I literally get hundreds of emails a day, three quarters of which I trash before even opening. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have signed up for all those freebie websites and “how to become rich” newsletters. 

Most emails fall in to three categories: 

1. “I would like to deposit 10.5 million dollars intro your bank account. All I need from you is your social security, bank account and credit card numbers, plus address. I’ll be sure to transfer the funds immediately.” You don’t want my phone number? I’m kind of offended.

2. I think you and I would make a great team, I will send you an amazing FREE leather, theft proof american flag fanny pack in exchange for you writing a 500 word review article on your blog and, you can also share it on all your social media accounts. Lucky me!

3. Find hot dates or buy Viagra really cheap. FYI: I’m married and a girl, erectile dysfunction is not a problem.

Annette White signing the Book Contract

The rest are legit; mostly questions from readers, partnership requests and advertising offers. When the one from a publishing house with the subject “Seeking Potential Author – Bucket List” came through I barely flinched. I had received some of these before from people who wanted to turn my blog articles into a book or base a television show off of it.

None had ever worked out.

But, I did my research (AKA: Googled), and this email came from from a bona fide publishing house in New York City, Skyhorse Pusblishing. I began to get nervous and the rapid fire questions of self-doubt happened. Am I talented enough to write a book? Will anyone actually read it? Where will I find the time?

Of course, I emailed back saying I was interested, because writing a book is on my bucket list and I promised myself that fear could not be the reason to keep me from reaching my dreams.

Annette White with her Book Advance Check

I was asked to write a pitch with a paragraph that described the book which was tentatively titled (the name has changed since), The Bucket List: 10 Incredible Adventures to Set Your Heart on Fire.

This is what I wrote: The Bucket List: 10 Incredible Adventures to Set Your Heart on Fire is more than just a book about checking items off your travel bucket list, it is about every aspect of the experience along the journey; from creating a meaningful list to practical ways to work through the fears to planning your adventure and finally making your goal become a reality. The once-in-a-lifetime experiences span the globe — taking you amongst the wildebeest on an African safari in Tanzania; to the Galapagos Islands to see the Blue Footed Booby mating dance; to hiking an active volcano in Guatemala; to swimming in a lake surrounded by thousands of jellyfish in Palau. Each adventure is not only about the destination itself, but also an encouragement for you to dream bigger, travel deeper, take unexpected opportunities, push your limits and, most importantly, enjoy the journey through the people you meet along the way. 

Three weeks went by…and crickets. 

Then while lying in bed in my hotel room while on a press trip in Warsaw I checked my email. There was one from the publishing house and the subject title was: We want to offer you an agreement.

I may have jumped up and down on the bed.

Then reality set it. Holy shitballs, I now have to write a book. I signed a contract with Skyhorse Publishing with the anticipation of my book being published before Christmas next year. My deadline is the end of April for 60,000 words. So, if it’s a little quiet around here, I hope you understand. 

Also, I would love it if you share what have been some of your favorite adventures of mine. I’m having  a hard time narrowing it down to 10!!!

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