Getting Bit By An Ostrich Bird. Not on the Bucket List.

When I lived in Arizona I had driven by Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Bird Ranch a dozen times vowing to return one day to feed the kind, sweet and gentle ostrich (do you sense the sarcasm). Today was that day.

Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Bird Ranch is a working ranch just between Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona. You can not miss the huge FEED OSTRICH sign from the freeway.

The price of admission is $5.00 which includes a cup of food for the animals. Basically you pay money to the ranch for the food so that you can feed their animals. Brilliant business plan.

There weren’t just Ostriches that were hungry at this Ostrich farm; donkeys, goat, deer, ducks and lorikeets called it home too.

I was instructed to start with the donkeys and work my way clockwise, ending with the lorikeet birds. I did as told.

After feeding a couple of asses I headed towards the European Fallow Deer.

I was confused me for a minute. I come from a town where deer roam wild and if you are not careful they will eat your homes landscape. Seeing them penned up was out of character.

The goats were next up in the rotation and I immediately thought I had left the zoo and entered the circus as they popped there head out of a decorative cutout hole. Too peculiar. I moved on.

As I made my way to the ostriches they appeared to be kindly minding their own business. Then I arrived…with my cup of food and mouths started to gape. I hesitantly tossed a pellet towards them to see if they could catch. Nope.

As I stepped closer to nourish them, I saw the warning sign. Ostrich Bite. This was not enough for me to heed the notice.

Look, this little living dinosaur is behind a fence. What harm could he possibly do? There was still no cause for fear when he peeked his eyeballs ever so slightly over the fence.

I got closer to the security barrier with a pellet in one hand and my camera in the other.

My intention was to feed the ostrich through the protective grates. I raised my camera hand in the air and, in a second, this hungry sucker popped his head over and bit my finger. Wrong hand dumbass. I was talking to myself.

I am now finished feeding the ostriches.

I stomped away bitter about being bit by an ostrich, but then this donkey smiled at me and made it all better. True story.

Lastly, I went to the bird cage to see what a Lorikeet actually is.

Lorikeets are rainbow colored birds that are a member of the parrot family. They primarily eat nectar and pollen from fruit and flowers.

Luckily, I just so happen to have some nectar handy. Included in the five buck fee.

The Lorikeets immediately flocked when I opened my nectar. I thought about putting the container on my head, but didn’t want to get crap on my hat. Wise choice.

That wrapped up my afternoon feeding the animals at Rooster Cogburn. I may never feed an ostrich again.

But, I would go back…for the smiling donkey.

Have you ever been bitten by an animal? Would you go to this Ostrich Ranch?

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28 thoughts on “Getting Bit By An Ostrich Bird. Not on the Bucket List.”

  1. I have driven by this place hundreds of times on my way from Phoenix to Tucson and have never stopped.  One of these day I might but I will stay away from the Ostrich.  Did you get to ride the big lifted bus that they have?

  2. I cracked up at your observation of the pay-us-so-you-can-feed-our-animals scheme.  Sounds like all profit to me.  I better start collecting goats and smiling donkeys.  

  3. Now that looks totally schlocky and overly commercial AND at the same time I don't think I could have resisted either. What a fun experience!

  4. Ha ha, sorry you got bitten, but you have a hilarious writing style. I love this post, especially the images. Like Cece said, that donkey does look like it is giving you a laugh. Follow the warnings next time, eh.

  5. I have to hand it to you — I'm not sure I would have been brave enough to attempt feeding the ostrich after I saw that sign. I did once go to a Chimp Farm and saw a sign that said "We all spit."
    I learned my lesson there…

  6. Oh, man, I can't believe you went there! LOL, I'm from Tucson and we always pass that place on the way to Phoenix and I've never gone in. Now I may have to check it out when I'm back there. I'll be sure to be careful with the ostriches. 

    • I used to live in Chandler and occasionaly worked in Tucson, but never went. Finally, on my last visit to Arizona I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

  7. So the donkey was not so much smiling as leering at you for your fearlessness. I have never heard of those birds. I am glad they didn’t bite you too. My cousin was scratched by a tiger on the arm once.

  8. I planned a trip for my family here as we were driving to Tucson. I have a fear of ostriches (they are mean!) so I stuck to the birds and donkeys mostly. the goats took one of my kids’ entire bucket of food (including the bucket) and turned his head just right to pull it back behind the wall. It was crazy and hilarious. We had fun and it was worth the hour and the cash. I was glad I found this place. :)


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