20+ Printable Bucket List Templates You Need for All Life’s Goals

A bucket list is a list of things you want to do, see or achieve before you die. The basic idea is to keep track of your goals and to take steps to achieving these goals in order to maximize the incredible experiences in your life. And one of the most important parts is to have your list written down and not just floating around in your mind where it can easily be lost with all the millions of other thoughts in there! That’s were these printable bucket list templates come in handy.

These bucket list templates are our top sellers on our buck & co. store. They not only include bucket list ideas for each topic, but also a blank sheet for you to choose your own goals. Both will be visual reminders of all your dreams, and a big step into achieving those goals. 

The Best Printable Bucket List Templates For All Your Goals

The Best Printable Bucket List Templates For All Your Goals

2000+ Bucket List Ideas (Printable)

What is a bucket list? By definition, the bucket list meaning is a list of things you want to do, see or achieve before you die.

Blank Bucket List Template

Eat croissants in Paris, snack on bugs, learn to cook Greek food, see the Northern Lights, ride a mechanical bull or bungee jump? Most of us have goals and aspirations, things we have always dreamed of doing or hope we could experience in our lifetimes.

Best Friend Bucket List PRINTABLE

We’ve got bucket lists for seasons, for life and for travel, but how’s your bucket list of things to do with your best friend shaping up? Having fun is always the goal when you’re with your BFF! From an epic road trip to a spa day this printable template has all the top things to do with your best friend. 

Family Bucket List PRINTABLE

Whether its bonding over a board game (Scrabble is my favorite!) at home or going on a spontaneous road trip with your kids, spending time doing fun family activities can be one of life’s greatest joys. This printable family bucket list will have you creating a lifetime of memories with the best things to do for all ages.

Couple’s Bucket List PRINTABLE

A couples bucket list filled with cute date ideas, fun activities, romantic experiences and the best things to do to help to bond your special relationship. A rewarding relationship should be filled with experiences that create wonderful memories, bring you two closer together, make you laugh and nonverbally say “I love you”. Here are dozens of the best couples bucket list ideas to make sure you don’t get stuck in the monotony of the day to day routine and start bonding over exciting new adventures.

Date Night Bucket List PRINTABLE

Looking cute & cheap at home date night ideas? Or something for a fun first date or the perfect romantic evening? This bucket list is for you! Many of these cute ideas work great whether you’re meeting for a first date or have been together for a decade, or whether you want a fancy evening out or a quiet night at home—and some of them are also entirely free to do!

Anniversary Bucket List PRINTABLE

These anniversary ideas will make celebrating anniversaries even more special. Loads of fun and romantic things to do for your anniversary!

Teen Bucket List PRINTABLE

This teenager bucket list will give you fun things for teens to do—friend bonding activities and cool ideas for the most memorable experiences. So bring out that wonderful youthful spirit, strap on your sense of adventure and start ticking off as many activities on this teen bucket list as you can (heck, you might even check a few things off twice).

College Bucket List PRINTABLE

Want fun things to do in College? From freshman to senior, these college bucket list activities will make your school experience the best!

High School Bucket List PRINTABLE

Have never-ending fun from freshman to senior year with this long bucket list of the best things to do in High School—some wild & crazy!

Dog Bucket List PRINTABLE

It’s not for nothing that our furry friends are often referred to as human’s best friend. They’re incredibly loyal, caring and earnest, and their love is unconditional like no other. Want to make your dog (& yourself) happy? These fun things to do with your dog are the best activities for your dog bucket list.

gratitude journal PRINTABLE

Listing things to be grateful for is the best way to start your day. These gratitude examples and thankful ideas are the top ones for daily inspiration.


Food Bucket List PRINTABLE

The big food bucket list with the best things to eat around the world for the ultimate foodies.

Vegetables Bucket List PRINTABLE

This list of vegetables gives you the A-Z names of the top 100 to try (including pictures!). Eat veggies for potassium, fiber and magnesium!

Mexican Food Bucket List PRINTABLE

We all know tacos and quesadillas as prime examples of Mexico food, but there’s so much more to Mexican cuisine than that. What is the best food of Mexico? This list has everything from traditional Mexican dishes to more modern popular cuisine.

German Food Bucket List PRINTABLE

This German foods bucket list has the names of traditional dishes to eat in Germany, some of the most popular from the cuisine.

Georgian Food Bucket List PRINTABLE

From Khachapuri to Churchkhela these are the names of the best traditional Georgian Foods to eat while in the Caucasus country.

Italian Food Bucket List PRINTABLE

To most of the world the best foods from Italy seem to be mostly about spaghetti and pizza, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there are also many other delicious dishes and desserts come from the country. From authentic pasta dishes to traditional desserts, this Italian cuisine bucket list has the best foods from Italy to eat!

American Food Bucket List PRINTABLE

Foods in the USA are a culmination of different influences that span the cuisines of the world. It is this myriad of connections that makes American food a gastronomical delight.

If you aren’t quite sure what the dishes in the United States have in store for you or you are just looking for more flavors to taste outside of your usual meals, then get your taste buds (and bucket list) ready! From grilled cheese to Chicago-style pizza to something as exotic as fried alligator, here is a list of different foods to try and taste in the USA.

Jamaican Food Bucket List PRINTABLE

From Jamaican beef patties to traditional desserts—these foods are must have dishes and drinks from Jamaica cuisine.

To get you started on your journey of discovering Jamaican cuisine, which includes delicious foods like beef Jamaican patties, callaloo and ugli fruit, below is the best bucket list that takes you through the savory dishes, desserts, snacks and drinks that are traditional to Jamaican cuisine. I guarantee that you’ll be salivating by the end! 

Greek Food Bucket List PRINTABLE

From moussaka to tzatziki side dishes to baklava dessert, traditional Greek food is one of the best cuisines in the world to eat.

Greek food spreads its culinary influence throughout Europe and beyond. With an ancient tradition, Greek cuisine has been greatly influenced by both Eastern and Western cultures. Flavors of Greek food changes with season and geography. However, fresh vegetables, fishes & seafood plays a significant role in the dishes mostly because of its long coastline while meat is treated as less popular, with the exception of lamb.

Here are some of the favorites not to missed when traveling through Greece.

Japanese Food Bucket List PRINTABLE

Looking for the best food from Japan to eat? This Japanese food bucket list will have traditional dishes from this Asian cuisine.

Vietnamese Food Bucket List PRINTABLE

Looking for the most popular foods from Vietnam cuisine? Here are the names of the best Vietnamese dishes to eat.

Thai Food Bucket List PRINtable

From street food to noodles to dessert, this list names popular Thai dishes that are the best foods from Thailand cuisine.

Spanish Food Bucket List PRINTABLE

This Spanish foods bucket list has the names of traditional dishes to eat in Spain, some of the most popular from the cuisine.

Weird Food Bucket List PRINTABLE

Tarantulas, crickets & brains? Many traditional dishes around the world seem like weird food to others. How many of these strange foods have you tried?

Why not challenge yourself even further by adding a little bit of edible adventure to your next travel experience. From weird snacks to strange vegetables to unique desserts, and from American to Japanese, below are more than 60 weird foods from all over the world. Which ones will you dare to try?

Edible Bug Bucket List PRINTABLE

There are over 1000 edible bugs! From deep fried scorpions to spicy crickets, here are the top insects people eat around the world.

And why not? After all, insects are actually far more protein dense than basically any other protein we’ve been feeding ourselves thus far, not to mention rich in other nutrients. There’s actually about 1700 types of bugs eaten in 113 different countries but here’s a bucket list of edible bugs that will get you started.

Pizza Toppings Bucket List PRINTABLE

From meat to veggie and cheeses to fruit, this is the best pizza topping list for types to try on your pie.

breakfast cereal Bucket List PRINTABLE

Do the names Apple Jacks, Frosted Flakes or Raisin Bran ring a bell? They are all brands on the top of the best breakfast cereal list.

Cocktail Bucket List PRINTABLE

I think we can all agree that drinking great cocktails is a very popular activity all over the world. And people have been doing if for far longer than you probably can even imagine—the oldest cocktail on this list dates back to 16th century! This Cocktail Bucket List is not only a collection of the best classic cocktails (and some modern ones too!), but it will motivate you to step out of your adult beverage comfort zone. How many of these great drinks have you tried?


Travel Bucket List PRINTABLE

If you’re anything like me, then there is nothing better than waking up in a strange new place and enjoying the best adventures that are a world away from your normal routine. So if you are looking for the best ideas for your Travel Bucket List, look no further with these ultimate adventures, places to see and destinations around the world.

Beach Bucket List PRINTABLE

Need some vitamin sea but not sure what fun activities and adventures to do? Here’s the best things to do at the beach.

Camping Bucket List PRINTABLE

Make your summer-to-spring campsite experience fun with a camping bucket list. Tons of things to do, camping activities, games, and ideas!


From Antigua to Wadi Rum, this is the ultimate list of top UNSECO World historical sites and best historical places.

Maui Bucket List PRINTABLE

Maui in general is a bucket list item to check off for many. When you think of it, you likely envision the best turquoise waters, lush forests, beautiful weather and hula dancers against a torch-lit backdrop. And Hawaii is all that, but also so much more! From fun activities to cool attractions to top restaurants here are the best things to do in Maui. What is on your must do list?

California Bucket List PRINTABLE

California lovers will like this list of best attractions, activities and fun things to do from Northern to Southern in the sunshine state.

las Vegas Bucket List PRINTABLE

There are an endless amount of fun things to do in Las Vegas. These are the best attractions and places to visit for you Sin City bucket list.

Alaska Bucket List PRINTABLE

The ultimate list of the best places to visit, what to see and things to do in Alaska.

Crystal River Florida Bucket List PRINTABLE

From restaurants to beaches (and of course manatees), these are the best things to do in Crystal River Florida. Top hotel pick too!

Branson Missouri Bucket List PRINTABLE

Branson, Missouri is known for live shows, but there’s plenty of other attractions and fun things to do (especially at Christmas!).

Mendocino California Bucket List PRINTABLE

From redwoods to wine to coastal beaches and more, the best attractions, activities, and fun things to do in Mendocino, California.

Mesa Verde Colorado Bucket List PRINTABLE

From the cliff dwellings in the national park to the four corners, here’s the best things to do in Colorado’s Mesa Verde country.

luxembourg Bucket List PRINTABLE

From Casemates du Bock to Vianden Castle this list is filled with fun Luxembourg attractions and the best things to do in the city & beyond.

Cartagena Colombia Bucket List PRINTABLE

With so many things to do in Cartagena, where do you start? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. From exploring ancient fortresses to sipping on fresh coconuts, here are our top picks for the best things to do in Cartagena.

Santa Cruz Bucket List PRINTABLE

What are the best attractions and things to do in Santa Cruz, California? From the beach to the boardwalk, you’ll find them here.

Point Reyes National Seashore Bucket List PRINTABLE

From a lighthouse to tree tunnel to hikes and trails, California’s Point Reyes National Seashore has many fun activities and things to do.

Seattle Bucket List PRINTABLE

Wondering what attractions to visit and best things to do in Seattle? Here’s some fun activities to do while in the top Washington city.

Panama City Beach Bucket List PRINTABLE

From beachy activities to fun attractions, there’s a lot to see and things to do in Panama City Beach Florida (and here are the best!).

Bodega Bay California Bucket List PRINTABLE

From clam chowder restaurants to fun outdoor activities, these are the best things to do in Northern California’s Bodega Bay.

Portland Maine Bucket List PRINTABLE

From fun attractions to yummy restaurants to some famous lighthouses, there are plenty of things to do and see in Portland, Maine.

Portland Bucket List PRINTABLE

A bucket list filled with the best things to do in Portland, Oregon. From fun activities to weird attractions to breathtaking nature to tasty restaurants.

Nashville Bucket List PRINTABLE

From the top attractions to the best honky-tonkin’ in downtown Nashville, we’ll answer your what fun things to do in Nashville!

Nova Scotia Bucket List PRINTABLE

From their famous lobster to scenic attractions to local wines, you’ll never run out of fun places to visit and things to do in Nova Scotia!

Guyana Bucket List PRINTABLE

Want fun facts about Guyana (& its capital Georgetown)? This list is of the best things to do and places to visit in South America’s Guyana.

Savannah Bucket List PRINTABLE

From southern food to fun activities the things to do in Savannah list is long! Plus, the best historical attractions for kids and adults.

Porto Bucket List PRINTABLE

From churches to pretty cobbled streets — Porto, Portugal has the best things to do and top attractions. Here’s what you must see!

San Francisco Bucket List PRINTABLE

Want fun things to do in San Francisco (like biking the Golden Gate Bridge!)? SF has some of the best attractions and activities. Here’s a list of the top.

Cusco Peru Bucket List PRINTABLE

From fun activities to museums to top restaurants, and great places to see, these are the BEST things to do in Cusco in Peru.

Santorini Bucket List PRINTABLE

Santorini is a top spot for holidays for its fun activities, the best restaurants in all of Greece and lots of bucket list things to do.

Barcelona Bucket List PRINTABLE

From sightseeing adventures to the top things to do in Barcelona, you will have plenty of attractions to see and ideas for other activities.


Feeling lost on what to do in Geneva? From must-see attractions to the best places to visit, here’s our best picks of things to do in Geneva!

Tokyo Bucket List PRINTABLE

Tokyo is known for its unique experiences, such as a medical themed restaurant where you can eat beef, shaped like a brain, inside a private jail cell. Or the cat cafes where petting felines and drinking coffee go hand in hand.

Hong Kong Bucket List PRINTABLE

From the best places to visit to stunning attractions, here are our top picks for the best things to do in Hong Kong.


World-class diving spots? Jellyfish-filled lakes? This Micronesian island has it all (and more). Check out the best things to do in Palau!

Florence Bucket List PRINTABLE

The best ideas for Florence things to do, see and eat. From Italy’s most historic attractions to the top Italian pasta restaurants to quaint wine bars.

Chiang Mai Bucket List PRINTABLE

From tuk tuks to temples — Chiang Mai is filled with the best things to do and top attractions to see. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss.

St Louis Bucket List PRINTABLE

From the Gateway Arch to dozens of museums there are plenty of activities, attractions and fun things to do in St. Louis, Missouri (and many of them free!).

Bahamas Bucket List PRINTABLE

From Nassau to Freeport to Exuma and more, live and experience the best activities, attractions, and things to do in The Bahamas!

San Miguel de Allende Mexico Bucket List PRINTABLE

These are the best things to do in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico (plus great hotels & rooftop restaurant picks!)

Mazatlan Mexico Bucket List PRINTABLE

Heading the Mazatlan, Mexico? There are plenty of beach activities, but there’s also lots of other fun things to do in Mazatlan.

Port Stanley Bucket List PRINTABLE

The Falkland Islands capital city is small, but with a BIG heart! Check out what activities and fun Port Stanley has in store for your next holiday.

Jamaica Bucket List PRINTABLE

From Montego Bay to Kingston, these are the best places to visit, attractions to see and fun things to do in Jamaica.

Falkland Islands Bucket List PRINTABLE

From Penguins to whales these are the best things to do when you travel to the Falkland Islands on holiday.

Buffalo NY Bucket List PRINTABLE

From spicy wings that will make your tongue tingle to the nearby natural wonder of Niagara Falls, the city will surely draw you in with its charm.

Zurich Switzerland Bucket List PRINTABLE

Are you looking for the best things to do in Zurich? Here’s the top places to visit and attractions to see when you are visiting Switzerland’s fun city.

Safari Animal Bucket List PRINTABLE

From wildebeest to hyenas, this is the ultimate safari animal bucket list of African wildlife you must see while in the parks.

Galapagos Islands Animal Bucket List PRINTABLE

From giant tortoises to pink iguanas to reef sharks and more, these unique Galapagos Island animals bring wildlife to a whole new level!

Animal Bucket List PRINTABLE

If you are looking for the ultimate random animal list, these are the names of the best ones to see in your lifetime.

US National Parks Bucket List PRINTABLE

If hiking through a forest of trees, wildlife-observing and high peaks are things that inspire you, then this US National Parks bucket list is meant for you. America has some of the best and most popular parks in the world. Here’s a list of US National Parks includes all 61 in twenty-nine States.

Irish Castles Bucket List PRINTABLE

From Dromoland to Ashford this is the ultimate list of the best castles of Ireland to see, plus some top Irish castle hotels to stay in.

Hiking Bucket List PRINTABLE

Hiking is not only an excellent way to challenge yourself physically, it’s beneficial even mentally. From hiking the Inca Trail in Peru to trekking Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the world is littered with bucket list worthy routes and trails  What are the best hikes on Earth, that will make you feel on top of the world? We’ve got them—from backpacking treks to epic day hikes.

Hobbies Bucket List PRINTABLE

Baking, running, paper crafts or collecting stamps? Although as adults we may be consumed with the busyness of work and our social life, these examples of fun hobbies remain an important part of life. Do you want to try something new and fun? We got you covered! Here is a hobbies list that has the best ideas and examples to try.

Adventure Bucket List PRINTABLE

If skydiving or windsurfing are fun and crazy ideas you love, then this adventure bucket list will give you the best adrenaline rush!

Outdoor Bucket List PRINTABLE

It’s time for some fun adventures and exciting things to do outside, from relaxing hobbies and recreation to heart-racing outdoor activities and more!

Backyard Bucket List PRINTABLE

The best backyard bucket list for families and adults. Fun activities, good yard games—lots of great things to do.

Classic Book Bucket List PRINTABLE

There’s nothing like reading a good classic book and this list has some of the best! Including some free novels to download and read right now.

Fashion Bucket List PRINTABLE

Are you a fashion lover? Then see how many of these fashion goals you have checked off your bucket list. From owning a Birkin to finding the perfect LBD (aka: Little Black Dress).

At Home Bucket List PRINTABLE

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean that you can’t check something off your bucket list. These activities and fun things to do will cure the boredom!

Retirement Bucket List PRINTABLE

From discovering local attractions to becoming your own financial guru to starting your very own dinner club, here is a lowdown of the best ideas,  activities and things to do in retirement.

Quarantine Bucket List PRINTABLE

Have fun at home and outside with this quarantine bucket list. With tons of things to do during quarantine, you’ll never be bored!

Sexy Bucket List PRINTABLE

Whether you’re a saint or super freaky, this sex bucket list is for you—from fun things to try in bed to creative sexual ideas for outside of the bedroom.

Board Game Bucket List PRINTABLE

Best board games of all time to play in your lifetime. Some for adults, some for families or 2 player couples, but all for people who want to have fun.

TV Series Bucket List PRINTABLE

The top list of the best TV series to watch. From Netflix to Showtime, the best television shows to binge watch.

Las Vegas Show Bucket List

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of live entertainment or just looking for a fun-filled night out, get ready to discover the absolute best shows in Las Vegas to see. From seeing the top artists in concerts to laugh-out-louxd comedy and the acrobatics of Cirque du Soleil to mind-blowing magic, these are the crème de la crème of  Sin City.

Birthday Bucket List PRINTABLE

Scrambling for last minute planning of fun things to do on your birthday? Here’s the best places to go and activities to celebrate in style.

The Ultimate 30 Before 30 Bucket List PRINTABLE

From funny to adventurous to memorable, these are the best 30 before 30 bucket list ideas.


Who says you need a partner in crime to have a good time?

50 Easy Things You Can Check Off Your Bucket List Today

Have you been waiting for the perfect moment to start checking off those bucket list dreams and goals? The truth is, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion or some far-off date to start living your life to the fullest. Don’t wait for someday, start today. There are plenty of simple and achievable items that you can add to and check off your bucket list right now. Which of these bucket list ideas will you check off your list today?

Country Line Dance Bucket List PRINTABLE

These are the best country line dances and songs. It include music videos with instructional steps too!

Card Game Bucket List PRINTABLE

Whether you’re looking for a classic card game, a popular family one or something easy, this list names the best ones to play.

Broadway Musical Bucket List PRINTABLE

From the most famous Broadway musicals to the most popular shows, this theater list will give you the best ones to see live!


Winter Bucket List PRINTABLE

The sunshine has mostly disappeared and the leaves have fallen off the trees, which can only mean that Winter is definitely closing in. Instead of just hiding out under the covers at home waiting for the snow to melt and the beach weather to return, strap on your snow boots, put on some gloves, and take advantage of the change of season by creating a Winter Bucket List filled with cold-weather activities and fun things to do.


Although winter may seem like it will never end (hopefully you at least checked some things off your winter bucket list!), there seems to finally be some light at the end of the tunnel—Spring.  Need fun spring activities & ideas for adults, families & kids? This bucket list has the best spring activities and things to do this season for all ages.

Summer Bucket List PRINTABLE

There is something about summer that just brings the life out of us, isn’t there? Well, those sun-filled, warm-breeze days are here with us yet again (thank goodness) and of course you will be looking for fun summer activities and things to do. Besides sunbathing, walking around in those cute sun dresses and letting the sand run through your toes (if you are lucky enough to be at the beach), there are several other fun ideas to add to your summer bucket list.

Fall Bucket List PRINTABLE

As you wrap up your bucket list of summer things to do, you now can start making checkmarks off your fall bucket list. From carving pumpkins to making pies, this fall bucket list is filled with fun activities and the best autumn things to do.

rainy Day Bucket List PRINTABLE

Who says there aren’t many things to do on a rainy day? Here are ideas for fun rainy day activities for kids and adults to do indoors!

Valentine’s Day Bucket List PRINTABLE

Before you go on to say Valentine’s Day is overrated, let me just stop you right there. I, for one, LOVE Valentine’s Day, (it’s a different story for my husband!). From surprise gifts and candlelight dinners to true romance and the festive ambiance, there is something special about the day that gives you butterflies in your stomach. How about a cuddly breakfast in bed with your wife or romantic bubble bath with the girlfriend? These activities and things to do on Valentine’s Day make it extra special.

Halloween Bucket List PRINTABLE

Fun Halloween Activities for Kids, the best Ideas for adults and other great bucket list things to do for the Spooky Holiday.

Thanksgiving Bucket List PRINTABLE

Have a day of Thanksgiving fun with this list of activities and ideas of thing to do. Don’t forget planning the menu and preparing a speech for the toast!

Christmas Bucket List PRINTABLE

Need fun holiday activities & ideas for adults, families & kids? The Christmas Bucket List has the best Christmassy things to do this season.

New Year’s Eve Bucket List PRINTABLE

Need fun party plans and ideas for New Year’s Eve? Before the clock hits midnight, here are the things to do on NYE.

Cinco De Mayo Bucket List PRINTABLE

From cracking open a piñata to listening to mariachis these are the best Cinco de Mayo activities and things to do to celebrate the Mexican holiday.

St. Patrick’s Day Bucket List PRINTABLE

From family crafts to adult games to fun activities—there’s a lot of things to do on St. Patrick’s day to celebrate!

4th of July Bucket List PRINTABLE

From Independence day traditional activities to the best red, white, and blue crafts, here are fun things to do for the 4th of July!

Christmas Movie Bucket List PRINTABLE

Looking for the best Christmas movie List? These are the top films of all time—from romantic Hallmark to family friendly.

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