Mata Hari: The Secret Speakeasy in Savannah, Georgia

Shh..I am about to give you the inside scoop on Savannah, Georgia’s secret speakeasy, Mata Hari. This joint isn’t just a bar; it’s a time-traveling, cocktail-sipping, burlesque-infused adventure, and getting in is like stumbling upon one of the city’s best-kept secrets. But, I am sharing some tips so you too can enjoy this bucket list experience, because it is one of the top things to do in Savannah!

Mata Hari is a secret speakeasy in the heart of Savannah, Georgia. You need a password to enter, but once inside, try absinthe to drink!

What is Mata Hari Speakeasy

Now, what’s the buzz about? Mata Hari’s not just about dim lights and plush velvet; it’s also got a burlesque show that’s the cherry on top of this Prohibition-era escapade. The air is thick with mystery, the jazz soundtrack sets the mood, and the burlesque show? It’s the spicy kick to an already heady cocktail of rebellion.

And speaking of cocktails, Mata Hari’s menu is a Prohibition-era dream. Sip on a “Gin Rickey” or embrace your rebellious side with a “Bee’s Knees” while the burlesque performers add a touch of glamor to the hush-hush affair.

 If you are up for another checkmark off the bucket list, then order the absinthe. I have had several failed attempts at trying Absinthe the traditional way, by melting a sugar cube into the liquor and diluting it with water. But, there was success at Mata Hari. 

Absinthe at Mata Hari speakeasy in Savannah, Georgia

Absinthe, which was banned for many years due to its hallucinogenic properties, isn’t that easy to find even now that the ban is lifted. And it’s not as potent. You probably won’t see fairies.

It has a heavy anise flavor, tasting like strong, alcoholic black licorice. Too strong for this wine girl to finish, so I followed it up with a Mata Hari Martini, which simply features a shot of absinthe mixed with other ingredients.

Jazz singer at Mata Hari speakeasy in Savannah, Georgia

How do you get into the Mata Hari speakeasy?

Imagine wandering the charming streets of Savannah, Spanish moss doing its lazy dance in the breeze, and then, out of the shadows, you find Mata Hari. It’s not screaming for attention—it’s a subtle nod, a secret password for those in the know and are craving a taste of the extraordinary.

As you knock on the door, a small window slides open and the eyeballs staring out ask for the password. No password, no entry. How do you get a password? You need to know someone who knows someone with one. And that typically is your concierge at your hotel. 

Now, here’s the kicker—getting into Mata Hari isn’t just about knowing the password. No, no. Buy a ticket to the burlesque show, and you’ve got yourself a golden key to this secret kingdom. No password needed—just grab your ticket, knock on the unassuming door, and find yourself transported into a world where every sip and shimmy is a rebellion against the mundane.

For Burlesque tickets, go to The Downtown Delilahs website, they are the troop that typically performs there.

If you’re up for a night of Prohibition-era vibes, mysterious dim-lit corners, cocktails that defy the ordinary, and a burlesque show that adds that extra oomph, then Mata Hari speakeasy in Savannah is your spot. But remember, keep it on the hush-hush—this adventure is for those bold enough to seek the extraordinary in the heart of the city. Here’s to hidden gems, thrilling secrets, and the spicy allure of the unknown. Cheers!

DETAILS: Mata Hari is a secret speakeasy and you must have a password to get in (it used to be a key). So far, the only ways that I have heard of people being successful at getting a password, are through the concierge at a hotel, from a local shopkeeper and from asking a local friend. Though it may also be worth a shot to ask a pedicab driver or beg the doorman! Read the comments below, some have shared their experiences. It seems that someone in Savannah will know someone with a key. Best of luck!

Mata Hari Location: 306 W Lower Factors Walk, Savannah, GA 31401-1232


97 thoughts on “Mata Hari: The Secret Speakeasy in Savannah, Georgia”

  1. Looks like fun! I've always wanted to try absinthe but haven't been brave enough yet. I didn't realize it wasn't as strong now. Wonder if that's true for Europe too? 

  2. This sounds so cool! I had a couple of shots of absinthe at a new year's party several years ago and was surprised it didn't have much for an effect on me! Not sure it was the proper stuff.

    • In America they are not allowed to sell Absinthe that is as strong as in Europe, but even then it’s not as strong as before the ban. I only took a couple of sips, so it didn’t do much for me either, but it was fun!

  3. I haven't been to a speakeasy but i have recently had black absinthe. It was really strong but I liked it. It was on my bucket list :) I really enjoy reading about your adventures by the way :D. 

  4. My parents are going to Savannah for vacation this Spring. I would love to get them in and it would be a great Christmas gift to them. Any tips? They have already made reservations so I can’t get them a night at one of the Inns.

    • So far, here are the ways that I have heard people being successful at getting in other than by the innkeepers mentioned:
      through the concierge at a hotel, from a local shopkeeper and asking a local friend. It seems that someone in Savannah will know someone with a key. Best of luck!

  5. In the picture he’s just pouring water onto the cube. That’s not the traditional way. The water is meant to be slowly dripped onto the cube using a special absinthe “fountain”. This is so the drink will gradually louche.

  6. We have a 3 couples coming up next weekend. Jan 17 – 20th. We have a speakeasy here in Sarasota but it is not as cool sounding as this one. Would you be able to help us get in somehow? This would make our trip. [email protected] Thanks!

    • Hello Terrie,
      If you read a few of the previous comments I list all the ways I have heard of people getting a key. It seems that most people have been pretty successful. Good Luck!! Savannah would be a great girls weekend!

  7. Annette,

    You mentioned “local shop keepers” to get a key or an invite. Do you know any specific locations? My wife and I just booked a B&B, but the innkeeper said she didn’t have, or know how to get a key. Also, do you know if you have to pay to get a key? Just trying to make sure our anniversary is fun. Thanks!

    • Hello Justin,
      I wish I could be of more help, especially since it will be your anniversary, but I am not sure exactly which shopkeepers will have a key. Though another idea may be to ask a pedicab driver located throughout the city. They may have some insider info. since they are probably always taking people there. Good Luck. And if you get in please share with us how :)

  8. Thank you so much for posting this. I’m getting married in August, and my fiance fell in love with Savannah one time she was there so we’re planning to go for our honeymoon. This will be great to do one night! :-)

    I was already looking at Zeigler House for a place to stay.

    • What a wonderful honeymoon Savannah will make! Unfortunately, when I went my husband was not with me, but I would love to bring him one day. Zeigler House is beautiful and on a gorgeous street. Congrats on your upcoming nuptials and savor your time in Savannah!

  9. My friends and I will be in Savannah next weekend May 15-18 and we would love to spend an evening here. We are 3 very polite Canadian girls….Is there someone we can contact/beg/bribe/cajole to obtain a key to admission??? Pretty Please???

    • LOL!! Here’s what I have written about getting a key, but bribing the doorman may be the best idea ;)
      “So far, the only ways that I have heard of people being successful at getting a key, other than from the innkeepers mentioned above, are through the concierge at a hotel, from a local shopkeeper and from asking a local friend. Though it may also be worth a shot to ask a pedicab driver or beg the doorman! It seems that someone in Savannah will know someone with a key.”
      Best of luck!

    • These are the posted hours, not totally certain if they are correct.

      Mon – Closed
      Tue – Closed
      Wed – 10:00 pm – 3:00 am
      Thu – 9:00 pm – 3:00 am
      Fri – 9:00 pm – 3:00 am
      Sat – 9:00 pm – 3:00 am
      Sun – Closed

      • I have a group of people wanting to try this place out on Saturday night. The inns didn’t know what I was talking about. How do I get a key for this weekend?

    • The only suggestions i have are all listed in the post or comments. But, I’m hoping that someone who has been successful recently, will post an answer to that question here. Have a great time!

  10. I had absinthe in WIlliamsburg…not wonderful to me, but glad I tried it. AND we are going to Savannah tomorrow for 4 days and I hope I can score a key!!!

  11. My husband and I are visiting Savannah for the first time this coming weekend (July 11-13th). My curiosity is aroused on this speakeasy. Please tell me how to get in. It sounds so fun.

    • Unfortunately, the only ways I know how to get a key are listed in the article or in the comments. Some, folks have listed some more tips. It seems that most people have been somehow successful and, from what I have heard, I think it may be easier to get in now that they have a burlesque show by just saying you are there for the show.

  12. I’m ready..I will wear what ever or not wear at all if you like.. You sound like my kind of people.. been here 3 years and have been dying to find the same intelligence, oddity, sarcasm, and lust for it never to end.

    Please may I have a key?

  13. We are visiting the weekend of October 1st for my boyfriends birthday and would LOVE to take him here.
    Any help to find a key would be greatly appreciated!! He has always wanted to go to this type of place.
    I am willing to work to find it.

  14. Hello, I don’t know if anyone is still active on this post but I am bringing my boyfriend into town for his birthday. It will be our first vacation together officially. I would love to take him here to create a unique experience that we will remember for years to come! If anyone could help out I would greatly appreciate it! [email protected]

  15. Anybody out there wanna help some girls out on A Girls Weekend Trip with a key??? We’re here thru Sun and what a trip it would be if we could get in a speakeasy.

  16. My husband and I are looking for a much needed getaway. We will be in Savannah from Wednesday March 22 until 3/24 and I’m desperate to find a key to take him to the speakeasy. Please help!

  17. Coming to Savannah for Memorial Day weekend, Fri – Mon 2017, and would love to find a key to a speakeasy. Lots of posts about looking for one, but no one is fessing up where to find one!!!! Is anyone willing to help a damsel in need? We are staying at a major hotel chain, not at an Inn. Any clues would be appreciated.

  18. Husband and I are going to Savannah the weekend of the 25th for our anniversary, would love to visit a speakeasy.. has anyone had any luck getting a key?

  19. My wife and I are staying at the Gastonian towards the end of March. They provide a key to Mata Hari’s when you check-in or you can use your room key to gain access. Just ask.

  20. My husband and I will be in Savannah March 2018 for a wedding. We’re planning to come early to celebrate my birthday as well. We don’t have many opportunities to get away and I know my husband would love to go to the Mata Hari. We’ve already rented a house but would love to get a key. If anyone can help, please let me know: [email protected]

  21. Going for my honeymoon to savannah on aug 5-7 any info would be greatly appreciate I think my husband would really like this other tips and tricks for our trip would be appreciated

    Thank you in advanced

  22. Will be in Savannah Aug, 25-27 for my partners 37th birthday trying to find a key to surprise her with. Can someone please help me out? Or can i just pay the doorman?

  23. I’m going to Savannah soon in less then a month. I would love to try and if I am ever so lucky to try, will share my experience here.

  24. My husband and I are coming to Savannah for our two year late honeymoon and I would LOVE to surprise him with entry to Mata Hari. Any help would be appreciated as we don’t have the money to stay at the inns listed above.


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