Michael Mina’s $145 Lobster Pot Pie in Las Vegas

After being dazzled by Cirque du Soleil Ka at the MGM in Las Vegas, my stomach was growling something fierce. All those acrobatics worked up an appetite. For me. Before the show, we had scoped out all the well renowned restaurants and after a short game of eenie-meenie-miney-mo, Michael Mina’s Nobhill Tavern was “it”. I instinctively clutched my purse, as I had heard they had an $145 Lobster Pot Pie.

Michael Mina’s Lobster Pot Pie in Las Vegas

Then, I opened up my wallet to make sure I had some serious cash, and thanks to this being a “gambling-free’ Vegas trip there was some bread left in there. Phew.

I immediately spotted the Maine Lobster Pot Pie on the menu for MP (Market Price) which was, yep, a whopping 145 bucks. I briefly wondered if the crust would be laced with 24kt gold or if the copper pot they cooked it in was a souvenir to take home. Nope. And nope.

As much as I really wanted the experience of such an exquisite, once-in-a-lifetime dish, I couldn’t justify spending that amount on one persons meal. That is not like me. Being cheap, yes. Passing up on a unique new experience, almost never.

So, instead Peter ordered the Kobe burger with “secret sauce” and cheddar. He is a sucker for a good burger. And that it was.

I had the exquisite Seared Day Boat Scallops with braised radicchio and grapes. I was feeling slightly better thinking that this dish probably had 1,000 less calories than lobster pot pie. Until…

…the most unique dish showed up at the next door table just to taunt me. “Look at what the high rollers are eating. You passed up on this pot pie? You big cheapy.”

I ogled as the server cracked the crust and dished out enough lobster and baby vegetables to feed two.

Michael Mina's Lobster Pot Pie in Las Vegas

The pricey bill arrived (OUCH!) and I was semi-relieved that it was sans the $145 lobster pot pie charge.

Would you have ordered the Lobster Pot Pie? Did you ever really regret not trying a dish at a restaurant?

16 thoughts on “Michael Mina’s $145 Lobster Pot Pie in Las Vegas”

  1. That burger does look awesome. I've never seen a dish that I'v regretted not trying, but then I don't go to many fancy restaurants. The most expensive restaurant I've been to that I regret having to pay for was TGI Friday in Times Square, the service was awful, they actually served us our main course whilst we were still eating our starters! Then had the audacity to tell us to leave it on the table next to us whilst we finished off!!! Grrr

  2. I am such a foodie like you and usually go all out at restaurants, however $85 is a bit much.  It's pretty common for me to spend $30-$50 on a dish plus wine.  Next time I am up in wine country I am stopping by your restaurant. 

  3. Your scallop meal looks delicious :)  I'm with you on the $85 meal… it's just hard to enjoy when you're wondering how many dollars each bite is costing you

  4. When I was in Maine I felt like I had to get a lobster roll, but I passed because they were around $20, which at the time was too much for my bare bones fast food budget. Sometimes I want to splurge on food, but then I think about all the traveling I could be doing instead. For instance, I just bought a plane ticket from Chicago to San Diego for only $60, so how could I ever justify paying $85 for a meal? I just can't do it! :)

  5. When you do go back and eat it, we need to hear about it :-)

    I almost ordered an expensive tasting plate in London, but my friends reminded me that I would be paying even more in American dollars and when I realized how much *that* was going to be, I came to my senses. Well, still took a bit of convincing O:-)

  6. Bar none, the most I have spent on a meal was at Joe's on South Beach. The bill was more than my first car payment. My husband and I both got the claws but I ordered the large and he the medium. He was so proud to get more until he realized all the extra work he had to do for his 10 while I easily consumed my 5. He regretted getting the smaller size. I was too busy moaning loudly every time I took a bite.

  7. On our first wedding anniversary we went a very nice restaurant- I ordered lobster…the waitress said "ok that's our special today for $13.95- which was a shock at such a nice restaurant soy husband ordered the same then the waitress says "very good or you also get the Alaskan crab " what's the implication? That it was also on special right?! Our bill came and Joel's crab was $50!!! By far that's the most we've ever spent on 1 dish!

    • Being a restaurant owner many times I don’t understand what a chef would have to do to a dish to charge $50 or more for one dish. There are rare occasions where I understand that it is local, organic, handmade…and worth the price. Very rare.


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