The Cutest Town in Arizona: Jerome

After hitting up Sedona, the first stop on my solo Northern Arizona road trip, I drove the winding 28 miles to the tippy top of Cleopatra Hill to the quaint town of Jerome, Arizona. Truth be told, even though its charm attracts thousands of tourists, I was there for only one reason, to see where rock star Maynard James Keenan lived.

Jerome may be the Cutest Town in Arizona (& where rockstar Maynard James Keenan lives)

The streets of Jerome, Arizona are narrow and lined with unique shops worthy of more than just a peek. I easily found parking, with a view, and started peeking.

Many stores were housed in these buildings reminiscent of an old Bordello. I was charmed by the clothes hanging on the porch.

I had to refrain from purchasing this ceramic pig made by a local Jerome, Arizona street artist. Though tempting, I was on a mission that didn’t involve a swine. Besides, I couldn’t imagine it fitting in the planes overhead bin.

I passed the House of Joy and backtracked because I wanted some. The store is housed in a building that once did business as a brothel. Was this pig a representation of this? Hmmm. And the inside of the shop was loaded with whimsical knick knacks; capes, vintage jazz posters, World War artifacts, burlesque-style attire, etc.

Even the exterior of The House of Joy was decked out. Its “No Trespassing” yard was decorated in a hodge podge of…stuff. Fire hydrants, stoplights, antique glassware, pottery, etc.

Finally, I ended up at Caduceus Cellars/Merkin Vinyards tasting roomin the downtown of Jerome, Arizona, where I hoped to stalk Maynard James Keenan from the band Tool. Not only is he a rock star, he makes wine too.

I had visions of him working the tasting counter, pouring me a little sip of red and explaining the importance of wine breathing. Heck, maybe he would even be belting out a song from the Lateralus CD.

Turns out, the closest I got to Maynard was this very cool poster.

At least there was wine.

After a fruitless rock star hunt, it was time to leave the cute town of Jerome, Arizona. Even though my search came up empty, spending a few hours here was worth the trek.

Have you ever tried to hunt down someone famous? Have you been to Jerome, Arizona?

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39 thoughts on “The Cutest Town in Arizona: Jerome”

  1. Dang! Oh well, at least you got to enjoy that awesome town! I actually have tracked down someone famous. Blake and I went to Morgan Freeman's Ground Zero blues club back in college with the hopes of finding Morgan there…and he was! I only got a picture of the back of his head because I didn't want to draw anymore attention to us because we were the only ones there hyperventilating!

  2. What a bummer that you didn't get to see him, but at least you got to venture throught the picturesque town.  Don't give up the hunt.

  3. I love that you were tracking down a wine-making rock star. (And the fact that one of those even exist). Tool is the soundtrack to my junior high angsty years. :)

  4. I haven't TRIED to track down someone famous, but one day I was at a cafe in Carmel, California and looked up to see Terry Bradshaw the sports guy sitting at the table next to me. :-)

    • Now that’s just really lucky :)
      Though I did run into MTVs Rob & Big in Las Vegas. And saw Adam Sandler in the Rolex store there. I hate to admit just how starstruck I am ;)

  5. I plan on trying to track down Jason Segel in the very near future! I want to find all 5 cast members of How I Met Your Mother. Segel would be my third. Obsessed? Mayb- yes.

  6. I just took my daughter to jerome and we were walking by past caduceus when I looked inside and maynard was inside walking out w a box of wine. I am a huge fan and had been there several times before. I read he is known to be sighted around Christmas but didnt think that I wld really be so lucky. I didnt say a word tho! I just acted like I didn’t even notice. My kids offered to take a pic but no one acted quick enough and he walked to his car put the boxes in a drove away. I had about 1 min to think and I decided not to ask for a pic cuz I didnt want to be annoying. Now I regret it. Word of advice.. ask. At least l could have tried. Smh…oh well
    I was arm length away for about 1 min and thats better than nothing.
    -Fellow fan

  7. I went to Jerome and Maynard sold me and my dad a bottle of wine he wrapped it up and wrote the name of the wine on the paper he wrapped it in he asked where we were from and after we told him he said that is where his wife was from.

  8. Maynard has a new store named after his band Puscifer….. it’s AMAZING. If you’re looking for one of a kind art work and limited edition concert posters (some from Tool 2007 tour) you MUST see this place! They even sell some of the cool props Maynard wore during his concerts from the mid 90s. He’s got a silkscreening press in the lower level to make one of a kind tshirts and a vinyl record shop there too…..or if you want to visit the barber you can a trim AND with every barbershop visit you get a free beer! Well done Maynard……well done!

  9. Last time I was in Jerome. We were walking the streets early in the morning the Maynard went cruising by in his side by side. Absolutely love Jerome!

  10. I would recommend doing some research before embarking on such an endeavor. if you knew anything about him as an individual you would have known that what you did in the way you did it not only wouldn’t get you close to him, but would likely be met with some type of hostility. He would not appreciate any of this one bit and is the exact reason he lives as a recluse.

  11. I found Bam Margera’s house once. I’ve also found Jerry Jones’ and Mark Cuban’s houses, but I live in Dallas, so that’s no biggie.


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