Locations of the Iconic Red Phone Booths in London

In the lively streets of London, a quintessentially British icon stands tall, the iconic red phone booths—you know, the ones you see in movies. Each of those booths has its own story. From the energetic chaos of Covent Garden to the fancy vibes around Westminster, these red booths have seen it all! You’ll definitely want to see these oh-so-photogenic landmarks when you travel to the city and get the perfect snapshot. 

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What is the history of the red telephone booths

Navigating the urban maze of London, those red telephone booths stand as vintage rockstars. Back in 1921, they burst onto the scene as the K1, a bit clunky but quickly winning hearts as the go-to for a quick chat.

Then, enter Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the design maestro who dropped the K6 in 1935, a sleek ode to King George V’s shindig. Today, the K6 stands tall, a badass relic in the British landscape—a testament to a bygone era when making a call meant stepping into a crimson time machine.

Iconic Red Phone Booths
Iconic Red Phone Booths

Do they still have red phone booths in London?

In the bustle of modern London, the once uber-popular red telephone booths are a dying breed. Blame it on our love for mobile phones. Out of the 100,000 that once dotted the city, only about 8,000 are left standing. These red booths might seem a bit old-fashioned, but they’re holding on in touristy spots and historic areas. Catch a glimpse of them before they vanish.

Iconic Red Phone Booths

Top 5 locations of London’s red phone booths

Discovering London’s famous red phone booths is like taking a trip back in a time full of history and charm. Whether you’re in the busy streets or cozy corners, these booths aren’t really for making calls – they’re special landmarks. Check out the top 5 spots to find these iconic British symbols:

  • Kingston Upon Thames: In Kingston Upon Thames, David Mach’s ‘Out of Order’ sculpture reimagines the iconic red booths as tilted dominoes.
Kingston Upon Thames Red Phone Booths
  • Covent Garden Market: Amidst the lively hustle of Covent Garden Market, a cluster of red booths adds a touch of vintage charm to the eclectic scene.
Covent Garden Market Red Phone Booths
  • Parliament Square: Opposite of Queen Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben), the red booth is an emblematic sentinel of British history.
Parliament Square Red Phone Booths
  • Bonus: Westminster Abbey: Framed against this historic backdrop, the red booths create a captivating visual, inviting you to explore the intersection of tradition and grandeur.
Westminster Abbey Red Phone Booths

Best Poses for Photos into the Booths

When capturing the essence of London’s red phone booths, it’s not just about the booth—it’s about the experience. Embrace the classic charm with a nod to timeless poses:

  • The Classic: Stand inside the booth, holding the phone receiver to your ear, for a pose that captures the essence of the London red telephone booths experience.
  • The Tourist: Step out of the booth and pose beside it, with the booth framing you against the backdrop of a London landmark.
  • The Playful: Lean against the booth, with a mischievous grin, for a pose that adds a touch of whimsy to your photo.
  • The Fashionista: Strike a stylish pose inside the booth, showcasing your outfit against the iconic red backdrop.
  • The Silhouette: Capture the silhouette of someone standing inside the booth, creating a dramatic and evocative image.

Remember, it’s not just a photo—it’s a snapshot of your London adventure.

Red Telephone Booth London Annette

As you navigate the winding streets of London spotting those famous red phone booths, you’re sure to find some others not mentioned here. But, that’s kind of the fun of it. 

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  1. This is awesome! I visited London in January and I didn't get either of those pictures!!! Ahhh! I love close though so I'm definitely going back!

  2. I haven't visited Abbey Road but I did take a photo of myself in a red phone booth when I was in London a few years ago.  I have found the same booths in the BVI and made sure to snap a picture in one there.

    • Holy smokes! 15 people? That’s crazy (& I want to see a photo)! I bet it was smelly. Now I want to return to London to see how many people can fit in a red telephone booth.

    • Now that would have been a GREAT idea, to reenact the Beatles Abbey Road album cover. Next time :)

    • I actually need to go back to London to be more of a tourist (& maybe live a little like a local too).

  3. OK, this is one of the hoakiest things that a person could ever do. And next time I am in London I am going to do it! How can you not?
    Sometimes being a tourist is OK. Seems that sometimes travelers get to wrapped up in not doing touristy things and miss out of some real fun.

    • I need to learn the perfect balance between being a corny tourist and a traveler who only seeks out the most unknown sights ;)

  4. I love your blog and enjoyed seeing the photos and reading about your travels.  You are so lucky to be able to travel and write about your adventures!  Awesome!

  5. Oh I can't wait to go to England in August!!  I will definitely be having my photo taken on the Abbey Road crossing!  Thanks for the reminder!

  6. Hello Annette!

    As a Londoner, I thought I’d better let you & other’s know that you can not take pictures on Abbey Road anymore. It’s caused several accidents and you can now incur a £5,000 fine if caught.


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