Gratitude List: 250 Unique Things to Be Grateful For

I have always believed that the start (and end) to a great day is listing all the things to be grateful for. There is no shortage of studies on the positive effects of having an attitude of gratitude, though it may sometimes be hard to think of daily ideas—this list of examples can help.

250 Unique Things to Be Grateful For

A List of the Best Examples of Things to Be Grateful for Daily

Thankful & Gratitude list

  1. Puppy breath
  2. Fuzzy blankets
  3. Family & friends
  4. The leaves turning brilliant colors
  5. Eating dessert first
  6. Warm weather
  7. The beach – my favorite of the Things to be Grateful for in the Summer
  8. Hiking trails
  9. Heaters that work
  10. Feeling loved
  11. Being healthy
  12. Vino – Especially a jammy red wine
  13. Organized closets
  14. Music that invokes wonderful memories
  15. Good neighbors
  16. The unkown
  17. Happy hour
  18. Digital cameras
  19. Fresh fruit smoothies
  20. Freedom
  21. Good books
  22. The internet
  23. Farmers markets
  24. Waffles with whipped cream & strawberries
  25. Hugs & kisses
  26. Crescent moons
  27. Free stuff
  28. Aroma candles
  29. Ability to learn
  30. Hot tea on a cold day
  31. Instant communication
  32. The smell of Christmas trees
  33. Raw cookie dough – One of my favorite treats on the Things To Be Grateful For list
  34. Babies tiny fingernails
  35. Standing on the top of the mountain
  36. Random acts of kindness
  37. Ambition
  38. Forgiveness
  39. 39. Kind strangers
  40. Hearing “I Love You”
  41. Foot rubs
  42. Uncontrollable laughter
  43. Pets that love you unconditionally
  44. Warm rain
  45. High heel shoes
  46. Bargain shopping
  47. Outdoor Patio dining
  48. Pedicures
  49. Smell of coffee brewing
  50. Quiet mornings when no one is awake yet
  51. Starry nights
  52. Great meals
  53. Girls night out
  54. Being motivated
  55. Cuddling with a warm pile of laundry
  56. Shopping online
  57. Being barefoot on the sand
  58. Fresh snow
  59. Making smores at a campfire
  60. Puffy clouds
  61. Fresh sheets
  62. Flushing toilets
  63. SpellChecker and calculators
  64. Finding unexpected money in your pockets
  65. Hot showers
  66. All my five senses
  67. Fine paper
  68. When the trees leaves change colors
  69. DVRs
  70. Great pens
  71. Natural Hot Springs
  72. Dancing
  73. Magazines
  74. Smell of a BBQ
  75. The perfect pair of jeans
  76. Parking right up front
  77. Learning the benefits of living a simple life
  78. Genuine compliments
  79. Super hot showers
  80. Apologies
  81. Laser hair removal
  82. The library
  83. Cookbooks with lots of photos
  84. Game nights
  85. A good nights sleep
  86. Spooning
  87. Keyboard Shortcuts
  88. Free Samples
  89. Setting the high score on a video game24-Hour Restaurants
  90. A Funny Joke
  91. A Good Glass of Wine
  92. A Peaceful Lake
  93. A Pile of Leaves to Jump In
  94. A Rainy Day Drinking Hot Tea
  95. Air Fryers
  96. Amazon Prime
  97. Animal Sanctuaries
  98. Art
  99. Auto Save
  100. Avocado toast
  101. Bear Hugs
  102. Being Loved
  103. Birds Chirping in the Morning
  104. Birthdays
  105. Blogging
  106. Brownies
  107. Bucket Lists
  108. Burnt Orange Sunsets
  109. Butterflies
  110. Campfires
  111. Celebrity Crush
  112. Cell phone cameras
  113. Changing Seasons
  114. Chocolate
  115. Clean Sheets
  116. Clean Water
  117. Coffee Shops
  118. Comfy Couch
  119. Cookie Dough
  120. Crispy French Fries
  121. Cuddles
  122. Dark Chocolate Candy Bars
  123. Date Nights
  124. Deep conversations
  125. Diamonds
  126. Discounts
  127. Dishwashers
  128. Diversity
  129. Dollar Stores
  130. Drinking Straight From a Coconut
  131. Drive-thrus
  132. Eating Dessert First
  133. Education
  134. Electric Toothbrushes
  135. Evening Walks
  136. Facetime
  137. Farm-to-table meals
  138. Financial Savings
  139. First Experiences
  140. Fitting Into My Skinny Jeans
  141. Five Second Rule
  142. Flat Irons
  143. Fluffy Down Pillows
  144. Fluffy White Clouds
  145. Food Delivery Services
  146. Food Trucks
  147. Foot Massages
  148. Fresh Air
  149. Freshly squeezed lemonade
  150. Fuzzy Socks
  151. Gelato
  152. Giggles
  153. Girls/Boys Nights Out
  154. Givings Gifts
  155. Good Conversations
  156. Good Hair Days
  157. Google
  158. GPS
  159. GPS
  160. Grandmas & Grandpas
  161. Great Restaurants
  162. Hammocks
  163. Handwritten Letters
  164. Having Exact Change
  165. Healthy Food
  166. Heart Emojis
  167. Home
  168. Homemade Pasta
  169. Hot Chocolate with Baby Marshmallows
  170. Hummingbirds
  171. Indoor Plumbing
  172. Infinity Pools
  173. Instagram
  174. Instant noodles
  175. Journaling
  176. Knowing How To Cook
  177. Ladybugs
  178. Laptops
  179. Lavender fields
  180. Lavender Fields in Bloom
  181. Lazy Sundays
  182. Learning The Value Of Always Being In Present
  183. Long Weekends
  184. Meditating
  185. Minature Goats
  186. Modern Healthcare
  187. Movie Marathons
  188. Napping in a Hammock
  189. Naps
  190. Netflix
  191. Netflix
  192. New Experiences
  193. Noise Canceling Headphones
  194. Not Having to Set an Alarm
  195. Old Photographs
  196. Overcoming fears
  197. Overnight Shipping
  198. Owning A Restaurant
  199. Pasta
  200. Payday
  201. Paydays
  202. Picnics
  203. Picnics in the Park
  204. Picturesque Waterfalls
  205. Pizza
  206. Pizza!
  207. Podcasts
  208. Productive Days
  209. Progress
  210. Pumpkin Pie
  211. Puppies
  212. Quaint Towns with Cobbled Streets
  213. Rainbows
  214. Reading
  215. Reality Tv
  216. Receiving Gifts
  217. Recorded DVR Shows
  218. Red Wine
  219. Road Trips
  220. Roadtrips
  221. Rocking Chairs
  222. Seeing Old Friends
  223. Sincere Apologies
  224. Sleeping In
  225. Smoothies
  226. Snowflakes
  227. Spotify
  228. Sugar-Free Mochas
  229. Summertime
  230. Sunshine
  231. Sushi
  232. Sweet Dreams
  233. Sweet Surprises
  234. Tacos
  235. Technology
  236. The Farmer’s Market
  237. The Smell of Fresh Baked Cookies
  238. Thermal Spas
  239. Toilet Paper
  240. Traveling
  241. Treehouses
  242. Vineyards Nearby
  243. Virtual classes
  244. Wanderlust
  245. Waterfalls
  246. Wearing Your Favorite Scent
  247. Weekend Getaways
  248. Wifi
  249. Wildflowers
  250. Working from home
  251. Wraparound House Porches
  252. Your Health
  253. Your Significant Other
  254. Zoom
Annette sitting near the Inverness Shipwreck

How to Practice Gratitude

Being thankful is not as hard as you may think. Try this: When you notice yourself thinking of something negative, switch it around to what you are grateful for about the situation.

When you are stuck in morning traffic, be grateful for being able to listen to your music for an extra twenty minutes. If your travel partner gets a cold in Malta which botches your dream date night, be thankful for room service. Instead of focusing on how cold it is while walking through the streets of Zurich, be grateful for the warm chestnut stands. If you get lost in San Francisco, missing the opening of the Opera, have gratitude for being able to walk the streets of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


Another tip is to start each morning and end each evening by listing five things you are grateful for. In the beginning it will probably be a struggle to come up with a mere five items for this gratitude list (it was for me!), being wrapped up in a world full of fear and negativity can disguise the good in your life.


Did you just drink a deliciously warm cup of coffee? Or did you connect with a friend by text? Or enjoy a heartwarming movie on television?

Still can’t think of anything to be thankful for? Here are more things to be grateful for ideas.

What are you thankful for today? Hopefully you are now inspired to write a daily list of what you are grateful for and that it will add to your positivity. Being grateful everyday is one of the big reasons that I am able to work through my anxiety and face my fears to travel the world. I hope it does the same for you!

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