Camping Bucket List: 100 Fun Activities & Things to Do

Is the stress of city life getting to you? Or maybe you’re looking for that next outdoor adventure? Whatever your reason may be, perhaps it’s time to pack your bags and reconnect with nature by going on a camping trip.

Whether you’re a first-time camper or just looking for new camping activities to do, I have put together a camping bucket list that will give you a rewarding and fulfilling experience for your next camping trip.

Fun Camping Activities, Game Ideas and Other Campsite Things to Do

Fun Camping Activities, Game Ideas and Other Campsite Things to Do

1. Blow Bubbles

Blowing bubbles is something that might not come to mind when camping, but it is a simple way to have some fun, especially if you have kids with you.

It is easy to make your own bubble mix, and for some extra fun bring some of these bubble guns! Just remember to blow the bubbles away from other tents and campers.

A woman blowing bubbles

2. Build A Sand Castle

If you’re going to be camping near or on a beach, then put your creativity to good use while getting a suntan. Building a sand castle is pretty easy, unless you are going for the ‘uber-elaborate’ kind. In which case you might want to read The Guardian’s How to Build the Perfect Sandcastle article.

Building a sandcastle

3. Camp in a Campervan

Campervans (not to be confused with motorhomes) are a great way to travel and camp around at your own pace, exploring where you want and when you want.

Unlike cars, they can hold more people and have basic amenities like a bed, a refrigerator, a cooktop, a shower, and more.

4. Camp on the Beach

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the night at the beach (and eating s’mores!). From setting up the camp to telling stories around the fire, it all will be a great bonding experience. 

For an easy beach tent try Coleman’s Pop Up that expands in about 10-seconds!

Camp on the Beach

5. Camp Somewhere New Every Year

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut by camping at the same campground every single year, but why not try something new? Who knows, you might find your new favorite spot.

6. Catch a Fish

A camping bucket list is never complete without one of the most favorite outdoor pastimes in the United States: fishing! Yes, it requires skill and tons (capitalize TONS) of patience, but the sense of accomplishment after hooking a fish more than pays off the effort.

Annette holding a fish she caught

7. Catch Fireflies

Being outdoors is a great opportunity to see different kinds of wildlife and insects. Depending on where you are camping at and if the place permits it, you can try catching some fireflies when evening comes.

You can put them inside mason jars with small holes on the lid for ventilation and some moist paper towels or leaves to keep the air humid inside. Seeing them blink their lights inside the mason jar is like something out of a fairy tale and is definitely one of the fascinating things to do while camping.

Of course, be sure to set them free afterwards in the evening.

8. Climb a Tree

Climbing a tree is one of those things to do on camping that is fun no matter how young or old you are. Just make sure you do it safely!

Climb a Tree

9. Start a Collection of Nature Item

Nature is filled with wonderful things waiting to be discovered by those curious enough. Collecting nature items like dry leaves, pine cones, mushrooms, and the like works great as a souvenir to remember your camping by.

10. Save Souvenirs for a Scrapbook

If you have a scrapbook or would love to get into the hobby of scrapbooking, you can put in the items that you collected during your camping trip as memorabilias. Pamphlets, hiking maps and leaves would be great additions!

11. Cook Gourmet Camp Food

We all love munching on some favorite camping food like eggs, burgers, or hotdogs. But every now and then, it’s fun to add a little twist to the palette, like cooking up some gourmet-style camp food.

If you don’t have a recipe yet, you can check out these yummy recipes that will bring your camp food to the next level.

Cook Gourmet Camp Food

12. Cuddle With Your Significant Other

Camping is not just about connecting yourself with nature. It is also a chance to bond and cuddle with your sweetheart by the fire, or even while sleeping under the stars.

Cuddle With Your Significant Other

13. Decorate Your Campsite

One of the ways we can level up our camping experience, especially if you have an RV or campervan is by adding some fun decorations.

It can be as simple as setting up camping chairs by the fire, or lighting up the evening with some string lights. Or you can get more elaborate with an outdoor rug and pretty vintage lanterns.

14. Dine by Candlelight at a Picnic Table

The outdoors provides a unique ambiance that you don’t get to experience at typical candlelight dinners, so make sure to use it to your advantage! Decorate your picnic table with a checkered tablecloth and some pretty candles.

This can also be a chance to show off your cooking skills by making some gourmet camp food.

15. Draw or Paint a Nature Scene

Even though we are out camping does not mean we can’t have time to be artistic, regardless of your skill level. Nature has been a source of inspiration for many people, including painters and artists, and what better way to capture its beauty than putting it in drawing or painting form?

16. Drink!

Nothing beats relaxing by the fire with your favorite drink in your hands after a long day of outdoor activities, sharing moments and stories with your family or friends. 

It is also a good opportunity to start work on our Cocktail Bucket List that has 100 classics & other great ones to try!

Campers drinking beers while camping

17. Find A Fun Walking Stick

Sticks come in all shapes and sizes, especially on the ground when in the woods. While it is easy to pick up a walking stick among them, why not try looking for one that is fun and impressive, like something that looks like a wizard’s staff.

18. Find Different Star Constellations

Looking for constellations (or even stargazing in general) is one of the most magical experiences you can include on your camping bucket list.

Even with just the naked eye and a star chart, you can have fun finding different constellations in the night sky. If you want to level up the experience, you can also bring a telescope or binoculars.

Find Different Star Constellations

19. Find Shapes in the Clouds

Let your imagination run wild and see what shapes you can make out of the clouds. You can even play a game of I Spy with family or friends with this while relaxing near your campsite!

20. Find the Perfect Picnic Spot

Find the perfect picnic spot near your campsite, pack a traditional wicker basket with your favorite picnic foods and enjoy the feast as well as the weather. Real Simple magazine can help you out with their Picnic Packing Checklist. And if you want to set up an Instagrammable picnic, here’s a cute red checkered picnic basket.

21. Float on the Water

Whether you’re looking to relax in style while going for a tan or have fun in the water under the summer sun, floating on the water using a floating mat (or noodle) is a great way to do so. You can even sleep or bring your camping experience on the water using a floating tent!

Annette floating in the water

22. Forage for Firewood

The perfect campfires would not exist without plenty of firewood feeding them throughout the night, which is why foraging (or learning how to forage) for firewood is one of the essential things to do while camping.

Not only do you get to hike around and acquaint yourself with nature, but it also hones your basic camping/survival skills, which can help you in future adventures.

Forage for Firewood

23. Go Birdwatching

Birdwatching is one of the least strenuous things you can do while camping, and it is easy to get started. All you need is a bird book (or an app), a pair of binoculars, and a good amount of patience.

You can check online for a list of birds you can see in your area, then see how many you can spot. You can even make a game out of it!

Annette Birdwatching in Guyana

24. Go Canoeing

Hopping into a canoe and paddling around a lake is another peaceful camping activity, and a way to get some exercise too!

25. Go Kayaking

Kayaking is one of those watersports that you can do in any body of water, whether on a river or even the sea, so it’s perfect for any outdoor trips like camping. Plus, it’s also a great form of exercise while you enjoy traversing the water.


26. Hunt for Some Cool Rocks

As far as cheap camping recreation goes, you can’t get a much cheaper one than a rock hunt—it’s free in most places! Have a competition for who can find the prettiest or most unique one.

27. Try Standup Paddle Boarding

If you are looking for a watersport to pick up other than surfing or kayaking, you should try standup paddle boarding.

Aside from being beginner-friendly, you get to see things around you better because you are standing up (or even sitting or kneeling) on top of a paddleboard, which is perfect if you are taking pictures. Plus, you get to move around with a paddle at your own pace without waiting for the waves to take you.

28. Go Tubing

Another fun way to enjoy the water, especially during the summer, is by going on a tubing ride, which involves riding a donut-shaped tube while either being towed by a motorboat or just free-floating around at your own pace.

29. Go Water Skiing

Did you know that water skiing is one of the most popular recreational pastimes, especially in the US and Europe? While it can be challenging for beginners because it requires a strong core and good balance, it is a fun activity that will surely pump up your adrenaline.

Water Skiing

30. Have a Corn Hole Competition

When it comes to outdoor pastimes, who wouldn’t want to play a game of corn hole while on a camping trip? It is a fun toss game where players take turns throwing a small bean bag into a tilted board. The first one to reach a score of 21 wins the game, and scoring depends on whether you’ve landed the bean bag on the board or into the hole on the raised end.

GoSports sells a Classic Cornhole set that comes with 8 bean bags and a travel bag!

31. Have a Scavenger Hunt

If you have a knack for laying out puzzles and clues,  then why not try your hand at planning a scavenger hunt while on your camping trip. For ideas, see How to Set Up a Scavenger Hunt for Grownups.

32. Have a Water Balloon Fight

While we all love to feel the sun in our faces, sometimes the heat can get a little too toasty, especially in the summer! Very few things come close to feeling as good as having a cold shower, but this campsite idea  might be the next best thing to it!

Fill up dozens of these latex fun makers and target your favorite friends, while trying to stay the driest of the bunch. If winning the fight is just as important as having fun, research techniques on How to Survive a Water Balloon Fight.

33. Have an Off-Roading Adventure

Off-roading involves traveling or driving on natural terrains like sand or rocks. It offers a unique experience you won’t get from taking the usual routes since you’re in uncharted territory, waiting for exploration.

However, as much as we love the idea of stumbling upon a hidden gem of a place or scenery, there are still a few things that we need to keep in mind to have a safe and memorable adventure.

Annette having an Off-Roading Adventure

34. Have An Outdoor Movie Night

Watching movies under the stars in nature is something you don’t get to experience very often. It can also be a fun and exciting way to spend your evening with family or friends.

It does require a bit of setting up and equipment like a projector (like the Poner Saund mini-one) and a sheet or wall to project the film, but the effort is way more than worth it!

Have An Outdoor Movie Night

35. Hike an Epic Trail

Hiking is one of the more challenging but rewarding experiences you can do while outside, such as during a camping trip.

The world has a lot of epic hiking treks & trails waiting for the next traveler that will walk their path, so you’ll have tons of opportunities to see new things and explore new places.

Annette Hiking

36. Host A Campfire Cook-Off

Another great and fun idea to spice up your camping meals is hosting a cook-off, especially if you’re in a large group.

To add more challenge to the cook-off, you can limit the dishes to the usual camping food like sausages and eggs, or maybe to their special barbecue marinades. Regardless of who gets to present the best camping meal, it’s a win-win situation as everyone will get to taste different kinds of food.

37. Keep a Camping Journal

Experiencing new and exciting things on your adventures is something that you will take with you wherever you go. However, having a camping journal to document those adventures is a great way to keep track of them and also serves as something to look back on in case you’re looking for a spark of inspiration when planning your next camping trip.

Keep a Camping Journal

38. Learn & Practice Some Survival Skills

One of the benefits of camping is learning and putting your survival skills to the test. Things like starting a fire, setting up your shelter, and even creating potable water will help you loads on your future adventures once you learn them.

There are dedicated survival schools you can go to get started. Alternatively, you can also ask family, friends, or experienced campers for help in learning these skills.

Learn & Practice Some Survival Skills

39. Learn How to Whittle Wood

One of the many skills you can learn for your camping trips is whittling down wood. Being able to fashion different shapes from wood using just a knife is an invaluable skill that will serve you well on any outdoor trip.

40. Learn to Pitch a Tent

Shelter is one of the most essential things you should have when camping, which is why learning how to pitch up a tent should be a part of every camper’s repertoire.

Learn to Pitch a Tent

41. Listen For Animal Calls

Being out in the wild, you’ll more or less hear different kinds of animal calls, from birds to frogs to monkeys and more.

While guessing which animal makes what sound is challenging for the untrained ear, you can check in advance what wildlife can be found around your campsite and listen to what kinds of sounds they make online.

42. Listen to Your Favorite Music Playlist

Music is a great way to get you geared up for any day, especially one made for spending it chillaxing outdoors at the campsite. Having a hard time thinking of songs? Spotify has made it easy with its hundreds of playlists to choose from, one of my favorites is the  Lounge Music.

43. Look For Animal Tracks

While it may not be evident at first, take the time to explore and look around you for any animal tracks at your campsite or while hiking a trail.

Aside from hoof prints, you can also look for clues like markings on the trees, animal droppings, or even feathers or fur. You can also check out this article for tips on how to look for some.

44. Search for Bugs

Insects come in all shapes and sizes, from the crawling critters to the flying ones. And being one of the most numerous species on the planet, it’s easy to spot (or miss) one while camping as long as you pay attention to your surroundings.

If you’re planning to look at night, you can attract flying insects by setting up a light trap using a white sheet of cloth and a flashlight or fluorescent lamp.

For the really adventurous, here are some edible bugs around the world.

Annette with a spider crawling on her hands

45. Make A Trail Mix Snack

Trail mixes are a popular snack among hikers because not only does it provide a quick energy boost, it is also healthy and customizable to fit your taste.

Some of the common ingredients include nuts, M&Ms, dried fruits, and seeds, to name a few. Mix and match different ingredients to make your personal trail mix snack.

Make A Trail Mix Snack

46. Make Friends With Other Campers

More often than not, there will be other people who are camping in the same place as you, which is why it is also the perfect opportunity to meet new people.

Not only will you meet people who might have the same interests as you, but they might also end up becoming your (travel) friends as well. Even if talking to others is not your strongest suit, getting out of your comfort zone and saying a simple hello to them goes a long way in building up your confidence.

47. Make S’mores

Arguably the best campfire treat, making S’mores is something that the whole family can get into and thoroughly enjoy. This treat has been a campfire staple long before most of us here were even born. The very first recorded s’mores recipe was published in 1927 in ‘Tramping and Trailing With the Girl Scouts’, a Girl Scouts handbook. 

The typical kind of S’more, go a little something like this: you take a campfire-roasted marshmallow, sandwich that with a layer of your favorite chocolate and then cover it all up with two pieces of graham cracker. Sounds delicious?

And if the traditional style doesn’t do it for you, pick a unique one from the 12 Creative S’mores ideas.

Make S’mores

48. Make Shadow Puppets

Shadow puppets are a fun and unique way to bring your camping storytelling to the next level. While this may require a bit of preparation and practice beforehand (this video will help!), it will make your stories come to life and become a fantastic experience not just for you but for others as well.

Make Shadow Puppets

49. Make The Best Camp Coffee

For some people, their day will not be complete without drinking a cup or two of coffee, and being in the great outdoors is certainly no excuse not to make the best one.

There are plenty of ways to brew your coffee while camping and even more ways to add extra flavors to it, so be sure to bring the necessary supplies with you.

Make The Best Camp Coffee

50. Meditate in Nature

Meditating outside opens your practice up to different sensations that you may have never felt before, like the breeze grazing your skin, the sound of nature around you and the smell of trees.

Just be sure to look for a quiet spot for your meditation session to avoid distractions.

Meditate in Nature

51. Photograph Nature

Going outside to explore what nature has in store is exciting, which is why it is the perfect opportunity to capture a photo of it! It can be a scenic view, a peculiar-looking tree, or the first encounter with a wild animal or two.

Even if you are not a pro, capturing nature behind the lens of a camera (or phone) is a priceless souvenir you can take with you wherever you go.

Photograph Nature

52. Pick Up Litter

Nature has always provided us with things like food and shelter, and what better way to return the favor than by picking up litter? No matter how small it may seem, it is still a step forward in helping and preserving Mother Nature.

53. Play Camping Bingo

If you want to do something different while camping, play a game of Camping Bingo. With different variations of the game and lots of possible patterns to make, everybody will have a chance to scream Bingo!

You can pick up Camping-themed bingo cards at your local store or you can also check out our very own printable Camping bingo cards!

54. Play Capture the Flag

If you are looking for a fun and fast-paced camping game, especially during summer camps, you can never go wrong with Capture the Flag.

The game involves two teams (usually a large group) who try to capture the opposing team’s flag from their ‘base’ into their side without getting tagged.

This high-energy, highly competitive game will surely add loads of fun to any campsite while also working up a nice sweat, not to mention the friends you may make along the way.

55. Play Card Games

Card games are a fun and entertaining way to bond with family or friends. It only takes a deck of cards, your wits, and just a bit of luck to play.

You can have a game of the classics like Old Maid or Poker, even ones like Uno (which has its own deck of cards.). 

Need more ideas? See our Card Game Bucket List that has 100+ fun ones to play with family & friends.

Play Card Games

56. Play Charades

Some say that actions speak louder than words, so let’s find out in a game of charades! The game also doesn’t really need much to play; even just a pen and paper will do! Wikihow has instructions.

If you want to try something similar to charades, you can play Pictionary instead. Though it will require additional writing materials and (a bit of) drawing skill, it is equally challenging and fun!

57. Play Flashlight Tag

As the name implies, it is just like a classic game of tag mixed with hide-and-seek where the player who is ‘it’ tries to spot other players using a flashlight.

This game is perfect especially during night time or any place where there are plenty of hiding places.  Just make sure that all players will not stray too far from the campsite to avoid any accidents or getting lost.

58. Play Hide and Seek

Classic games such as hide and seek are popular for a reason: they are enjoyable and easy to play. Plus, people of all ages can join, including kids.

With lots of places to hide, everyone will be able to push themselves to find the best hiding spot.

Play Hide and Seek

59. Play Horseshoes

Horseshoes is a simple yet challenging game you can play almost anywhere, like in your backyard or summer camps, to name a few. The sound of horseshoes clanging against the metal stake is just music to the ears and is sure to evoke childhood memories in some people.

It is also easy to set up, and the equipment set is not that pricey either, the Franklin Sports Horseshoe Set is under $40.

60. Play I-Spy

A game of I Spy is a fun, tried-and-tested game usually played while on the road, especially during long trips. And with plenty of things to “spy with your little eye” while camping, it can be a great addition to the games you can play with family and friends!

61. Play Ringtoss

Another popular summer camp game is ring toss. Similar to horseshoes, players take turns throwing rings onto stakes. Its simplicity and ease of setup make it a family-friendly game that you can play and take with you on your travels.

You can make one of these games on your own or Elite Sports makes an easy to set-up one.

62. Play Some Board Games

If you prefer a more chill day at the campsite, having a board game marathon with your favorite games could be fun. You can make it even more fun by adding prizes for the winner.

Unsure of which games to play? Check out this list: Board Games Bucket List: 50 of the All Time Best Ones to Play

63. Play Stickball

If you’re a fan or have played baseball before, you will surely love stickball. While it is a popular street game, especially in New York City and Philadelphia, it can also be a fun camping game idea you can play on the campsite, provided there is enough space.

It doesn’t need much equipment as well, as you only need a broom handle and a rubber ball like Spaldeen to get started.

64. Play the Alphabet Game (Find Camping Things A-Z)

A simple yet fun challenge you can do on your camping trip is playing the alphabet game. See if you can complete the alphabet by looking for any camping things that correspond to a letter in the alphabet as you go about your day.

You can cross off the letters as you, or to add a bit more challenge you could find the items alphabetically.

65. Play Truth o Dare

Whether you’re playing the game one-on-one or in a group, truth or dare is an activity that will surely liven up a dull day camping. Not only will everyone get to know each other more, but it also makes for some memorable memories.

You can also do other variations of the game, like Would You Rather or Never Have I Ever. 

66. Play Tug-of-War

If you have a big group with you and a long rope (EASYGO sells a great one), a friendly game of tug of war will surely fire up everyone’s competitive spirit while camping. Not only is it a fantastic team-building game, but anyone can join in on the fun as well!

Play Tug-of-War

67. Play Water Volleyball

You can mix having fun in the water while also working your whole body with a game of water volleyball. Some campgrounds have a public pool or nearby lake as part of their amenities, so be sure to check first if the one you’re going to has one, and if it is possible to play water volleyball there.

68. Put on a Talent Show

Amaze everyone with your unique talent by putting up your own talent show while on camping! It can be anything: playing an instrument like the guitar, doing a magic trick, or even singing. 

If you have more than one talent, you can mix it up to create something more unique! If you don’t know what to perform, then here’s 50 talent show ideas.

69. Read A Book In Nature

If you are an avid reader, then those warm camping evenings make for some of the best times to just sit under a tree and read a New York Times Best Seller

This list is considered one of the most reliable when it comes to suggesting excellent books in the United States. Whether you are looking for fiction, non-fiction, auto-biographies or even a children’s book for those bedtime stories, you will find it here.

 If you love the classics then check of the Classic Books Bucket List: 25 of the Best Must-Read Novels

70. Relax in a Hammock

After hours of doing activities like swimming or hiking, getting to rest and nap on a hammock is one of the pleasures you get to experience out in the wilderness, especially if you have a scenic view like a lake or beach!

If you don’t have a hammock, these two are perfect for camping (and include mosquito nets):

Relax in a Hammock

71. Rent An RV And Camp Across The USA

If you’re looking for a way to travel and camp around the country in comfort, look no further than the RV. While renting one can be expensive, it more than makes up for the marvelous experience. Imagine waking up to new sceneries and things to explore, not to mention you can also bring the whole family on your travels.

72. Ride Jetskis

For those who love high-speed thrills, you will definitely love jet skiing! If your campground has a body of water that makes this possible, don’t miss the chance for this adventure.

It usually costs around $80 to $100+ per hour on average, along with other requirements before renting one, so be sure to check it out in advance.

73. Roast A Hot Dog (Or Two)

Hotdogs are one of the most popular foods to eat in the USA and a staple meal when it comes to camping. There’s something about cooking food over a fire that elevates the whole camping experience, so be sure to try it out.

74. Search for Animal Homes

From bird nests to burrows to caves to webs and the like, each animal has different shelters they call their home.

Take the time to look around and see if you can spot animals around you, and if you do, try to watch what they do and where they are going. Birds, for example, carry twigs and sticks when building a nest, so it’s a good indication they have a nest somewhere.

75. Search for Edible Plants

Another addition to your survival skill set is identifying and searching for edible plants. Not only will it help you become more self-sufficient, but it can also add variety to the food you take on camping trips and the like. Of course, it will take a lot of time to learn, but the payoff is well worth it.

76. Search For Wildflowers

A range of other wildflowers sprout and blossom at the same time in the spring, many of which are quite stunning and Instagrammable once you find them.

While it may be tempting to pluck a few, it is always better to leave them be and let their beauty spread across the landscape for generations to come.

Search For Wildflowers

77. Set Up a Slackline

Whether it be in your backyard or at the campsite, a slackline is a great way to push your balancing skills to the test while also having fun in the process, especially if you have kids with you.

Setting up one is fairly easy. Just look for two spots where you can tie the ends of the slackline into (like a tree) and you’re good to go.

78. Sing Campfire Songs

One of the best camping memories is sitting by the fire with friends or family and singing campfire songs (maybe while roasting s’mores?!?). If you are unsure of what tunes to sing, Cool of the Wild has listed 55 of the best campfire songs to choose from.

Sing Campfire Songs

79. Sip on Hot Chocolate

There’s nothing quite like sipping some hot cocoa while watching the campfire. It’s the perfect set-up to write your bucket list (hint, hint)! You can make yourself a simple Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate or spruce it up by whipping up a Red Velvet Hot Chocolate. Don’t forget to sip it in your favorite bucket list mug from our buck & co. shop!

Sip on Hot Chocolate

80. Sleep Under The Stars

Sleeping under the stars is a thrilling experience, especially if it’s your first time doing it. The ambiance of the wilderness coupled with stars blanketing the night sky while you lie down inside your tent or campervan is just a great way to end an adventure-filled day.

Sleep Under The Stars

81. Soak in a Hot Spring

There’s nothing quite like soaking in a warm body of water while the weather outside is chilly. Research natural hot springs nearby, and take your camping tour nearby and soak in one.

Not only is it relaxing, but they are known to improve blood flow and offer glowing skin at your fingertips—bonus! 

82. Spend the Afternoon Daydreaming

It’s almost too easy to daydream while camping, especially on a quiet day. Add to that the sound of the trees and the birds, and the clouds lazily floating by, and you’ll find your mind drifting with them as well.

83. Spot Creatures Snorkeling

If your camping adventure takes you to someplace where you can snorkel, then it is a chance to see the different marine life that live beneath the waves. See how many creatures you can find!

Spot Creatures Snorkeling

84. Start a Fire Without Matches

Play the game of Survivor, get some flint and learn how to start fire sans the matches. Here are 13 ways you can do it!

85. Start Your Own Bonfire

A bonfire can add incredible ambiance to any camping trip, especially on a warm outdoor night. So, invite your friends, load up your cooler with beverages, bring lots of wood and a radio to play your favorite tunes.

Start Your Own Bonfire

86. Take a Boat Ride

When it comes to water adventures and connecting with nature, nothing beats a relaxing boat ride. What’s more, it also opens you up to different activities like fishing and swimming, and also different perspectives of the surrounding landscape.

87. Take a Nighttime Walk

Going on a walk on a trail near your campsite is a great way to see what type of critters lurk around after dark. Grab a flashlight and see what you can find!

88. Take a Swim

Who wouldn’t want to take a jump or dip into a natural pool of water, especially during the summer?

It also offers you the opportunity to connect with nature through its cold and refreshing waters, not to mention the scenery around you.

89. Take an Afternoon Nap

Whether in the tent or a hammock, a quick afternoon nap is a great way to boost your energy levels, especially if you’ll be spending the latter part of the day ticking off things on your camping bucket list.

90. Take An Outdoor Shower

While it offers little when it comes to privacy unless you have some form of enclosure, taking an outdoor shower provides a different sense of connection with nature.

Some RVs have a built-in outdoor shower you can use to wash. Alternatively, you can also get a nice portable outdoor shower which is perfect when camping with a tent.

91. Take Your Dog Camping

Want to embark on a camping or glamping adventure in the wild but don’t want to leave Spot behind? No problem-just bring him along! That is, if he is trained well enough to handle the dog bucket list activity. If he barks a lot or tends to snatch food from other people, you will want to rethink your camping plans.

The How to Camp With Your Dog article will help to get you wilderness ready, and check out these pet friendly campgrounds around the world.

Take Your Dog Camping

92. Tell Ghost Stories

There’s something about gathering around the campfire that will make you want to share ghost stories. Maybe it’s the creatures that lurk just out of sight somewhere in the woods, or maybe the cold night breeze and the crackling fire.

Whatever that may be, if the stories don’t keep you up at night, something else will (just kidding!)

93. Test Freeze Dried Meals

Freeze-dried meals are popular among travelers and campers due to their lightweight, long shelf life, and ease of preparation. And because they are freeze-dried, they also retain a whopping 97% of their nutritional value.

As for the taste, well, it’s for you to find out ;) There are many different brands of freeze-dried meals out there, so you are sure to find one (or more) that will excite your taste buds.

Amazon has an entire Freeze Dried Camping Food section, that includes ice cream sandwiches and lasagna with meat sauce!

94. Throw Around a Frisbee

Playing frisbee is another fun thing to do camping; whether that means putting together a group of people for a round or two of ultimate frisbee or just tossing it back and forth with a close friend while enjoying the sound of nature.

95. Try Geocaching

All you need to embark on a geocaching adventure is a GPS, which most of today’s phones come ready with, and perhaps some clothing and shoes appropriate for the weather. While the main purpose of geocaching is to find geocaches in your area, it can easily take you to places you’ve yet to discover, leading you to catch two birds with one stone. 

If you want to learn more about geocaching , REI has a guide on how to get started geocaching.

96. Try Glamping

Are you looking to take the whole camping experience to the next level? Then you should give glamping a go.

With amenities such as beds and electricity, it’s as if you’ve (almost) brought the luxury of a hotel or resort room with you to the outdoors.

Try Glamping

97. Try Mountain Biking

Mountain biking definitely is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities that will push your biking skills to the limit.

Unlike standard biking, you’ll be traversing different off-road terrain, which is way more challenging but equally exciting.

Try Mountain Biking

98. Try Skipping Stones

Did you know that rock skipping has grown to be much more than a simple childhood pastime, that it’s now an actual competitive sport of sorts? I know, it blows my mind as well! But that fact makes it all the more compelling and encouraging for us to return to the days of skipping stones on a lake—or finally learning how to do so.

99. Unplug For A Weekend With Your Significant Other

Technology has become a significant part of our lives, sometimes a bit too much. Every once in a while, we should take a step back and be tech-free. And what better way to share this experience than with your sweetheart?

Not only will a weekend “digital detox” have a positive effect on your whole well-being, but you’ll also deepen your connection with each other even more.

100. Watch the Sunset & Sunrise

Whether you’re catching it from a mountain top, or someplace else, sunsets and sunrises are the days at their most beautiful. So find a spot from where you can clearly see it, preferably against nature’s beautiful backdrop, and perhaps bring along a picnic basket and a mat to fully immerse in enjoying the sight.

As you can see, there are plenty of fun and rewarding camping activities that let you reconnect with nature and appreciate even the simplest things in life, from making s’mores to sleeping under the stars and more.

So if you feel like nature is calling out to you (not to the bathroom, I hope!), just answer the call and go camping :)

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24 thoughts on “Camping Bucket List: 100 Fun Activities & Things to Do”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful info. You always have good humor in your posts. So much fun and easy to read!

  2. Hi Annette,

    It was an amazing list! I remember when I was young, I used to go camping with my parents. It was such a special experience. To this day, I cherish all of those beautiful moments we spent under the sky. This year my parents are celebrating their anniversary, and I was thinking of making it a memorable day for them. This list will help me plan out the best activities for them and give them a great experience on a special day. Thanks a lot for such an amazing share, it was very helpful.

  3. I just love this list and it helped to put a big smile on my face now as I am leaving this week to go camping with my family and this is just fabulous to have some fun and enjoy the moment with the ones I love. Thanks for sharing it

  4. Wow, so many great tips and ideas here! I’m definitely going to print this list and take it with us on our next family camping trip.

  5. My husband and I recently started camping for the first time in our adult lives… loving it so far but this list is going to be SO handy for our next trip! Thanks for the many ideas!

  6. What a fantastic list of ideas, we stayed in a safari tent last summer, and I wish I had found this before! I will save it off for next time!

  7. Thank you for sharing so many lovely ideas for camping. For us one of the most memorable camping experiences we had was relaxing with our kids around a campfire, telling each other stories and roasting marshmellows until late in the evening. Beautiful memories.

  8. How about fort building? We love finding the sticks to make the fort, then all the fort material can usually be used in the fire at the end of the day!

  9. What a fantastic list! It does feel like the outdoors is definitely the best way to travel these days. Camping is always a great time.

  10. We recently did the Upper Dolpo camping trek. It was awesome. It was 26 days journey. We Explore the unique lifestyle of the Dolpali people and their culture. Word is not enough to explain about beauties of Dolpa. It is completely Paradise

  11. It is simple to manufacture your own bubble solution, and for added enjoyment, bring some bubble guns!

  12. What a great list! Off-roading and looking for constellations in skies with no or little light pollution are amongst my favourites whilst my daughter always seems to find ‘walking sticks’. I’m going to add some of your other ideas to our list. I’m dreaming of buying a camper van and that’s top of my wish list!

  13. Fantastic suggestions! Your insights on the best activities near the campsite are truly valuable. Exploring these options has added an extra layer of excitement to our recent wildkamp adventure. Kudos to the author for the insightful recommendations!


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