What to Expect at The Bodies Exhibit Museum in Las Vegas

I’m no stranger to weird experiences – whether it’s sampling some of the strangest food in the world or piranha fishing in Guyana. And going to the BODIES Exhibition at the Luxor was the odd thing to do in Las Vegas to add to the list. The exhibition isn’t like visiting your run-of-the-mill museum; it’s a trip through the marvels of the human body—with real specimens.

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What Exactly is Bodies the Exhibition

Bodies the Exhibition features 13 whole-body specimens and more than 260 organs and partial body specimens, giving you an intimate look beneath the surface. So, are these specimens the real deal? Absolutely!

You can explore the intricacies of our skeletal, muscular, respiratory, nervous, digestive, reproductive/urinary, fetal (optional), and treated body.

Authentic human specimens also illustrate health concerns like cirrhosis of the liver, arthritis, smoking, and overeating. For instance, a healthy lung is shown with a black lung affected by smoking, offering a vivid comparison more powerful than any textbook image.

The Bodies Exhibit

About My Personal Experience Visiting

I remember a group of us sneaking out of Biology class in college to peek at the cadavers in the next classroom. It only took the sight of one tagged big toe before I felt lightheaded, nauseous and had to escape…quickly. Apparently, I’m a wimp when it comes to dead people. This is why I agreed to see BODIES Exhibition—to redeem myself.

We were greeted by several full-body specimens, a glimpse into our muscular system. I was too fascinated to be nauseous. Phew. It is said the muscular system is like the engine that drives our bodies, contracting to move blood vessels, bones and even food. If there was any doubt, seeing the intricacy of each form removed it. It is the engine.

Not only were there full bodies at the Bodies Exhibition to look at, but just about every part of the human body was meticulously dissected. Even the tiniest bone in the body, the stirrup found in the ear, was represented. It is about 1/10th of an inch long.

I was particularly fascinated with viewing the differences between a smokers and non-smokers lungs. The normal flesh color had turned to that of ash. I was happy at the thought that my lungs must still be a fleshy pigment.

Though you cannot touch the displays there was an opportunity to hold a lung and, of course, I did.

The Bodies Exhibit

How are the Specimens Preserved?

For preservation the bodies undergo a process called plastination. Through this innovative technique, fluids are replaced with a liquid plastic (like polymer) that solidifies, capturing every detail. This method not only maintains the integrity of the specimens but also allows for educational exploration without the ick factor. I didn’t feel nauseous once, and it was probably because of this process!

The Bodies Exhibit

How Long Should You Plan for a Visit

Clocking in at around 1 to 1.5 hours, it’s the perfect length to immerse yourself in the intricacies of each exhibit in the museum without feeling like you’re running a marathon. 

The Bodies Exhibit

Is Bodies the Exhibition Suitable for All Ages?

The whole family is welcome if you believe they can handle it. While it might be a bit much for the faint of heart, the educational value is undeniable. Kids and adults alike can learn about the human body in a way that textbooks simply can’t convey. Just beware that there is a fetus exhibit, but the viewing of it is totally optional.

The Bodies Exhibit

As you explore skeletal secrets and health exhibits, you’ll discover more than just skin-deep knowledge. It is an enlightening experience that makes you appreciate the magic happening beneath the surface. It’s a solid 10/10 on the wow-o-meter. From mind-blowing specimens to cutting-edge preservation, it’s a deep dive into our biological wonders.

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22 thoughts on “What to Expect at The Bodies Exhibit Museum in Las Vegas”

  1. That's cool. I think I would have enjoyed the exhibition. Crazy about how the lungs of non-smokers vs. smokers looked. I'm glad there's some fleshy pigment to mine. :)

  2. The Bodies exhibitions are absolutely incredible. They're works of art and sometimes I forget I'm looking at actual human bodies when I'm examining them. Because of the vibrant colors and the very purposeful anatomical displays, I think they're much easier to stomach than say, a cadaver lab.

  3. Wow! No, I've never seen this exhibition, but I too was fascinated by it when I heard about it. :-) I went to a DaVinci exhibit where his drawings of the human body were displayed, though, and that was mesmerizing. :-)

  4. Ick! BODIES came to Cincy a little bit ago, but I didn't go. My adventures dissecting cats in high school was enough for me for a lifetime! What did the lung feel like?

  5. We got to see the Bodies exhibition in Rotterdam a little while back. My husband found it interesting albeit a little creepy. I was totally mesmerised. I'm fascinated by these amazing things called our "body". Perfect machines that are self-healing, when given the right circumstances (and fuel). 

  6. I went to Bodyworlds (the original one) about 6 years ago and it was even better than Bodies (my sister actually worked for Bodies when they were in San Diego so I got free tix).  I remember they had one guy with all his skin removed and he was holding all his skin in his hand.  Then a guy playing chess with his brain in his hand. There was also a pregnant person with her dead fetus in her stomach.   I also love the capillaries exhibit.

    I dissected cats too. I have photos of me holding up my severely dissected cat.   Then in college I took human anatomy and our test questions were found on the cadavers…like they would have a little flag that said question 6 on a muscle on the cadaver and we would have to write down what it was.    I'm a science geek, so it's all fun for me.  :)

    • The body holding his own skin would creep me out! I can’t believe you dissected cats too. Probably, because I graduated school many…many years ago we were only doing frogs at the time.

  7. I've seen the exhibit twice.  I have to admit that the first time, I started getting really warm when my brain realized what I was looking at.  I had to kind of tune out and pretend they weren't real to get through the whole exhibit.  Plus it was at the old Fulton Fish Market in NYC and the first few rooms smelled fishy, didn't help the situation. The second time was better.

    • It was a pretty amazing exhibit. The human body is incredible! I agree that, with so much detail, you forgot that they were real people.


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