Louis Lee's Rock Garden in PhoenixThe Louis Lee’s Oriental Rock Garden is a Phoenix, Arizona hidden gem…Or at least hidden. It can be found in he residential area, on the outskirts of downtown.

I leisurely drove to the rock garden in the middle of a Monday afternoon and upon approaching the unique home I was surprisingly in awe at what I saw. Amongst the million dollar dwellings in the hills of Phoenix you will come across Louis Lee’s Oriental Rock Garden.

Way back in 1958 Mr. Lee began creating this masterpiece as an answer to having to maintain a typical lawn in the Arizona heat. He started building with rocks but later added arches, buddhas, plates, bottles and even Christmas lights. Though Lee passed away in 2006 and the garden is not open to the public, you can still see plenty from the street. The photos can not do the artistic nature of this home justice. You could easily spend an hour absorbing all of the nooks and crannies of this labor of love. Though, keep in mnd this is a quiet residential neighborhood and the home is occupied.

Have you ever seen a rock garden?

Louis Lee’s Oriental Rock Garden
4015 E. McDonald Dr., Phoenix, AZ

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