Chill in the Las Vegas Minus 5 Ice Bar

I love the heat, but let’s face it, Vegas (especially in the summer) can be a furnace. Even the cocktails melt faster than your hopes of winning big at the roulette table. So, how do you escape the desert heat and inject some arctic attitude into your Las Vegas Bucket List?

Enter the coolest (pun intended) ice bar Las Vegas experience at Minus5, a frosty wonderland where the mercury dips to a refreshing -5°C (23°F). If you’re like me and seeking frosty thrills or craving a taste of Vegas coolness, this bar will leave you both chilled and thrilled!

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What Is an Ice Bar?

Basically it is a bar carved entirely from ice, glistening like a diamond in the strobe lights. Drinks served in crystal-clear ice glasses that sweat in your hand. Sculptures of mythical creatures frozen in time, all around you. 

That’s the -5 ice bar Las Vegas experience, a boozy blizzard that’ll leave you feeling like you just wandered onto the set of Game of Thrones (in the Winter, of course).

Minus 5 Ice Bar

About Minus 5 Ice Bars in Las Vegas

With three locations scattered across the Vegas Strip (LINQ Promenade, Grand Canal Shoppes, and Mandalay Bay), Minus5 offers a unique escape from the desert heat.

Each bar have their different perks, such as the “Fire and Ice” package at Mandalay Bay (which gives you entry to the 1923 Prohibition Bar speakeasy next door), casino and shopping options around the Venetian, and non-stop entertainment at the LINQ Promenade (like riding the High Roller Observation Wheel!).

Minus 5 Ice Bar

Drinks You can Order In Minus5 Ice Bar

Forget your standard Bud Light (or my beloved red wine) – the Minus5 experience demands a bit more theatricality. Their signature cocktails are served in hand-carved ice glasses, making each sip a mini ice sculpture in itself. Try the “Arctic Sunset” for a fruity burst of flavor or the legendary “Shot Ski” – a giant, shared ice luge filled with fiery concoctions.

But the icy adventures don’t stop there. Warm your soul (and numb fingers) with a decadent Boozy Hot Chocolate, a spiked sip that’ll have you questioning reality’s temperature gauge.

And for those who prefer a frosty escape without the buzz, mocktails are your icy allies. Fruity concoctions like the Jack Frost will keep you cool and connected, minus the hangover. And who says dessert can’t join the party? Dive into Tipsy Scoops, ice cream infused with your favorite spirits, or grab a Jello Shot – a jiggly, boozy bite that’s pure Vegas fun.

Minus 5 Ice Bar

What Can You Expect Inside?

Prepare to be bundled up! Upon arrival, you’ll be equipped with a parka and gloves to combat the frosty -5° Celsius temperature. Every inch of the place, from the walls sculpted with intricate animal figures to the iconic Vegas landmarks frozen in time, is crafted from crystal-clear ice. Even the tables and chairs boast a frosty sheen, softened by cozy fur rugs. Mingle with fellow adventurers over chilled cocktails served from a luminous ice bar by skilled bartenders who know how to keep things cool.

After your icy escapade, thaw out in the welcoming lounge area, where plush seating, delectable catering, and entertainment options like TVs and billiards await. The Minus5 Ice Bar isn’t just a drink, it’s an experience that will leave you chilled to the bone (in the best way possible).

Minus 5 Ice Bar

Do you have to make reservations for the ice bar in Las Vegas?

The Minus 5 Ice Bar welcomes you with open (and perpetually chilled) arms, no pre-booking required. Tickets are good for a whopping six months, so you can plan your arctic adventure at your own pace.

Sure, private events and media magic might occasionally close the doors to the public, but worry not. Even on the busiest days (usually weekends) the wait time typically hovers around a breezy 5-15 minutes. Just check their calendar for any upcoming events before you head out.

But remember, purchasing your tickets online is still the smoothest way to skip the paperwork and dive straight into the frosty fun. Simply choose the location and package that tickles your fancy, and let the Minus 5 magic begin.

Minus 5 Ice Bar

What is the dress code for the ice bar in Las Vegas?

Thankfully, the good folks at Minus5 take the guesswork out of what to wear. They provide you with all the arctic essentials: a toasty parka and gloves to keep those digits from turning into icicles. No dress code, just pure, unadulterated chill.

So, come as you are, whether it’s jeans and a t-shirt, or your comfiest pajamas (hey, no judgment here!). Just remember, comfort is king (or queen) in this frozen kingdom—so, ditch the fashion worries.

Minus 5 Ice Bar Annette Pete Las Vegas

Other Top Ice Bars in Las Vegas

If you haven’t had your fill of frozen fun, fear not! Vegas boasts several other ice bars worth exploring, each with its own distinct character. Behold the ICEBAR at LINQ Promenade, a frozen wonderland with 100 tons of ice and a 10-foot ice bar. Dive into themed zones like the Golden Knights Hockey Team Zone and pay homage to Evel Knievel.

For a more intimate chill, Golden Nugget Hotel’s Ice Bar, with its sleek design, awaits, tempting you with bespoke cocktails—don’t miss the chance to craft your own Bloody Mary!

Golden Nugget Ice Bar

In the middle of the hot Las Vegas desert, Minus5 Ice Bar is like a frozen paradise. With amazing ice sculptures and cool drinks, it’s the go-to place for a unique and chilly adventure. It may just be the coolest spot in Vegas! 

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32 thoughts on “Chill in the Las Vegas Minus 5 Ice Bar”

  1. Who would have guessed it would have been cold in an ice bar?  Seriously, it looks like fun, though.  I am only 23 days from my Antarctica trip and gettin a little nervous about the cold–it dipped into the 40s here and I was freezing. Uh-oh.

  2. They are centainly charging you well for the privellage of this unique man made experience. Although I did spend 7 years working for a frozen food company spending most of working day at sub zero temperatures, I think I'd now begrudge paying someone instead of being paid for the experience.

    • I know right! It was very pricey, but I’m happy I did it.
      I’m pretty sure I could never work at a frozen food company. Brrrr……

  3. wow, that sounds like such a fun (albeit tad expensive) experience.  The things they have in las vegas.  I have yet to go there, that is going on my list.

    • It was so much fun! I can almost never pass up a new experience, even when it hurts the pocketbook a little.
      Vegas is an amazing place and I hope you get to go there :)

  4. Wow that seems cold.  I can't imagine they have many regular customers.  it seems more like a touristy place; sort of pricey too.  It's a good bucket list experience.  I live in New England and it get's pretty cold sometimes, several degrees below zero.

  5. I did this in New Zealand, and it was more than half the price and we got to take pictures!  I can't believe they charged you $20 for a picture…if you pay $35 to enter a bar it should be complimentary….welcome to Vegas!

    • I am always bummed when attractions don’t allow cameras and then charge you outrageous fees to purchase a photo! I agree that the price should be all inclusive.

  6. well i lived in wisconsin for a year so i beat you on the cold front haha! but seriously, this ice bar looks way cool!!! cute pic too ;)
    xx ~ k

  7. We had a Minus5Bar in Sydney that was a lot of fun but they let you take as many photos as you like. The only additional cost was for more drinks, but they were reasonably priced. Such a fun concept!

  8. I was talking to some of my friends today while eating out, and they told me that there is an ice bar in Petaluma! They said that there are 7 in the world & one is in Petaluma! How strange, yet cool. That is definitely going on my bucket list of things to do super super soon. :)

  9. That bar looks really cool (no pun intended), we have a similar one here in Phuket called Ice Bar I think. It is much smaller than the one in your photos, but I'm sure it's equally refreshing to pop in on a hot day.

    • I am currently planning a trip to Thailand (Phuket and Chiang Mai) and will have to check out the Ice Bar there. It would be interesting to see the similarities and differences.

  10. Thank you for sharing this very nice post, please keep continue the sharing of this types of information. Here we are waiting for more

  11. I have heard of ice hotels and I guess they probably have bars in them, like all other hotels, but this is Vegas through and through. I am not surprised. Well, I am from Canada so I know cold, but this is a strange concept to me still. I could go out and have a few drinks outside any winter day, but something for your bucket list for sure.

  12. I wish I had seen this earlier. My parents just got back tonight and they were telling us how hot Vegas was when they were there a few days ago. I told them about reading about this place here on your blog and they sounded interested. Sounds like they could have used it. :-) And I love a good pun. ;-)

  13. I just did this in Orlando, Florida for Valentine’s Day! I forgot that you had also checked this item off. It was pretty awesome, but very cold and so expensive! That’s pretty much the only thing I read in yours, too! It looks like you guys had fun though. :)

    Yours might be bigger. I don’t know why they charge so much for a small freezer. Hahah. The experience was so worth it though.

  14. Thanks for the amazing read, as always, Annette. I’m originally from Florida, living in Arizona, so I totally get always being cold. Your post inspired me to visit the bar myself and I had a grand time!


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