The Cupid Shuffle Line Dance

I am going to semi-reluctantly admit that I once was kicked out of an aerobics class. Turns out those ladies take their grapevines seriously and I lack even the slightest rhythm to grasp any sort of choreography. There is just no groove in this booty, which makes learning any type of dance a frightening experience, even a simple country line dance.

Learning How to Do the Cupid Shuffle

I was even asked to two-step…once. But, cattleman are as serious about their line-dancing as workout fanatics are about obstructing their fitness regime. If you can’t dance, get off the floor. Ever since, I have wanted to be proficient at just one simple line dance and not be embarrassed on the dance floor.

This goal was part of my Birthday Bucket List Extravaganza and one of my servers graciously offered to teach me the Cupid Shuffle which she claimed to be the easiest of all the jigs.

What is the Cupid Shuffle?

The Cupid Shuffle is a line dance that is done to the song of the same name by Cupid. The entire dance takes 32 beats or 8 counts. The reason this dance is so popular is because it’s very easy to learn and once you know it, you can practically do it in your sleep! Plus, it’s just a lot of fun to do when dancing with friends at a party or wedding reception.

YouTube video

In between shifts at my restaurant, after ALL the customers left the joint, we blasted the music for the lesson to begin. 42 minutes, 3,201 steps later and completely surprised at how patient my instructor was, there was line dance success. Not success in the way that means I will be featured in a country music video with Randy Travis, but the accomplishment that means another check off the bucket list and that’s good enough for me.

Now I have to take my new skills to the local country club to give them a whirl.

Have you ever tried to learn a line dance?

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4 thoughts on “The Cupid Shuffle Line Dance”

  1. I thought I was bad!  JK.  I take a class called "Dance Off the Inches" and I'm TERRIBLE at it, but it's a huge class and half the people are like me, stumbling and bumping into each other.  The ones that know the routine stay at the front and they don't mind us.  I'd be really upset if I was every kicked out of the class!

  2. You're such a goober!  At least you picked an easy dance to learn.  My niece could do this dance when she was three…just sayin' :)

  3. I am so not a dancer either. I'm much more content to look like a fool and dance by myself off the beat. However, I recently ended up at an Urban line dancing class that I loved. I totally can't wait to go back.


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