9 Things I Learned at Phoenix Comicon Convention

Let me start with admitting that I know close to nothing about comic books, zombies or science fiction. I really couldn’t tell you the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars, and the last comic book I read was Archie in 1982.

“Then why would you go to Comicon, a comic book convention?” you inquire.

costume at Phoenix Comicon Convention

“Hello. I’m Annette, the girl who thrives on having new experiences. Have we met?”

About Phoenix Comicon Convention

Phoenix Comicon is the signature pop-culture event of the Southwest that attracts lovers of comics, anime, media and gaming.

Though I had overheard the rumors surrounding this well-attended event, I still had to experience it for myself. The proof is in the pudding.

What I had heard about this pudding was true; risque costumes, bondage-style masks and colored body paint galore. 

Since I was in my street clothes and not dressed as Elektra, I was happy for the security of my media pass badge hanging around my neck. A justification for my presence there. And by being there I learned a few things:

1. Black face masks should not only be reserved for the sado masochistic bedroom behavior. It is perfectly appropriate attire at Comicon. Move over Mr. Grey.

2. When all else fails, wear a cape. Not only will it be helpful when gliding in between buildings, but you will also feel like the ultimate superhero. 

costume at Phoenix Comicon Convention

3. Body paint is perfectly acceptable, as long as you don’t wash your hands after using the restroom.

4. Hot boys do like comic books.

5. If you are continuously hungry you may as well just carry a dining table with you at all times. Brilliant. 

6. Red skin with blue hair is an appealing fashion combination. Green hair and a large black dot on your belly? Not so much.

7. Not all bunnies are soft, sweet and cute. Stay far away from the bloody ones carrying cleavers, especially when they are talking to wicked clowns.

8. Stilts are more than just for the circus.

costume at Phoenix Comicon Convention

9. Generally, the less you wear the more attention you will receive, unless you are dressed in stringy camouflage and carrying a weapon.

Have you been to Comicon before? Are you a comic book, anime or science fiction fan?

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20 thoughts on “9 Things I Learned at Phoenix Comicon Convention”

  1. Whoa! I love it and love the costumes! And also your upsetting observation on body paint and hand washing…. ew!
    Earlier this year I went to FurCon, a convention for "anthropomorphic comic" fans–comics based on animals characters who act like people. The con was supporting an animal rescue I volunteer with and they invited us to have a table. Many participants wore full-body, hot as hell "fur suits"–larger than life size dogs, cats, bears, racoons, etc. An absolutely fascinating experience and definitely worthy of anyone's bucket list!

  2. They just announced the first Denver Comicon. Comics and sci-fi aren't really my thing either, but maybe it'd be worth visiting just to see what it's like. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I think it's cool that you went! I'm not into comics, but I do like Star Wars and I know TV shows with a sci-fi twist like LOST have been represented before. Maybe I'll go one day for the heck of it.

  4. I went to the San Diego Comic Con last year which I think is the biggest of all comic con's (it is the INTERNATIONAL one).  I don't read comics either, and I actually watched all the Star Wars (for the first time) right before going.  I loved it mainly for the movie and show panels and spotting lots of famous people!  I wore normal clothes to it as well!  No costumes for me!

    • That’s what I should have done, watched Star Wars and Star Trek beforehand! And possibly done a bit of comic research too :)

  5. LOL these pics are hilarious! I know nothing about comic books either but i totally want to go to one of these now x

    • It is worth checking out! There were so many more awesome costumes, I could have taken hundreds of photos.


    Comic con is always a lot of fun! I've gone quite a few times, and it just seems to get bigger, and bigger every year. It's a lot more than just comics, which I am very into, but now it expands into anime, and video games! They've become a melting pot of nerd-Dom! Haha. It's a great experience! Worth checking out at least once in your life, just go in with an open mind. I'm happy to say that I even proposed to my girlfriend at PCC this year, and we get go to San Diego Comic Con together for the first time, next month! 

    • I assume she said yes ;)
      Comicon is definitely an event not to be missed! I agree with attending with an open mind, there were so many unique (to me) events going on that I wish I had more time.

    • I actually have a better photo of you where you are scowling with your hand in the shape of a claw (it’s awesome), but it doesn’t show how tall you are with the stilts :(
      I’m sure your legs were tired afer days of standing on those!

  7. Nice article with great pictures. I like the pictures very much because of the very innovative and great costumes. Thanks for sharing this here with us.

  8. Did I read something about evil clowns? Yeah…I’m out. I do like Star Wars and don’t like Star Trek. I like Lord of the Rings and a few others. Some famous stars of these things have attended Comicon and it would be worth going if I could meet them, but I would need to steer clear of any clown, evil or no.


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