Chill in a Las Vegas Ice Bar

I am always cold. It’s a fact. If you are wearing a short sleeve shirt than I am wearing a sweater and if you have a sweater on then I will definitely be sporting a jacket and scarf. I couldn’t even imagine what I would have to put on in order to have drinks at a Las Vegas ice bar, but I was sure it would be something that would make me walk like a penguin. Fitting.

We were greeted at the Las Vegas Ice Bar in Mandalay by attractive girls wearing furry animal hats, apparantly the latest winter trend. They fitted us with thick parkas, gloves and boots. I was actually warm. I was still standing in the lobby.

The cost of admission, $35 per person, included two drinks. So, the first stop was the bar, where I ordered some fruity chick drink. I didn’t think my drink of choice, red wine, would be a wise selection considering the glasses were made of ice.

Everything at this Las Vegas ice bar is made of ice; the bar, the chairs and even the glasses.

I couldn’t help but wonder how this bartender could stand to work in the frigid air for more than a 20 minute stretch. But, he looked equipped. Better so than me.

We found a cozy seat covered with hide to take a little edge off the bitter cold. My butt was still frozen. But, that was nothing compared to the icicles that took over where my fingers used to be. I probably should have paid the extra twenty bucks for the fur coat and ski gloves.

I lasted a good half hour inside the Las Vegas ice bar, enough time to thoroughly chill, down a drink and take the obligatory photo (which they charge 20 bucks a pop for…ouch!).

It took a good amount of time to defrost after exiting the ice chamber. Much thanks to the owners for intelligently placing the blazing fire on our way out. The last time I remember being that cold was when we spent the evening curling at the local ice skating rink.

I’m not sure how I would possibly survive in Antarctica. But, it’s still on the Bucket List.

Have you ever been to a Las Vegas ice bar? What’s the coldest you have ever been?

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32 thoughts on “Chill in a Las Vegas Ice Bar”

  1. Who would have guessed it would have been cold in an ice bar?  Seriously, it looks like fun, though.  I am only 23 days from my Antarctica trip and gettin a little nervous about the cold–it dipped into the 40s here and I was freezing. Uh-oh.

  2. They are centainly charging you well for the privellage of this unique man made experience. Although I did spend 7 years working for a frozen food company spending most of working day at sub zero temperatures, I think I'd now begrudge paying someone instead of being paid for the experience.

    • I know right! It was very pricey, but I’m happy I did it.
      I’m pretty sure I could never work at a frozen food company. Brrrr……

  3. wow, that sounds like such a fun (albeit tad expensive) experience.  The things they have in las vegas.  I have yet to go there, that is going on my list.

    • It was so much fun! I can almost never pass up a new experience, even when it hurts the pocketbook a little.
      Vegas is an amazing place and I hope you get to go there :)

  4. Wow that seems cold.  I can't imagine they have many regular customers.  it seems more like a touristy place; sort of pricey too.  It's a good bucket list experience.  I live in New England and it get's pretty cold sometimes, several degrees below zero.

  5. I did this in New Zealand, and it was more than half the price and we got to take pictures!  I can't believe they charged you $20 for a picture…if you pay $35 to enter a bar it should be complimentary….welcome to Vegas!

    • I am always bummed when attractions don’t allow cameras and then charge you outrageous fees to purchase a photo! I agree that the price should be all inclusive.

  6. well i lived in wisconsin for a year so i beat you on the cold front haha! but seriously, this ice bar looks way cool!!! cute pic too ;)
    xx ~ k

  7. We had a Minus5Bar in Sydney that was a lot of fun but they let you take as many photos as you like. The only additional cost was for more drinks, but they were reasonably priced. Such a fun concept!

  8. I was talking to some of my friends today while eating out, and they told me that there is an ice bar in Petaluma! They said that there are 7 in the world & one is in Petaluma! How strange, yet cool. That is definitely going on my bucket list of things to do super super soon. :)

  9. That bar looks really cool (no pun intended), we have a similar one here in Phuket called Ice Bar I think. It is much smaller than the one in your photos, but I'm sure it's equally refreshing to pop in on a hot day.

    • I am currently planning a trip to Thailand (Phuket and Chiang Mai) and will have to check out the Ice Bar there. It would be interesting to see the similarities and differences.

  10. Thank you for sharing this very nice post, please keep continue the sharing of this types of information. Here we are waiting for more

  11. I have heard of ice hotels and I guess they probably have bars in them, like all other hotels, but this is Vegas through and through. I am not surprised. Well, I am from Canada so I know cold, but this is a strange concept to me still. I could go out and have a few drinks outside any winter day, but something for your bucket list for sure.

  12. I wish I had seen this earlier. My parents just got back tonight and they were telling us how hot Vegas was when they were there a few days ago. I told them about reading about this place here on your blog and they sounded interested. Sounds like they could have used it. :-) And I love a good pun. ;-)

  13. I just did this in Orlando, Florida for Valentine’s Day! I forgot that you had also checked this item off. It was pretty awesome, but very cold and so expensive! That’s pretty much the only thing I read in yours, too! It looks like you guys had fun though. :)

    Yours might be bigger. I don’t know why they charge so much for a small freezer. Hahah. The experience was so worth it though.

  14. Thanks for the amazing read, as always, Annette. I’m originally from Florida, living in Arizona, so I totally get always being cold. Your post inspired me to visit the bar myself and I had a grand time!


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