursuit, roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, and so on. Board games are also most certainly not made solely for kids but can be entirely enjoyable among a group of adults, too.  If you don’t know where to start, check out our Board Games Bucket List that has 50 of the all time best ones to play.

13. Bodybuilding

In bodybuilding you use a variety of exercises with aim make your body as muscular and as low in fat as possible. Many take their fitness to a whole another level with bodybuilding, coupling it with an intense meal plan, especially in times when they are preparing to take part in bodybuilding competitions.

14. Bowling

Bowling can be a hobby you do with your friends, going on outings to bowling alleys and competing against each other for the best scores. But, you might also be competitive enough to want to join actual bowling leagues and make it a regular activity.

15. Brewing Beer

Over the past couple of years, brewing beer at home has also become an increasingly popular hobby among beer lovers. And why not? It sounds super cool, it’ll probably save you a fair bit of money, you’ll learn so much about beer, and the next time it’s someone’s birthday you have a pretty unique homemade gift to give. 

If you just want to test it out with an easy starter kit, try Mr. Beer’s Complete Beer Making Kit, and don’t forget to get some beer mugs (like Bormioli Rocco’s large beer mugs).

16. Cake Decorating

We already covered baking before, but you can easily combine another hobby with it by baking some cakes and then decorating them. A lot of the ingredients are easy to find in the supermarket and the Internet is full of cake decoration photos for inspiration. 

17. Calligraphy

In calligraphy, you make beautiful visual art out of words and sentences. It is such a peaceful and even meditative activity which will offer you a gorgeous end result—one you can even give out as a gift. Calligraphy also has long roots all around the world, so with calligraphy you’re choosing quite an ancient hobby to take on. 

You can start with faux calligraphy that uses a standard ballpoint pen or buy a simple lettering set that includes a brush pen!

18. Camping

As an outdoor activity, camping is easy to combine with other hobbies like hiking or fishing. It’s a great way to quiet down and spend some alone time with nature, equipped with delicious and simple food over a bonfire. You could even make it a goal to complete the US National Parks Bucket List that has 61 beauties to visit in America.

A man showing his view from his tent

19. Candle Making

By following this guide, you can start your candle making hobby right from the comfort of your home. Much like calligraphy, it is a calming activity with a beautiful tangible decoration for the home or a gift for a love one. 

A girl poring candle wax on the molder

20. Canyoneering

When committing to canyoneering, you are exploring a canyon from point A to point B through various methods, including hiking, sliding and rappelling. It’s more extreme than your typical hiking route, but not quite as extreme as climbing. It’s a great way to combine getting to know a place in nature intimately while staying or getting fit.

21. Card Games

Card games are a great hobby that are simple and affordable to get started with—all you need is a deck of cards. You can play alone with games like solitaire, but you can also commit to a night of social fun over various card games with your friends. And yes, poker and blackjack are also considered card games

22. Chess Playing

Chess is a board game, but it deserves its own spot on the hobbies list. It’s one of the world’s most popular games, and an incredibly old game, with even world championship competitions arranged. A game of chess can last for a short while or even hours, depending on how the game strategies each player takes plays out. 

Chess boards come in hundreds of different types, like a glass chess set, beautiful wooden chess and checker combo sets or even magnetic travel sized sets.

23. Collecting (Stamps, Rocks, etc.)

Whether it’s stamps, coins, magazines or something else, collecting can turn out to be an interesting and even a fruitful hobby. For example, the stamps you collect today, especially if you collect them from all over the world, can be worth a lot of money in the future. 

24. Coloring

Though it may sound like a child’s hobby at first, actually coloring is an excellent activity for adults as well, boosting your creativity while helping your body and soul relax. You can draw the pictures yourself or buy a coloring book full of images to color. There’s countless great ones to choose from, or pick from Amazon’s Top Sellers.

25. Cooking

Much like with baking, through cooking you can whip up incredible treats and meals to eat. It’s also one of the most practical items on this hobbies list as we all need to eat anyway, so we might as well fall in love with the idea of cooking our own meals. Once you have the basics down, you may even want to start challenging yourself with different kinds of recipes – and even create your own!

If you don’t know what to cook, try my Best-Ever Homemade Beef & Mushroom Chili Recipe or my Italian Sausage & Oven Roasted Eggplant Farro Risotto.

26. Cross-stitching

Cross stitching is one of the easiest forms of embroidery to learn and therefore makes for a great hobby especially for beginners of the skill. You can buy cross stitch kits that come equipped with everything you need, including the pattern you’re expected to cross stitch. But you can also come up with your own cross stitching projects if that’s what you prefer; all you need for that is fabric, thread and some other basic supplies. 

I just bought one of Maydear’s cross stitch kits beginners, that comes with everything you need. PS: I got the cute Owl with the Scarf!

27. Crossword Puzzles

You can find crossword puzzles in many magazines and newspapers, making them a relatively easy pastime to take on. Or you can also find books that come with dozens upon dozens of crossword puzzles, in varieties of styles, to fill out. Seriously, crossword puzzles aren’t just for the seniors to do—it’s an excellent way to exercise your brain at any age.

If you’re really up for a challenge try New York Time’s A Puzzle A Day book, that has 365 crossword puzzles for a year of fun.

28. Dancing

Jazz, Tango or Line Dancing, anyone? One of the best parts of dancing is that you can do it just about anywhere, in any form! You can take classes where you learn choreography, you can do dance videos from the comfort of your home, you can bust some moves at a club, or you can simply dance your way to a bus stop. Even if you’ve got two left feet, there’s some form of dancing you’ll probably find yourself enjoying. 

29. Dining Out

Yes, dining out can also be considered a hobby, and it’s no surprise it’s a popular one at that. As a hobby, dining out means going out to eat regularly, trying to sample as many different restaurants and dishes as possible.

If you choose this as a pastime then you may also want to tackle the Foodie Bucket List of 30 things every food lover must do.

30. Drawing

Drawing has many benefits, even if you don’t consider yourself great at it (especially in the beginning). For starters, it is an excellent way to relax and perhaps even calm your busy mind. For another, regardless of your actual drawing skills, drawing will perk up your creative skills and you’ll find yourself start thinking in a different way, perhaps even learning new skills you can apply to your life in multiple ways outside of sketching and drawing. 

31. Entertaining

Bring out your inner Martha Stewart and take up entertaining. Entertaining guests can be done at home or at another location, and there is an art to it. From designing a dinner menu to decorating the room to creating the perfect invitation, there’s so much more to being really good at it then just plopping a bag of chips and dip on the counter.

32. Fishing

Another hobby that can offer a whole lot of relaxation through peaceful activity is fishing. Oftentimes it is way more about the relaxation itself by consuming a calming activity in a peaceful environment than it is about catching any fish. But if you do get lucky then you’ll have caught yourself a fresh dinner for the day!

33. Flower Arranging

Also called floral design, flower arranging is a calming activity that challenges your creativity and brings out a beautiful decoration for your home as a result. You can start by buying ready-made bouquets from the supermarket to arrange upon coming home, or you can choose entirely which flowers to include in your flower arrangement by stopping by a flower shop. Here’s a quick crash course on how to get started with flower arranging. 

34. Flower Pressing

Flower pressing also makes for some gorgeous décor around the house or a gift to give a loved one. There are a couple of methods you can use to press flowers, explained right here, but the most important part is choosing the right flowers to press. 

35. Gardening

A fun way to get closer with nature, you can find a lot of benefits coming from gardening. Although it’s plenty of physical work, which will keep you fit, it’ll also relax you. Not to mention, your yard will look so beautiful from your efforts and you may even successfully grow your own vegetables and fruits to eat. 

36. Genealogy

In genealogy you study your family and its history. In some ways it may be harder than many of the other hobbies on the list, at least once you get far back enough into your lineage. However, it’s also incredibly interesting learning so much of where you came from and what’s in your genes— not to mention some travel is likely to be included in your research! 

An easy place to start is Ancestry.com where you can search billions of records, plus they offer DNA tests to delve deeper into your history.

37. Glass Blowing

This is a technique for glass forming, in which you first inflate a molten glass into a bubble of sorts by blowing with a pipe, after which the bubble can be shaped. At first it may sound like a difficult hobby to have, but there are plenty of glass blowing classes available for those just starting out, where you can learn instructions and techniques, which you can then use to blow glass independently on your own free time. 

38. Go Kart Racing

Did you know that many famous Formula One champions started out their careers with karting? Go-karting, it’s more recreational form, is a fun and adrenaline-pumping motorsport in which you drive around a track in a type of an open-wheel car that resembles a formula car. You can go kart both indoors and outdoors, depending on whatever type of tracks are offered where you’re at, with the suits and karts typically offered by the establishment. 

39. Golfing

Golfing is one of the most popular hobbies out there, and for good reason. It’s a form of light physical exercise, takes you amongst beautiful nature and is easy to turn into time for socializing! 

Annette playing golf

40. Graffiti Art

Though some may look down on graffiti, even thinking it’s more criminal than it is a form of art, graffiti art is an amazing way to let your creativity and your thoughts flow in a way where it’s visible to the whole world around you. Before you get started on making graffiti art your hobby, though, it’ll perhaps do you good to plunge into some research on where it’s actually cool for you to go draw your graffiti art in. 

41. Hiking / Backpacking

Hiking is a great way to maintain or improve your fitness while getting friendly with beautiful nature for hours at a time. Even if the sound of a physical activity after a grueling week at work doesn’t sound appealing, hiking can be incredibly relaxing and refreshing. One of my favorites hikes was taking the 4-day Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu

Annette on her hiking boots


42. Home Improvement

No doubt that some of the most watched television programs these days have to do with home renovations. It’s fun to renovate and redesign the flow of a room (or a whole house!) to give it new life. 

43. Horseback Riding

Whether it be on a forested trail or along the beach, horseback riding is another amazing way to enjoy time outdoors and in nature. You can even take it a gallop further spending some time at a dude ranch (I went to a great one in Colorado called Drowsy Water), where you’ll be immersed in ranch life while learning valuable riding techniques.

44. Hula Hooping

Not only is hula hooping something that was incredibly fun to try out as a child, but it’s a great form of exercising for adults as well. By hula hooping, you can strengthen and tone your body, especially around the core, but also hips and thighs, in addition to which it can also lead to improved flexibility. As a fun tidbit: hula hooping has actually existed as a form of exercise since the times of ancient Greeks! 

You can buy a traditional exercise hula hoop or go for something a little more snazzy like an 28 LED color changing hula hoop.

45. Ice Skating

Typically likened as a winter activity, if you fancy ice skating as a more regular hobby, there have been plenty of indoor halls emerging where you can go get your ice skating on. Ice skating is a wonderfully leisurely activity, while also giving you a massively effective leg and core workout on the side (bonus!). If you’re very serious about ice skating, then a form of figure skating may be something you’ll be tempted to give a try. 

46. Interior decorating

Through the way you decorate your home, you can showcase parts of your personality and likes, which means you’ll probably invest quite a bit of time (and money) in the process. And if you enjoy the process, you may find doing tweaks to your home every season or even signing up to interior decorate a friend’s home as well. 

47. Jewelry Making

Another popular hobby through which you can show your creativity and come up with beautiful homemade gifts is jewelry making. You can also wear your creations yourself! Because some precision and time is required to make jewelry, this is excellent for those hoping to escape the everyday life for a moment and find themselves relaxed while having been super productive by the end of it.

48. Jigsaw Puzzling

Whether you are aiming to put together a 1000-piece puzzle (to which I have lots of tips on how to complete and puzzle recommendations!) or something smaller, jigsaw puzzles are an excellent relaxing activity to do both alone and while socializing with friends. You’ll get wonderfully lost in trying to figure out how to put each piece together, challenging yourself and your brain as you do it. And once you’ve finished a puzzle, you’ll feel accomplished and satisfied, but also oddly bittersweet over the project ending.

49. Juggling

Typically likened as a circus skill, juggling is a fun and challenging physical hobby in which you attempt to keep objects in the air in a rhythmic flow, with balls being the most common object to use. Juggling not only challenges your brain but can also help with improving your coordination skills. 

You’ve got some time to kill at home right now? Grab a few oranges (or apples) and perfect your juggling skills. This video says that you can learn in 10 minutes—let me know how that turns out for you!

YouTube video

50. Kayaking

Kayaking, as well as canoeing, is a physical activity you can do in any type of space with water, from a river to the sea. It’s a great way to exercise and improve your body’s strength, all the while being a low impact activity that can offer a whole lot of peace of mind. 

Annette checking kayaking off her bucket list

51. Knitting

While we may have seen knitting as mostly as activity our grandmothers would immerse themselves into, these days it’s super popular among the younger population as well—and with good reason! It’s relatively easy to learn the basics, you can find several different How-To videos on YouTube, but this step-by-step video on How to Knit a Scarf for Beginners is one of the best. Once you’ve got the technique figured out, you can even knit while you’re chatting away with a friend or are watching something on Netflix. 

For an uber-soft scarf use this alplaca yarn or this chunky chenille!

A person knitting using brown yarn

52. Latte Art

When you do latte art, you are pouring microfoam into a shot of espresso with the intention of creating a pattern or a design – such as a leaf or a heart – on the latte’s surface, although you can also do it for an espresso-based drink like cappuccino or even hot chocolate. It may take a while to master latte art and experiment with all the possible designs available, especially if you fall in love with wanting to do more next level art designs, but this is an awesome hobby for every coffee lover out there to at least try.

53. Learning a New Language

Learning a language outside of a school setting probably makes it a whole lot more fun and may make you inclined to take it on as a hobby. There is such a massive array of ways to start learning, from apps like Duolingo to language online programs like Rosetta Stone, that all you really need to do is simply choose the language you think you would be the most fun and/or useful to learn and get started! 

54. Leather Crafting

Whether it’s crafting a belt or coin purse, this art form combines focus and creativity into one. Through using different techniques that involve shaping or coloring leather, you can make your own work of art.

55. Macramé

In macramé, you use knots to craft various textiles, either for your own use or as a gift to a friend. Initially most of macramé crafting consisted of decorative wall hangings and plant hangers, but since the craft began gaining popularity more uses for macramé have emerged. It’s actually has become trendy to make and showcase macrame!

56. Magic

Bring on the abracadabra! Everyone can appreciate the good old vanishing coin trick or pulling a flower bouquet out of your sleeve. If your whole family is bored, you can even have each member in the household learn a different trick and then put on a show!

You should be able to find an illusion to attempt within these 10 easy magic tricks, or simply buy a Card Magic Kit that includes tons of tricks to try. By the way, if you want to perform a card trick, but no ordinary deck will do then step it up a notch with some sparkling gold foil cards.

57. Making Model Planes/Cars

Some of us maybe already have picked up the hobby of collecting model cars or planes, but what if you started making your own? It can be a great way to build up some mental focus and challenge your brain.

I personally would like to make an old Ford Bronco model or a B25 plane

58. Martial Arts

There are various types of martial arts to choose your preferred form from, but each one is sure to teach you skills that’ll keep you fit, give you confidence and also help you in case you ever do need to defend yourself whilst under attack. 

59. Meditation

An entirely free hobby to take up, meditation also doesn’t require much of your time or physical ability to do in a day. Though it does require a fair bit of patience and discipline, but it is incredibly rewarding for your peace of mind, soul and spirit once you’ve got a technique figured out. 

Before you begin you can read Mindful’s beginners guide to mediation, and don’t forget to check out these 20 Practical Tips.

A girl meditating near a beautiful forest

60. Metal Detecting

A somewhat unique of a hobby, metal detecting will keep your mind active and sharp, and it can provide a light form of physical exercise, or at least some movement, as well. Plus, who knows what kind of treasures you might be able to find! PS: National Geographic makes a highly rated pro-series metal detector for a reasonable price!

61. Mixology

Mixology, the art of creating scrumptious cocktails, is something to consider if you prefer to drink at home over going out, especially during these times, or if you want to impress any guests you may invite over. You can perfect your Cosmopolitan or Manhattan, or create your own unique signature drinks. 

For inspiration check out the Cocktail Bucket List: 100 Classics & Other Great Ones to Try that includes recipes you could make!

62. Mountaineering

If you like the challenge of climbing mountains, then mountaineering is a pastime worth considering. You can do climbs that last a few hours, or ones that are multi-day excursions. It will require a lot of mental and physical capabilities, but it opens you up to some of the most stunning views of nature out there. 

63. Musical Instrument

Whichever musical instrument you choose to go with, learning to play one is highly likely to become a lifelong investment – even if you go through periods where you aren’t actively practicing it. You can even switch it up by learning to play multiple instruments! I recently took up the harmonic and have already learned some easy harmonic songs!

Annette playing a Harmonica

64. Origami

Origami is a big part of the Japanese culture and it truly is fascinating how little tiny pieces of paper can be crafted into beautiful pieces of artwork. Depending on the shapes you’re trying to achieve, it can be incredibly easy or quite hard to do, but enjoyable and relaxing all the same.  The crane is one of the most popular shapes and you can fairly easily learn how to make one. There are countless videos and instructions online and below are two that worked for me.

It’s perfectly okay to use a simple piece of white paper, but you can also buy traditional Colorful Japanese Origami Washi Paper online.

Annette showing a crane origami she created

65. Paintball

Paintball is a sporty game where the players shoot their opponents with dye-filled “paintballs”. Once they strike their target the capsule breaks spreading color onto the person to indicate that they have been hit. It’s definitely for the more adventurous, but is kind of like playing a video game but in real life!

66. Painting

Just like many other hobbies on the list, painting is also a form of art that offers relaxation while allowing you to express yourself in a creative way. Only the sky is a limit to how and what you’ll want to paint, although when using certain painting materials you may want to have a whole separate studio room where you paint. 

Doing a paint-by-numbers is a great place to start and I’ve got a recommendation for the 25 best adult paint by numbers kits, plus tips to complete them.

67. Papermaking

Yet another relaxing and relatively easy creative hobby, your homemade papers make for excellent gifts or as incredible material for a personal letter to send someone (or even to write a future letter to yourself on!). You can achieve a lot of peace of mind and relaxation when focusing on making paper, and broadcast your personality through the kind of a paper sheet you come up with as your end result. 

68. Photography

Even if you only have a phone for taking photos with, photography is a fun challenge that builds up your creative skills over time. Plus, it’s a way to preserve all your wonderful memories. 

69. Pickling & Canning

From cucumbers to tomatoes to beets—you can pickle and can almost anything! The best part is that all the delicious food items will keep longer than vegetables you simply put in the veggie bin of your fridge.

70. Playing the Stock Market

While not instantly considered a hobby by many, playing the stock market may actually be a fun one to take on, even if it won’t end up getting you rich quick. It definitely takes studying and skill to learn how to invest, but you just may get rich once you figure out the system!

71. Pottery

An ancient hobby and form of craft, pottery is a fun and challenging way to create some art. If you are using a pottery wheel, things may get unexpectedly messy, but overall it is a relaxing activity. 

72. Rappelling (Abseiling)

In some ways rappelling is the opposite of climbing, as you will be going downwards instead of up. It can get quite extreme depending on the surface you’re trying to rappel, but it will also get in physical shape while exercising your mind. 

73. Rapping

Even if you don’t ever find yourself taking part in a rap battle or performing in front of a big audience like Eminem, rapping can fun way to creatively express yourself and your deepest thoughts. Plus writing down the rhymes and words for your raps, can be rather cathartic. 

74. Reading

Thanks to the existence of libraries, it is incredibly inexpensive to take up reading; the non-fiction books you read are educational and the fiction books you read challenge your mind and your imaginative skills. And the best part is that you can commit to reading just about anywhere, including while sitting on a bus or waiting for your meal to arrive at a restaurant. 

Looking for something to read? Check out my Classic Books Bucket List: 25 of the Best Must-Read Novels or the 8 Life-Changing Books About Fear and How to Overcome it

75. Restoring Furniture

This is a hobby that especially works great when combined with antiquing. But you can also give a go at restoring more modern furniture before you put them up for sale or throw them away. 

76. Rock Climbing

Although a challenging sport that requires a ton of motivation and perseverance, rock climbing is also massively fun and rewarding once you’ve mastered the art of climbing and can start going out there to climb actual rocks. Or you may find out your heart beats for the indoor climbing walls, which are equally tough but much safer. 

77. Running

Running is a great way to get yourself physically active and breathing some fresh air. It works great for losing weight but also for building endurance, and once committed you’ll find endless opportunities to challenge yourself on a run. 

Check Active’s 5k Race Finder for runs near you and use this guide to start preparing: How to Train, Run & Finish Your First 5k Race

A man running on a rough road

78. Sailing

Another excellent hobby with which you get more acquainted with the nature, sailing takes you out on open waters that can offer you a whole lot of relaxation and a day of fun under the sun. It’ll also get you physically active for a bit as you handle your boat.

79. Scrapbooking

Not only does scrapbooking help you preserve your memories and photos, but it is also a showcase of your personality and creativity skills. Plus, it’s an activity you might enjoy doing throughout your life and they make for cherished gifts. Besides isn’t it about time that you did something with all those boxes of unorganized photos?

If you think you are not creative enough there are plenty of page ideas on the internet. Check these ones out: Scrapbook Ideas for Beginners: 25 Inspiring Layouts and 33 Cool DIY Scrapbook Ideas You Have To Try. Or for something even easier just buy a page kit that has everything you need.

80. Scuba Diving

You’ll need and Open Water Diver Certification to start scuba diving as a hobby, but thankfully it’s a certificate that can be accomplished fairly quickly. And once you do have it? You get to dive into a beautiful underwater world and explore nature’s ecosystems, which can be wildly different wherever in the world you happen to be diving in. 

81. Sewing

Sewing also offers you relaxation and rewards! It may not be the simplest craft to learn, but once you’ve established some skills in sewing, you’ll find yourself repairing clothes and even making whole new ones in no time.

A girl using a sewing machine

82. Singing

Even if we haven’t established it as our hobby, many of us probably do some singing on a daily basis, even if it’s just in the shower or while driving a car. So in a way it’s one of the most common hobbies out there! But you can also commit to it more seriously and take classes to learn specific techniques to sing your favorite songs even better. 

83. Skateboarding

Picking up a skateboarding is exhilarating and fun, but also surprisingly creative and physical. It’s also an excellent way to be social with others.

84. Snowboarding/Skiing

This is one for your Winter Bucket List! Pull out those snowboards or skis this season and try your hand at this physical sport, even if you only make it down the bunny slope (like me!). Make the most out of your experience by staying at a cozy lodge and enjoy some apres-skiing at the end of the day. Or should I say apres-snowboarding? 

You can take a class at your favorite ski resort or the Snow Professor has made a helpful video to get you started with snowboarding, How to Snowboard: Step 1.

85. Soap Making

Making soap is enjoyable and relatively simple, whether you’re doing it solo, with family or as a social event with friends. You can attend a workshop for it, but you can also make soap at home (here’s a beginners guide), which may actually be even more fun as you get to have full control over the ingredients you’ll use. For something super simple, just buy a soap making kit that will have everything you need.

86. Spelunking

Spelunking is the exploration of caves, and is a great hobby for those looking for an adventure. It can get incredibly thrilling, but may also be relatively dangerous so caution needs to be taken at learning the proper skills and knowledge ahead of time.

87. Stand Up Comedy & Improv

Though nerve wrecking for even those of us who aren’t shy, standup comedy is excellent for people who enjoy being funny and cracking jokes. If you love performing, being at the center of attention and making people laugh, this may be the perfect! 

88. Stand Up Paddle Boarding

You’ll want to look into SUP boarding as a hobby if you have access to a body of water. SUP boarding offers similarities to surfing – and was also founded in Hawaii! – except you’ll use a paddle to move and will be standing the entire time. It’s perhaps a little more slow moving in comparison to surfing, but definitely just as much fun.

A girl stand paddle boarding on a sunset

89. Surfing

You’ll need some balance and leg strength to master this sport, but it’s a great way to get some exercise while enjoying the outdoors.

90. Swimming

For those of us who may suffer from bad joints and other physical limitations, swimming can prove to be a great way to stay fit, while remaining a low impact activity. You’ll also find it to have an energy-boosting and relaxing effect on your demeanor.

91. Tennis

Once you grasp the basics, tennis turns into a fun game to play that’ll get your heart pumping. Plus, it’s a great sport to do with your partner (so add it to your Couples Bucket List!).

92. Traveling

One of my favorite ideas on the Hobbies List! Whether your travel bucket list has destinations locally or overseas, your body, mind and soul will love you for it. Through travel, you will get to see and experience so many new places, things and cultures that’ll open your mind up in so many different ways. It’ll also keep you fit and moving, help you learn of new cultures and languages, and can prove to be a great way of socializing either with your existing friends or new acquaintances.

93. Video Gaming

For some reason, video gaming gets looked down upon a lot as a hobby, but it is actually a whole bunch of fun. The world of video games is incredibly diverse, from racing games to roleplaying, with video games being easy to lose yourself into for hours at a time—just don’t get too addicted! It also can teach you a variety of skills from focus and problem-solving to coordination.

94. Volunteering

Like the old adage says, it’s better to give than to receive. Walking dogs at the shelter, reading to children at the library or spending an afternoon feeding families at the soup kitchen? Determine what’s close to your heart and then make a decision to make a difference today.

Don’t know where to start? Visit VolunteerMatch who has opportunities in many major cities or check the United Way website.

95. Watching Sports

You’ll probably be happy to hear that watching sports also counts as a hobby! Even if you’re not the one committing to the physical activity itself, you are investing a lot of yourself into following the sport, while achieving joy, relaxation and even adrenaline rushes from it – often without even having to leave the couch!

96. Watching TV Series & Movies

How about getting in your comfy jammies, grabbing a cup of tea and spending chill time binge watching a fun TV series or movies? This is an easy way to spend time together with the kids, as a couple or even solo. From comedy to suspense, Netflix and/or Amazon Prime has everything to offer so you can have fun watching back-to-back episodes! It can be a TV show that you’ve loved and are eager to watch again or maybe you’d like to try out a new one.

Schitt’s Creek, Friends and Grey’s Anatomy are pretty popular series, but if you are struggling to find a show, then my 100 best TV shows to binge-watch list will help you out.

97. White Water Rafting

Considered an extreme sport, rafting is yet another great way to spend some time in nature while getting physical. It is a social activity, although until you’re the master of rafting it’s recommended not to go on a rafting trip without a professional in tow. 

98. Wine Tasting

If you enjoy drinking wine, how about making wine tasting your pastime? It’s best done at wineries, sampling their selections of wines, but if you don’t happen to have one nearby you can always arrange for wine tasting events – with friends or even by yourself – at home.

99. Woodworking

Like many other hobbies on this list that require your handiwork, woodworking is another example that offers tangible rewards at the end of the process. It’s up to you whether your idea of ideal woodworking is to make items from scratch or whether you prefer shopping for old wooden works that you’ll then get to restore.

100. Writing

Even if you don’t end up writing the next bestselling novel or movie screenplay, writing can be one of the most cathartic hobbies to have. Especially if you have trouble vocalizing your thoughts and feelings, writing them down in a journal can be an excellent way to let them out instead of bottling up the stuff.

101. Yoga

Yoga may not be the most vigorous form of exercise you’ll commit to, but it’ll do wonders for your body and mind. It cares for and strengthens your body but also your mind and can even feel like meditative practice after a long day.

A yoga post on a sunset

Of all the examples on this hobbies list, how many have you already tried out? How many ideas are already a regular part of your routine? Which one is the first new one you’ll be trying out? Hobbies, even if you only spend a few minutes a day on one of them, are an important way for us to destress on any given day, and therefore integral for us to have the energy to keep up with our wholesome lives. So do challenge yourself to find at least one type on this list to try!

This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through my links, I earn a commission that helps to keep this blog running—at no extra cost to you. For more information read my full disclosure.

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