coining a word dictionaryEveryday I am amazed at the things that are possible with a little knowledge and effort. After doing the obligatory how-to-get-my-blog-to-be super-freakin-popular research, I came across a well-known personal blog {& my new bloggy idol} She was featured in Wikipedia as coining the word dooce {damn, how I want to be just like her when I grow up}.

Do I smell a challenge coming on?  I have always been the person who believes that if it can be done…I can do it…if it doesn’t require heavy lifting or repairing carburetors of course.

Coining a word had always been on my bucket list, but now I was on a mission!

After throwing around the words fo’ shizzle dizzle, crapola & fantabulous, I opted for something related to what I do:

List-ol-o-gist: n: A person who is a master at creating lists.
The listologist just completed writing the list of the all-time best movies.

Buck-et List-ol-o-gist: n: A person who has mastered the art of living their life through their bucket list.
The only item left on her “things to do before you die” list is skydiving, then she will be a true bucket listologist.

I submitted them both to Urban Dictionary and got rejected the first time. After making some minor changes, I was successful at coining a word and you can find them both listed in Urban Dictionary {currently, waiting on approval from Websters!}

Would you consider coining a word? What word would it be?

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