I have never stayed in a bed & breakfast before, not even for one of my fifteen wedding anniversaries or forty-two birthdays. It was about time that this goal got a big fat check off the bucket list and a serious bonus that my first Inn experience would be in historic downtown Savannah, where many of the charming B&Bs have a strong historical background and Southern hospitality. And a ghost story.

The Dresser Palmer House is part of Savannah Inns, a foursome of truly Southern Bed & Breakfasts that not only ooze charm, but also boast dynamic lady innkeepers that will enhance your stay and serve you up a breakfast fit for a princess.

My temporary Georgian home, The Dresser Palmer House, is the quintessential Southern Inn that you dreamed about with a porch that beckons you in the evening hours.
Dresser Palmer Porch

The inn was a quick twenty minute taxi ride from the airport and I was immediately greeted at the door by the innkeeper, Shannon. She was warm, welcoming, bubbly and evidently a serious multitasker by the way she was maneuvering around the home while still holding on an engaging conversation.

These must be characteristics of true Southern hospitality.
Innkeeper with Southern Hospitality Dresser Palmer House Porch

She showed me to my room, the John Wesley. Who? Each of the 16 rooms are named after people and things representative of the city, Mr. Wesley was the founder of the Methodist movement in Savannah.

I think me and Mr. Welsey will be very happy in this room. Don’t tell my husband.Dresser Palmer House RoomDresser Palmer House Room

My two tall windows overlooked the inviting porch, where I would soon be spending most of my Inn existence.

Porch sitting is a valid pastime.

Luckily, everyday between 5-6 o’clock there is complimentary cocktails, snacks and mingling in the living room; a B&B happy hour so to speak. This got my butt off the porch.

Happy hours. Also a valid pastime.
Dresser Palmer House Living RoomDresser Palmer House Living Room

Breakfast is a big part of the B&B schtick and, truth be told, I am just not a breakfast person. A decaf, nonfat cappuccino (otherwise known as a ‘why bother’) and a yogurt is the typical a.m. meal. Usually I am waiting for the clock to strike 11:00 when it’s appropriate to eat a burger.

But, then there was creme brulee french toast. And sausage, pecan and pear quiche. I thought I didn’t like eggs.

Each morning the innkeeper whipped us up something delicious and different. This chick can cook. I may be rethinking this whole anti-breakfast thing.
Dresser Palmer House Breakfast

Not until the second night did I learn about Madeline Dresser, the little girl ghost that leaves random pennies around the Inn. She was the daughter the previous home owner and tragically died in a fire when she was nine.

No biggie. I am not afraid of ghosts. Really.

I didn’t sleep that night for other reasons, NOT because I was afraid that a spooky ghost would sneak into my room and appear over my head, staring down at me while dropping pennies on my face as I slept. Nope. That wasn’t the reason for my insomnia.


I also was able to tour the other three inns that make up Savannah Inns, which I am sure I would have been just as happy at, but for different reasons all together.

Zeigler House
The Zeigler House is the oldest of the four Savannah Inns and a former Bordello, built in 1856. It is located on Jones Street, voted one of the most beautiful in North America by Southern Living. And it is. The stunning chandeliers will make your neck hurt from the amount of time you will spend staring at them. The breakfasts at Zeigler are not done as a group, instead each room is stocked with fresh baked breakfast goodies. Romantic.
Zeigler House Chandeliers
Zeigler House Chandeliers Zeigler House Chandeliers

Azalea Inn
The spunky, kick-in-the-pants innkeeper, Teresa, is enough reason to stay at the Azaela Inn. But, there are others too. When you are feeling sleepy, the resident four-pound yorkie, Joey, will take a nap with you. Perfect for us dog lovers. Also, they have a pool to cool off in on those humid August nights. Plus, don’t miss the artwork in the dining room. Though it looks historical, search for the numerous oddities, such as the dog shadow that goes backwards. Azaela also has their own custom blended lotion, shampoo and conditioner.
Azalea Inn Murals
Azalea Inn MuralsA dog with Southern Hospitality

Green Palm Inn
If you are looking for a more cozy experience, the Green Palm Inn only has four rooms for guests. Or stay in their 2-story private cottage overlooking Historic Greene Square. This B&B caters the menu to the clientele, but request the gluten free Chewy Chocolate Cookies, you won’t miss an ounce of flour is these babies.Green Palm Inn PorchGluten Free Cookies

Have you ever stayed at a Bed & Breakfast? Have you been to Savannah, Georgia?

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