A goal that has sat on my bucket list for a lengthy amount of time is to extract honey from a beehive. So, when I saw a trip to Savannah Bee Company on my Georgia itinerary I was like a giddy school girl, fantasizing about being decked out in a white polyester jumpsuit and yielding a smoker? Yes, these are the things I fantasize about.

That’s not exactly what happened, we were not going to a beehive farm, instead we were going to the Savannah Bee retail shop to partake in a honey tasting. Still pretty excited.
Savannah Bee Honey Tasting Sign
Honey Tasting SpoonSavannah Bee Honey Tasting

I have done quite a few tastings in my life, mostly wine, but there were other things too; chocolate, olive oil, coffee and even tea at Smith Teamaker in Oregon. But, never honey. In fact, I didn’t even know there was such a thing.

Savannah Bee company is a truly unique shop where passionate owner, Ted Dennard, is busy redefining honey.

And he eagerly encourages you taste his honey…for free. You don’t need to tell me twice. I grabbed myself a genius little folding spoon and began my sampling of the handful that were there, starting with the Tupelo. It was slightly sweet and buttery, the perfect introduction to the unique artisan products to come.

I had been somewhat naive about honey prior to this experience. A bear girl. Not knowing the difference. Until now.

The incredibly experienced staff walked me through the different flavors and made knowledgeable suggestions. And they were spot on with the Orange Blossom which exploded with a sweet and citrus flavor. They suggested drizzling it over French toast. Who am I to argue?
Savannah Bee Honey Tasting

In between tasting there was a platter featuring the most raw form of honey, the honeycomb. Pairing it with cheese and apples makes for the perfect wholesome (& a bit waxy) bite.
Savannah Bee Honey comb

The only question left unanswered is where I can buy royal jelly, so I can eat some, turn into the queen bee and have 60,000 worker bees catering to me?

Have you ever been to a honey tasting? What sorts of food tastings have you been to?

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