July Bucket List Ideas of Fun Things to Do

July is finally here, which means it’s time to enjoy every last bit of summertime bucket list pleasure! Whether you’re a travel newbie or a bucket list veteran, we’ve got for you the best things to do in July to make your summer sizzle. From the wild rides at the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada, to the sweet simplicity of berry picking, July offers endless opportunities for fun and adventure.

July Bucket List Must-Do Activities

1. Be a Summer Camp Counselor

If you love camping or teaching others outdoorsy stuff, then you may want to try out becoming a summer camp counselor this July. Just imagine leading a cabin full of energetic campers on canoeing trips, campfire sing-alongs, and epic capture-the-flag battles. 

2. Attend a Block Party

Block parties are a fantastic summertime activity, particularly if you like going out to parties, making new friends, and, of course, trying out different foods! What I love most about it is that it’s a chance to get to know your neighbors and the local community you’re a part of. 

3. Go to the Calgary Stampede In Alberta, Canada

Wishing for a summer vacation wilder than a charging horse or bull? Then the Calgary Stampede in Canada should be lassoed onto your bucket list pronto! Every July, this iconic 10-day event takes the city by storm, turning Calgary into a full-blown celebration.

From cool rodeo events to chuckwagon races that will have you on the edge of your seat, to line dances and midway packed with games, rides, and delicious treats, it’s no wonder The Stampede is known as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”!

4. Blow Bubbles

Blowing bubbles might seem like something you’d do as a child. But for me, that’s exactly the whole point! There’s magic in the simplicity of  just a bottle of bubble solution and a wand. And let’s be real, there’s certainly a competitive thrill in trying to blow the biggest one!

5. Build a Sandcastle

For me, building sandcastles is one of those ‘tried-and-tested’ beach activities that is here to stay, and for good reason: it’s simple, it’s creative, and it’s perfect for people of all ages. No need for any fancy equipment. Just bring a bucket and a shovel, and you’re all set! 

Build a Sandcastle

6. Have Fun on a Slip and Slide

Let’s face it, July is scorching hot in most places. While fancy water parks are great, there’s something undeniably awesome about the chill factor of a good old-fashioned Slip and Slide. 

Slip and Slides have had a lot of upgrades over the years. The WOW Sports Super Slide is a newer version and super popular.

Have Fun on a Slip and Slide

7. Can Veggies From Your Garden

Canning your summer harvest is a fantastic way to extend the bounty of your garden and enjoy homegrown goodness all year round. While you need certain equipment to get started (like mason jars and a pressure canner), it’s a surprisingly practical skill that allows you to preserve the peak flavor and freshness of your vegetables. Plus, there’s a certain satisfaction in knowing you’ve created shelf-stable pantry staples from your own backyard.

Here are some great reads I found about how to start canning your veggies:

Can Veggies From Your Garden

8. Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

Let’s be honest, sometimes the only thing that can cool you down and satisfy your taste buds in the heat of July  is a giant scoop (or two) of ice cream. That’s where National Ice Cream Day, landing on the third Sunday of July, comes in. It’s the perfect excuse to hit up your local ice cream parlors or try a new one!

Bonus bucket list points if you try a new exotic flavor!

Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

9. See Epic Fireworks on the Fourth of July

If you haven’t witnessed a truly epic fireworks display on the Fourth of July, then you’re missing out on a major summer tradition! Mind you, I’m not talking about your typical backyard sparklers. Instead, I’m talking about thunderous finales that will make you gawk and make you go for your phone and earplugs. 

10. Cook a Meal Outside

There’s nothing quite like whipping up a delicious meal under the open sky. Cookouts in the backyard are a great way for people to get together. I mean, who can resist the sizzling scents of grilled meats and burgers and the promise of good food? Plus, you can also have a water balloon war, play yard games, or just unwind and enjoy the sun.

11. Discover a New Hiking Trail

Trying out a new trail brings the excitement of the unknown – what waterfalls will you stumble upon? What wildlife might you encounter? Even if you end up not liking it as much (which hopefully is not the case), at least you got the answers to those questions! 

Annette White hiking in Breton Highlands national Park

12. Do a Social Media Fast

Enjoy more present moments, reduce stress, and improve focus by going on a social media fast. I suggest starting with a shorter break, like a weekend detox, or (if you remember your passwords) logging off on your social media accounts for an hour or two. The key is to experiment and see how you feel.

13. Make Popsicles

Popsicles are an easy way to beat the summer heat, but creating your own is an entirely different experience. What I love about popsicles is that they are a fun and customizable way to cool down. We’re talking watermelon mint, creamy mango coconut, or even a decadent chocolate-dipped strawberry surprise.

14. Find the Perfect Happy Hour Patio

There’s nothing better than discovering a rooftop patio during happy hour after a tiring day of sightseeing. The city skyline bathed in the golden hour light? Magical. Plus, discounted drinks and yummy appetizers? My kind of perfect ending! 

15. Float on a Lazy River

I remember my first Lazy River float, and it was like stepping into a stress-free zone—gently gliding along, letting the current do all the work while you bask in the sun. It’s the perfect July bucket list item for a reason—pure relaxation with a hint of watery adventure. 

16. Fly a Kite

A brightly colored kite dancing playfully in the sky, a soft breeze, and July sunshine. That’s my idea of a perfect summer afternoon. I mean, just witnessing your kite take off and soar with the wind has an undeniable charm to it. 

17. Get a Fun Summer Pedicure

Okay, confession time: flip-flop season always makes me realize I’ve neglected my poor feet. But here’s the fix – a summer pedicure is the ultimate pick-me-up! I love browsing nail art inspiration online, then letting my creativity run wild at the salon. From sassy watermelon slices to dazzling ombre effects, there’s a design to match every summer adventure. 

18. Go glamping

Ever dreamt of sleeping under a blanket of stars but without the, ahem, “rustic” charm of traditional camping? Enter glamping.

Imagine being tucked away in the middle of nature with cozy mattresses, twinkling lights, and perhaps even a jacuzzi. Spend your days hiking, kayaking, or simply soaking up the view, and come nightfall, you can cuddle up by the fire and gaze at the Milky Way.

Annette Glamping

19. Go to a Baseball Game

Baseball practically shouts July! Sunshine, hot dogs, and the sound of the bat cracking is a classic American experience. Even if you’re not a die-hard baseball fan, you can still have a great time. 

Pete and Annette at Baseball Game

20. Go Wine Tasting

A glass of something delicious in hand (preferably, zinfandel for me!), rolling hills covered in grapevines, and sunny days make for the ideal summer getaway, don’t they? Bonus points for creating a winery bucket list too!

Wine Tasting Annette

21. Have a bonfire on the beach

July is the perfect time to embrace the outdoors, and a bonfire on the beach ticks all the boxes. It’s relaxing, social (or solo-friendly!), creates unforgettable memories, and won’t break the bank. 

P.S. Be sure to check with your local regulations first, but bonfires on public beaches are often free. All you need is some firewood (driftwood is perfect!), snacks, and maybe a fire pit if they’re not provided.

22. Have a staycation in your own city

Breathe new life into your city life with a staycation! Check out local spots you always ignored, go to that museum you’ve been wanting to see for a long time, or get takeout and enjoy a picnic in the park.

23. Have a water balloon fight

Nothing says summer fun quite like a good soaking, and water balloons fights are the perfect way to cool off. All you need are balloons, a hose, and some willing participants. And the best part? It works for any age group!

24. Celebrate International Friendship Day

International Friendship Day (which takes place on July 30) and is a dedicated time to show those amazing people how much they mean to you. It can be as simple as grabbing coffee with an old friend, arranging a fun game night with your besties, or even planning a day trip to a nearby town. 

25. Do Yoga Outside

Outside yoga is a great way to get a dose of sunshine and breathe in fresh air, while enjoying scenic views. Ideal locations include parks, beaches, and mountain tops, where the tranquility of nature complements the practice of mindfulness and physical well-being. 

26. Look for fireflies (lightning bugs)

We don’t have fireflies in my town, but seeing them while traveling has been a summer highlight. There’s a certain thrill in wandering through a darkened field, waiting for those first sparks of light. 

27. Make a new smoothie

Blending fresh berries, mangoes, and a splash of coconut water is like bottling summer goodness. Make a new concoction of flavors, you can even try my favorite one:

Almond Joy Smoothie

1 ¼ Cups Coconut Water
3 Medjool Dates
1 Tbsp Unsweetened Shredded Coconut
1 Tsp Cocoa Nibs
1 Tbsp Chocolate Collagen or Protein Powder
1 Tbsp Almond Butter
2 Tbsp Oatmeal
½ Frozen Banana
2 Ice Cubes
Flaxseed, Bran, Chia, optional

28. Make a travel bucket list

Making a travel bucket list is great any time of year, but especially in the summer months. like picking out the perfect toppings for an ice cream sundae—exciting and personal. July is ideal for adventures like racing on a sailing boat through Caribbean waters, hiking the scenic trails of a National Park, or castle hopping in Ireland. 

Annette travel bucket list

29. Go Berry Picking

Unlike some of the other bucket list adventures, this one is perfect for all fitness levels (think strolling through a sunny patch versus scaling a mountain). Plus, the end result is a bounty of delicious berries that are perfect for fresh eating, baking into pies, or whipping up a batch of homemade jam.

P.S. Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries are among the berries that are in season in July.

30. Go on a Road Trip

July is peak summer in most places, but on a road trip, YOU get to pick the perfect weather. Hot and sunny? Cruise down the Pacific Coast Highway with stunning ocean views. Want mountains? Hit the Rockies and escape the heat with epic hikes and crystal-clear lakes.

Looking for something to motivate you on your next road trip? Check out our 75+ Road Trip Quotes to Inspire Your Next Long Drive.


31. Play Miniature Golf

Tee off into a world of fun with miniature golf – the pocket-sized version of its grander cousin! I love both versions, but especially putt-putt with its whimsical obstacles, windmills, and looping tracks.

32. Perfect a Watermelon Salad

Let me clue you in on a little trick to up your summertime game: learn how to make watermelon salad. Nothing hits the spot on a hot summer day than a refreshing bowl of juicy watermelon mingled with tangy feta, crisp cucumbers, and a hint of mint, all tossed in a zesty lime dressing. 

Here is a delish watermelon salad recipes for you to try out: Watermelon Salad with Feta by Love & Lemons.

33. Find a Swimming Hole

Why waste your July sweating in an ordinary pool when you could be chilling in a breathtaking swimming hole smack dab in the middle of nature? Swimming holes are like nature’s water parks, with crystal clear water, diving rocks, maybe even hidden waterfalls!

34. Go to an outdoor concert

Almost every night in July you can expect festivals, tours, and local shows happening from coast to coast. There’s also something for everyone – massive festivals with all your favorite headliners, smaller, more intimate shows with up-and-coming acts, or even free community concerts in the park. 

Go to an outdoor concert

35. Celebrate World Chocolate Day

July just got a whole lot sweeter because it’s World Chocolate Day on the 7th! If you’re anything like me, you believe that every day should be chocolate day, but let’s save the best for July. 

36. Read a book in a hammock

I love reading, and nothing compares to reading a fantastic book while softly rocking in a hammock under the summer sun. It’s the ultimate chill-out experience for July, and is perfect for anyone looking for pure relaxation and mental escape. 

And speaking of books, check out our list of the best must-read books/novels to add to your reading list: Classic Books Bucket List: 25 of the Best Must-Read Novels

Annette at Hammock

37. Take a hot air balloon ride

Hopping on a hot air balloon ride is one of those surreal activities that offers a bird’s-eye view like no other. Unlike airplanes and helicopters, hot air balloons drift gently, allowing you to admire the scenery around you in complete serenity. 

38. Roast s’mores

Who can resist the melty chocolate, toasted marshmallow and crispy graham cracker combo? Not me! My new favorite is using swapping regular chocolate with a recess peanut butter cup. Yummy.

Roast s’mores

39. Go to a Taco Tuesday

Tacos Tuesdays are a great way to enjoy a meal at a restaurant without going over your budget—and eat lots of tacos. Many restaurants offer amazing prices on them on that typically slower day of the week.

40. Take a Summer vacation

A vacation is the perfect chance to hit pause, step away from the daily grind, and come back feeling ready to tackle anything. It could be anything from learning to surf in Costa Rica, exploring ancient ruins in Petra, Jordan, or simply spending quality time with loved ones on a camping trip

Annette Summer-Vacation

41. Go to a Dude Ranch

July is a scorcher, right? Beaches are crowded, city’s hot and sticky…been there, done that. Tell you what will REALLY shake things up: A dude ranch vacation!

Instead of city noise, you wake up to the fresh mountain air and the sound of birds chirping.  No traffic jams, just breathtaking scenery as you explore on horseback. 

PS: my all-time favorite one is Vista Verde Ranch in Colorado.

Annette Dude Ranch

42. Play a Game of Disk Golf

Ever wished your frisbee skills could translate into summer bragging rights? Disc golf is your answer! You can think of it as a mix between frisbee and golf, where your goal is to land a disc/frisbee into a metal basket with as few throws as possible. 

43. Travel Out of State

Feeling like a hamster on a vacation wheel – same scenery, same routine? Break free this summer and explore a new state. Traveling out of state is like stepping into a whole new world. Imagine towering redwoods lining the Californian coast, or the vibrant energy of Times Square in New York City. 


44. Try a New Beer

Have you ever considered expanding your taste buds through your pint glass? You might discover your new go-to beer, or a flavor that leaves you scratching your head. 

PS: If you haven’t tried a Lagunitas brew, do it! They were created in my hometown :) 


45. Visit a National Park

Visiting a National Park in the summer is a classic American adventure, and for good reason. These places are like giant postcards come to life. One minute you’re hiking to Half Dome Rock in Yosemite National Park, the next you’re gazing up at a sky crammed with stars at Lassen Volcanic National Park


46. Visit a tourist attraction in your city

If someone asks you what are the best attractions in your city, where will you point them into? I used to be stumped over that question until I decided to play tourist in my own town. Visiting a tourist attraction you haven’t visited or fully explored yet in your own city not only gives you a refreshing perspective, but also deepens your appreciation for your hometown.

47. Visit a waterpark

From thrilling slides that get your adrenaline pumping to lazy rivers perfect for chilling out, waterparks offer something for everyone,  suitable for all ages.

Annette at waterpark

48. Visit an amusement park

Nothing uite compares to the nostalgia of cotton candy or the adrenaline of a roller coaster ride. Don’t forget to get a deep-fried twinkie to check off your American Food Bucket List.

And that’s my roundup of the best things to do in July! I’ve had so much fun sharing these bucket list ideas, and I hope you’re as excited as I am to dive into these adventures. Every experience is a chance to make new memories, whether it be rocking out at a block party, exploring new flavors with a homemade smoothie, or roasting s’mores by the campfire. Let’s keep ticking things off our bucket list and making the most of every sunny day this July!

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