Sprawling parks, skyline views from a mountain peak, relaxing hot springs and a memorable morning market—Hakodate has it all. Known as one of the oldest port cities in Japan, it is a main area in Hokkaido, the second largest island in Japan. Though it is a laid back city, it carries a ton of history and cultural things to do which makes it interesting place for tourists and locals alike.

From the mountains to the rivers there’s a lot of attractions and things to do in this city and here are some of the best.

Hakodate Bucket List: 15 Things to Do in Japan's Port City | Best Attractions and Activities

Hakodate Bucket List: 15 Things to Do in Japan’s Port City

1. ✦ Shop at the Hakodate Morning Market “Asaichi”

The Hakodate Morning Market is a bustling local food section with more than 300 shops and eateries selling a variety of seafood to fit any palate—from dried cod to fresh crab to tanks filled with live octopus. One of the main attractions is the squid fishing, you literally do the fishing yourself from the water tanks and the shopkeeper then cooks your catch for you. It doesn’t get much fresher than that.

But, that’s not all that you will find and the market, they also have fruit, vegetables and soft cream cones (a Japanese must try!).

Learn more about the market here.

Hakodate Bucket List: 7 Things to Do on Japan's Northernmost Island

2. ✧ See the View From Tachimachi Cape

3. ✦ See the Old Public Hall of Hakodate Ward

The Old Public Hall of the Hakodate Ward is a notable building because the rooms are reserved for members of the Imperial family. But, the bright and cherry exterior makes for great photographs!

Annette in Hakodate: Hakodate Bucket List: 7 Things to Do in Japan’s Port City

Hakodate Bucket List: 7 Things to Do in Japan’s Port City

4. ✧ Visit the Hakodate Hachimangu Shrine

5. ✦ Stroll Through Onuma Quasi-National Park

Many people think of Japan as only a big city place with modern architecture, flashing neon lights and the quirkiness of the things to do in Tokyo. But, there is also so much nature that you can find in every prefecture. If you head just 20km north of Hakodate to the Onuma Quasi-National Park you will be immersed in it.

Located at the foot of mount Komagatake, Onuma is loaded with attractions and fun things to do for every season. There is canoeing, horseback riding, cycling, lake cruises, snow hiking, riding the buggies and so much more. After exploring the park, cool down at Brauhaus Onuma beer garden for a sip of the local Onuma beer, get some local food at a nearby restaurant or just chill with a soft cream cone.

Hakodate Bucket List: 7 Things to Do on Japan's Northernmost Island

Hakodate Bucket List: 7 Things to Do on Japan's Northernmost Island

6. ✧ See the Gate at Koryu-ji Temple

7. ✦ Take in the Panoramic Night View from Mount Hakodate

Mount Hakodate elevates about 334 meters and gives the best city views. You can get to the top by the Mt. Hakodate Ropeway (an aerial cable car), car or bus. The ride up the mountain by taking the ropeway all the way to the viewing point takes only about 3 minutes and is one of the most exciting ways to go.

Viewing a city from an elevated angle yields better results, especially when the sky is clear and the night lights twinkle. This city is not short of lights for sure and this is clearly observed by the contrast of the dark sea embracing it on both sides. Now that is what you call a panoramic view!

Remember to dress warm as temperatures drop way up there!

Mount Hakodate: Hakodate Bucket List: 7 Things to Do on Japan's Northernmost Island

8. ✧ Shop at the Old Hakodate Post Office

9. ✧ Visit an Onsen Hot Spring

If you want to experience something to rejuvenate you? How about a visit to an Onsen. An Onsen in Japanese is a natural spring, found in many parts of the country and known to be therapeutic. One not to be missed is the Yunokawa Hot Spring Resort situated near the main airport and just near the ocean. It is a large hot spring just a stone’s throw from the ocean! The Noboribetsu Hot Springs is another popular one and has 9 varieties of water.

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Yunokawa Hot Springs: Hakodate Bucket List: 7 Things to Do in Japan’s Port City

10. ✧ Stroll Along the Kanemori Red Brick Warehouses

11. ✧ Visit the Trappistine Monastery

The Trappistine Monastery is a convent that was established in 1898 by eight French nuns who came to the area to spread Christianity. Also known as the Lady of the Angels’ Convent, it was rebuilt in 1927 in a mix of Gothic and Romanesque styles after being destroyed by a fire. Though you can not go inside the monastery, you can tour the front courtyard and the museum to get a glimpse into their monastic life. Plus, the handmade sweets and butter sold at the souvenir shop are perfect gifts to take home.

Trappestine Convent: Hakodate Bucket List: 7 Things to Do in Japan’s Port City

12. ✧ Pay Your Respects at the Foreigners’ Cemetery

13. ✧ Take a Selfie on Hachiman Zaka Slope

Hakodate is filled with hilly streets, but none more popular for taking pictures than on Hachiman Zaka Slope. So, take a selfie on the street that extends to the harbor and the sea.

Hachiman Zaka Slope: Hakodate Bucket List: 7 Things to Do in Japan’s Port City

14. ✧ Attend a Jingisukan BBQ in the Park

15. ✧ Explore the Site of Goryokaku

Get ready to be mesmerized by the architectural style the site of Goryokaku embraces, which is a star shaped design (hence it’s other name of Star Fort). Built in 1855 this fort was used as a shield from invasion by the Russians, now it is a beautiful park.

You can get the best panoramic view of the park from the from the Goryokaku tower observatory which is 107 meters high. Every season will bring a different scene—in the Spring the cherry blossoms are in bloom, in the fall there are colorful autumn leaves and in the winter the park is covered in snow.

Goryokaku Park | Hakodate Bucket List: 7 Things to Do in Japan’s Port City

With such a blend of different things to do, this gem of a place called Hakodate has to be on your things to do list on your next visit to Japan. We hope your bags are packed and ready for the adventure!

If you don’t want to navigate Hakodate on your own you can See the Highlights of the International Harbor Town Hakodate on a Voyagin tour. Also, if riding the Shinkansen Bullet Train (that goes up to 320km per hour!) is a bucket list worthy experience, you can get tickets here.

My trip to Hakodate, Japan was hosted by the JNTO. All opinions my own.