Maui’s Surfing Goat Dairy Tours & Cheese

While spending the day in Paia we had a delicious lunch at Flatbread pizza. So tasty that we went back the next night too. What made it so great? Their menu items feature local and organic products, one of those products being a creamy and mild goat cheese from Surfing Goat Dairy. Luckily, this farm was just twenty minutes away.

Surfing Goat Dairy is located in lower Kula of Maui’s Upcountry and has been producing gourmet goat cheeses for nine years.

Baby Goat at Surfing Goat Dairy in Maui

We arrived at the dairy and were immediately struck by the six newborn goats, all under five days old. Though the sign above their pen instructed us not to let them suck on our fingers, there was nothing said about refraining from petting the babies. That’s good because I can’t resist touching things. Unless it is an ostrich — Ostrich bite.

While some goats where enjoying being stroked, the others were diligently practicing standing on the surf board. Learning to surf must be on their bucket list too.

After prying myself away from the baby goats, we took a dairy tour that was brief, but a wealth of goaty information.

Goats at Surfing Goat Dairy

For a few more dollars you can also milk a goat, but that tour wasn’t starting until later in the day. Shucks.

We learned that you won’t find many male goats on the Surfing Goat Dairy because they are all sold, besides a select few that they use for mating. They only keep the high-milk producing females and just over a hundred were on the farm that day.

This goat dairy produces about 40-60 pounds of cheese each day, some of which you can taste and purchase at the end of the tour. It is a relatively small production facility, where the owner can be seen creating cheese on most days.

They also offered a large selection of creamy goat cheese stuffed truffles with flavors like Lilikoi, Kona coffee and Tahitian Lime.

We bought one coconut truffle. I am a sucker for coconut. It was rich with barely a hint of goat cheese flavor. I wish we would have gotten another.

Have you ever been to a goat dairy? Will it be on your list of Things to do in Maui?

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12 thoughts on “Maui’s Surfing Goat Dairy Tours & Cheese”

  1. I had just read about this place a couple of weeks ago as I was exploring foodie and agritourism things-to-do-and-eat. Gav love goat cheese so it seems like something we just have to include.

  2. You're killing me! As if drooling over Hawaii wasn't torture enough, now you add fresh goat cheese??? Hawaii just bumped up a few notches on my list of places to go SOON!

  3. Hi Annette,

    Beautiful photos! Those goats are so cute and goat cheese truffles have my mouth watering. I think Hawaiian coffee is probably the best there is so I can just imagine polishing off a handful of truffles laced with it!


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