Even though I would never let my attire hinder having an extraordinary travel experience, for me proper planning does include a Google search for the latest fashion trends of wherever I am going to visit. Mostly, to avoid having “Tourist” stamped across my forehead. As if having a camera hanging around my neck wasn’t a convincing enough sign. Deciding what to wear in London was a process that mostly focused on hunting for the cute and comfortable travel boots. But, what I should have been focusing on was skirts, stockings and skinnys.

London is full of extremely well-dressed folks wearing proper blue suits, mid-thigh skirts, skinny pants and stockings in a variety of colors.
What to wear in London

I rarely see women wearing stockings in my Northern California hometown and I have not owned a pair since the 90s. We are very casual in Sonoma County; jeans and a blouse is evening attire. This wouldn’t have been proper for what to wear in London.

Londoners are pretty dapper dressers.

Most ladies donned the simplest black stockings, but several others got creative with color and pattern.
What to wear in London - Stockings

Boots were all the rage, just not the knee-high ones that I had painstakingly purchased. Anything mid-calf or lower was fashionable, in particular ankle boots.

Note to self: Get a pair of ankle boots before heading back to London.

Skinny jeans, which are a fantastic boot companion, were scattered throughout the streets. Mostly on men. And they came in an assortment of shades, the least popular being the standard blue jean.
What to wear in London - Boots  What to wear in London - boots

Suits & Ties: The pubs, London underground and shops were filled with them. That is something I could get used to. Easily.
What to wear in London in you are a man

When I packed my suitcase, I did some things right…and some things wrong.

The Good: Not only did my large crossbody bag fit my DSLR camera, maps and guidebooks, but it was also in style. Another good is that I only brought skinny jeans.

The Bad: The puffy jacket was so “hot” in Italy two years ago, not so much in London today. My knee-high Leslie Sharon boots gave me miles of comfort, but not a place on the cities best dressed list.
Annette White London Attire  Annette White London Attire

Do you research fashion trends before traveling? Do you go for comfort or style when traveling?

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