Sometimes we spend too much time complicating our lives and craziness ensures. Here are 21 Ways to Simplify your life.

1. Purge Your Stuff. Simplify your life by purging five items from each room in your house and get rid of two items for every new thing you buy.

2. Learn to Say No. Don’t overcommit yourself because you have a fear of disappointing others, say no when you can not fit something into your schedule.

3. Write a To-Do List Every Morning. This list should be short and precise, it is not your “dream” list, just a way to prioritize what you have to accomplish for the day.

4. Ask for Help. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed.

5. Turn Off Your Cell Phone. You will be surprised how freeing it feels to take a short sabbatical from being “connected”.

6. Get Automated. Simplify your life by setting up online automated banking, programming your thermostat and putting sprinklers on a timer.

7. Clear out your Emails. Reply, trash and unsubscribe to emails that are no longer useful.

8. Be Present. Try to live in the present as much a possible; not worrying about the past of fretting over the future. Deal with what is happening right this very minute.

9. Create a Weekly Meal Plan. Simplify your life by preparing the menu and shopping for ingredients for the entire week.

10. Keep a Gift List. Keep a friend & family gift wish list, so when special occasions roll around you won’t be struggling to find the perfect gift. Every time they mention something they want during the year, write it down.

11. Clean out your Purse/Wallet. Purge old credit/business cards, organize your finances and personal items.

12. Get a Library Card. Save the space in your house from having unread books all over and start checking out books from the library.

13. Stop Buying Things. Simplify your life by buying only what you need and Instead concentrate on creating experiences.

14. Read News Online. Save a tree and some clutter by getting your news fix on the internet.

15. Digitize Your Music. Reduce the clutter of all your cds and put your music into a computer library.

16. Eliminate Junk Mail. Keep a recycle bin by the front door so junk mail doesn’t make it into your house and call companies to be removed from their mailing lists.

17. Organize your Favorites/Bookmarks. Create folder categories for all of your favorite sites and delete ones that are no longer of use.

18. Create a Repair Company List. Find trusted repair companies for all of your needs (plumbing, automobile, electric, etc.) and create a list.

19. Get a Label Maker. Label all the bins in your closet, file folders for expenses and anything else that needs to be designated a special place.

20. Keep a Garbage Bag in Your Car. Instead of putting all your garbage into the cup holders, on the floor or in the glove compartment, buy a simple car garbage bag.

21. Give Up Perfection. Most tasks don’t require perfection, sometmes being average is okay and a lot less stressful.

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