Cliff Jumping on the Road to Hana in Maui

Driving the picturesque Road to Hana is a more than memorable adventure, and one of the best things to do in Maui. Though, the choice to make the nine hour trek all in one day meant that certain sacrifices would have to be made. Never did I think that not jumping off a cliff would be called a sacrifice.

My biggest regret on the Road to Hana was was not cliff jumping at Ching’s Pond.

At mile marker 16.8 on the Road to Hana you can hike a couple minutes down a rocky, and sometimes, slippery path to Ching’s Pond. This is a popular swimming hole with a no-room-for-error, two-level cliff jump.

Ching's Pond: One of the Best Road to Hana Stops on the Hawaiian Island of Maui

There are two levels to take the plunge from, one at the street level, near the bridge and another about a dozen feet lower.

I don’t so much regret not jumping from the higher 25 foot tier, but the lower level seemed like good enough bragging rights.

When we arrived, the pond was semi-crowded, mostly with cliff jumping gawkers. The only ones actually jumping at that time were locals. Their watching families said that “this is their thing, they don’t like to swim, they just like to jump.” Okay.

The water bulls-eye was a spot about 10 feet in diameter, no room for error here.

Ching's Pond: One of the Best Road to Hana Stops on the Hawaiian Island of Maui

Though I gave the jump a second and third thought, we were on a tight schedule and I did not wear a bathing suit, nor have a change of clothing. Wimp.

We drove away and for the rest of the ride back to the town of Paia I mentally kicked myself. Ouch.

Of course, this post comes with a “do not try this disclaimer”, meaning I absolutely do not recommend this dangerous, and probably illegal, adventure. But, it is the one thing that I look back at and say “wish I would have”. That doesn’t happen often.

Have you ever been cliff jumping? What is your last travel regret?

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20 thoughts on “Cliff Jumping on the Road to Hana in Maui”

  1. I don't have a last regret but more of an ongoing one.  I have been to San Francisco something like 10 times but have never been to Golden Gate Park.  No cliff diving for me.  Not sure that would ever make my list.

  2. Oh no way, would I have jumped, like you said "no room for error" and I need room!  Thus far, my biggest regret is not seeing Mont Saint Michel in France, but hey it just gives me an excuse to go back!

  3. I feel your pain Annette!  While not nearly as high, I regret not jumping from the second level of a tour boat in Croatia!  I let the fact that I didn't have a spare pair of contact lenses get in my way!  As every jumped from on high, I went down a level and jumped in!  Not the end of the world, but I do kick myself!  Needless to say – on a trip to Barbados, I was one of the first to jump in.

  4. I wouldn't have done it. I've heard waaaaaay too many stories of people dying from this. I love adventures, but this seems more like a risk than an adventure!

    • I completely understand. I usually like my adventure to be had with a trusted guide, not just by pulling off the side of a road and jumping from a random cliff just because everyone else is doing it.

  5. I've never been cliff jumping, but as I was reading this post, I was thinking that maybe I should try it the next time my husband and I go back to visit his family in Negril. But only if he jumps with me and holds my hand…

  6. Hey!
    Great post…and I must say, a few years back I was at
    this pond and I got some amazing pictures of myself
    JUMPING OFF THE CLIFF! It was an amazing experience.
    I can definitely say, “YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE IT!” haha!
    It is a great experience and a whole lot safer from the
    small cliff. Can not wait to go back again!

  7. I work as a student nurse and one of the patients told me about his daughter who did something like this, and broke her spine. Now she is in a wheelchair forever. This is one thing I wouldn’t try.

  8. I did the jump on my honeymoon, the first time was great fun, the second time I must have hit the water a little awkwardly and had a massive bruise on my arse and my back was pretty sore the next day. I don’t regret jumping, but I wouldn’t do it again and would recommend against jumping into a random pond just for the fun of it. Not worth the risk of spending your life in a wheelchair!.

    • Over three years later, I would have to agree with you! I don’t think it’s wise to do random cliff jumping, but instead keep your adventures to a little more controlled environments.

  9. Hell man. I read this post a few ways ago. Today we drove to Hana. As we drove by this mile marker, a man was about to jump. We stopped to watch. He tried back flipping from the Top level. All we heard was a splat and everyone screening OMG. I had to Leave. I hope that poor guy is ok. Didn’t look good. Scary stuff.

    • Oh My!! That sounds scary!! This post was written about 4 years ago, when my adventurous side was a bit more dangerous. Today, this would definitely not be my biggest regret in Maui.


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