Pay the Bridge Toll for the Person Behind You

The “Paying the Bridge Toll for the Person Behind Me” post is part of My 40th Birthday Bucket List Extravaganza day.

I was driving over the Richmond Bridge on my birthday, feeling pretty good about myself after performing my first flying trapeze trick and knowing that I was going to pay the bridge toll for the person behind me. I jockeyed for a position making sure that there was actually a car behind me to pay for. I was content with the 4-door blue sedan that was now tailgating me, though it was dark and I had no idea who the driver was. I kept thinking it might be someone famous but I guess I’ll never know now.

Pay it Forward by Paying for the Car Behind You

“Today is my birthday and I want to pay for the car behind me too!” was what I told the bridge toll collector. She let out a laugh, took my money and I was on my merry way. I was giddy the whole way across the bridge; Who did I just pay the bridge toll for? Did I just make their day? Will they pay-it-forward the next time they cross the bridge? All that happiness for a mere 4 bucks! Totally worth it!

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  1. thanks for the inspiration, your blog looks excellent! I have been having trouble getting motivated with mine but this definitely pumped me up!


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