The Maui Ritz Carlton in Kapalua

Besides this Maui Ritz Carlton stay, my only other experience with these luxury hotels was eating free lobster gnocchi and pigs tail at their restaurant in Lake Tahoe, California. It was a good one. From the title of this post it may seem as if this will be the start of a negative review. Not so. For goodness sakes it’s the Ritz, known for quality, luxury and service and I can not deny that it had all that.

The Ritz Carlton in West Maui is located in the town of Kapalua, about 15 minutes North of Lahaina.

Maui Ritz Carlton in Kapalua Pool

When I first read the Tripadvisor reviews many said the same thing, it’s windy and rainy at the Ritz. And getting to the beach is a short hike. But, then I saw a photo similar to this. I was sold. How bad could it really be?

The weather in Kapalua changes so rapidly when you venture for a walk you should wear your tank top and shorts, but bring a sweater, umbrella and a hair tie.

One afternoon by the pool we were basking in the sun ready to take a swim when the warm showers started. I have never been to a pool filled with people wrapped from head to toe in their towels. Instead of fleeing, the vacationers just waited out the storm for a few minutes, not wanting to miss out on any precious pool time.

The brightest thing at the pool that day was my fluorescent lime green Fresh Produce skirt. It would brighten any room and doubles as a makeshift umbrella.

When it wasn’t raining, the wind would kick up knocking over any cocktails you may have in plastic cups. I’m surprised they hadn’t installed some sort of stable cup holder solution by now.

With that said, it is the Ritz. The service is stupendous, the grounds breathtaking and, surprisingly, the drinks at the pool were cheaper than at the Mirage VIP Pool in Las Vegas.

The Ritz is situated on 50 acres of lush, beautifully manicured grounds. To get to the beach you must walk past the pool, down the hill, past the lounge chairs and beyond the beach cafe. Our room seemed one acre away from the lobby. But, would you mind the walk if it looked like this?

Every morning after our necessary cup of Joe, we took this less than ten minute walk down to the beach.

The pristine DT Fleming Beach, located below the Ritz Carlton,  was named America’s best beach in 2006. You can boogie board, explore the lava rocks or just enjoy a picnic.  Worth the hike? Yes.

Even when the Kapalua weather doesn’t cooperate, the Ritz Carlton always does.

Would you stay at a luxury hotel even if the location wasn’t the best?

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3 thoughts on “The Maui Ritz Carlton in Kapalua”

  1. Nice place, don't get me wrong.  I'd enjoy myself and the fast Internet that they must have.  I'd love swimming in the ocean and pool there too.  But, I tend to prefer dirt cheap, dive-like places that don’t gouge into my limited travel funds  :-)

    • Completely understandable. We definitely splurged a bit on this one because it was my 15th wedding anniversary. But, they were also offering a great discount because we went during the week and probably because of all the rain too :)


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