How to Coin a Word or Phrase

So, here’s the deal. You all know that I am a bucket list enthusiast, and not just in the “add it to the list” kind of way. I took it up a notch and coined a term for it—bucket listologist. Yeah, I threw it up on Urban Dictionary, making my mark in the wild world of words. How would you like to coin a word or phrase too? It’s easier than you think.

Imagine you’re in the middle of the flashing lights of Las Vegas or hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, and you stumble upon a term that perfectly captures a concept or feeling you’ve always struggled to articulate. That, my friends, is the magic of coining a word — the ability to give form to the intangible, to encapsulate an entire universe of meaning in just a few syllables.

How to Coin a Word or Phrase

How to Coin a Word or Phrase

When it comes to immortalizing your freshly coined word, there are several avenues to showcase your linguistic creation. One popular platform is Urban Dictionary (that’s where I submitted mine!), a user-driven repository of contemporary language where anyone can submit and define words or phrases. It’s a lively community that thrives on the latest slang and neologisms.

Additionally, social media platforms provide a space to share your word with a broader audience. Create a post explaining the meaning and usage of your term, and encourage others to adopt it into their lexicon. Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok are particularly effective for spreading word-of-mouth (or, in this case, word-of-word) creations.

If you have a blog or website, consider dedicating a post to introducing and elaborating on your coined word. This allows you to provide a more in-depth exploration of its meaning and usage, creating a digital footprint for your linguistic innovation.

Remember, the key is to share your word where people are likely to stumble upon it and, hopefully, incorporate it into their own vocabularies. And don’t forget to use the word yourself!

Dictionary and Magnifying Glass

My Story of Coining the Words Bucket Listologist

Coining a word had always been on my Bucket List. After throwing around the words fo’ shizzle dizzle, crapola & fantabulous, I opted for something related to what I do:

  • List-ol-o-gist: n: A person who is a master at creating lists.
    The listologist just completed writing the list of the all-time best movies.

Buck-et List-ol-o-gist: n: A person who has mastered the art of living their life through their bucket list
The only item left on her “things to do before you die” list is skydiving, then she will be a true bucket listologist.

Coin a Word

I submitted them both to Urban Dictionary and got rejected the first time. After making some minor changes, I was successful at coining a word and you can find them both listed in Urban Dictionary (currently, waiting on approval from Websters!).

Just as we collect experiences and check off items on our bucket lists, let’s add coining a word or phrase to our repertoire. Be bold, be inventive, and let the world hear your linguistic creativity. Let’s leave our linguistic marks on the world, one coined word at a time.

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4 thoughts on “How to Coin a Word or Phrase”

  1. I've just gone ahead and 'thumbed up' both of your Urban Dictionary submissions.  Congrats on crossing off another item from your list!

  2. Heh: " The only item left on her "things to do before you die" list is skydiving, then she will be a true bucket listologist. "  immediately brought to mind the thought that leaving that particular item to the last is wise, given that it could be prophetic. It's definitely NOT on my bucket list! Nor is bungee jumping or anything else that involves jumping off something or out of something that could end in the sound *SPLAT*.
    What a neat bucket list item though – coining a word. Apropos too, for you! Way to go!


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