At the end of my Ensenada excursion haggling through the La Bufadora flea market, there was another new adventure waiting. Mexico was home to the second largest blow hole in the world and we were going to see it spout off. I was excited even though I had no idea what a blow hole was. But, shooting water has to be cool…right?

Shopping + Blow Hole = Fun

In the simplest terms, a blow hole happens when a sea cave forms under water and waves are forced through it. It didn’t take long to see the spectacular blow hole strut its stuff. La Bufadora went off a couple times a minute during our short visit.
La Bufadora Blow Hole La Bufadora Blow Hole

Though the size of the geyser varies greatly, it often shoots upwards more than 100 feet. My biggest regret is that we didn’t opt for kayak excursion where you can get up close and personal to the gushing agua.
La Bufadora Blow Hole

In this 20 second video, the blow hole spouts off twice as the crowd cheers.

We all walked away, towards the bus, pondering the show we had just seen. Until…the next show started. Seagulls vs. Squirrels. They were battling it out for the food being thrown to them by the tourists (not myself). The competition was fierce, but in the end the Seagulls were victorious almost every time.
Seagulls at La Bufadora

Have you ever seen a blow hole? Which one?

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