Take a Photo Standing Under the Las Vegas Sign. Snapshot.

Take a Photo Standing Under the Las Vegas Sign The "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign is as representative of Sin City as the Bellagio fountain waterworks or a leggy burlesque show. It's about a twenty minute walk from Mandalay Bay, but tourists, myself included, stand in line a dozen people deep for the opportunity to [...]

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Experience Rose. Rabbit. Lie. in Las Vegas

Rose. Rabbit. Lie. Huh? Even the mention of these three little words to the locals in Las Vegas gave a facial response of a familiar, yet quizzical look. The name had been on the tips of everyone's tongues in Sin City, but not one person had a valid explanation for exactly what it was. I [...]

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Play a Machine at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas

In my younger years, an afternoon out with my father typically included a visit to the local arcade where we spent hours trying to beat high scores on the video games and pinball machines. I am the self-proclaimed Galaga master. I wanted to relive those years. Or at least have my initials flashing on the [...]

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Meet An Italian Star at the Mirage VIP Pool

You never know who you will meet in Vegas. Once, I spent an evening dancing in the private booth of Rob Dyrdek's, the star of Fantasy Factory. The next visit Adam Sandler and Kevin James were shopping in Rolex. And now an Italian star. On my last day in Las Vegas my girlfriend and I had [...]

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Feel Old (& Young) on the Las Vegas Strip

I have been known to cut the rug every now and again. I can even do an impressive Running Man. And a, less impressive, sprinkler. Even as I rapidly approach the mid-life crisis age, I figured I could keep up fairly well with the young whippersnappers on the Las Vegas club scene. So, I scrounged [...]

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7 Reasons to Travel Off-Season

I sit here attempting to plan the perfect summer getaway for my fifteenth wedding anniversary, a memorable travel escape that will bring back the romance that was lost about...14.5 years ago. But, instead of a multitude of choices I am faced with overfilled hotel rooms, restaurants booked out for a month and sold-out attractions. Maybe there is some availability at Motel 6 [...]

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Get a Taste of Venice in Las Vegas

I have never been secretive about my love affair with Venice. It is an open and honest relationship, possibly one-sided, but sincere. And since I was in Las Vegas and not Italy, I had to do the next best thing to spending time with my beloved...go to the Venetian and eat at Otto Restaurant. With its gondola [...]

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See Dead People. At the BODIES Exhibition

I remember a group of us sneaking out of Biology class in college to take a peek at the cadavers in the next classroom. It only took the sight of one tagged big toe before I felt light headed, nauseous and had to escape...quickly. Apparently, I'm a wimp when it comes to dead people. This is why I agreed to [...]

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Eat Octopus on a Stick in Las Vegas

I like a lot of things on a stick; suckers with tootsie roll centers, the old-school creamsicles from the ice cream truck and even those little cake pops at Starbucks. However, I do draw the line at corn dogs from Hot Dog on a Stick. I could never get past watching the poor girls pump out lemonade in their corny striped outfits. I wasn't [...]

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12 Months of Travel, Gastronomical Indulgences and Bucket List Checks

I feel so blessed to have had 12 months jam packed with new experiences. The travel opportunities were plentiful, the food unique and the bucket list has many more checks. My kind of year. January In this first month I got one step closer to meeting Oprah...one tiny, little baby step. My "Recharge Your Life with a Bucket List" video [...]

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