Mothers—those great superheroines who always seem to have a smile of their faces, give the best advice and unconditional love. How could you ever come up with gift ideas that would thank them for all they have done? What present could possibly show your gratitude and make them feel as special as they have made you feel?

Mother’s Day should be celebrated in a magical way as they deserve everything and more. So why not prepare a day filled with fun activities? No matter if you are a son, daughter or just a friend who appreciates someone who masters motherhood this Mother’s Day Bucket List will make it unforgettable!

The Best Mother’s Day Activities & Gift Ideas for Your Mom 

1. Book a Weekend Getaway

You can organize a little getaway for the weekend to a place that you already know she loves or even be original and take her to a new city. Another good option would be to book some wonderful days of relaxation, tranquility and quality time spent together at a beachfront home or in a cozy mountain cabin. 

2. Clean the House

We all like that the house is always clean and tidy—don’t we? Make up for all those times mom cleaned your room and washed the dishes by cleaning her house yourself. If you don’t want to make the house sparkling on your own, you could hire a cleaning company instead.

A person cleaning a table with a cloth and water

3. Cook a Family Recipe

We all have special recipes that are part of our family tradition, so why not be a chef and get down to business by preparing it for you mother. Allowing her to relive a delicious childhood memory is a great idea! Although if you don’t know how to make the recipe, you can ask your mother to assist. And that’s another way to spend time together and create unforgettable memories!

A person cooking a family recipe

4. Do a Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzles are not only a great activity to stimulate the brain, but they also offer the best time to share stories with your mom. You could ask her questions about her childhood or choose for the 365 thought provoking questions.

If you are looking for the perfect puzzle then check out the best 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles for adults or get even more creative and have a photo puzzle made at Shutterfly.

Two people enjoying a good set of jigsaw puzzles

5. Do the Dishes

Washing the dishes may not be one of our favorite activities, but you can take care of washing them all and save your mother that work. Another more entertaining idea can be to do it as a team, one person can wash and the other dry, while you put on some music, start a conversation about a topic that you both like.

6. Enjoy Brunch

Nowadays going to brunch is very fashionable. And the truth is that there are a lot of very beautiful places where you can enjoy the food, the ambiance and maybe even a mimosa! 

A heartful Brunch meal

7. Get Blowouts

There are specialty blow dry bars all over the world where they provide you with an exclusive blowout service. In these salons they not only wash, dry and style you, but they also do it in a relaxing way with head massages. Your mother will feel like a queen—what a gift!

8. Get Mani-Pedis

For all those mothers who love to pamper themselves, this option is an undoubtedly ideal present. There are many beauty centers where your mother can enjoy a morning of care. Besides perfect manicure and pedicure services, these centers offer facial and body care treatments, eyebrow design and even tanning!

A person getting a manicure

9. Give Mom the Perfect Bouquet

Do you know what your mother’s favorite flowers are? We know it may seem like a typical gift, but what if you personalize this idea to make it unique? You can give her her favorite flowers accompanied with a card dedicating some beautiful words to her about how much you love, admire and value her. Another option could be to make a bouquet of flowers, but each one of a different type and write in a note the meaning of each flower and relate it to the characteristics and personality of your mother.

10. Go on a Hike

You can look for places where you can take a nice walk together enjoying the landscape and being able to connect with nature. A nice idea would be to go to a place where there are many flowers or cherry blossoms. Or a place that has impressive views, a river or simply a place where you can breathe fresh air without having to listen to the noises of the city. 

11. Go on a Road Trip

If your mother is passionate about taking long drives, you can go on a trip to a place that you want to visit and also enjoy the road trip together. Let the trip last long enough for her to enjoy both the drive and getting to know a new place. You can also create a playlist of her favorite songs to listen to and sing them together!

A woman enjoying the fresh air while on a road trip

12. Go to Happy Hour

If you are lovers of a good cocktail or glass of wine then hitting up a happy hour is a great idea. You can enjoy your favorite drinks and possibly some snacks at a much cheaper price!

You can even create your own happy hour at home with the Cocktail Bucket List: 100 Classics & Other Great Ones to Try that includes recipes you could make!

13. Go to the Theater

If your mother is a lover of good theater performances, you can get tickets to go enjoy a play with her. If she has a favorite you can surprise her by going to see it together. If she doesn’t have any preferences, you can choose one that has rave reviews and watch it for the first time together. After the theater you can even go for a drink and share your what parts you liked the most!

14. Go Wine Tasting

If you enjoy tasting good wine, this is another highly recommended gift for anyone! You can look for a winery that includes a visit to the winery itself, an explanation of basic notions from expert sommeliers and the corresponding tasting to put into practice what you have learned. If there isn’t a winery nearby then just go to a wine bar and get a wine flight to share.

15. Have a Garden Tea Party

If you have a garden or access to anything resembling one, throwing an intimate garden tea party—even if it’s just for a mom and you—can be a major highlight for Mother’s Day. Get inspired dreaming and planning by checking out this gallery

A girl pouring a tea on a glass

16. Have a Spa Day

Without a doubt, just reading the word spa gives us instant relaxation. Don’t you think it’s a perfect occasion to pamper your mother? You can spend the whole day there enjoying relaxing massages, thermal circuits and a complete menu of facial and body treatments. 

17. Let Her Sleep In

Close the door to her room and try not to make too much noise so that she can rest as much as possible. That way she will be full of energy to enjoy the wonderful day full of surprises that you are going to prepare for her!

18. Make a Homemade Card

Let your imagination fly and design an original and unique homemade card. You can decorate the cover with hearts, flowers, or even a photo of the two of you together. You can use any type of materials to make it even more personalized. Inside write some words explaining how lucky you feel about being her son or daughter, everything she means to you or how much you love her. Also, the cardboard you choose for the card can be cut into the shape of a heart!

Need ideas? Spruce Crafts has some lovely DIY Card ideas, and so does Better Homes & Gardens (I love the cute flower petal confetti card!).

A person creating a card

19. Make a Scrapbook

A very nice gift and nostalgic idea can be to give her a creative album full of your favorite family photographs. Each page can feature a different event in your lives or represent a different age. Add special momentos to each page like postcards, souvenirs or handwritten letters.

If you think you are not creative enough there are plenty of page ideas on the internet. Check these ones out: Scrapbook Ideas for Beginners: 25 Inspiring Layouts and 33 Cool DIY Scrapbook Ideas You Have To Try. Or for something even easier just buy a page kit that has everything you need.

20. Make Her Dinner

If you are good at cooking, then why not prepare a delicious dinner for her? You can decorate the table with flowers, candles and the most beautiful cutlery you have. Also, you can put on background music that plays while she dines. And if you are good at baking, you can also make her favorite dessert, which will be the icing on the cake of a magical night.

21. Organize a Family Photo

On this memorable day, you can organize for the whole family to get together for a special photo shoot. You could do it on the top of a mountain or with all your toes in the sand—or check out Shutterfly‘s 100 family photo ideas.

22. Plan a Picnic

You will have to break out that dusty old picnic basket for this cute Mother’s Day activity. Pack it with your favorite snacks and a bottle of champagne, then pick a quiet outdoor getaway and create a memory. Need a basket? Check out this cute wicker picnic basket or get a modern 2-person picnic backpack.

A person preparing for a good picnic

23. Serve Breakfast in Bed

Wake up before bright and early to organize her favorite breakfast! You can make crunchy toast and cut it into a heart shape, buy fresh croissants, make a fruit salad, and brew coffee just the way she likes it. You can also prepare a glass with freshly squeezed juice (maybe with a side of champagne?) and place it all on a tray. Don’t forget to decorate the tray with pretty flowers!

A served breakfast in bed

24. Set Up a Mimosa Bar

Drinking a refreshing mimosa (or two) is the perfect way to accompany breakfast or just for a fun at home happy hour! There are many recipes and there are them from the most classic to the most innovative. The classic mimosa consists of mixing champagne with orange juice, but you can venture out with Delish’s 55 delish mimosa recipes.

A Mimosa Bar set up near a window

25. Take a Bike Ride

If your mom is a lover of being active and the outdoors, you can take your bikes for a ride to the nearest park or wherever you like the most. If the weather is good, this option is great to enjoy the breeze, the company and exercise at the same time.

Two people enjoying a back ride

26. Take a Cooking Class

Does she like gastronomy? Does she enjoy learning new recipes? Then you could both sign up for a cooking class. There are an endless array of classes to choose from: pastry to braising and handmade pastas to barbecue sauces. The best part is that you usually get to taste the results of your lesson!

You can check for classes at local restaurants, online, or at Sur la Table kitchen store.

Set of people having a cooking class

27. Take a Paint & Sip Class

Wine (or cocktails) + painting a masterpiece = F U N! This Mother’s Day Bucket List idea will have you heading to a local cafe, bar or winery to be treated to adult beverages along with a hands-on painting class where you will walk away with your piece of art. It doesn’t get much funner than that!

28. Treat Her to a Meal Out

Here we propose two options, you can play it safe and take her to her favorite restaurant or you can take a risk and go to a brand new place that also has the food and ambiance you think she’d love.

A mother and son having a great meal out

29. Watch Her Favorite Movie

You can watch her favorite movie together and you can also create your own home cinema! You just have to prepare popcorn, pizza, sweets or your favorite soft drinks and hit the TV play. To create a better atmosphere you can lower the blinds and turn off the lights and now it will seem that you are in the cinema!

If you are food lovers, then definitely pick one from our Foodie Movie Bucket List!

People eating popcorns while watching movie

30. Volunteer Together

This is not only a very good choice for spending time together and working as a team, but you would also help people and/or causes in need. Like the old adage says, it’s better to give than to receive! You could walk dogs at the shelter, read to children at the library or spend an afternoon feeding families at the soup kitchen. Just determine what’s close to both of your hearts.

Don’t know where to start? Visit VolunteerMatch who has opportunities in many major cities or check the United Way website.

A group of people enjoying a day being a volunteer

Any of these Mother’s Day ideas are a fantastic way to surprise your mom with a gift to be cherished. You can even combine several ideas or customize them even more according to your mother’s tastes! Whichever ones you choose, we hope you are inspired to create a truly special day that your mom remembers forever. 

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