House of Blues signI am one of those pseudo gamblers; spending a couple of bucks on the five cent slots, a single $10 bet on red at the roulette table or, when I am feeling extra lucky, I will drop 20 bucks at the Black Jack table. I am the epitome of a “low” roller. So, I headed to the House of Blues to drown my gambling sorrows.

But, then I did win BIG in Las Vegas form the first time!

Or, at least I won something.

Going to a Blues Bar is on my bucket list and I really can’t believe that I didn’t have a big check by this goal by now. I actually like Blues. So, what could be better than knocking this one out at the famous House of Blues in Las Vegas.

We were greeted at the club by a plethora of keen signage, starting with the House of Blues “SAY YEAH”. Ok, I will.
say yeah sign at house of blues

The next  was “Be Nice or Leave”. Not a problem for me, but definitely a problem for some. I am a business owner. I know first hand.

Lastly, we were warned about bodysurfing and headwalking. Headwalking? Seriously? There was no way I wanted to get my stiletto caught in somebody’s ratted out up-do. I would not be stumbling back to the THEhotel at Mandalay shoeless. But, I will watch someone else do it. I am a voyeur like that.
Sign at House of BluesSign at House of Blues

We entered the club at our own risk. Which was okay because bodysurfing is NOT on my bucket list and I am not eager to have strangers pass me through the crowd whilst groping my body parts. Second thought, maybe I should have tried it…just once.

It was a weekday, so the House of Blues was not a sold out crowd, there was no bodysurfing, and headwalking would have required a security harness considering the distance between each guest. Though we didn’t recognize the band by name, they belted out tunes characteristic of the genre.
House of Blues ArtworkHouse of Blues Band

After the show, we exited the bar through the store and this is where I hit it big time, at the House of Blues Wheel. Unlike any other Las Vegas gambling, this was free and stupid simple. Spin the wheel. Win a prize.

I want to play! I want to play!

I closed my eyes, pretended I was a contestant on the Wheel of Fortune and double fisted the wheel for the most powerful spin I could muster up.
House of Blues WheelAnnette White at House of Blues Wheel

And I won! But, then again, so did everyone else. Anyways, I scored myself a set of five House of Blues flare. If I had suspenders, I would stick them on there, but because I don’t they will live in my memory box labeled “Las Vegas Reinvented 2011”.
House of Blues pins

Have you ever won anything? Have you been to the House of Blues?

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