Maasai Huts

Tanzania Safari Bucket List: 23 Activities Not to Miss

Spotting animals is one of the best things to do on safari, but there are so many…

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Annette sowing off the beautiful view of Leicester Peak Freetown

Freetown Bucket List: What to Do in the Capital of Sierra Leone

From traditional African food to interesting attractions, Sierra Leone's capital city of Freetown has plenty of fun…

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Annette on a beach at Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Bucket List: Places to Visit in the African Country

Untouched beaches, exotic foods, and a city rich in history: Freetown. Adventure awaits you in Sierra Leone…

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A serving of Ugali on a restaurant

Ugali (Nshima): All About Africa’s Staple Food

Is Ugali a porridge? How many calories does it have? How to make a the traditional African…

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Rhinos in the middle of Safari

The African Big Five: The Top 5 Animals to Spot on Safari

What is the African Big Five and where can you spot them? Here is a list of…

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Safari Featured Photo

Safari Animal Bucket List: 35 Top African Wildlife to Spot

From wildebeest to hyenas, this is the ultimate safari animal bucket list of African wildlife you must…

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Annette White with The Maasai People of Tanzania

Africa’s Maasai Tribe: The Culture & Traditions of The People

The Maasai tribes, and its people, throughout Tanzania are rich in culture with things like a jumping…

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Annette White at the Four Seasons Safari Lodge in Serengeti National Park

Four Seasons Safari Lodge: Luxury in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park

The Four Seasons Safari Lodge is an oasis in the middle of Serengeti National Park. Come for…

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Annette White on safari in africa

African Safari in Tanzania: The Ultimate Itinerary and Tour

Is a Tanzania safari on your bucket list? Here's a guide to the best itinerary stops whether…

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A serving of Ugali on a restaurant

Eat Traditional African Ugali. A Stiff Porridge.

I couldn't possibly travel all the way to Africa without indulging in a bit of the traditional…

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