It was a lazy weekday afternoon in Arizona and I needed something to do. A simple Google search of unique attractions in Arizona brought me to my next adventure, a visit to Mystery Castle.

A Unique Arizona Attraction: Mystery Castle in Phoenix

Mystery Castle in Phoenix, Arizona is nestled way back in the foothills of South Mountain, passed the hundreds of strip malls, “questionable” section of town and a rocky road fit for 4-wheel drive.

At first glance of this “castle”, I was hit with a strong sense of  WTF? Ooh , I feel bad even insinuating that swear word. Dirty girl. But, it was true.

Mystery Castle in Arizona

I was greeted by a young tour guide who took my 5 bucks for the admission. Taking an inventory, I was the youngest and only solo individual in the crowd of eight. That is okay, I have done a lot of things alone, even tgoing to the movies alone once and I am absolutely no stranger to eating out alone, sometimes I even prefer it.

Considering it was a weekday, I was surprised by the amount of folks wanting to unfold this mystery of Mystery Castle.

This pseudo castle was built in the 30s by Boyce Luther Gulley who built it for his daughter who was distraught over her beach sand castles getting washed away by the waves. Gulley wanted to create something with a bit more permanence. He used reclaimed automobile parts,adobe and clinker bricks. The home features 18 rooms, 13 fireplaces and took 15 years to complete. Unfortunately, both Gulley and his daughter have passed, but the legends still live on.

Have you been to Mystery Castle? Is a visit to the castle on your Bucket List?

Mystery Castle is located at 800 E. Mineral Road, Phoenix, AZ