543 Bucket List Ideas. No More Excuses.

Have you been contemplating writing a bucket list for…a really long time? Procrastinating because it seems like too much of an effort for your brain to crank out any unique bucket list ideas? Creating a Bucket List, is a great way to give your goals a life. So, no more excuses. Most of the work has already been done for you. Whether you are creating your very first bucket list or just want to add to the life list you already have, here are 543 bucket list ideas to get you started:


  1. Air Boat Across an Alligator Swamp
  2. Arrive By Seaplane
  3. Base Jump With a Wingsuit
  4. Bungee Jump
  5. Cage Dive with Sharks
  6. Catch a Wave Surfing
  7. Cliff Jump
  8. Dive to a Shipwreck
  9. Dog Sled
  10. Eat Fire
  11. Eskimo Roll in a Kayak
  12. Experience an Earthquake
  13. Explore a Cave
  14. Flip on a Trampoline
  15. Fly on a Trapeze
  16. Flyboard
  17. Free Dive for Abalone
  18. Get a Tattoo
  19. Go Bamboo Rafting
  20. Go Bobsledding
  21. Go Fat Biking
  22. Go Heliboarding
  23. Go on a Police Ride Along
  24. Go on a Survival Weekend
  25. Go Paragliding
  26. Go Whitewater Rafting
  27. Go Wind Surfing
  28. Go Zorbing
  29. Hang Glide
  30. Join the Mile High Club
  31. Kite Surf
  32. Navigate a Personal Underwater SUB
  33. Parasail
  34. Play a Game of Paintball
  35. Rappel Down a Mountain
  36. Rappel Down a Waterfall
  37. Rappel into a Cave
  38. Ride a Bull
  39. Ride ATVs
  40. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  41. Ride in a Luge
  42. Ride on a Scary Roller Coaster
  43. Ride on one of the Largest Roller Coasters
  44. Sail a Boat
  45. Scuba Dive
  46. Skydive
  47. Snowboard
  48. Swim with Dolphins
  49. Swim with Sharks
  50. Swim with Stingrays
  51. Swim with Whale Sharks
  52. Take a Geocaching Adventure
  53. Try Skijoring
  54. Walk a Suspension Bridge
  55. Walk on Hot Coals
  56. Walk on the Wings of an Airplane
  57. Wrap a Snake Around Your Neck
  58. Zip Line
  59. Cultivate a Scent for Your Home
  60. Declutter Your House
  61. Decorate a Room Feng Shui Style
  62. Design a Room You Love
  63. Faux Paint a Wall
  64. Faux Paint a Wall
  65. Have a Garage Sale
  66. Have a Home Theater
  67. Hang a Piece of Your Own Art on the Wall
  68. Have a “To Die for” Clothes/Shoe Closet.
  69. Have a Bookshelf With Only Your Favorite
  70. Have a Bowling Alley
  71. Have a Dinner Party
  72. Have a Family Picture Wall
  73. Have a Fireplace in Your Bedroom
  74. Have a Fresh Flowers on the Counter for a
  75. Have a Home Gym
  76. Have a Home Library
  77. Have a Home That is Completely You
  78. Have a Killer Accent Wall
  79. Have a Porch Swing
  80. Have a Secret Bookcase
  81. Have a Wine Cellar
  82. Have a Wrap Around Porch
  83. Have an Indoor House Swing
  84. Have an Indoor Swimming Pool
  85. Have an Outdoor Oasis
  86. Have the Ultimate Walk-In Closet
  87. Have Your Dream Kitchen
  88. Have Your Entire House Organized
  89. Host Christmas Dinner
  90. Live Alone
  91. Live in a Log Cabin
  92. Live in a Mansion
  93. Live in a Small Town
  94. Live in a Tiny Home
  95. Live on a Boat
  96. Live on the Beach
  97. Own a Big Screen TV
  98. Own a Family Heirloom Piece
  99. Own a Home
  100. Own a House with an Elevator
  101. Own an Amazing Outdoor Kitchen
  102. Own Monogrammed Towels
  103. Rearrange Your Furniture
  104. Score a Treasure at a Flea Market
  105. Start a Garden
  106. Be Published
  107. Blow Glass
  108. Build Something That Will Outlast You
  109. Carve a Pumpkin
  110. Complete a 1000+ Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  111. Complete a 3D Puzzle
  112. Complete a Model Car
  113. Complete a Paint by Numbers Piece
  114. Create a Board Game
  115. Create a Bumper Sticker
  116. Create a Fairy Garden
  117. Create a Family Logo
  118. Create a Smartphone App
  119. Create Your Own Personal Stationary
  120. Creatively Fold a Napkin
  121. Crochet a Blanket
  122. Decorate a Blank T-Shirt
  123. Decoupage Something
  124. Design a Website
  125. Do a Science Experiment
  126. Draw Something Freehand
  127. Enter Art in an Exhibit
  128. Finish a Crossword Puzzle
  129. Finish an Adult Coloring Book
  130. Form a Band
  131. Get Your Handwriting Analyzed
  132. Grow Tomatoes
  133. Have a Coin Collection
  134. Have a Collection
  135. Have a Stamp Collection
  136. Have your Nude Body Artistically Painted
  137. Have Your Portrait Painted
  138. Knit a Scarf
  139. Learn a Choreographed Dance
  140. Learn a Line Dance
  141. Learn How to Sing Within my Octave
  142. Leave Your Mark in Graffiti
  143. Make a Balloon Animal
  144. Make a Calendar with Your Own Photos
  145. Make a Candle
  146. Make a Coloring Book
  147. Make a Flower Arrangement
  148. Make a Font Out of Your Handwriting
  149. Make a Handmade Gift
  150. Make a Handmade Greeting Card
  151. Make a Papier-Mâché Piece
  152. Make a Piece of Jewelry
  153. Make a Quilt
  154. Make a Scrapbook
  155. Make a Stained Glass Piece
  156. Make a Tie Dye Shirt
  157. Make an Origami Animal
  158. Make Macramé
  159. Make Mosaic Art
  160. Make Paper
  161. Make Soap
  162. Paint a Rock
  163. Paint on Canvas
  164. Paint Something at a Ceramic Store
  165. Paint Something Worthy of Hanging
  166. Play a Song on the Guitar
  167. Play a Song on the Piano
  168. Polish a Stone
  169. Press Fresh Flowers
  170. Read a Comic Book
  171. Refinish a Piece of Furniture
  172. Sell a Piece of Your Own Artwork
  173. Sew Something you Can Wear
  174. Start a Blog
  175. Take a Painting Class
  176. Take an Art Class
  177. Try Cross Stitching
  178. Try Finger Painting
  179. Work on a Pottery Wheel
  180. Wrap a Present Perfectly
  181. Write a Blog Post Everyday for a Month
  182. Write a Book
  183. Write a Letter in Calligraphy
  184. Write a Song
  185. Ask Someone to the Sadie Hawkins Dance
  186. Attend a Campus Event
  187. Attend a Random Free Seminar
  188. Attend a TED Talk
  189. Attend Your College Reunion
  190. Attend Your High School Reunion
  191. Be a Foreign Exchange Student
  192. Be a Member of School Government
  193. Be Bilingual
  194. Be Valedictorian
  195. Contribute to the School Newspaper
  196. Create a Course
  197. Create Your Resume
  198. Decorate Your Dorm
  199. Ditch Class
  200. Finish a Sudoku Puzzle
  201. Finish First in Your Class
  202. Get a 4.0
  203. Get a Campus Job
  204. Get a Degree
  205. Get a Masters Degree
  206. Get a PHD
  207. Get a Picture with Your School Mascot
  208. Get a Scholarship for College
  209. Get a Semester of Straight A’s
  210. Get Accepted to Your Dream College
  211. Get an Internship
  212. Give a Commencement Speech
  213. Go a Full Week Without Spending any Money
  214. Go to a College Party
  215. Go to a School Sports Game
  216. Go to Every Class Everyday for the Entire School Year
  217. Go to Homecoming
  218. Go to the Prom
  219. Graduate College
  220. Have a Great Yearbook Picture
  221. Join a Book Club
  222. Join an School Club
  223. Learn a New Software Program
  224. Learn a New Word Everyday for a Month
  225. Learn Another Language
  226. Learn Basic Self Defense
  227. Learn How to Change a Flat Tire
  228. Learn How to Change the Oil in Your Car
  229. Learn How to Read Braille
  230. Learn How to Use a Power Tool
  231. Learn Short Hand
  232. Learn the ABCs in Sign Language
  233. Learn the Constellations
  234. Learn the Heimlich Manuever
  235. Learn the Metric System
  236. Learn to Cook
  237. Learn to Play the Drums
  238. Learn to Speed Read
  239. Learn to Tie a Tie
  240. Memorize People’s Names
  241. Memorize the Periodic Table of Elements
  242. Pledge to a Fraternity/Sorority
  243. Pull an All-Nighter Study Session
  244. Read a Book in 1 Day
  245. Read a Book on the NY Best Sellers List
  246. Read All the Books You Own
  247. Read War & Piece
  248. Sit With A New Group Of People At Lunch
  249. Solve a Rubik’s Cube
  250. Study Abroad
  251. Take a Class Just for Fun
  252. Take a Writing Class
  253. Take an IQ test
  254. Teach a Class
  255. Teach a Workshop
  256. Teach English in a Foreign Country
  257. Teach Someone a New Skill
  258. Wear a Letter Jacket
  259. Write a Thank You Letter to Your Favorite Teacher
  260. Write an Article for a Major Publication
  261. Act in a Play
  262. Apply to be on a Reality Show
  263. Attend a Bat Mitzvah
  264. Attend a Black Tie Gala
  265. Attend a Boxing Match
  266. Attend a Film Premiere
  267. Attend a Foam Party
  268. Attend a Gallery Opening
  269. Attend a Gay Pride Event
  270. Attend a hoedown
  271. Attend a Jazz Festival
  272. Attend a Masquerade
  273. Attend a Murder Mystery Dinner
  274. Attend a Music Festival
  275. Attend a Native American Pow Wow
  276. Attend a Nudist Event
  277. Attend a Poetry Reading
  278. Attend a Renaissance Faire
  279. Attend a rooftop party
  280. Attend a Tea Party
  281. Attend a Wedding in a Different Country
  282. Attend a White Party
  283. Attend a WWE Match
  284. Attend an Ugly Sweater Party
  285. Audition for Something
  286. Be a Game Show Contestant
  287. Be a Member of a TV Studio Audience
  288. Be a Street Performer
  289. Be an Extra in a Movie
  290. Be in a Commercial
  291. Be in a Music Video
  292. Be in the Newspaper
  293. Be on a Radio Show
  294. Be on a TV Show
  295. Be on the Cover of a Magazine
  296. Be on the News
  297. Be the Life of the Party
  298. Be the Model at a Photo Shoot
  299. Bet at the Dog Races
  300. Bet on a Horse Race
  301. Bicycle Across the Golden Gate
  302. Binge Watch a TV Series in One Sitting
  303. Buy the Best Seat in the House
  304. Close the Club
  305. Contact Someone with My Own Name
  306. Crash a Party
  307. Crash a Wedding
  308. Create a Video & Upload it to the Internet
  309. Create a Viral YouTube Video
  310. Crowd Surf
  311. Dance at a Rave
  312. Dance on a Bar
  313. Dance With Ellen DeGeneres
  314. Do a Body Shot
  315. Do the Hula
  316. Dress Up for Halloween
  317. Escape from an Escape Room
  318. Get a Caricature Drawing by a Street Artist
  319. Get Comped/Upgraded Something
  320. Get Swag
  321. Get VIP Passes to a Show
  322. Go to a Blues Bar
  323. Go to a Book Signing
  324. Go to a Car Show
  325. Go to a Drive-In Movie
  326. Go to a Dueling Piano Show
  327. Go to a Miniature Museum
  328. Go to a Paint Party
  329. Go to a Pajama Party
  330. Go to a Rave
  331. Go to a Renaissance Festival
  332. Go to a Roller Derby
  333. Go to a Silent Disco
  334. Go to a Tattoo Festival
  335. Go to a Toga Party
  336. Go to an Oxygen Bar
  337. Go to Comicon
  338. Go to Dinner Theater
  339. Go to the Movies by Yourself
  340. Have 15 Minutes of Fame
  341. Heckle a Comedian
  342. Host a Game Night
  343. Host a Radio Show
  344. Join a Flash Mob
  345. Make a Great Toast
  346. Make a Podcast
  347. Master a Video Game
  348. Meet Oprah
  349. Participate in a Pub Crawl
  350. Participate in a wet t-shirt contest
  351. Party in a Private Booth at a Nightclub
  352. Perform a Magic Trick
  353. Perform on a Stage
  354. Play a Pinball Machine
  355. Play a Song on a Harmonica
  356. Play Bingo at a Bingo Hall
  357. Play the Bongos
  358. Play the Limbo
  359. Pose with a Figure at a Wax Museum
  360. Read the Book Before the Movie
  361. Receive a Fan Letter
  362. Record a Song
  363. Ride a Mechanical Bull
  364. Ride on a Ferris Wheel
  365. See a 3-D movie
  366. See a Ballet
  367. See a Broadway Play
  368. See a Cirque du Soleil Show
  369. See a Drag Show
  370. See a Foreign Film
  371. See a Las Vegas Show
  372. See a Movie in an IMAX cinema
  373. See a Wimbledon Match Live
  374. See an Opera
  375. See live standup comedy
  376. See My Favorite Band Play Live
  377. See the Tour de France
  378. See your name in film credits
  379. Set a Guinness Book of World Record
  380. Sing in Public
  381. Sing Karaoke in Public
  382. Sit Front Row at a Basketball Game
  383. Spend a Day at a Theme Park
  384. Take a Burlesque Class
  385. Take an Improv Class
  386. Take One Picture Everyday for a Year
  387. Take Part in a Civil War Reenactment
  388. Throw a Block Party
  389. Throw a Themed Party
  390. Throw Beads at Mardi Gras
  391. Touch a Famous Piece of Art
  392. Try an Open Mic
  393. Try to Spin Records Like a DJ
  394. Visit a Movie Set
  395. Walk the Red Carpet
  396. Watch a Documentary
  397. Watch all the Golden Globe Winning Best
  398. Watch all the Oscar Winning Best Pictures
  399. Watch All the Star Wars Movies
  400. Watch Every Episode of Friends
  401. Watch Rocky Horror at a Midnight Showing
  402. Watch the Space Shuttle Launch
  403. Wear a Sumo Wrestling Suit
  404. Write a Fan Letter
  405. Yodel
  406. Get a Fish Pedicure
  407. Adopt a signature piece
  408. Attend Fashion Week in One of the Top Cities
  409. Be Blond for a Day
  410. Be Considered a Cougar
  411. Be Gothic for a Day
  412. Be on the Best Dressed List
  413. Buy a Cute Outfit at a Second Hand Store
  414. Buy a Matching Bra & Panty Set
  415. Create the Perfect Up-Do
  416. Create Your Own Makeup Tutorial
  417. Design a Handbag
  418. Design Your Own Personal Piece
  419. Dress entirely in leather
  420. Dress in Super Sexy Lingerie
  421. Duplicate an Outfit from a Magazine
  422. Dye Your Hair a Fun Color
  423. Embrace Your Natural Hair Texture
  424. Find the Perfect Black Dress
  425. Find the Perfect Pair of Jeans
  426. Find the Wedding Dress of Your Dreams
  427. Find Your Signature Scent
  428. Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans
  429. Get a Bikini Wax
  430. Get a Birkin
  431. Get a Blow Out
  432. Get a Body Piercing
  433. Get a Brazilian Wax
  434. Get a Complete Makeover
  435. Get a Henna Tattoo
  436. Get a Makeup Lesson
  437. Get a professional glamour shot
  438. Get a Spa Pedicure
  439. Get a Spray Tan
  440. Get a Straight Razor Shave
  441. Get Bangs
  442. Get Botox
  443. Get Fitted for a Bra
  444. Get Harajuku Nails
  445. Get My Nails Schlacked
  446. Get Something Perfectly Tailored
  447. Get Your Foundation Custom Matched
  448. Get Your Makeup Professionally Done
  449. Give Yourself a Pretty Braid
  450. Go a Week Without Makeup
  451. Go on a Clothes Shopping Spree
  452. Go Shopping in Paris
  453. Go to the Prada Flagship Store
  454. Grow a Beard
  455. Have a closet filled with only clothes you love
  456. Have a Diamond Collection
  457. Have a Facial
  458. Have a Monogrammed Designer Piece
  459. Have a Professional Photo Shoot
  460. Have a suit handmade
  461. Have aa Piece of Clothing Made for You
  462. Have shoes custom made
  463. Hit the Town in a Princess Gown
  464. Hit the Town With Bright Red Lips
  465. Invest in a Skin Routine
  466. Join a Beauty Subscription Box
  467. Learn How to Create the Perfect “Smokey Eye”
  468. Learn to Do Your Own Party Makeup
  469. Learn Your Best Pose for Photographs
  470. Make a Homemade Beauty Product
  471. Make Your Own Perfume Scent
  472. Master a 5-Minute Makeup Routine
  473. Microblade Your Eyebrows
  474. Organize a Clothing Exchange
  475. Own a Couture Piece
  476. Own a Fabulous Pair of Designer Shoes
  477. Own a Hermès Scarf
  478. Own a Louis Vuitton
  479. Own a Pair of Red Bottom Shoes
  480. Purchase a Limited Edition Piece by Your
    Favorite Designer
  481. Relax in a Sensory Deprivation Tank
  482. Rock a Pair of Dr. Martens
  483. Sensory Deprivation Tank
  484. Shave Your Head
  485. Shop at Harrod’s in London
  486. Shop Your Favorite Store With No Spending
  487. Sit Front Row at a Fashion Show
  488. Spend the Day at a Resort Spa
  489. Splurge on a Beauty Product
  490. Take a Mud Bath
  491. Take a Shameless Selfie
  492. Try Brow Threading
  493. Try Cupping Therapy
  494. Visit Carrie Bradshaw’s Door in New York
  495. Walk the Runway
  496. Watch “The Devil Wears Prada”
  497. Wear a Kilt
  498. Wear a Pair of Knee-High Hooker Boots
  499. Wear a Wig for the Day
  500. Wear Colored Contacts
  501. Wear Dreadlocks
  502. Wear Fake Eyelashes
  503. Wear Hair Extensions
  504. Ask for a Raise
  505. Attend an Online Meeting
  506. Be a Billionaire
  507. Be a Leader in Your Field
  508. Be a Member of an Exclusive Club
  509. Be a Millionaire
  510. Be a month ahead of tasks.
  511. Be able to type without looking
  512. Be an Entrepreneur
  513. Be Asked for Your Autograph
  514. Be Completely Debt Free
  515. Be Elected to Political Office
  516. Be the Mayor of Your City
  517. Be Your Own Boss
  518. Become an expert in your field and write a
  519. Become Famous
  520. Blow a lot of Money Gambling
  521. Build a House
  522. Charter a Yacht
  523. Create a Budget & Stick to it
  524. Create a Scholarship
  525. Create Passive Income
  526. Do Your Own Taxes
  527. Drink a Bottle of Dom Perignon
  528. Drive a Supercar Around Town
  529. Earn 6 Figures Per Year
  530. Earn 7 Figures Per Year
  531. Fill a Savings Jar
  532. Flip a House
  533. Fly in a Private Jet
  534. Get a company to fly you first class
  535. Get a Diamond Manicure
  536. Get a Patent
  537. Get a Trademark
  538. Get Paid to Travel
  539. Google Search My Name & Have at Least 1
    Page of Stuff
  540. Have 3 Months of Bills in Savings
  541. Have a FICO Credit Score Over 800
  542. Have a Housecleaner
  543. Have a Net Worth of Over 1,000,000
  544. Have a Positive Net Worth
  545. Have a Second Home
  546. Have an IRA
  547. Have No Credit Card Debt
  548. Have Your Dream Job
  549. Have Your Own Business Cards
  550. Have Your Own Wikipedia Page
  551. Hire a Personal Shopper
  552. Hire an Assistant
  553. Invent Something
  554. Invest in Real Estate
  555. Invest in the Stock Market
  556. Join a Mastermind
  557. Leave a Job That Doesn’t Make You Happy
  558. Make a Will
  559. Make Money Online
  560. Make sure each CEO of each company you
    work at knows your name
  561. Max out 401(k) Contributions
  562. Negotiate a Big Deal
  563. Order Room Service
  564. Organize a Conference
  565. Own a House
  566. Own a Power Suit
  567. Own a Profitable Business
  568. Own an Original Piece of Artwork
  569. Own Property in Another Country
  570. Own Rental Property
  571. Own Tiffany Jewelry
  572. Pay Cash for a Car
  573. Pay Off Your Mortgage
  574. Pay Off Your Student Loan
  575. Qualify for a Black American Express Card
  576. Receive a Big Promotion
  577. Rent a Private Island
  578. Retire Early
  579. Save 20% for a House Down Payment
  580. Save Coins in a Jar
  581. See a Financial Planner
  582. Sell Something on the Internet
  583. Sell Something You Created
  584. Sleep on Satin Sheets
  585. Smoke a Fine Cigar
  586. Start a Bucket List Bank Account
  587. Start a New Career
  588. Stay at an All-Inclusive Resort
  589. Stay in a 5-Star Resort
  590. Stay in the Presidential Suite
  591. Travel for a Conference
  592. Turn Your Passion into a Career
  593. Win the Lottery
  594. Work From Home
  595. Work in Another Country
  596. Work in Your Favorite City
  597. Work on a Political Campaign
  598. Write Down Every Penny You Spend for One

Which of these bucket list ideas will you add to your life list?


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90 thoughts on “543 Bucket List Ideas. No More Excuses.”

  1. Incredible, inspiring, wow. :-) I'd like to start a dream list soon. Maybe tomorrow. Hmm, maybe tonight now that my imagination is whirring. :-)

  2. Learn to shoot a gun
    Learn archery
    Take up a martial art
    Learn to sight read music
    Learn to fly a plane/helicopter
    Climb Mount Everest
    Travel to space
    Jump onto a moving train
    Ride a motorcycle
    Fall in love
    Travel with the circus
    restore a vintage car
    complete a 365 day photography project
    Drive like a mad man!
    Learn chess
    donate blood
    Recieve damehood/knighthood from the Queen of England
    Be in a Shakespeare play
    Pet a panda
    Learn Tai Chi
    Walk away from an explosion like a boss
    A martini; shaken, not stirred

  3. This is great! After reading your blog it inspired me to start my own bucketlist! Which I then decided to start my own blog to document my many adventures! It was a great decision and since I've been telling people about my own list many more opportunities have presented themselves as friends want to help me check off my list one by one!

    • I’m excited for you, and for me because now I have another bucket list blog to read :)
      I’m looking forward to keeping up with your adventures & hope your list changes your life, like it did mine!

  4. Wow, Anette that is quiet spectacular Bucket List! I myself have one and all the time adding some new stuff, but you really did some thinking! Really great, maybe over Christmas when I have a bit more time I will enlarge mins, as it looks quiet purely next to yours :)
    Good luck with making it happen, Im sure you will! :0

    • Thanks! My bucket list is just so large because I am very forgetful. If I don’t immediately write it down, it vanishes from my brain ;)

  5. Great list! I hope to add many of these to mine someday. I’m having fun with our little “Summer Bucket List” with my 2 small boys this summer, but would love to make something like this with them when they get to be a bot older and can do more!

    • I think the family Summer bucket lists are such a fun way to spend the season! And I love that you are thinking about creating on for when they get older too :)

  6. don’t forget

    pepper-spray something
    pretend to karate chop a tree like in The Ghost of Mr. Chicken
    have theme music follow you all day

    • Skydiving
    • Drive a racecar on a track
    • Own a home studio
    • Build an epic treehouse
    • Go scuba diving
    • Go parasailing
    • Jetski from the Miami to the Bahamas
    • Go hand gliding
    • Go bungee jumping from a bridge
    • Sit in the devils pool
    • Go on the king de ka
    • Go cliff jumping
    • Go on a jet boat ride in new zeland
    • Go ice sailing
    • Yak skiing
    • Sand boarding
    • Jet pack flight
    • Drive a tank
    • Experience weightlessness
    • Zorbing
    • fly in a fighter plane
    • float in the dead sea
    • go to Antarctica or the arctic and see penguins
    • go the Bahamas or barbedos
    • go on a hot air balloon
    • see the northern lights
    • kite boarding
    • meet selena gomez
    • Own a boat
    • Helicopter ride
    • Go to Hawaii
    • Ride dune buggies in the desert
    • Ride an atv
    • Eat in the Michelin star restaurant
    • Shoot a gun
    • Swim with dolphins
    • Ride a snow mobile
    • Go on a cruise
    • Drive a Lamborghini
    • Bike down a mountain road
    • Own a motorcycle
    • Drive at over 160 on a public road
    • Fly first class
    • See a meteor shower
    • Go offroading
    • Swing from a rope into a lake
    • Ride in a limosine
    • Visit halong bay
    • Gokarting
    • Stay on a remote island
    • Go to cancun
    • Do something crazy with no regard to consequences
    • Look inside the mouth of a volcano
    • Walk on a glacier
    • Go on a spontaneous road trip
    • Touch a pyramid
    • Vacation solo
    • Tube down a river

  8. How about being in four different places at once? U can do this at four corners usa its where u can litetaly stand in four states all at once thus completeing the task.
    I got to do this with my family a few years back

  9. Or how about turning ur tv upside down and laying upside down on ur bed or coutch wile playing? I saw that on tv once. Always thought it would b interesting to do. This of cores is not a flat screen tv activity lol

  10. I was diagnosed with Cancer a month ago, not sad, I’m okay with it. I sat here trying to think up a Bucket list and could not come up with much. Been a person satisfied with my life but now am thinking about something a little more exciting than anything I have ever thought of doing. You have given me some great ideas, will have to return here when I get mine written. Thank you, thank you so much! I’m excited to get started.

    • Thank you for sharing a part of your story with me. I am incredibly inspired by hearing that you have been diagnosed with Cancer, yet have made a point to find something to get excited about. Please share your list with me when it is completed, I would love to see what you have selected! Best Adventures, XOXOX

  11. It’ funny but I have done almost everything on your list under the Creative ideas…and have had a lot of fun doing them.

  12. I love these lists, they cheer me up.
    The reality is that by the time you are ill, finances or health issues curtail any desires to make it suddenly come true. I’m quite ill, and happily I have done more than most in my short lifetime.
    Forget bucket lists, do it now with a life list.

    • I am happy to hear that you have had many great experiences in your lifetime. I do agree that we shouldn’t put our dreams off until “later”, because you don’t know what will be the circumstances later.

  13. Hi – great list! I found many new ideas for mine – and was gratified to see how many I have already done!

    One other comment: #494 and #496 both say “Ride in a gondola.” Was one of them supposed to be some other sort of ride? (There’s so many listed already that I can’t think of something else that ‘should’ be there ….)

  14. You have a great list! I was checking out your list for something my mother and her twin sister can do as they celebrate their 90th birthday this August. I thought about something I didn’t see on your list…Be In A Parade! I think they would have a ball and it would definitely be memorable for them and us.

  15. I started my own list but wasn’t as long as this one that I read I added some of the ideas from the list to my own bucket list a lot of great ideas

  16. Lol your totally a new idol for me. living your life with no regrets. we only regrets the things we didn’t do in the end.

  17. Wow great list! It got a lot of my bucket list ideas going..The pictures really add a lot to this post as well. Started my own bucket list on my site and working my way through it. Visiting Acadia National Park this summer which should be excellent to get some bucket list items off my list!

  18. Great list of ideas! Will help with planning our next vacation. Some were obvious, others were a bit more, “Oh! Why didn’t I think of that!”

  19. Nooooooo please don’t ride elephants! They are wild animals and they’re put through so much abuse when they’re being “trained”. See these articles as examples: https://expertvagabond.com/elephants-in-thailand/

    Actually any wild animal experience needs to be treated with extreme caution – do thorough background checks to be sure the animals aren’t being mistreated behind the scenes in order to make them behave in ways that aren’t natural to them.

    Wanting to have amazing experiences is great, but there are so many amazing experiences that don’t involve torturing baby animals (or adult animals, for that matter)! Maybe visiting an elephant sanctuary (again, with background checks) would be a good alternative?

  20. I’ve done about 70 of them, and my next blood donation will be #98… yes, I’ve donated over 12 gallons of blood.

    Add: work an election (I’ve missed working 4 elections in the last 50 years – and 3 were due to hospitalization, one I was out of he country.

    Add: Ride in a jet fighter. Not cheap, but worth it.

    Add: Experience weightlessness – and you can at https://www.gozerog.com


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