21 Ways to Simplify Your Life (and Relieve Stress)

Sometimes the trip through the chaos of modern life can be stressful, especially in a world that seems hell-bent on making things needlessly complicated. For me, simplicity has been key to relieving some anxiety that comes along with daily living. But, how do you simplify? There are many ways to simplify your life and these are some of my favorites.

21 Effective Ways to Simplify Your Life

Best Ways to Simplify Your Life

1. Purge Some Stuff

Clear the clutter from every room in your sanctuary. Release five items that no longer spark joy, and for every new treasure, bid adieu to two. It’s a magical ritual of decluttering, making space for the abundance that life has to offer.

2. Learn the Power of Saying No

Say no when your heart says no. Relieving yourself from overcommitment is an act of self-love and will quickly simplify your life by creating space for the things that truly matter.

3. Write a MORNING To-Do List

This list should be short and precise, it is not your bucket list, just a way to prioritize what you have to accomplish for the day. PS: you could even do this right before you go to bed, so you are ready to hit the ground running in the morning.

4. Ask for Help WHEN NEEDED

Believe it or not, most people want to be helpful they just aren’t aware when and where you need it. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed. We’re not meant to carry the weight of the world alone. Reach out, share your struggles, and allow someone to take a little bit of the burden off you.

5. Turn Off Your Cell Phone

Upnplug and take a pause from the constant buzz of technology. You will be surprised how freeing it feels to take a short sabbatical from being “connected”. Plus, you can be peacefully productive when you don’t have the distraction of social media, texting and emails.

6. Get Automated

Simplify your life with the magic of automation. Spend some time setting up online automated banking, programming your thermostat and putting sprinklers on a timer.

7. declutter your Emails

Clean up your digital space with a little inbox declutter liberation. Respond with to emails where it’s necessary, discard the unnecessary, and unsubscribe from anything that is no longer useful.

8. Be Present

Live in the now as much a possible—let go of past regrets and future anxieties. Cherish the gift of this very moment, and you’ll be surprised how much stress will be relieved.

9. Create a Weekly Meal Plan

Simplify your life’s menu with a weekly culinary plan. Plan your meals for the entire week then shop with intention. This will make the shopping simpler and cut time on the the stress of trying to figure out what to cook each day.

10. Keep a Gift List

Keep a friend & family gift wish list, so when special occasions roll around you won’t be struggling to find the perfect gift. Every time they mention something they want during the year, keep a record of it.

11. Give your Purse/Wallet a makeover

Transform your daily companion into an organized space. Dive into the depths of your purse or wallet, bidding farewell to outdated cards, purging old snacks and tidying up essentials.

12. Get a Library Card or kindle

Expand your mind without crowding your space. Swap out unread books gathering dust on your shelves for a good old fashioned library card or a digital reading device like a Kindle.

13. Stop Buying Things

Shift your focus from accumulating things to curating incredible experiences. Buy only what you need and enjoy the richness of memorable moments over material possessions.

Annette with Penguins at Falkland Volunteer Point

14. Go Digital with the news

Navigate the news landscape with a click instead of a crumpled newspaper. Save a tree, declutter your space, and stay informed by bringing the world to your fingertips through the magic of online news.

15. organize Your Music playlists

Organizing your music playlists streamlines your daily rhythm, providing an instant mood boost with easy access to your favorite tunes. By categorizing and curating playlists, you eliminate the time spent searching for specific songs.

16. Eliminate Junk Mail

Protect your home from the invasion of unwanted clutter. Keep a recycle bin by your door, ensuring junk mail never crosses your threshold. Take control by contacting companies and asking to be removed from their mailing lists.

17. Organize your Favorites/Bookmarks

.By categorizing and decluttering your bookmarks, you effortlessly find essential sites, reducing the time spent scrolling and searching. This simple act transforms your digital experience, providing a streamlined and efficient online presence that aligns with the simplicity you crave in your daily life.

18. Create a Repair Company List

Empower yourself with trusted allies in the world of repairs. Compile a list of reliable companies for every need – plumbing, automobile, electric – creating a toolkit of support for life’s unexpected twists.

19. Get a Label Maker

Bring order to the chaos with the power of labels. Invest in a label maker to designate spaces in your closet, organize expense folders, and give everything a home.

20. Keep a Garbage Bag in Your Car

Transform your vehicle into a sanctuary on wheels. Toss aside the clutter and invest in a simple car garbage bag, ensuring that your travels are accompanied by cleanliness and order.

21. Give Up Perfection

Release the grip of perfection and welcome the beauty of imperfection into your life. Understand that not every task requires flawlessness; sometimes, being average is the path to a more joyful and stress-free existence.

Now armed with the keys to how to simplify your life, it’s time to get started. Remember this: each step you take towards decluttering is a step towards reclaiming your peace and joy. It’s not about perfection.

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  1. #20 is genius … I am going to get one today cause the children, the hubbie and the car equals mess and it drives me nutty.


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